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Title: MOTION: Affiliated Organisations Bill PASSED 8-0-0
Post by: Jubal on May 02, 2014, 06:53:28 PM
One week, simple majority to pass.

The Plaza moves the following:

1. Preamble
a) This plaza considers that its duty to "Help with and facilitate other projects and creations undertaken by its members" should be applied where appropriate with regards to creative endeavours in the commercial sector.
b) That the support of commercial projects shall nevertheless remain a secondary aim to supporting hobbyist projects on the Exilian.

2. Core Provisions
a) The central provision of this bill shall be permission for administrators to permit commercial, for-profit creative organisations or persons to become affiliated bodies of the Exilian.
b) That affiliated bodies be then permitted similar provision to that made for non-commercial projects, including site subfora and pages.
c) That this will also extend to Exilian's promotional capability, social media platforms, and so on.
d) Such persons or organisations must apply to the administrators for this status.
e) Either the administrators or the plaza may at any time require the discontinuation of affiliated status without warning.

3. Further Provisions
a) That, where possible, affiliated commercial projects should be encouraged to be open to modification and/or open source; neither of these are necessary but both will be taken into account in applications.
b) That, where possible, affiliated developers should be encouraged to contribute more broadly to the site, for example by writing tutorials, providing help to hobbyists, or providing support or tutorials for free modifications of their projects.
c) Exilian, whilst providing forum space and advertising, will retain moderation and creative control over both outlets.
4. Requirements for affiliated status
a) An organisation seeking affiliated status must be compatible with the broad guiding principles of Exilian as set out in the Constiution and Terms of Service.
b) Any such organisation would be expected to reciprocally link to Exilian from their own website, should they have one.
c) Affiliated developers must post on their subforum or subfora at least once a month; subfora that remain inactive for a three month period will be archived.
Title: Re: MOTION: Affiliated Organisations Bill
Post by: Jubal on May 09, 2014, 09:43:36 PM
PASSED 8-0-0
Title: Re: MOTION: Affiliated Organisations Bill PASSED 8-0-0
Post by: comrade_general on May 09, 2014, 09:48:25 PM