Total War Mods

Exilian hosts a number of mods for the Total War series:

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Total War Mods

Exilian hosts a number of mods for the Total War series:

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  • Creator: Jubal Barca
  • Current Version: 0.8 BETA
  • Game Version Required: RTW 1.5
Narnia Total War

A clash of factions and philosophies, Narnia: Total War is an innovative look at CS Lewis' fantasy masterpiece in the Rome: Total War engine. Set in the war-torn era of Prince Caspian, the mysterious and sorcerous lands of the Narnian world include Telmarines, Marauders loyal to the White Witch, Calormenes, Lone Islanders, Giants from the northern realm of Harfang, and many other nations. This diverse range of factions include huge cultural differences, from the peaceful agrarian river valleys of Munesh to the Imperial dreams of the Royal Narnians.

The mod also includes a wise range of new units, including centaurs, giants, horned men of the north, the shambling cursed zloranti controlled by the far southern shamans of Surval, powerful chariots from Calormen or disciplined Telmarine pikemen. Whoever you command, the battles of Narnia will be many and varied...

  • Full range of canonical factions with expanded universe incorporating new nations in the south and west
  • Wide choice of troops, including mythical beasts, talking animals, and a large range of naval units
  • Campaign map of Narnia stretches from Harfang to the south of the Calormene Empire
  • Several new buildings added