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Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: September 21, 2017, 08:20:15 AM »
- You're missing an article in the mom's final dialogue, it should be "to the goblins"

Fixed. Will be in the next update.

- I let off a poison cloud scroll at the end of the castle, then jumped in, and when I got to the dungeon after the cutscene I had no health. My guess is that the poison cloud was continuing to kill my character during the cutscene, which probably should be fixed.

Yes. The problem is that you are still "in the hole" during the cut-scene and in networked games there's no "pause". I will have to find some way to fix this. Perhaps "if player is in the hole ignore poison effects". I guess I should do the same for hunger as well.

I like the new cutscenes though :)


Bigosaur / Son of a Witch - about page
« on: September 18, 2017, 07:23:14 PM »
Son of a Witch is an action adventure game for PC in a fantasy setting. 1-4 players can select one of 7 different character classes and play a challenging and fun beat 'em up game with cartoonish graphics. To make it more interesting and replayable, the game features roguelike elements like permadeath, random enemy encounters, random maze generation and many different items and weapons.

You can get the game from Steam here:

Beside the media on Steam, you can find high quality screenshots and a little bit about the game history here:

This is the latest official trailer:

For news, watch the Steam announcement section, my blog and the twitter account:

Discussion on current and future features is done here on Exilian and also on Steam discussion forums:

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: September 15, 2017, 08:10:26 AM »
OK, fair enough :) Are the catacomb levels officially released now?

Yes. The testing and official version are currently the same. Here's the official announcement:

A new version is available with a lot of new content:

  • The 5th level, Catacombs, with 5 new enemy types
  • New hero: Undead Skeleton Ranger
  • Unlocking the new hero is done via a special quest in the old part of the catacombs which is a really dangerous place
  • 2 new bosses
  • 3 new special areas in the forest
  • 1 new mount (zombie pig)
  • 1 new pet (finds hidden runestones)
  • Blue color skin for the sorceress character and achievement to unlock it
  • Elemental altars where you can get some powerful items and weapons
  • A dozen new weapons and items
  • Improved game engine performance
  • Darkness now increases your stats
  • Item and weapon drops are now slightly affected by starting heroes (ex. you are more likely to get magic items when playing with mage)
  • Avarice doubles coins
  • Fixed Amanda's AI on the final screen so she doesn't get stuck
  • Fixed problem with chat not being available on the character selection screen
  • Co-op death countdown now starts from 60 during boss fights
  • Increased lightning damage for the sword
  • Bow descriptions update after damage upgrade
  • Balanced runestone drops from rocks
  • Rebalanced poison to make the Druid hero more viable
  • Added more stats to pause screen
  • Status effect icons show up in two rows in co-op
  • Fixed many bugs

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: September 14, 2017, 12:15:41 PM »
The main reason I managed the whole thing as the skele was that I got the giraffe pet early. As the main big disadvantage of the skeleton seems to be physical fragility, without many ways at all to restore health, the giraffe is an excellent pet to combo with that character.

Yes. There are four ways to heal: Giraffe, Vampire Sword, Healer Staff, Life Staff. Well, you can also get a Book of Life from the nature altar, but that's rare.

Sunset scrolls are now massive no-brainers most of the time in how you use them, except on the final level; I just always fire them all off at the end of a level before moving to the next one, so I get all the benefit without ever having to fight in the dark.

Yes. I noticed that I'm doing the same. Not sure if this is bad or there is something I should really change.

Is it now intentional that hidden forest-level rooms can have skeletons in?


Will they always do so?

I'm not sure. The plan was that they would be full with undead from the very start. There were goblins initially because I hadn't created the undead enemies yet. But now I feel like the room doesn't feel right. You can get hit by a Skeleton Warrior and get muscle spasms without seeing that before and bats are very hard to fight when they can hide behind the trees.

I'm thinking maybe it should be goblins-only, at least until you defeat the necromancers, and maybe 50-50% goblins/undead later. Or maybe just make it goblins-only like before. I somehow felt those rooms were more fun to fight than the current ones.

What do you think?

Unless I'm very much mistaken, you seem to be able to get items from the dead pile when you start the castle level by turning them all into barrels. Are you meant to be able to do that?

No. It's a bug. I will fix it.

What is it that actually triggers the bone arrow drops? Is it just being the skeleton archer, or is it actually holding/using the bow?

They drop if one of the player characters is the skeleton archer. At first I wanted it to be a feature of the bow, but as we played co-op games it turned into "don't kill enemies, I need arrows to power up" which made it less enjoyable for other players.

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:12:21 AM »
A couple of minor bugs to report:
1. I hit the undead pig with an orb from the healing staff and it didn't let me ride it afterwards.
3. not sure why, but he seems to have an automatic left-facing, so it's really hard if not impossible to get him to shoot right. No idea why.

Yes, I noticed those as well, and fixed in version 2.3.4. which I uploaded later yesterday. If it still happens with 2.3.4, let me know.

2. I took the skeleton archer (NPC version) in to fight the necro-twins, they "killed" him and then raised him on their team. This doesn't make any sense given that his whole backstory is "that one undead guy who's immune to their mind control".

Whoops! You're right. I completely forgot about that possibility. I need to fix that.

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: September 11, 2017, 09:35:27 AM »
The skeleton archer quest levels I'm less sure about; I think the number of wizards/curses is often too high, such that unless you're a wizard of some sort that deals damage exceptionally quickly, by the end of one room you probably already have so many curses that any other tactic is very hard to use, especially because all your mana-using items quickly end up useless because they use the distraction curse so often. I'm not sure what to suggest with this. I'd consider giving the undead wizards a more restricted range of curses possibly, so the player has some vague idea what to prepare for and feels a bit more in control. I'd also exclude distraction & extravagance from their curses, unless you're planning to time limit or add more things that can "cure" them. The trouble with any curses like those that require dragonfire potions to remove is that you then have to sacrifice all your status effects, which for some characters (depending on what potions the game has) can feel like you're undoing the whole game's work.

This quest is meant to be really hard, perhaps the hardest in the game. I have maybe a 20% win ratio so far.

In one of the runs with a Knight I got a mana canteen at the start and one of the potions was Barbarian's friend. I found a retort in the castle and created a bunch of potions (since I didn't use mana at all up to that point). I got about 360% melee by the time I got to the catacombs, and a bunch of dragonfire potions as well. With a decent sword, I would do about 50 damage per hit.

A mage with some orb upgrades and magic skill upgrades can do the quest without too much trouble. Challenging but doable.

Another feasible way is to defeat the necromancers, take the Staff of the Dead and then kill the vampiress shop vendors and raise them. Add a couple of skeletons and you have your own undead army. I played this type of run a couple of times. Once you defeat 2-3 rooms it gets easier as you can raise more vampiresses to help you.

There was one run where I got a book of life on the altar of nature, so with +100 health bonus the tomb quest became doable even with average damage.

In any case, I want this to be a real challenge, not something you can done every time. Since it's optional, the players can skip it if they didn't get enough upgrades / items to prepare for it, go past the necromancers to complete the main game and do the quest another time. I'm thinking that tomb might show up as an optional area sometimes even if you have already unlocked the archer.

(They also seem to "curse" you with fire immunity occasionally which is a bit weird, or at least I'm pretty sure I saw the fire-immune symbol appear above my head at one point?)

The overhead icons only show the spells that were cast. If you are immune, they don't affect you. Perhaps I should change this to show some symbol (red X maybe?) if the spell failed. Or simply not show the icon at all.

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: September 10, 2017, 10:15:31 AM »
The Beta version has been updated. New version is 2.2.6 and contains:

- added quest (with a special maze in the catacombs) to unlock the skeleton archer
- added the Skeleton King boss
- added blue sorceress skin and achievement to unlock it
- added a Squirrel pet
- balanced the music volume for all the songs to make it consistent across levels
- fixed stomp hitboxes for some units
- improved Vampiress strike animation (second part only plays out after successful hit)
- skeleton archer hero has a different color for health bar and his own set of sound effects
- fixed a bug with missing animation for stomped spiders in the garden
- fixed display height for status icons for enemies
- fixed Amanda's pathfinding code on the final screen of Pyromancer quest
- displaying status icons in multiple rows when playing co-op
- if you have dark orbs and exploding orbs upgrades, the orbs explode into smaller dark orbs now
- improved engine performance when there are many objects on the screen
- increased runestone drop rate for rocks on levels 4 and 5 (because there aren't many rocks)
- various minor bugfixes

I plan to test this for a couple of days, esp. online multiplayer and then, if there are no bugs, turn it into the official "Catacombs update" release.

Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / Re: E-mail problems / hosting
« on: September 03, 2017, 09:06:13 PM »
We're currently paying about £4/month I think? I've been nervous about moving to a VPS mainly because I know I can't reliably solve tech problems/am not used to server-side work much. Our requirements - at the moment we need 2 or 3 MySQL databases, obviously decent uptime/bandwidth, not a huge amount of storage (under 1gb I think). Server moves are obviously quite a bit of work/need to be done very efficiently to avoid downtime, so I'm always nervous about doing them, but maybe it's something we should consider.

Maybe some other alternative could be considered that would only solve the e-mail problem. Perhaps using some other way to send out e-mails? For example, you could get an account at MailChimp and use that to send out e-mails. It's completely free up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 e-mails a month and it's very reliable:

You can also track stats - how many people open the e-mail and/or click some links inside.

Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / Re: E-mail problems / hosting
« on: September 02, 2017, 11:08:56 PM »
Oh dear :/ I was wondering why we were getting so little response to the mailing list, that's rather worrying. And yes, we're now sending from the VidaHost mail servers, but we're on cloud hosting so it'll all be shared unfortunately. What a pain, not sure what to do about that.

What are the monthly hosting costs? Perhaps renting a VPS from OVH or Hetzner would be a better idea, because Exilian would own an IP address then and it's easy to clear it from SPAM databases then because you know that you are the only one sending e-mails. OVH starts at $3.50/mo:

I can help setting up the webserver, PHP, MySQL, etc. if needed so you get similar starting point like with shared hosting  :gandalfgrey: Of course, I don't know what all are the requirements...

Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / E-mail problems / hosting
« on: September 02, 2017, 09:05:05 AM »
I put SoaW in Updates again:

I completely missed that. I just checked, and for some reason google e-mail servers categorized the Exilian "News & June Elections" e-mail message as spam.

I checked the sending email server IP ( against some spam databases and it is listed (for example in SORBS: So, it's possible that e-mail doesn't go through to everyone or gets classified as spam. Did the recent webhost migration also include changing the e-mail sending servers?

Does Exilian have a dedicated server or it's using shared hosting? If it's the former, maybe something could be done to remove the IP listing.

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: September 01, 2017, 03:02:06 PM »
The Catacombs are ready, including a playable Skeleton Archer character, a bunch of new items, weapons, special rooms, etc. I did a lot of changes to the game to allow playing with undead, so I will need to test it for a while before releasing to make sure there are no serious bugs.

If you want to try the newest version, I have uploaded it to steam into Beta mode. To switch to the beta version, right-click the game name in your Steam library and select Properties option from the menu:

Then click the BETAS tab at the top of the Properties window. Select the "testing - Unstable" option from the dropdown menu:

Enter the password: minimum89012

Steam would then download the files that are different and let you run the beta. If you plan to play online multiplayer - both players have to have the beta version (there will be some periods in-between releases where beta version could co-op with stable version, but this is not guaranteed).

If you decide to go back from beta to stable just open the Properties again and select "opt out" from the dropdown menu in the BETAS tab.

In this version, the Skeleton Archer is fully playable, without needed to unlock him (for easier testing). I plan to run this testing version for a week or two before the official release. In the meantime, I'll probably make the quest as well and then the Skeleton Archer will be locked until you complete it.

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: August 25, 2017, 01:22:06 PM »
Also, bug report: I just robbed a scroll shop with petrify arrows in a daily challenge but the prices didn't disappear.

Thanks. I fixed it. It will be in the next version. BTW, while testing that fix, I also found another bug: you can use replicate scroll on arrows to create stacks instead of single arrow (ex. using it on a singe Petrify Arrow creates a new stack of 3 arrows). I fixed this one as well.

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: August 24, 2017, 02:54:59 PM »
the woman who gives you the duck

She's also the vendor in the pet shop :)

Archer has a fetch quest (fetch 100 arrows) which I think would be boring if you had to do again? I mean, I could make another "fetch X pieces of Y" but I'm not sure players would want to see that often.

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: August 23, 2017, 09:25:09 PM »
Certainly you may want to make the extra money not count for extra in points, or it'll become broken for the daily challenges.

Yes. Already done. I have also capped the gold at 999999 because I managed to blast past that during testing ;)

One request though wrt the "subplot quests" - have the characters reappear at some point! It feels weird that you only get to play the quest until you complete it and never find that subplot again. Like the woman you have to transport to the castle could sometimes optionally turn up in the castle tavern if that appears or something?

I actually planned for her to show up again at some later stage (locked in a dungeon or something like that) and you have to escort her again. But this time it doesn't unlock a character. She gives you some reward instead. I completely forgot about this, thanks for reminding me.

Bigosaur / Re: Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
« on: August 21, 2017, 08:14:24 PM »
Sorry for sparse information lately. I have been working hard on some new things for the next update:
  • the catacombs levels are ready (regular + treasure rooms + one new trap type)
  • shops require blood (HP) instead of gold
  • skeleton warrior and mage are complete with their unique weapons
  • necromancer boss + raising the dead (both by player and necromancer) works
  • a couple of new weapons and items are added (Twilight Staff, Book of Death, etc.)
  • avarice doubles your current gold and gives 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. multiplier for gold pickup
  • darkness scroll gives you permanent stat boost
  • added a new special area in the forest (10% chance) where you can practice shooting some creatures with arrows. The creatures drop runestones.
  • new status effect: random muscle spasms. Has two sources currently: a hiccup potion (Although I think it would be cool if it triggers when you drink 5+ potions between two battles or something like that). Second source is a Tetanus infection that you can get when hit with a rusty sword (skeleton warrior weapon). The effect is removed with Beer or Dragon Fire Potion
  • I'm currently working on a new NPC that will be a shop vendor in the catacombs, and possibly give you some quests

Stuff to do before the next release:

  • Add nature/fire/ice/death altars where you can donate blood (HP) for a random powerful item of that theme (ex. Book of Fire, amulets, etc.)
  • Add the Skeleton Archer enemy. This one will also be a playable character (cannot drink potions nor eat, immune to poison, hunger, muscle spasm and possibly heals with every kill?)
  • Sometimes, a shortcut will show up in the forest allowing you to skip directly to the catacombs.
  • Undead pig mount (Maybe I'll make it possible for you to raise a dead boar into undead pig - still not sure about this).

I'm still not sure what quest to use to unlock the Skeleton Archer character. I thought to maybe make him show up in the catacombs as an NPC and tell you that a long time ago (while he was alive) he was a friend with a powerful wizard who cast a spell protecting him from any form of mind control. So when the necromancer raised him from the dead, he didn't turn into his servant like the other undead did. But, the Necromancers have some magic item that restricts all the undead into the catacombs. He needs you to find that item, destroy it and set him free. Accepting his quest would open a passage into a secret part of the catacombs that has super-hard rooms full with traps and enemies.

What do you think? Maybe some variation on this story or some completely different idea for the quest?

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