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Title: Test report II
Post by: Jubal on March 01, 2015, 11:53:44 PM
The first full game!

This game went far less well than the first. Play was very slow and conservative, only heating up towards the very endgame. I think the deck balance was part of the issue - there was never enough incentive to really go all out and play aggressive cards rather than building up one's forces and then attacking en masse. I'm not sure how best to combat this, but I'll be making a lot of tweaks to the deck to encourage aggressive play earlier in the game.

Dealing with dead players was tough. The simple idea of having dead players join forces with a living one felt rather grim for the dead player, who had to sit around whilst nerfed doing not very much. Introducing the alternative victory conditions for dead players worked far better, so I'm going to go for that in future. I'm uncertain as yet whether the victory conditions should be truly separate pass/fail conditions (thus allowing for many "winners") or whether they should be still competitive in some way.