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Title: Ju'balak - Asymmetric Warfare in Dawn of War
Post by: Jubal on April 26, 2015, 11:26:47 PM
So, I've been messing around with Dawn of War lately.

The plan is to make some new coded factions that, whilst not looking radically different as I can't make 3d models (as usual), have interesting and different playstyles.

Kroot Homeworlders
Guerilla warfare! The Kroot are really going to be a very melee-heavy faction who specialise in ambushes and preparing terrain.

Planetary Defence Forces
An economic-based faction. In Dawn of War. Yes, that's about as mad as it sounds.

The PDFs will basically have a few relatively armadilloty guard troops, but backed up by the ability to really turn the economic engines on high. They'll have to build habitation blocks, factories, and machine sheds in large numbers, building and defending an actual town. They'll have good access to defensive buildings; their lack of aggressive units will be counteracted by having a high squad cap and good defensive capabilities, so whilst in the early game they may find life extremely difficult a fully fledged PDF base will be a nightmare like no other to actually break down.

> Defenders of T'au - defensive T'au force with better turrets and more abilities from other castes and allies, but with fewer high-grade military units.
> Farsight Enclaves - T'au with boosts to Gue'vesa, infantry, and more battlesuits, but
Title: Re: Ju'balak - Asymmetric Warfare in Dawn of War
Post by: Clockwork on April 27, 2015, 04:02:03 PM
I've played a lot of DoW at a reasonable level. Hope this helps.

The way each faction works is that they have access to a bit of everything because you need plasma/racial equiv or power weapons to deal with heavies and nothing else works effectively.
You need some kind of cheap, easily replaceable unit for harass and rush or anti-rush or both.
Economy is aggressive, fast units have an economic advantage over their actual stat value price because they can be used to replenish your funds more easily.
Eldar are OP, if you win against them on all match ups (tell someone to go mech/ulti/inf both rush and prep) with a faction, you've made an OP faction.

I've been missing some really good DoW mods, best of luck to you buddy.
Title: Re: Ju'balak - Asymmetric Warfare in Dawn of War
Post by: Jubal on May 10, 2015, 01:21:08 AM
That makes sense, yeah. The PDFs I think will have very very good defensive buildings, so it'll be quite turtle-based - occasionally having to make a push with your crap troops to secure an area, then advancing by way of building up defended points and mini-villages across the map. They won't have too much that can survive an open fight, but when they're really entrenched they'll be very nasty to attack and they'll probably pretty much never run out of resources (unless you work it strategically - given some of their buildings transfer resource types, if they have a lot of them and it gets unbalanced the factories could just end up eating all their power generation).

I'm only tinkering with this, but made a tiny bit of progress on the PDFs. They just have a single regular guard unit and a techpriest, but building-wise they now have:
- Control Tower (a battered, run-down watchtower)
- Plasma generator (copied from IG)
- Gun Turret
- Hab-Block (small, cheap building that increases squad cap by 2)
- Manufactorum (each one decreases your power generation rate by 5%, boosts your requisition rate by 10%)

At some point I need to copy over some of the graphical stuff and re-link things to new skins (because currently there are colour bleed problems). But really can't be bothered at the moment, graphics are effort. Particularly since I'd need to do some hex editing to link in new skins.
Title: Re: Ju'balak - Asymmetric Warfare in Dawn of War
Post by: Phoenixguard09 on November 05, 2016, 07:32:14 AM
I did a hell of a lot of DoW modding when I was younger. It was actually the game which got me into modding.

This looks really interesting Jubs. Did you end up getting anywhere with it?