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Title: Temples!
Post by: Jubal on September 15, 2017, 02:28:49 PM
Right, I think I'm done with temples, time to move onto priests (though I may add a couple more Munesh temples as they're meant to be super polytheistic). I've gone with greco-Roman deities being plausible sub-deities within Aslan-ism, like Bacchus sort of is in the books.

Temples available are:
Faction NameTemple NosTemple Types
Narnia2Aslan, Bacchus
Telmarine/Telmar/Koraly1Civic Centres
Archenland3Artemis, Demeter, Aslan
Terebinthia3Asklepios, Temples of the Sea-Queen, Aslan
Lone Islands3Hermes, Temples of the Sea-Queen, Temple of Adventurers
Harfang & Marauders2White Witch, Lady of the Green Kirtle
Dwarfs2Town Halls/Councils, Town Craft Guilds
Calormen3Tash, Azaroth, Zardeenah
Munesh3Ioana, Zardeenah, Zafira
Surval1The Ancestors

For now I've turned all the triggers for priest ancillaries off as a blanket measure; I'd rather make my own and add them afresh if we get time.