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Southern Realms



  • Creator: Jubal
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Game Version Required: M&B 1.011
Southern Realms

Southern Realms is one of the classic modifications for the original Mount & Blade. Expanding Calradia far to the south and adding many new realms, abilities, characters and nations, the mod gives a panoramic makeover to the original game. The world of Calradia is just as riven by conflict as it ever was; new factions include the longbow-wielding Alanians, the disciplined legions of the might Gorin Empire, the merchant princes of Geroia or the wild mountain clans of the Vorok peoples.

Built by Jubal Barca, the mod also includes huge numbers of new features unavailable in the original game. Sail to the pirate stronghold of Jarren's Rock and fight on the high seas, or fight in the murky backstreets of Harlaushia; hunt boar and deer in the woods of Swadia, or fight to defend the peaceful island nation of Aurothia. The choice is yours, and true to Mount and Blade's original sandbox style Southern Realms leaves you free to decide your own fate in the world...

  • The first 1.0x mod to include fully functional naval battles, with several different types of ship included and many enemies on the high seas
  • A vast map expansion, giving huge new areas to explore
  • More than triple the number of factions in the original game, most with their own unique unit trees
  • A wide range of new skills, including battle rage, shield bash, braced spears, and more
  • Flexible command system includes battle morale and unit formations
  • New quests and new jobs available such as militia commanding
  • Huge numbers of new parties and enemies to battle and defeat
  • New items, allowing a much larger range of armour and weapons to defeat your enemies with