Coding Medieval Worlds 4: Outcasts and Monsters

Call For Participants

A workshop for historians & game developers: 17-18 Feb, 2024

Medieval historical and fantasy gaming has a complex relationship with those on the margins. On the one hand misfit and outsider heroes are core to the genre, but on the other, monsters can represent another view of difference or marginalisation and what we imagine being pushed outside the bounds of society. Historical evidence and medieval fantastical imaginaries alike are often the views of elites and cultural centres, which makes handling the worlds of exiles, outcasts and outsiders, both sympathetic and monstrous, uniquely challenging to model as games or as history. Coding Medieval Worlds 4 will approach these challenges from developers’ and historians’ perspectives, and see what shared solutions we can build!

When: 17th-18th Feb 2024, 1:30pm — 8pm Central European Time(Possibility of optional events on evenings of 16th-18th)

Where: Wherever you can connect to a video call!

How to participate: Email or by December 31st with your name and a sentence or two on your background and interest. We have a limit of around 30 people, half spaces for developers and half for academics (independent scholars, early career researchers, and hobbyist & indie developers are all welcome). We examine all applications and ensure places are available for scholars & developers from diverse & marginalised backgrounds. Do get in touch with any enquiries at the above email addresses.

This workshop is a collaboration between Exilian and the University of Vienna, Austria.