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The writing section on Exilian caters to all sorts of fiction, particularly short stories as these fit onto a message board easily! We also do chain writing.

The "storyteller's hall" is the main discussion area for writing in general. Three of its four subforums are for story writing (the fourth being, of course, for poetry). In the main hall area, we usually discuss other people's work or general snippets, settings, and other miscellaneous things we've created. From A Song of Ice and Fire to The Last of the Mohicans and from Discworld to the world of Homer, a huge range of literature is often under discussion.

To go to the Storyteller's Hall, click here

As to the subforums, there is of course a generic stories forum, for posting any standard short story (or even long story!) you've written and want to share. There's a specific "War Stories" forum for any stories set in wartime - as we tend to end up with a lot of historical and sci-fi fiction this tends to be a fairly good split to have. Finally, there is the AAR section, which no doubt will have some of you nodding sagely and others wondering what on earth that means. An AAR is an After Action Report - essentially it's where gaming of any sort meets story writing, using the flow of a campaign game and reporting that in story form. AARs can be great fun, particularly since the game need only give a basis for the story you're telling and you can add a lot of characterisation and depth to the worlds you're playing in and with.

Poetry and Artistic Writing

Exilian has a thriving poetry section, where people can post, discuss, and comment on one another's work. Any sort of creative use of words can fit in - we're not snobbish about haiku, and we'll still enjoy random blank verse and oulipo-style musings. Monologues and other "slam poetry" style work, as well as song lyrics, are also all greatly appreciated - if you've written it we'd probably like to read it!

To go to the poetry forum, click here