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Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:41:34 PM »
Ahh right, OK. Yes, I think reading "stun" made me expect a bigger effect than just that little momentary knockback, I'd usually associate the word with meaning "knocked unconscious or barely conscious" so was looking for a larger effect than that very momentary pause. I'm not quite sure what else to call it...

I'm trying to use the standard computer beat'em up game terminology:

  • stun - enemy gets "frozen" for a second or less
  • knockback - enemy gets moved backwards a little
  • knockdown - enemy gets knocked down and has to get up

I guess in tabletop games, stun usually means that enemy loses his poise and is temporarily unconscious. I would imagine a bunch of stars flying circles around his head ;)

Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: July 08, 2017, 10:51:47 PM »
I got this "dark orbs" thing in the dungeon which I think is new, I bought the upgrade for 300 coins but I wasn't really sure of the point, it didn't seem to do anything or make any difference as far as I could tell.

Regular orbs only do damage while dark orbs also stun the enemy (just like melee attack does). If you only get one, it doesn't change the combat much, but if you get two or three, you can basically stun-lock enemies from the distance. It's also a good combination with the knockback potion.

We shall see, maybe I'll increase the drop chance, so there's a higher chance you would get 2-3 in one runs.

Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: July 07, 2017, 05:01:34 PM »
I'll do my next few runs with the sorceress and let you know :)

EDIT: Of course having said that I just got my first sorceress killed super fast from mis-timing a shop robbery :/

I uploaded version 2.1.7 yesterday with some rebalancing. Food gives less HP than previous update but more than it did before. The Strawberry Staff now creates 5 pieces of food, giving you about 60 HP. The Sorceress is primarily meant to be a great support character if 2+ players are playing (healing both players and pets via food, 2 keys at start, understand scrolls). Offensively she starts out slow until you find a better weapon or upgrades.

Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: July 05, 2017, 06:38:17 PM »
I uploaded a new version with some minor bugfixes to multiplayer and one important change: all the food now gives much more HP. Some players complained that the Sorceress was useless, so I figured there are two options: 1) increase number of food dropped by the Straberry Staff and 2) all food should give you more HP. I went with number 2.

We shall see if this works out. I played only one full run to test, and it seemed like there's just too much food in levels 1-3, but on level 4 it was kind-of ok. I mean, there was more food than I needed because I stocked up on beer and health potions. Perhaps I should change my playing strategy: ignore health potions, beer, mushrooms and use the extra inventory space for other stuff instead.

If you play any games with the Sorceress I would love to read your thoughts on this.

Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: July 04, 2017, 06:54:15 AM »
Also, one continued bugbear of mine - would it be possible to let players use lower case as well as upper case letters in their player names? It aesthetically bugs me that I can't.

Actually, the font that I use is upper-case only. The lower case letters are the same as the upper case ones, just a little bit smaller in size. Now, I could allow you to enter both, but it would mean having to extend the text-entry dialog to double it's current size. I'm not sure it would fit into the character selection frame. Or perhaps have a toggle button that shifts between upper/lower case while keeping the rest the same. Feels a little bit too much for a game though.

I'm not saying it won't be done at some point, but currently it's near the bottom of a huge TODO list. There's so many more important things like new stages, enemies, weapons, items, etc. for the full release.

Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: July 02, 2017, 09:10:23 AM »
parents buying it for their kids

Yes, one of the main demographics is parents playing the game with their kids. I hope buying to play "with" instead of simply buying it for them to play would make them look past the title in this case. I guess they just have to be careful not to roll the other phrase off their tongue at some point ;)

Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: July 01, 2017, 07:09:08 PM »
"Son of a Witch" will be easily confused with/misheard for the phrase "son of a bitch" which might not be ideal either!

I though having a well known similar phrase would make the game name easier to remember.

If it gets misheard, it could start a conversation about clearing up the confusion, which would make people remember it even better.

I got some good feedback on Twitter and Steam page, and nobody complaining yet, so I'm going to go with the change over the next couple of days. Probably squeezing in some game features/changes into the new version as well.

Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: June 29, 2017, 04:28:07 PM »
For some time I have been thinking to change the name of the game to "Son of a Witch". It would match the game story better and I noticed that it's awkward for some players to say the current name of the game out loud. It's also shorter and more memorable.

What do you think? Which name is better?


Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:00:36 AM »
    For daily challenges, I'd add significantly increased bonuses for completing a level/winning boss battles and completing the game as a whole. I feel like the aim should be to encourage people to get to the end, whereas currently there's a strong bias towards spending lots of time firing off extra bombs and working out what useless potions you can drink in order to get points and it's often just as worth trying to do more extra regular rooms even if you don't end up managing to do the boss battle or advance further as a result.

    Perhaps going to next level should give you more than 1000 points. Now it's about 10% of the successful run points. Maybe something like 5000 would be better? Currently you don't get points for the last level, but that's just because the game isn't finished yet.

    The video-game style "ping" for picking up coins really annoys me and I'd like a more metallic jingle or clink when you pick them up. This might just be me though.

    I'll try some jingling sounds to see how it feels.

    An NPC in the castle tavern room would be really nice to have, it just feels weirdly empty at the moment whereas having someone to say "welcome to the tavern" or similar might give it a nicer atmosphere for the player even if the NPC doesn't really have any function

    I have some plans for it. One is to be able to recruit Bushido and the other is to have some NPC quest which starts there. Have yet to implement both.

    Idea for a new scroll type, transformation - turns any bow, hand weapon, runestone, potion or staff into a randomised different item in the same category. So it could be great, or it could just turn something into something else even less useful.

    Already on my list ;) I haven't made it yet because it's tricky - if a player picks it up in a networked game and another player tries to transform it at the same time, there could be a conflict, so I need to make some special procedure to make sure everyone has the game in sync. Similar to disallowing double-pickup of the item, but special case. That one took me days to debug and make work properly, so making this scroll (and a bunch of other ideas with similar problem) is on hold.

    Also just to confirm - it is definitely meant to be impossible to rob shops on the dungeon level, yes?

    Of course not. ;)

    If you have a certain pet, which can grab stuff from pedestals... :)

    Besides that, if you're really quick, you can grab the item at the same moment when spikes appear. And you can throw yourself onto spikes to pick up other items as well (as you fall and get up, there's a single frame where you can press the pickup button at the same moment when you get hit with the spike again). Of course, it's very risky and you need a lot of HP to even try.

    Also, there will be a magic staff that allows you to fly over spikes and a pet that you can stand on similar to the mounts. Hmmm, maybe mounts should be resistant as well?[/list]

    Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
    « on: June 28, 2017, 10:10:18 AM »
    A new version is out (2.1.2) with the tips on loading screen and:

    - added an option to automatically detect the aspect ratio and pick the best resolution for screens larger than 1920x1080
    - added a screen resolution confirmation screen. If you get a blank screen due to invalid resolution you can now wait or press ESC to cancel the change instead of having to delete the settings file manually
    - fixed a bug when a thief would sometimes be shown alive on the screen when he was dead in networked games
    - buffed Poison and Snailbite arrows
    - nerfed Ice arrows duration
    - lowered mana cost for the Snake Staff
    - added UTF8 support for text printing in preparation for future translations

    P.S. as for the pet Pig bug, I will probably fix it, but the "fix" will be that coins fall down into the hole :)

    Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
    « on: June 25, 2017, 10:10:38 PM »
    Hm, sure. I'd still strongly consider making the text bigger, I think - you could give a very slight fade to the game image too, the aim should definitely be to draw the eye to the text first and then the illustration I think. See what the feedback from others is like though, this may just be me :)

    I added a short animation. The text shows up first and pops a little bit (gets bigger for a split-second) and then the images slide in from the top of the screen. As far as I can feel it, the player would start to read the text before images show up.

    I have a question. I want to use the following text for one of the tips: "Mages can use the quick attack button to stomp fallen enemies". Does it sound right? I have two doubts:

    1. should it be "stomp enemies" or "stomp on enemies"? I prefer the shorter one because this text is already long.

    2. Is the "fallen enemies" phrase always used for dead enemies? Should I remove the word "fallen"?


    Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
    « on: June 22, 2017, 10:11:13 PM »
    I like the idea, and having it as a quote from the sage/mage guy I think is a great idea :) Mainly I'd make the text much bigger/bolder and the illustrations less so. Right now it feels very busy and my eyes would be all over the place: people need to see & read the text first and then look at the illustration.


    Perhaps this screenshot isn't the most representative because there's text (weapon description, etc.) in the images. Other tips where images are pure images and the only text is below work much better. Also, everything looks huge here because it was made on 1280x720 screen. On regular 1920x1080 everything is much smaller.

    I'll implement it like this and see how it feels in-game with different combinations of images and text.

    Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
    « on: June 21, 2017, 09:49:01 PM »
    The game has had a big influx of new players recently. One of the popular Twitch streamers played it live, so many people got the game. Some of them recorded live streams on Twitch and some on YouTube. I watched all of those and see that many players coming from simple brawler games often miss the subtle clues about weapons. They just run and gun and don't want to experiment, so they have a sub-par experience as they miss out on fun. On the other hand, as more levels are added the loading times are getting longer (esp. when you first start the game) so I'm planning to add some tips/hints to the loading screen. There will be about 30-40 of those, each showing some interesting mechanics or just explaining how stuff works. The game will pick one randomly for every "loading" screen. Here's an idea what it might look like:

    What do you think? Is it clear or did I try to cram too much information in?

    Any ideas how to make it even better?


    Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
    « on: June 16, 2017, 11:12:24 AM »
    Also found the new hippo/rock breaking pet - the descr said it'd break three rocks per room but it only broke one in practice...

    Whoops. It was 3 while testing, but it turned out to be OP, so I reduced it to one. Looks like I forgot to update the description. Thanks.

    Although, after some playing, I see the problem that sometimes you cannot reach the item. I'll change it so that he jumps once, but breaks all the rocks he touches when he lands.

    Bigosaur / Re: My Mom's a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
    « on: June 14, 2017, 09:56:36 AM »
    I've been playing really badly recently, I'm too tired and keep dying early from loss of concentration so I'm rarely getting to the fourth level. :/

    That's strange. I have had the same problem since I added the 4th level. I feel like I'm distracted thinking about surviving the Dungeon and it changes the way I play. I have to admit I win maybe 1 in 8 runs in the Dungeon.

    I once had a thief try to jump me near a doorway and manage to jump outside the main play area box

    Yeah, I know exactly how that might happen. Will have a fix in the next version.

    When you kill the violet knights...does the death animation again.

    I have seen that one too. Thought it was a glitch, but if it happened to you as well then there must be some permanent problem. Will investigate. Fixed.


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