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Updates from the Forge 16: August 2017
« on: August 31, 2017, 11:10:33 PM »
Issue 16: August 2017


Welcome to Updates 16! We are on schedule again, and once again all articles are from your usual writing team of Jubal and an imaginary llama. (We should probably fire the imaginary llama as it hasn't produced any material, but it *is* very fluffy). Anyway - we've got another great set of updates for you this month, with a strong indie game focus though we've got one classic game modding update in there as well. We've been able to keep up six updates instead of five, and we had more stuff we could have put in, which is really encouraging.

A quick reminder that if you're not following ExilianOfficial on Facebook and Twitter you should do so, and also that we now have a functional mailing list, so email if you want to be added to our monthly newsletter.

Right... let the wild and wonderful array of games begin!


  • Willful
  • Son Of A Witch: Skeletons and Skinpacks
  • Narnia Total War 1.0 Preview!
  • A New 4X Fantasy Strategy Game
  • What if YOU Controlled the News?!
  • John Mambo - A Tale of Peace & Grenades


We start this month with a newcomer to Exilian and a new game: meet Willful, an adventurous, puzzle-style platforming shooter where a little rabbit called Will heads out to defeat evil bosses, overcome the mysterious cult who run his sci-fi world, and ultimately save the universe from the mysterious demonic presences who lurk at its heart.

Saving the galaxy turns out to involve more pizza than you might have expected.

Playing as Will, you must bounce and shoot your way through a number of levels, fix teleporters,  collect golden carrots, and ignore a slightly arsey hologram, as you search for weapons or allies and work out how best to defeat your ultimate foes. The setting features a wide range of enemies with different powers and abilities that you must overcome, from tiny desert flies to giant underground fish or mighty boss monsters. With a wide range of gameplay possibilities, it's worth taking a look at Willful and keeping an eye out for more from developer lukewasthefish.

Son Of A Witch: Skeletons and Skinpacks

From Bigosaur's excellent "Son of a Witch" there's some exciting news - we've now had some of our first glimpses of the Dungeon levels. The undead will be introduced in the dungeon level, with the ability to raise the dead using the powerful new Necromancer's Staff. The extra level will also move the story onwards, bringing you face to face with the terrifying Necromancer and, perhaps, with the game's eponymous Witch! Expect new sidequests, shop types, and more when the update comes along.

As well as the dungeon preview, Jubal has been at work on a new skinpack, with two "Knight in Panther Skinpack" elements available to download. Based on a 12th century medieval myth from Georgia, these alternate skins allow you to play as major characters from the epic work. The knight Avtandil has a more early-medieval feel than the usual Son of a Witch knight, with a pointed helmet and scale mail, whilst Tinatin, the Queen of Arabia, is a new alternate skin for the chanter decked out in a crown and other royal finery.

Narnia Total War 1.0 Preview!

A Narnian army with satyrs, foxes, centaurs, and giants prepares for war!

From Jubal, we've had new updates coming on Narnia: Total War, with a release likely in the next few weeks. The mod rebuilds the classic Rome: Total War 1.5 game engine to showcase CS Lewis' epic fantasy universe as you've never seen it before. See Narnia through different eyes as you can take the role of the Telmarines, Archenlanders, Narnians, or 11 other factions that will battle it out for control of the Narnian world.

A New 4X Fantasy Strategy Game

New member Auriochs is working on a 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) strategy game in the civilisation genre, with an as yet in the works original fantasy setting. At the very early stages of the dev process, there's nonetheless a well worked UI and some interesting ideas floating around already - take a look and come and discuss the project, you never know where a new game will end up after all!

What if YOU Controlled the News?

The steam page for Koobazaur's "Headliner" is now out - a thought-provoking game that asks what might happen if YOU controlled the news! Under pressure from your bosses to sell papers, but with a family at home and crowds outside who will be reading your every word, how far are you prepared to go in the pursuit of news sales? What future will your writings bring to a futuristic country deeply divided over the ethics of genetic modfication and over unfolding political tensions? Your choices will shape the world in this exciting but troubling story-game that deals with some very real issues indeed...

John Mambo - A Tale of Peace & Grenades

New to Exilian is the action-movie satire "John Mambo: Pacifying the World", an action shooter which takes a light hearted (and somewhat mocking) approach to the great American Hero film genre. You control Mambo, a rather dim-witted lone military operative, as he attempts to shoot the bad guys and not shoot the good guys, which he can hopefully reliably tell apart. On a good day. Mambo must face traps, hidden enemies, tanks, landmines, path decisions, and more as he fights his way through each story-driven level.

There's definitely something suspicious about that cow.

As you can see, there's a lot going on! When the fire gets hot and the hot gets firey, Mambo's got a job on his hands... In the first level, shown above, Mambo must try and take down the mighty "Camaron Cannon" - the level is already available to play as a demo that you can check out, and the team are asking for feedback and further thoughts on the demo version to help polish it and find bugs before future releases and more levels emerge.

As usual, it just remains for me to hope you've had a good month and encourage any comments or feedback you might want to give. Please keep reading these updates and - even better - share them so others can read them too, and we're always only an email away if you want to chat. Happy creating, folks, and take care until next time!

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Re: Updates from the Forge 16: August 2017
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We are now on Kickstarter!
Here you can find the new updates that we included in the game: