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The Boozer / Re: The Beer Thread
« on: Today at 07:44:59 PM »
Moved to the Boozer, as the food & drink forum is now archived.

The Boozer / Re: What have you been eating?
« on: Today at 07:43:30 PM »
Ooh, lovely - and yes, that seems very good value! Your home country being Poland, right? :)

And what are the various dumpling-like things? It all looks very edible but I wouldn't know what most of the items were...

Also, woops, should move this thread to somewhere accessible now the Food forum has been archived.
Moved to the Boozer.

Right, so Exilian is co-holding a stall with Utherwald Press for the Friday and Sunday (and technically the Saturday but I won't actually be there then) of UK Games Expo (which is a tabletop games event) this year.

Beyond flyers for the site (I've ordered a thousand), what should I bring along to show to people? We obviously don't have much of our "own" stuff as we're a facilitating website not a game publisher etc in our own right. On the other hand I need some conversation pieces/not to have a completely bare stand.

  • I'd really like to get some stuff on all the tabletop projects we have - Utherwald will be there, I can do stuff for my own projects, if we can get Norbayne and maybe Fox Box stuff that would be super good too.
  • I can actually set out some of my own games, especially smaller ones, the stuff for Botolph Lane or Empedocles' Stones is easy to cart around.
  • There's also the historical boardgames option, which I feel is good for us because it bridges this into eg history sections, though I don't know if that would be boring or if people would know Senet/Royal Game of Ur/Zatrikion etc already at a big boardgame convention like that?
  • I really don't know what other options I have but all thoughts welcome

Utherwald Press / Re: Money, Money, Money
« on: Today at 05:09:53 PM »
May be worth just asking a few more people - as a medieval historian, my perspective on which one people know about may be severely skewed as well!

Utherwald Press / Re: Money, Money, Money
« on: Today at 05:01:59 PM »
Sure, I guess I'm just suggesting that nowadays the UK florin has passed out of usage long enough that the medieval gold florin may be better known and the name might confuse people who are expecting a medieval-style gold florin rather than the modern era two-shilling piece. But it's your call of course :)

This thread should be revived, methinks :)

So here's a rather incredible ancient mexican temple:

So down the index, we have text descriptions of some boards and not others below the board title. Are these descriptions useful? I think we should either have them on all boards or no boards, ideally.

  • We had some downtime yesterday from a mislabelled update, we've now rolled back to SMF 2.0.13 from the broken 2.0.14 release (more accurately, 2.0.14 isn't broken, it's just GoDaddy's servers are so out of date they can't run it). The rollback was awkward and may have problems, so let me know if there's anything you find that's broken.
  • This may hasten our move to a new server, we really can't afford to be unable to update SMF.
  • Also and less relevantly, I made some new Exilian-theme "new post in board" images so I hope you like them - feedback/thoughts on whether we should re-theme more stuff all appreciated :)

There is now a "Krishnabots" entry in the guide. :)

Right, had an initial wander round and met some characters, all very good fun and it had a nice look & feel to it: good job :)

  • Keyboard controls were confusing, and even for a pre-alpha a brief explanation would be good. The A and S keys appeared to do some things with the handheld+ items, but also be movement keys? I also seem to be able to scroll left through my inventory slots with the left arrow but not back right again. I know it's more designed for a gamepad, but I think you will need to have a full keyboard control set as well: I don't own a gamepad and I suspect a lot of other potential target audience won't either.
  • Really like the range of characters, and the style/theming is definitely fun.
  • Does the completable compendium mentioned in your notes exist yet/if so how is it accessed?
  • It felt odd that I could walk through some things that I expected to be solid (barrels most notably).

Bug reports
  • I got the following error message & crash after talking to the blob chef once, then trying talking to it again.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
  • Postbox text should start "if you had some mail"
  • Got stuck on the island with the chests - my raft ended up glitching onto land somehow so I couldn't get away again.

No meat-eating ( No onion & garlic's )

Has meat been redefined since I last checked...?

The Boozer / Re: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To Exilian
« on: Today at 12:24:26 PM »
Entries added for:

Dammit! DD?
Beesnot Lumpwagon
Vance Miller
Eric Matyas
Mr. Molotov Man

Any other suggestions? :)

As usual, I now want to add extra areas to my game to make use of the extra music :P Good stuff! :)

Also, we're probably going to be opening an "articles" section on the site soon, and I was thinking when that starts up we should do a slightly longer article highlighting your music/texture collections to let more people know about them - what do you think?

Rome - Total Realism / RTR & Forum Changes
« on: May 24, 2017, 11:56:07 PM »
We've just done a big forum index change that's moved most modding to lower-level forums: we still want to fully support mod projects, but so few are active that it didn't seem like the strongest use of index space to have separate RTW/M&B/General mod areas. I've left RTR as a second-level forum, outside the other RTW mod areas, as it's still broadly "active" and I wanted to keep it easier to access, but if you'd rather it moved down to where the other RTW mods are I can do that too :)

Welcome to Exilian, great to meet you :)

I'll have a go at the prototype soon and let you know what I think - looks very interesting. And also how I play games *anyway* - I'm the sort of person who will be playing full-on mass killing strategy games and then go off and try and spend the time sheep farming instead because it's more fun, so this very much appeals to me :P

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