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Title: Through the Wardrobe (New Main Thread)
Post by: Jubal on August 27, 2017, 11:09:21 PM
A Mod for RTW 1.5 by Jubal Barca & Team

Caspian X of Telmarine Narnia, usurped by his uncle Miraz, rallies the creatures of Old Narnia who still reside in the deep forests. As our mod opens, he readies his rag-tag force of talking beasts and rebel humans for war against the armies of his Telmarine relatives. The backdrop is set for war... but there are other stirrings, too, well beyond Narnia's borders, too. In the north, the followers of Jadis, the White Witch, plot the overthrow of the fertile lands of Narnia, and the giants of Harfang are hungry for blood. Out to sea, the Lone Islands and Terebinthia have been all but forgotten by Narnia's rulers, and their ships plough the seas in search of trade and treasure. Meanwhile, to the south, the vast Calormene Empire is in turmoil, and awaits a strong Tisroc to rebuild it in the face of its enemies, the camel-riding priesthood of Munesh and the cloth-swaddled tribesmen of Erin. As the tides of war crash over Narnia, there can be only one victor - what awaits is total war!

Welcome to Narnia Total War! This mod brings CS Lewis' fantasy masterpiece into the classic Rome: Total War engine, with a wide array of units and factions to choose from as you fight across the Narnian world.

Developed by award-winning modder Jubal Barca (also creator of the RTW mods Warhammer TW, Battle for Antares IV, and A Game of Colleges), and a team including Comrade_General (creator of Valar Morghulis, Rise of Atlantis, Orcs & Humans, and Persian Invasion), Narnia Total War is one of the largest and most complete fantasy total conversions of the Rome: Total War engine. Including a full campaign as well as custom battles, the game is set at the start of Lewis' Prince Caspian, though with elements from all the Narnia books - wealthy, powerful Calormenes from The Horse and His Boy, flamboyant giants of Harfang from The Silver Chair, the anarchic, free-trading Lone Islands from Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and more - included in a mod that is steeped in the lore of the setting.

The mod goes deep into both the lore and critiques of CS Lewis' work to expand views of Narnia beyond the Narnian, building up the Telmarines and Calormenes as they might have seen themselves in relation to their world. Were the Narnians the benevolent rulers of Lewis' work, or theologically driven imperialists? How might the legally-bound Archenlander Kings have looked on their more absolutist neighbours to north and south, and how might the Telmarines have seen the almost demonic-seeming creatures that suddenly issued from the forests of what had been their home for generations? You decide, in a world where the lion roars loud but the answers to how best to live and rule may prove more complex than might have been imagined. New factions added to the mod for balance purposes are also fitted into this schema, presenting further alternative mindsets - the ancestor worship and popular ambition of the Inkosi of Surval, or the divinely ordained democracy of the river-valleys of Munesh - that bring new views on this most magical and complex of worlds.

Of course, alongside that there's the real magical wonderment of Narnia that all these peoples and their beliefs live alongside and share. Whether you rally the bold Knights of Telmar, proud dwarfs from the hills, or noble centaurs to your cause, a detailed campaign map that runs from mountain to sea and beyond will provide hours of immersive gameplay in the Narnian world. Welcome to the world through the wardrobe - Narnia awaits!






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