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Exilian hosts a number of mods for the Total War series:

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Total War Mods

Exilian hosts a number of mods for the Total War series:

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  • Creator: Son Of The King
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Game Version Required: RTW 1.5
SotK's Spain Mod

I always thought it would be fun to play as Spain (Carthage crossed with barbarians seemed good). I heard that they are pretty bad, with a poor economy and bad units all around. Sure enough, their unit selection made me want to cry. Just Carthage-lite with some naked guys. Oh and a couple of decent unique units, but they are only available from cities. When a nation that was famed for the prowess of its warriors has RTW's Iberian Infantry as their most easily accessible unit that isn't Town Militia/Peasants, and their only good troops come from a maxed out barracks or a single temple, there is a problem.

This mod intends to make Spain a more historically accurate representation of the tribes in Iberia during the time of RTW, as well as rounding out the Spanish unit roster to represent the fact that their soldiers were well thought of throughout Western Europe, rather than morale-less weaklings like Iberian Infantry would have you think!

  • Spain renamed to Iberia and their unit tree overhauled.
  • Iberian Infantry changed to have a Scutum shield rather than the Caetra they carry in vanilla.
  • Round Shield Cavalry renamed to Iberian Cavalry.
  • Celtiberian Barracks building tree added, allowing non-Spanish factions to recruit the barbarian side of the new unit tree in Celtiberia.

Screenshots are coming when I take some that are good enough to put up.