Total War Mods

Exilian hosts a number of mods for the Total War series:

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Total War Mods

Exilian hosts a number of mods for the Total War series:

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  • Creator: Zodiac/Jubal Barca
  • Current Version: Unreleased
  • Game Version Required: RTW 1.5
Warhammer Total War

Warhammer Total War, begin by Zodiac Productions and abandoned before being revived by Jubal Barca, has long been one of the classic fantasy modifications for Rome: Total War. With a full campaign covering the entire Warhammer world, all the major factions from Games Workshop's tabletop wargame are available for you to command. Proud High Elves, stoic Dwarfs, warlike Orcs, or dread Demons of Chaos clash in battles across the Old World and beyond.

Flying carpets from Araby, winged lancers from Kislev, mercenary pikemen from Tilea - the range of forces at your command is vast, with the game engine supporting huge numbers of new unit types. Detailed new building trees allow the construction of many unique units, too, across a detailed map stretching from frozen Nagarythe and the Dark Elf lands to the Southlands and Turtle Islands.

This is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of daemons and sorcery, of battle and death until the worlds ending. These are the End Times. This is Total War...

  • 19 playable factions from across the Warhammer World
  • Huge new rosters of unique faction-specific units
  • All-new building trees
  • Large scale map stretching across huge areas of the Old World, Lustria, the Southlands, Ulthuan, Nagarythe, the Dark Lands, and the Chaos Wastes
  • Range of unit abilities including Orc warcries, cannons with grapeshot and normal ammunition, mortars, mages armed with fireballs, and more