Author Topic: Rome: Total Realism Beta 3.0 Release  (Read 424 times)


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Rome: Total Realism Beta 3.0 Release
« on: December 06, 2016, 04:48:17 PM »

The RTR team are very proud to announce the full release of Beta 3.0, with an absolute legion of new features to play with. Big graphics overhauls, new buildings, new units, and much more add a whole new level of depth to the RTR 8 3.0 Beta.

Bosporan mercenaries march to battle

Graphics overhauls are some of the most eyecatching parts of a new release, and this is by no means an exception. 3.0 includes new attention to detail, even down to the level of realism in dust effects, and of course new unit skins and cards, especially for the Sakae of central Asia from where archaeologist Mike "Xeofox" Antonov has been advising the RTR team. New banners and symbols also feature, as well as several new units including Italian Equites and the Basilikon Agema.

Men and women ride side by side in a Saka army, under their banner symbol of a golden deer

The game's core features have been seeing new additions an overhauls too. These include a new irrigation system, Parthia's to transition from nomadic to settled states as a faction, a new overhauled system for ports and warship construction, more attention to detail with mining, and unit status bars in battle. These extra features are all great new additions that give you an engaging, but also more realistic, look at how to manage a state in the classical world. Total war as always meets total attention to realism - this beta takes the RTW engine another step into exciting new territory.

New easy-to-read unit status bars easily show you fatigue, combat power, and morale at a glance

In this release we also have the return of historical battles, allowing you to control armies and re-live, or overturn, critical points throughout classical history. In particular, Beta 3 includes a reworked version of the bloody clash at Raphia between Ptolemy IV Philopator and the Seleucid Antiochus III for control of the vital battleground of Coele Syria. One of the largest battles of the ancient world, tens of thousands of phalanx pikemen met in a protracted struggle with mighty African and Asian war elephants squaring off against one another on the flanks. Now you can take control and change history!

Antiochus III's vast forces march to war at Raphia

Just hit the download link below to start a new realistic campaigning experience in the Rome: Total War engine and experience the Roman world as you've never seen it before:

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