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Wow it's been a busy week (and summer come to think of it) but I did manage to get a few new tracks done for everyone...they are on my Fantasy 7 page and my Sci-Fi 5 page:

"Winter Fantasy" (looping)
"Dreamy Contemplation" (looping)

"Alien Skies" (looping)

I hope everyone's having a good week!

All moved in OK I think :) New stuff looks good, I need to check some of it out & have a catch up!!

Glad your move went ok!   ;D

I've opened a fur textures page and uploaded about 70 images, both seamless and standard, to get it started. Some of them might be useful for other things, like carpets, rugs, etc. Some also have funky weaves so I included them for fun.

You'll find them here:

Nice :) I'm not getting much work done myself - I'm moving house to a different country tomorrow, so it's been a VERY hectic week here!

Moving takes a lot of time (and energy) of luck with your new house!

New tracks await everyone on my Events/Travel 2 page, my Epic/Battle Page, my Fantasy 7 page and my Funny 3 page:

"Ice in the Sky"

"Move it Out" (looping)

"RPG Battle Climax 2" (looping)

"Bozo's Arcade" (looping)
"Bozo's Fun House" (looping)


Excellent, included some of the new stuff in this month's newsletter:


Thanks for including me in your newsletter...I really appreciate it!

50 or so new metal textures are ready, both seamless and standard, on my TXR - METAL page.  You can find them here:

Still working on carpet / fur / etc.

Have a good week!

I've uploaded a bunch of new texture images, both seamless and standard, on the following pages:

TXR - Brick

TXR - Metal

TXR - Wood

If anyone happens to need a couple of distressed wooden door images, they are on my TXR - WOOD page as well. I think they look really cool. As always, feel free to edit as needed.

Btw, fur images on on their way...stay tuned!  :-)

70s Moon Base is great, excellent backing music!

Thanks, I hope it comes in handy!

Well, it's been another very hectic week, but I managed to get a few more tracks done.

Where I live, the summers are very long (and hot) and I see the stores already putting out the Halloween stuff. I think everyone around here is really over summer and just wishes fall were here. So, in the spirit of fall (well, really of Halloween) I've created:

"Trancyvania_v001" (looping)
"Trancyvania_v002" (looping)
"Trancyvania_v003" (looping)
"Trancyvania_v004" (looping)

I'd love to hear these in a game or a video.


Just headed back in to use some more of your SFX, very useful for my game's spaceships! :) (More engine noises would also be good if you're looking for ideas.)

I'll see what I can do. :-)

In the meantime...

Here are this week's new free tracks:

On the Events/Travel 2 page, we have: 
"Skyward Bound"

Two new tracks on the Sci-Fi 5 page:
"70's Moon Base" (looping)
"Robo Zombies" (looping)

And on the Chiptunes page:
"Arcade Puzzler" (Looping)
"Arcade Puzzler_v001" (Looping)

Have a good week!


I've uploaded about 100 new fabric texture images on my TXR - FABRIC page. They are all seamless, 2048X2048 and ready for tiling.

New fabric types include Leather, Rayon, Metal Linens, Dyed Acrylics and various weaves.

They might be useful for clothes for characters, furniture coverings, carpets, or anything else you can think of.

You'll find them here:

I hope some of them are useful!   :-)

More new free tracks for everyone:

On the Action 2 page, we have: 
"Guitar Mayhem 7" (Looping)

Another one for drone videos on the Events/Travel 2 Page:
"Flying Over Lost Worlds"

On the Funny 3 page, we have:
"The Sewer Rat Puzzle Game" (Looping)

On the Dark/Ominous Page, we have:
"The Rise of the Mech Beings" (Looping)

And on the Sci-Fi 5 Page,
"Fourth Sector"

Have a good week!

My game's got into beta testing recently, so plenty more people will be hearing some of your tracks soon :)

Awesome...please keep me updated!

In the meantime...

Here are this week's new free tracks:

On the Action 2 page, we have: 
"Wild West Coast Racing" (Looping)
"Mech Street Fighters" (Looping)

On the Chiptunes page, we have:
"Bonkers for Arcades" (Looping)

For my drone pilot friends, on the Events/Travel 2 Page:
"Night Flight"

And on the Funny 3 page, we have:
"Gum Ball Factory" (Looping)

I hope some of them are useful!

Added you - make sure you like the facebook page too! :)


I've just uploaded over 100 new stone and metal texture images, standard and seamless, that I took at a couple of archaeological sites over the weekend. I think a lot of the stone textures could work well for castles and other structures.   

You'll find them here:

Have a good week!  :-)

Nice work as ever :) I've been busy, but I keep listening to the new stuff so I know what's there!

Thanks. Please don't forget that I post daily updates here:

twitter: @EricMatyas

I guess this is "guitar mayhem week"...(well, mostly)

Anyhow, these new tracks on my Action 2 page might work in drone racing videos, extreme sports videos or maybe gritty action-oriented games:

"Guitar Mayhem2 " (Looping)
"Guitar Mayhem3 " (Looping)
"Guitar Mayhem4 " (Looping)
"Guitar Mayhem5 " (Looping)
"Guitar Mayhem6 " (Looping)

I did also manage to get one fantasy track's on my Fantasy 7 page:

"Mystical Places" (Looping)

Have a good week!   :-)

Great - paper and parchment textures are always needed, I find :)

Awesome...glad to help!

I've uploaded a bunch of cool new metal, stone and bark texture images, both seamless and standard.

They are here:

I hope some of them are helpful.

Btw, my Soundimage Facebook page has been giving me trouble, so I've started a personal one:

Have a good week!  :-)

Big update this week...lots of new tracks to share...woo hoo!

I've had some requests for more rock guitar action tracks, so on the Action 2 page, we have:
"Guitar Mayhem" (Looping)

For puzzle game makers, I've added:
"Mind Bender" (Looping)
"Sky Puzzle"(Looping)

On the Sci-Fi 5 page, we have:
"Drifting Off"
"Sky Elevator" (Looping)

Two new tracks on my Funny 3 page:

If anyone is doing a mad scientist piece, this one might come in handy:
"Sneaking Around Doctor Weird's Laboratory" (Looping)

and for a crazy racing or action game, we have:
"Wacky Water Balloon Waces" (Looping) ...sounds like something Elmer Fudd would

On my Fantasy 7 page, we have:
"Far Away Places Call"
"Enchanted Forest Open" (Looping)

For my drone pilot friends, we have a new track on the Events/Travel 2 page:
"Dreaming of Thermals"

And, finally,  on the City/Urban 2 page, we have:
"The Street Musician"

I hope some of them are helpful!  :-)

Hi everyone,

It's proving to be another very busy week, but I've managed to get a few new free tracks done for you:

"The Giant Gates Open"

"The March of the Broken Robots"

"Cat Mischief"

And please don't forget about my new Facebook page where I post daily updates:

Have a good week!  :-)

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