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Title: "New Universe" main information
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Hello friends. As you know, i am russian sci-fi\fantasy writer . Wanna show you a bit of my sci-fi universe. Its about the saga of 2596 year AD, when galaxy turns to the period of Acheron war between Intergalactic Coalition and Achaeron League. This universe sometimes can remind you HALO, Mass Effect or Stargate, but its my unique work, so all ideas, which you`ll find there, are my own, and didn`t taken from other worlds.

Main plot is about the great galactic conflict with name as Achaeronian War. This conflict affected not only the Milky Way Galaxy, but other galaxies too.



Rise of the Acheronian League.
(or what triggered the beginning of the Acheronian War in the galaxy in general)

The League's ascension began with the Gathering of the Consistorium of the Great Races on the planet Acheron Prime, which belongs to the Unn-chor Empire. After the Draconian War, the hatred of many civilizations for the Elfurr state increased hundreds of times. If earlier the mysterious race of Elfurr was treated with great suspicion, but at the same time they preferred not to rant about its tyrannical foundations, then after the elimination of the Ser-Azzrai regime on Kroko, the situation changed. Elfurr raids on draconian planets and on the worlds of Kosatti have rocked the galaxy. Even when the dictatorship of Ser-Azzrai fell, most civilizations no longer regarded Elfurr as allies. At the end of 2592, a massive exit from the Coalition of entire interstellar states followed. The first to leave the Coalition of the Galaxy were Unn-Chor, led by the high priest Olmek R-Llandris. The second was followed by Ho-Nari, led by the high priest Fei Hoa. Sozidaus came third, making this final decision at the Council of Four. Some of the Aranguto states also followed the great races who did not trust the Coalition's pro-Elfurrian rule. Soon, at least 8 civilizations left the Coalition. The Khazaars, Kosatti and Ara-Nii had not previously been part of any associations. The Elfurr did not prevent many races from leaving, but they warned them that they were making an irreparable mistake. St-Finghi was the last to leave the galactic alliance. Following them, two human states, such as Neo-Liberon and Geranium, announced separation. The Elfurrian pharaoh Senuhsert called the act of these people unreasonable and warned about their difficult future without the Coalition.

A few months later, in 2593, civilizations and states that left the Coalition of the Galaxy began to cooperate with each other. Olmec R-Landdris has invited rulers of all races who are unfriendly towards Elfurr. On the planet Acheron Prime, the first meeting of the leaders of states that left the Coalition took place. The first meeting was named the Liberty Staircase. The Coalition was concerned about the gathering of large empires that were formerly part of the galactic association. Empress Farrukh Yuay Ang called this advice a dangerous undertaking. Many leaders of the Coalition expressed concern that the meetings organized by Olmec and calls for unification into a new alliance threaten a total split in the Galaxy. Fleet Admiral Zarina Menchfidel of the Elfurr Empire described Olmec's actions as an attempt to unleash an all-out galactic war. Olmec denied his participation in the anti-Elfurr association. He reported that the meetings held at Acheron Prime were not related to the discussion of the Elfurr aggression. But a month later, a new summit was held under the leadership of Olmec and his allies. The summit announced the creation of the Acheronian League in opposition to the Coalition of the Galaxy. Olmec R-Llandris officially announced the creation of a new association. He did not call his alliance Anti-Elfurr, but did mention that the League would be firmly opposed to any aggression. The Coalition Board called the Acheronian League "a dangerous organization of otherworldly people seeking power."

Closer to the standard April 2593 (in Earth reckoning), the Acheronian League first intervened in the affairs of another state. The anti-Elfurr sentiments instilled by Olmec and his comrades have spread to a good half of the galaxy. Because of this, massive protests began on thousands of planets. Demonstrations were usually suppressed by the Coalition's intelligence services, and the instigators were sent to prisons. But riots continued to erupt. In the Castambol Federation, a rebellion broke out against the local president who supported Elfurr. The people of Castambol took over the government quarter overnight, killing all the authorities. The rebels announced the joining of the federation to the Acheronian League. They called Elfurr the greatest threat in the universe. Olmec R-Landis willingly took the rebels under his wing, even though they were human. Since the annexation of Castambol, anti-Elfurr calls have been heard more and more frequently at League meetings. It all ended with the League's representatives closing all their consulates in the territories of the Coalition. There was a complete diplomatic rift between Acheron and the Coalition of the Galaxy. One of the prominent representatives of the Coalition's psi-special forces, Frederic Kartavin, called this step a declaration of war. The League also announced that it was not going to start a war with Elfurr, but at the same time it would not maintain any relationship with them. In the territories of Acheron, the Elfurric language was banned. All elfurr representatives have been expelled.

The last straw was a quarrel between the League leadership and the Earth Alliance closer to 2595. The last negotiations between the President of the Earth Joanna Kilich and the head of Acheron ended in a conflict situation. Joanna called Olmec "a power-hungry four-armed demon." Olmec told Kilich that "her pathetic planet Earth will be destroyed for such insults." The Farrukh office immediately sent a note of protest to the League leadership. Elfurr called such insults in the negotiations unacceptable. It all ended with the Acheronian flotilla hitting Earth's merchant ships in the disputed sector of Betelgeuse. The merchants called for reinforcements from the nearby Mirandolina space base. The help quickly destroyed the League's fleet in this system. Upon learning of the attack on his ships, Olmec ordered to send three combat armada to Betelgeuse. The Earthlings immediately requested help from Elfurr. The Elfurrian Allied Flotilla helped stop the League's advance. After the defeat of Acheron at Betelgeuse, Olmec convened a new summit, inviting all the allied leaders there. At the meeting, he formally declared war on the Elfurr Empire and the entire Galaxy Coalition. The war was supported by all representatives of the League, without exception.

My main book, which is WIP now, have name "Revenge of Tyrants. The New Universe".
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Post by: Jubal on December 06, 2020, 11:08:16 AM
Nice :)

I feel like for intro-ing an SF universe it'd be maybe good to give a bit more information before going into the politics backstory as you do here. Like it might be good to give a brief paragraph on who some of the major players (factions and people are) before describing how they interact, as otherwise it can take a while to work out since you have a very high density of new universe-specific terms. It'd also be cool to get more visualisation idea early on - what kind of starships, weapons, etc do they have, and physically what are some of these different alien types like?
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Post by: BagaturKhan on December 07, 2020, 09:13:06 PM
Of course!
Achaeron League and Coalition are greatest inter-galactic unions in the whole universe.


CGS (Coalition of the Galaxy States)
Coalition was declared in the middle of XXIII century by the Pact of Galaxy States. First president of Coalition was the elfurr pharaoh Amenemhet IV from the Menkaurr Dynastie. He added to his union many galaxy nations and human galaxy states. Main idea was to create a union of galaxy realms against the common threats. Under the leadership of the Elfurr race, many members of the galaxy had to work together and help each other. In the same period there was founded the Coalition United Government with the council of many races representatives. Council have 2 special organisations - Highest Council of United Galaxy Nations and Congress of the Galactic Safety. Coalition exists even now, in the 2596 AD. Nobody wanted to leave this organisation till the Draconids war in 2592 AD.

Achaeron League
League was founded by the alliance of some mighty galaxy races, who are against of Elfurr conquerors politics. Its official creator is Olmec Rlandris, the leader of the Unn-chor race. Later, many other states and races of the galaxy joined him in the Achaeron-Prime planet. The League Representatives believes that the Elfurr are destroying the galaxy and are planning to exterminate all civilizations. The main goal of the League is the destruction of the "pro-elfurr" Coalition and the establishment of a new order in the universe. But many critics believe that the ancient Cult of Darkness, which has existed for millions of years, can operate under the banner of the Achaeron League. Its can be just a puppet organisation of the Cult.

Both unions are in war now.

Coalition main members:
- Elfurr Empire
- Human Galactic States
- Dragonid Empire
- Kinos Dominion
- Lapi`Nar Empire
- Aranguto Remnants
- Velogars Union
- Nicomedian Solidarity
- Farruh Empire
- Ghoul`Khan Empire
- other minor states of universe (which are almost 1 hundred)

Achaeron main members:
- Unn-Chor Dominion
- Khazaar Ikhanate
- Kho-Nari Empire
- N-Sai Solidarity
- St-Fing Empire
- Arah`Nii Collective
- Gat`Tt Collective
- Aranguto Realms
- Kosatti Union
- Sozidaus Union
- Yllis Republic
- Human "Traitors" states
- Other minor states and realms

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Post by: BagaturKhan on December 08, 2020, 08:20:46 AM
Something about the Elfurr Empire

The truly reason of Achaeron War is Elfurr Domination. Elfurr race is always like to control other nations and states. They have the most big army in the galaxy, the most powerful technologies (like Black Hole generators), the most strong space fleet. This race is the head of Coalition of the Galaxy. After the Draconid War, many races started to notice, that Elfurr power is increasing, and they are simply making genocide against all, who have disputes with them. Acheron League was founded by the Elfurr haters; creatures and alien species, who understood about the egocentrical power of Elfurr Empire.

What is about Elfurr at all? Elfurr Empire is a mightiest and greatest state in the whole galaxy. This race consist of tall and slim creatures with human-like form, but with spiky ears and high height. Many factions accepted Elfurr as the most beautiful race in the universe. Their women are so beautiful, hat often forced men from other civilizations to betray their race. Elfurr have egyptian-style culture. Its because all egyptian things, including Pyramides, were created by them. Information about this mysterious race appeared million years ago, so everyone can say, that Elfurr have a really long history. Elfurr have a great amount of technologies. They also have the most powerful in the universe space fleet and superweapons system. Elfurr don`t like to speak about their weapons, but they have a really destructive potential. They simply can destroy every galaxy state by the 1 click of button. Elfurr have in their secret techonology Generator of the Black Holes, which can make a singularity violation in every star system.

For now Elfurr are controlling the whole Coalition. Their pharaoh Amenemhet was initiator of this alliance. The present pharaoh Senuhsert The Greatest is also accepting his ancestors politics. But there is one biggest problem. Elfurr likes to control, and this is making their race as a highest race in the universe. Many other races dislike it and thinking about Elfurr, as about the egocentric, arrogant and evil creatures with only one desire - to rule.
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Prophecy Vision of the Andrey Armandov about the Achaeron War

Conflict like the Achaeron War was impossible for galaxy even after the middle of the XXVI century. But there was one man, who had abilities to see the future.
In 2582, Andrei Armandov, a member of the Earth Alliance Astrology Guild, reported to the Coalition Board information about an impending invasion of the Galaxy. He recommended that all governments immediately begin to strengthen the planets and star systems. He also called for the use of Elfurr technologies, since, according to him, they were able to deter the advance of an unknown enemy. In the Coalition, Armandov's forecasts were considered absurd and nonsense, which did not deserve attention. His letters to the management of the Board were constantly deleted. When the flow of messages became off scale, Armandov was arrested by the police at Reagan 2. He was taken to the Coalition security office, where they had many conversations with Andrei. He claimed that while on one of the transports between Mars and Reagan 2, he was subjected to a strange telepathic attack. According to Armandov, a whole stream of visions rushed into his mind. All of them displayed thousands and thousands of unknown diamond-shaped ships. In addition, he saw a split among the states of the Galaxy. Armandov said that part of the Coalition's interstellar empires could leave the alliance and form into a certain Acheronian League. He also mentioned a strange name , symbolizing "Darkness". When Andrei was asked about the reasons for the creation of the League, he replied that the mysterious evil coming from the depths of the universe, thus seeks to split the Galaxy into many warring factions, so that then they can destroy all at once. Armandov demanded a personal meeting with the leaders of the Coalition. He even managed to send a message to the Ho-Nari Empire to the Archpriest Fei Hoa. However, Ho-Nari considered his words for the delirium of a madman and advised the Coalition agents to send Armandov for a psychiatric examination.
All Andrey's statements about a certain Acheronian league and about the mighty darkness from the depths of the universe were regarded as an insane stream of consciousness. A criminal case was opened against Armandov on attempts to introduce disinformation into the Coalition and on knowingly false predictions. Elfurr became seriously interested in the astrologer. The director of psi-intelligence, Totkhemris User-Kaf, recommended that Armandov be transferred to her department. But when Elfurr arrived to pick Andrei from the bullpen at Reagan 2, the astrologer died. According to doctors, he died of a heart attack. At that time he was already 87 years old. After that, the Armandov case was finally closed. Later, Ygraine, an elderly cleaning woman from the planet Una, spoke about a mysterious evil from distant worlds. But her words were not heard either.
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Earth Alliance information

Mighty Earth Alliance was created in the beginning of XXII century. Earth Global Crisis in 2098 pushed the earthlings to create united alliance. Situation was bad, and Earth was almost died in war. But decent leaders decided all problems and made an agreement between each other.
The global crisis in America (unemployment, poverty, economic failure, robbery) has led some of the American generals who disagree with President Jaime Glouchester settled in Antarctica and announced the creation of their own United States. The president immediately moved troops to punish the criminals, but the president of the Eurasian Alliance Alexander Kirsenko supported rebel generals, because counted actions of Glouchester for the manifestation of despotism. In the end, Eurasia, along with the rebels, striked North America. President Gloucester was supported by the another force - Pacific Rim Coalition. This almost led to a new world war, and subsequently to nuclear earth on the planet. But everything was decided by the successful operation of the rebels who destroyed the power of President Gloucester. Rebels took Washington in time. After this, the new president Andrzej Kilic (ancestor of modern Earth president Joanna Kilic) announced a general ceasefire. Kilich was supported by almost all world states and realms. Now it is believed that after the Crisis of 2098 that the heyday and rise of the United Earth Alliance has begun.
In 2114 AD Earth Alliance was borned completely. United expeditions came to the far space. And there also was the first official contact with alien races. New presidents of united nations started to keep the Union politics. Nations came to far history. Nations and tribes and other things.
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The cult from Age of Darkness
This cult appeared in the old times, maybe 22k years BC or earlier. The first cult appeared in the Hyperborean Empire. There are some chronicles about it. Cultists believed in the mysterious Cerberum (Si-Bad) god, which can transform to many different forms. They called himself as the Abrahsax or the God of Transformation. Chronicle authors described, that Cerberum fanatics were really mad and furious, they killed thousand victims and spreaded their alien religion in many planets. After the fall of Hyberborean empire, galaxy turned to Age of Darkness. After this age, the new civilization of humans appeared and borned from ashes. It was Our Civilization, nowadays humans community. But even now, in 2596 AD, there are some cults and sects, which are believing in strange gods. Origins of their religion is not explored. Coalition government prefer to not pay attention to these strange religions. Presiden of Earth Alliance Joanne Kilic called them "just strange guys", who are not dangerous for the whole galaxy. Terrorists group usually destroying by the special forces of Coalition.

But after the Achaeron League foundation, many experts started to think, that League and its council can be connected with strange cults. Cults started to be more active after the first summit of League. Coalition intelligence explored more cults in almost 20 planets of the known galaxy.
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Kussar Empire Civil War

Kussar is not an easy choice.

The Kussar kingdom, one of the ancient galactic states, has always had difficult choices. Representatives of this race resembled dark-skinned people in shape, but they were very different in internal structure. In addition, the Kussars did not tolerate anyone, except perhaps themselves, therefore they lived in the distance. Due to virtually endless conflicts with Elfurr, Kussar's representatives were never enrolled in the Coalition of the Galaxy. But they also did not immediately desire to join the Acheronian League in 2594. The situation was not easy. The Kussar territories were bordered by Elfurr Domination, the Farrukh Empire and Artandir Republic. In the event of joining the League, all three factions could immediately attack the capital of the kingdom. They had a tenfold advantage. Therefore, the Kussars initially rejected the offer. King Zigma Utunhegal III cordially received the ambassador of the Acheronian League Ser'Kiraani in his palace. But he refused in the official union. Sending the frustrated Ser'Kiraani back to Acheron Prime, the Kussar ruler continued his policy of neutrality. However, six months later, by the beginning of 2595, King Utunhegal III was overthrown by the military leader Mutavalli, who was his illegitimate son. The coup was difficult. At the same time, Mutavalli planned it for a long time, since he considered his king a pitiful weakling.
The general conspired with many generals, including Karchemish, the only woman in the Kussar army. In standard February 2595, Admiral Supilluliuma Tridentbeard's flotilla declared disobedience to King Utunhegal. Armada blockaded the capital of Kussar. By order of the admiral, the king had to immediately surrender and leave the throne. But Utunhegal ordered all fleets under his control to attack the Tridentbeard's armada. While the battle was raging in space, Mutavalli, together with the loyal regiments of the guard, occupied all the major cities of the capital planet. At the disposal of Utunhegal, only a loyal guard remained, known under the name of Kharkish-Kharash (White Eagles). The palace was turned into a powerful fortification. Mutavalli ordered the soldiers to take the royal residence by storm. But the siege was repulsed. The royal guards used elfurr battle rifles purchased by Kussar on the black market. The Mutawalli guards had to retreat. Then the illegitimate son of the ruler decided on a swindle. He intended to turn almost all of Kussar against his father. On the official "broadcasting spheres" (TV channels), Mutawalli announced the impending alliance of King Utunhegal with the Elfurr Empire. Elfurr was hated by many Kussarians. Anti-government uprisings began on several planets at once. The female commander Karchemish immediately announced her solidarity with Mutawalli. She said that she had evidence of the king's treaties with Elfurr.
As a result, the capital of Kussar rebelled completely. With the support of the inhabitants of Mutavalli, they managed to break through the defenses of the royal palace. Harkish-Kharash were defeated in the battle on the Autocrats Square. Most of the Kussar army immediately came under the control of Mutawalli. The battle in space was won by the rebels. Utunhegal himself tried to escape from the palace. Before that, he managed to find out that his illegitimate son was not acting of his own free will, but thanks to a secret agreement with the League of Acheron. Utunhegal learned that Mutavalli had met with a secret agent of the League, known as "Phantom 13", even before the uprising. The Kussar king was going to transfer this information to the Coalition. He even contacted one of her representatives, the psi adept Frederic Kartavin. When the rebels seized the palace, the king disguised himself as his own eunuch, and before that he had hastily shaved off his beard. But luck turned away from him at the very last moment. Utunhegal was captured already on the departing ship. He posed as a eunuch and claimed that he had nothing to do with the ruler of Kussar. Then Mutavalli ordered the disguised king to take off his loincloth. Having revealed the deception, the rebel arrested Utunhegal and ordered him to be thrown into prison. Then, at the behest of "Phantom-13", the former Kussar king was executed. The Phantom feared that Utunhegal knew his true face. Frederic Kartavin never managed to meet with the ruler of Kussar.
The kingdom went entirely to Mutavalli. Thanks to a secret alliance with the League, the new sovereign began to prepare for a possible war with the Coalition. But he did not officially proclaim himself an accomplice of the League. Frederic Kartavin transmitted information about the possible cooperation of Kussar with Acheron League to the Coalition Council. The coalition did not want to fight Kussar. But on the advice of the director of psi-intelligence, Totkhemris User-Kaf, it was ordered to monitor Kussar and, just in case, bring several fleets to the borders with this kingdom. This was done to prevent further trouble. At the moment, Mutavalli still remains the sovereign king of Kussar.
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War before the Achaeron War.
From "Donald Trump" to Cosatti Prime. Year 2590


In 2590, a full-scale war nearly broke out between the Earth Alliance and the Ho-Nari Empire. The confrontation between the High Priest of the Ho-Nari race (an arthropod race inhabiting the galactic east) Fay Hoa The Wisest and President Mitchell Pronin over the colonies on Procyon-12 could develop into a galactic conflict at any moment. It all started with the development of Procyon-12 by earthlings. The "Donald Trump" Expeditionary Mothership was the first to land on the planet, fully entering its crust. Fei Hoa immediately tracked down the colonists and sent a note of protest to President Pronin in connection with the "illegal expansion." As it turned out, there was a whole island on the planet, on which the ancient shrines of Kho-Nari stood for a long time. The Ho-Nari did not touch Procyon-12 due to its "sacredness". However, the planet was rich in minerals and was ideal for colonization. In addition, in 2585, there were serious tremors on Earth in the Yellowstone zone, which indicated the impending awakening of the supervolcano. Despite the fact that the Alliance has mastered enough exoplanets, new worlds with favorable conditions have become a tasty morsel for his government. As a result of negotiations between Ho-Nari and Earth, it was decided that colonization would take place only in the eastern hemisphere of Procyon-12. The West will remain with the Fei Hoa government. But things didn't go according to plan. In mid-2590, there was a brief conflict between the Alliance and the aquatic reptile race, Cosatti. Despot of Kosatti Ser'Chamurunkhi has ordered drone fleets to launch attacks on Earth colonies. One of these armadas attacked Procyon 12, and in particular the Donald Trump base. Since the Kosattians bombed everything that reminded them of structures, the Ho-Nari temple complex was also hit. Soon, the Earthlings repelled the attack using Trump's defensive systems and destroyed the drones. But Fei Hoa, upon learning of the attack on the shrines, immediately sent a new note of protest to Mitchell Pronin. He accused Pronin of violating the colonization treaties and of sacrilege. The Ho-Nari shrines were almost completely destroyed, which provoked outrage in the council of the Holies. The Ho-Nari Large Fleet originated in orbit with Procyon-12. President Pronin had to contact the Coalition Council and the Order of the Father to clarify the situation. The order sent envoys to the Ho-Nari Empire. As a result of new negotiations, it was decided that the earthlings are innocent, and they are not responsible for the destruction of the temple complex. The father of agent Ishken Derh, the Nicomedian count Onstant'Derh, took part in the negotiations. Fei Hoa listened to the delegates and ordered the armads to retreat from the Procyon sector. The threat of a full-scale war has passed the galaxy. Pronin also promised Fei Hoa to deal with the Kosattians. A month after the events, the Ho-Nari armada, supported by Elfurr, the Earth Alliance, and the N-Sai Union, entered the Kosatti systems. Ser'Chamurunha was ordered to stop military aggression. The Ho-Nari threatened to destroy Kosatti Prime with the Atmosphere Vaporizer (climate superweapon). However, the leader of the aquatic race agreed to pay a large contribution to Fei Hoa and help rebuild the temples. Moreover, he betrayed Kho-Nari the perpetrators of the destruction of the shrines, his two generals - Ser'Chargriman and Ser'Fakhatsian. At this, the interracial conflict was ended. The Kosattians were also forced to pay an indemnity to the Earth Alliance. As Ser'Chamurunhi himself later expressed, all this was done not out of repentance, but only for the sake of saving the Kosatti people. Procyon-12, in order to avoid new attacks, was fortified on all sides by the most powerful energy systems. "Donald Trump" has received a whole bunch of new technological improvements.
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Defense of the Impeccable Empire.
Chronicles of the 20,000 BC.

This is the Hyperborean Period chronologies and can`t be fully connected with the period of Achaeronian war.


22 500 years before the events in Achaeronian War. Situation in galaxy was quite different. There was 2 mighty inter-galactic empires of humans - Hyperborean and Immaculate (Blameless). Others were under control of alien species.

The Great Immaculate Shahinshah Empire was attacked by Kussar Arinna (controlled by the kussar humanoid race). The kingdom of Harkish-Kussar Arinna, led by the ruler Tugdamna, came on the borders of the Empire with thousands of armada. The first attack rushed on the Ensi-Shuruppak star system, which the Kussars have always claimed to possess. Admiral Sams-Ilune had to defend himself. The commander successfully repelled one of the attacks of the enemy flotilla. But then Tugdamna brought in additional forces, consisting mainly of the heavy battleships Karchemish. The battleships managed to cut through the defenses of Samsu-Iluna and throw him out of the system. The main planet Ensi-Shuruppak was captured by the Kussars. Kussar established complete control over the other worlds of the system. This meant only one thing - a full-scale war with the king Tugdamna.
Emperor of the Impeccable Empire Azis I Excelsior ordered to immediately collect all the battle armada. He threatened to demote Samsu-Ilun to higher rank, but later, he decided to leave him in the same rank. Azis ordered Samsu-Ilune to lead the Flotilla of Impeccability to confront the Kussars. The Kussars, in turn, mastered three other systems. The army of General Shapurbhanghadanosor was utterly defeated. The general himself was captured and executed.
Tugdamna continued his offensive against the Impeccable Empire. The Kussars did not stand on ceremony with the prisoners. They usually executed them immediately, acting without pity or compassion. On the conquered worlds, governorships were established, subordinate to the king Tugdamna. But Azis did not want to put up with the loss of systems. He ordered Samsu-Iluna to strike at the Ensi-Shuruppak system and correct his mistake. With heavy support, the admiral managed to repulse the system and all the worlds back, stabbing the advancing Kussar flotilla in the back. Tugdamna turned the armada towards Ensi-Shuruppak. The first fleet to return the system to Kussar's control met strong resistance. At the same time, Azis ordered the rest of the commanders, such as Akbar the Slim and Shukulti-Pinurti III, to recapture the other captured planets. The commanders did everything quickly, completely destroying the Kussar fleets. Tugdamna was trapped near the Ensi-Shurrupak-4. Samsu-Iluna lured Kussar's armada into the asteroid ring and initiated nuclear explosions. Tugdamna and his crew lost control of their own ship and died in the fire. Kussar suffered a crushing defeat. After the death of the king, the invaders fled back to their homelands.
The new king of Kussar, Enmin-Sharrukin II, the nephew of the slain Tugdamna, announced a truce between his state and the Impeccable Empire. According to him, Kussar was drawn into the war thanks to the provocation. As it turned out, Tugdamna got in touch with a mysterious sorcerer known as Jarisai Marfur-Nirari. He promised glory and greatness to the Kussar king. Moreover, Marfur-Nirari called on him to destroy the power of Emperor Azis. Tugdamna willingly succumbed to the charms of the rogue and provoked a conflict. Enmin-Sharrukin II apologized to the Impeccable Empire and the government of Azis Excelsior. Azis accepted the apology, but at the same time threatened Kussar with destruction in the event of a second treacherous attack. Marfur-Nirari was never found. Kussar intelligence struggled to find him, but failed in this. However, in the Impeccable Empire, they also started talking about the mysterious sorcerer and his actions. Azis, on the other hand, decided not to announce an operation to capture the mysterious rogue, as he considered it an almost impossible task.
A month later, Marfur-Nirari was spotted on one of the Impeccable Empire's planets, Shalban. On Shalban, the sorcerer tried to revolt against the rule of Azis. The peasants came out to revolt, demanding liberation from the power of the feudal lords. However, Azis immediately dispatched an army to suppress the rebellion. The rebels were pacified, and the special services hunted the sorcerer. Marfur-Nirari fled again without even leaving any witnesses to his appearance. All the organizers of the peasant rebellion were killed, and most likely the henchmen of the scoundrel. Azis has stepped up funding for intelligence agencies and all police forces. The presence of security forces was doubled on Shalban.
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Relentless war.
New chronology of the Hyperborean period of my universe.

Galactic conflict, possibly also associated with the mysterious sorcerer Marfur-Nirari, which occurred 20,000 BC (22,500 years before the events of the Acheronian War). Relentless War is one of the first large-scale conflicts of Azis the Flawless, who founded the Flawless Shahinshah Empire in the galaxy. Chronologically, the confrontation happened 7 years before the events at Zabergan Prime, and it lasted only three standard months. Azis the Perfect (Excelsior), always competing with Hyperborea and other large countries of the galaxy, managed to quarrel with the state of Nicomedia, controlled by the Nicomedian race. Vithin-exotrorh Kuakhtemok claimed the Enminluan star system, whose population consisted mainly of the Nicomedians. The system was subject to the Impeccable Empire. Due to a diplomatic scandal, Kuakhtemok recalled all embassy missions from imperial territories. Both sides actively insulted each other. This almost led to a large-scale confrontation. The Nicomedians led their armadas to the borderlands with the Impeccable Empire. The Flawless Empire did the same. A large fleet, led by Admiral Sinakherib, entered the orbit of Enminluan. But literally three days later, a new diplomatic mission sent by Azis managed to come to an agreement with the Nikomedians. Azis proposed to divide Enminluan into two parts. Half of the planets passed to Nicomedia, while the other remained with the Immaculate Empire. Kuakhtemok agreed to this treaty and withdrew the fleets from the border systems.
However, two months later, the Enminluan system came under attack. The huge empire of the insect-like race Ho-Nari, which christened itself the Relentless Empire, fell upon the system with millions of hive ships. Ho-Nari destroyed almost all resistance and quickly assimilated all planets. The armada of Admiral Sinakherib was utterly defeated. At the same time, the massive invasion of Ho-Nari and their relatives Ara-Nii into the main galaxy began. Almost all known states were hit. The three systems of Hyperborea were captured in just a couple of days. The Immaculate Empire has experienced the far greater rage of insect flotillas. A mysterious sorcerer of an unknown race arrived to the Nicomedians, claiming that he was the envoy of the Lepidopterium Council of Ho-Nari (Supreme Hive). He called on the exotrorh vithin Kuakhtemok to subordinate Ho-Nari and threatened Nicomedia with the destruction of the continents. Kuahtemok had to accept the offer of enemies, but at the same time he sent out disturbing messages to many galactic states. One of the messages reached Azis the Flawless. Azis clearly understood that the Nikomedians did not enter the war of their own free will. He replied to Kuakhtemok that he would help him and prevent bloodshed. Ho-Nari, meanwhile, have advanced far enough. Their massive armadas have taken over ten Impeccable Empire systems. Many governors and vassal kings simply surrendered their defenses to the Ho-Nari Council of Lepidopterium. The situation threatened a real disaster. Trillions of living things could have died.
But everything was decided at the very last moment. A coup took place in the Ho-Nari Empire. The Lepidopteris Council was overthrown by the Sardurians (leaders of the minor hives). All members of the Council were destroyed. The new Ho-Nari government immediately recalled all fleets back to their home systems. The Ara-Nii did the same. The insectlike ones quickly left the star systems of the Impeccable Empire and Hyperborea. Kuakhtemok also recalled his troops back to Nicomedia. Soon there was a historic meeting of the leaders of Kho-Nari, Ara-Nii, Nikomedyan, Hyperborea and the Impeccable Empire on the planet Shalban. There was also concluded a Non-Aggression Pact between all powers. Ho-Nari compensated for all the losses of the Impeccable Empire and the affected states. They reported that the war was provoked by an unknown provocateur who was never found. He fled before the coup. As it turned out, the ousted Lepidopterium Council fully listened to his words and approved the invasion of the galaxy. The unforgiving Empire was liquidated. The Ho-Nari State henceforth became known as the Ho-Nari Concord. For the many sacrifices, apologies have been made to all states of the galaxy.
It is likely that the mysterious sorcerer and provocateur was the same Marfur-Nirari, who later staged the Kussar conflict with the Impeccable Empire.
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Rise of Azis The Excelscior.
Chronicle of empires that existed in 20,000 BC.

Azis I Excelsior or the Flawless was rightfully considered one of the most outstanding leaders in the universe. As far as everyone knows, he lived 22,000 years before the events of the Acheronian War. Lived and ruled a powerful galactic empire rivaling other major powers. It is known that Azis was the greatest of the psi adepts and possessed incredible strength. At the same time, in his Impeccable Shahinshah-Empire, he was considered an authoritarian and tough leader who led his country to a real dictatorship. But nevertheless, it is Azis who is considered a successful fighter against the forces of evil that flooded the galaxy during the Cerberum War. It is worth noting that this emperor came to power by no means an easy way. It took him a decade to create the Flawless Empire.
Azis's rise began with his rise to power in the Nargon Empire. Nargon was previously considered the center of the power, although it had a population of different nationalities. After the death of Azis's father, Tikulti-Ninurta VIII, a once simple colony called Urukesh became the capital. The young emperor commanded to name this planet Nargon-Kale, which meant "Citadel of Nargon". He made the planetary center the city of Ninurta, named after his father. But then the empire was still completely undeveloped. The mighty Hyperborea, for example, controlled thousands and thousands of star systems. In addition, there were many enemies around the Nargon Empire. Azis considered the main task of conquering the surrounding interstellar states, in which many people and foreigners lived. He hoped to create something like a galactic alliance. He claimed to have seen in his visions a mysterious threat emanating from the depths of the universe. It was for this that he needed to unite all the surrounding kingdoms.
Azis's main focus was on the cyber troops, the program of which was launched during the reign of his grandfather. Cybernetic troops were considered the main striking force of the Nargon Empire. After them were already living soldiers and foreigners from different civilizations. At first, the emperor's brother wanted to transfer the troops of robots to the artificial intelligence "Leontius", but Azis refused this idea. Therefore, the robots carried out orders directly from human operators and commanders. Azis the Impeccable considered enemies of several relatively large states. Hyperborea, at the same time, he did not dare to challenge. The opponents of Azis were the rulers of the Burning Empire, the Alliance of Eight Sharkally, the Indomitable Empire, the Delightful Empire, the Irresistible Empire and the Heart-devouring Empire. All these powers Azis considered hostile. And this was true, since the sovereigns of these countries more than once spoke of Nargon as a tidbit worthy of joining their powers. The first challenge to all the surrounding countries was the renaming of the Nargon Empire to Impeccable. This name put the country of Azis above all others.
Azis announced to all the hearing about his new coronation as Shahinshah, the king of all kings. Before that, he sent invitations to all neighboring states to join his empire. He was rejected by everyone except the Union of Eight Charcally. The Alliance of the Eight Charcally shook with peasant uprisings in the agricultural worlds. Eight Union rulers asked Azis for help in suppressing the revolts. The Impeccable Empire robots quickly did their job and pacified the peasants. Then the rulers recognized Azis as their ruler and joined his state. Thus, the emperor gained control of dozens of star systems. The Alliance of Eight Sharcally's army was reorganized into the Force of Integrity. Eight Union rulers bowed their heads to Azis, becoming his warlords. In addition, they all recognized him as a shahinshah, the king of kings. But other rulers opposed this. The king of the Burning Empire Shushinak-Abdasir IV accused Azis of excessive arrogance. He brought up the question of Azis's illegitimacy and his unworthy behavior to the council. The Burning Empire was soon joined by other powers such as the Indomitable Empire, the Delightful Empire, the Irresistible Empire, and the Heart-Devouring Empire.
All the indignant kingdoms were ready to pacify Azis with threats. Shushinak-Abdasir IV threatened Azis with a full-scale war if he did not remove from himself the title of king of kings. "No one will recognize you as a king among kings," said the lord of the Burning Empire, "You are an ordinary ruler of a provincial state and you dare not claim dominion." It was these words that were spoken in a letter sent to Nargon-kala. To which Azis replied very succinctly: "If you do not recognize this, it does not mean that the rest agree with you." After that, the emperor closed all the embassies of the Burning Empire in his territories.
Shushinak intended to show Azis "his place". By his order, the "All-curing rocket" was launched. It was used only in isolated cases when there was a direct threat to the state. The missile was able to destroy one of Azis's armada in the Shalban system. After that, Azis announced a general mobilization and ordered the fleet to strike at the Burning Empire without declaring war. In addition, he introduced several computer viruses into the systems of the enemy armada. As a result, many ships refused to obey the crews and went out of control. Viruses have also covered planetary networks. The disaster was almost inevitable. Many machines quickly came under the control of Perfection. Caught under the threat of a total uprising of robots, King Shushinak asked for mercy. He agreed to recognize Azis as shahinshah. At the same time, Shushinak remained in power as the governor of his territories. The Burning Empire was annexed to Azis's domain. The Impeccable Empire has received even more new lands in the galaxy. Learning about the rapid conquest of an entire interstellar power, other neighboring countries rushed to Azis as "friends". The Impeccable Empire was joined by the Indomitable Empire, the Irresistible and Heart-devouring. The sovereigns of these powers recognized Azis as a great shahinshah and king of kings. The local rulers were shocked by the Immaculate Sovereign's quick victory. They feared his mechanized hordes. Therefore, they decided to accept the offer and join the new galactic superpower. In honor of this, Azis even arranged a festival at Nargon-kala. He invited all his new vassals there.
However, the Delightful Empire took up arms against Azis. Her sovereign Rodan III considered the Immaculate Empire to be an expanding force of evil, dangerous to everyone living in the galaxy. Rodan ordered to convene troops from all territories of the controlled state. Not only men, but also women served in his army. Azis accepted the challenge of the king of the Delightful Empire. They decided to choose a planet for the coming battle. Pledged to fight until one of the armies was completely defeated. The losing forces had to surrender. Azis promised Tsar Rodan to relinquish the title of Shahinshah in case of failure. The chosen planet was called Una and was considered one of the oldest exoplanets in the galaxy. The battle between the empires lasted for five days. Battles raged not only on earth, but also in space. Reinforcements continued to arrive on both sides all the time. But Rodan intended to deceive Azis. He stole data on computer viruses from him and decided to construct a secret weapon against the Impeccable Empire. As the forces of the Delightful Empire began to fail, Rodan attempted to launch the virus and destroy Azis's fleet. But Azis foresaw such a plan. He sent saboteurs to the enemy king's ship, and they destroyed his weapons. Before long, the Impeccable Army crushed the Delightful Empire. The battle for Una was won. Rodan was forced to recognize Azis as shahinshah and galactic ruler. But he still tried to strike a new blow at the enemy, to send killers to him. Azis eliminated all the murderers and ordered to bring Rodan to him. When the captured Lord of the Raptures was brought to Azis's palace, he personally stabbed him with a dagger. He considered that such a king was not worthy to serve him, much less to rule somewhere. The Delightful Empire was reorganized into a galactic alliance of provinces, completely subordinate to the Immaculate Empire.
After defeating Rodan, Azis was already an almost limitless ruler. Only Hyperborea remained his main rival. Yet he was respected and dignified. Azis manages to form an alliance with the Elfurrian state to exchange technology. It was this union that forgave him many sins. Thanks to his friendship with Elfurr, Azis never attacked Hyperborea, and Hyperborea, in turn, did not attack him with millions of armada. A year after his alliance with the Elfurr race, Emperor Azis announced the creation of the Inter-galactic Immaculate Shahinshah Empire. He ordered himself to be called Excelsior the Perfect.
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Rise of Azis. Path to Excellence.

Azis the Flawless was without a doubt one of the most famous and powerful emperors of the Hyperborean period (20,000 BC). It was he who founded a whole empire from a small interstellar state, which was called the Impeccable. But many wondered why he later turned into the worst tyrant? Perhaps the reason lay in the lost love. In any case, this is precisely what Nikolai Krasic, the military leader of the Hyperborean Empire, spoke about more than once.
After conquering the surrounding kingdoms, Azis the Flawless named himself Excelsior and Shahinshah (king of kings), leading the Inter-galactic Flawless Empire. His power has become an equal for Hyperborea itself and all other large associations of the galaxy. The alliance with Elfurr gave Azis the opportunity to use the most advanced technology. The emperor successfully established trade with many civilizations. Despite the latent enmity, he maintained relations with Hyperborea. The young ruler has not thought about marriage yet, preferring to spend time on military exercises and testing the latest starships. But soon he entered into a trade agreement with another human power of the Hyperborean period, perhaps the most mysterious and mysterious.
This country was located in the areas of present Byzantium and was called Air. Formally, people ruled in Air, but in reality they were all descendants of mixed marriages with Elfurr, and therefore were often born with special psi-abilities. They lived for 100 or even 250 years and grew old only by the age of 80. Many of the Air representatives could read each other's thoughts and talk with gestures. Queen Artemisia III was wary of the Impeccable Empire. The Air state was small, but at the same time independent. Azis could well lay claim to her interstellar domain. Soon it happened. Azis the Flawless was fascinated by the beauty of the 65-year-old half-elfurrian queen Artemisia, who looked 30. But he knew that the expansion of the Flawless Empire must continue. Therefore, the young emperor invited Artemisia to join his power. He promised that Air would maintain a semi-independent position. He proposed to Artemisia to marry him, thereby uniting the galactic countries. The queen refused, since Azis for her was just an arrogant young man, counting on universal conquests. She refused him politely, promising to keep the trade between the powers.

An angry Azis the Flawless reacted appropriately. He did not be rude to the queen during the conversation. However, after her departure to Air-Prime (now Cesargrad), Azis ordered the great mushir (army marshal) Sargon the Fatal One to bring the combat armada to the borders with Air. He hoped to conquer the country in a few weeks. In addition, the emperor conducted large-scale military exercises. He was preparing for the invasion the most powerful punitive corps of 20 million soldiers, including flotillas. But after a while, a delegation of the Elfurr Domination arrived at Azis. The Elfurr threatened the Immaculate Empire with breaking the alliance. The Airs were related to Elfurr and, in fact, were half-breeds. An attack on Air would be an insult to the entire Elfurr race. Therefore, Azis had to back down. He curtailed the operation and ordered the armads to leave space borders back to their homeworlds. The impeccable empire never invaded Ayr. General Sargon was extremely depressed by this turn of events, but he had to obey. Fate decreed in a completely different way. Azis never attacked Air, but very soon met with Artemisia again.
In the same year, a catastrophe almost happened in the Main Galaxy. The planet Acheron Prime, colonized by the Unn-Chor race, has come under massive attack. All Unn-chor within the system were exterminated. Before that, they sent an SOS signal, which was caught by agents of the Impeccable Empire. Soon, an unknown enemy attacked the Sarkel colony, which belonged to Queen Artemisia. The colony was destroyed. The invaders used a mysterious weapon known as the Flooded World. Thanks to the use of superweapons, the world ocean of Sarkel spread over the entire planet. This led to the destruction of all settlements. Sarkel turned into a water world. But the enemy did not stop there, but fell on two more planets belonging to Air. They were also subjected to total flooding. Queen Artemisia realized that she was dealing with a powerful force, and she would not survive without a reliable ally. Then she turned to Azis for help. At first, Azis did not want to deal with her, but then he nevertheless accepted the challenge. Artemisia promised to marry the emperor if he saved her power from destruction. She begged him to come to Air's aid and save them from a mysterious enemy. Air had no chance against the Flooded Worlds. Even Azis did not possess such a frightening type of weapon. He did not understand why the enemy was using it, and what kind of enemy it was in general. The enemy could not be identified for a long time. But soon the truth appeared in all its glory.
The enemies who attacked Air were representatives of the almost unexplored race of Narwalingen. Some ranked her as an intelligent cetacean. Others argued that Narwalingen were relatives of Kosatti and the Draconids. However, one thing was known - although these creatures looked like upright dolphins, they still were not mammals and laid eggs. The homeworld of this race was also unknown. They preferred to completely flood their ships, and like Cosatti, they practically could not breathe without water. Obviously, they were an aquatic civilization. Narwalingen flooded worlds in order to later build their colonies on them and deploy infrastructure. The ocean was considered their main habitat. The exact reason for their invasion of the galaxy was hidden, and no one has been able to solve this mystery. But they posed a very serious danger. The Air state was on the brink of destruction. Narwalingen threatened to take over all of her planets and change with the Flood. Azis had to help Artemisia in the fight against the invaders.
The impeccable empire intervened on the side of Air. Azis ordered four armadas to arrive at the new allies' systems and protect them from the aliens. Narwalingen had already broken through to the capital Air by that time. Air Prime was taken into the ring. Azis personally commanded the flotilla and, together with Artemisia, managed to break through the enemy blockade. Narwalingen were forced to withdraw their armadas from the Air Prime system. In battle, they lost up to 300 battle cruisers (in their language they sounded like "gu'uu'ee"). The emperor then held a meeting and formed the Counter-Offensive Fleet. Flying with Artemisia on the same ship, he went through 3 more difficult battles. Together with the queen, they inflicted several defeats on Narwalingen. The aliens retreated, leaving behind only changed planets. Azis wanted to get to the leader of the invaders and get the Flooder of Worlds in case of further wars. But even more, he wanted a speedy marriage to Artemisia. Three weeks later, Azis the Flawless laid siege to Sarkel, transforming Narwalingen into a fortified colony. The siege lasted only 5 days. After that, Sarkel fell, and the aliens were forced to leave this system. With the help of Elfurr technology, Azis drained some of the planet and made it suitable for Air again. Artemisia was incredibly grateful to the emperor. She once again announced that she was ready to become his wife and unite the great powers. Azis was delighted about this, but not so much because of the desire to expand the empire, but because of feelings for the queen. In the last days of the campaign, he had already stopped hiding his feelings and explained to Artemisia that he was doing this not for the sake of expansion, but for her own sake. It would seem that the decision to unite has already been made, and nothing can interfere with the mutual love of the sovereigns.

However, the unexpected happened. In the very last battle with Narwalingen, the enemies managed to damage the captain's bridge of Azis' flagship. Artemisia was caught in the epicenter of the explosion. The emperor ordered to immediately take her to the infirmary. He used his best doctors, including cyborgisers, but Artemisia was never restored. Queen Air died in Azis's arms. In grief, he sent his flagship to the forward fleet of Narwalingen. Such a fierce attack managed to break through the enemy's defenses. The heavy alien ships were destroyed. The Impeccable Empire has won this battle. And very soon the large fleet of the commander Sargon approached to the aid of Azis. The warriors rejoiced and celebrated, but the emperor was sullen and gloomy. He never showed up for the festivities organized in honor of the victory over the enemy. However, Air themselves grieved for their queen. Artemisia was buried with honors at Air Prime. Azis never showed up for the funeral. He retired from everyone for several months and passed orders only through his personal adjutant. Later, he recovered from an illness caused by grief, and again led the empire. Narwalingen no longer spawned within the Main Galaxy. Their incursions have completely stopped. Calamus willingly joined the Impeccable Empire. But the emperor did not attach any importance to this. The road to Excellence has been completed. But Azis didn't care at all.

he lost his love forever.
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Blameless Cold War

20000 BC chronicles continuation....
Hyperborea and the Impeccable Empire, although they tried to maintain friendly relations with each other, nevertheless, no one could deny the fact of hidden hostility and rivalry. Azis the Flawless was perceived by the Hyperboreans as an unpredictable and extremely inadequate ruler. They saw him as a cruel galactic tyrant, ruthlessly suppressing freedom of speech and choice. There was not even a hint of democracy in the Impeccable Empire. But in Hyperborea, the local government was more of a constitutional monarchy. At the head was the emperor, the heir to the first kings of the city of Eridu (the first city on Earth), and the Most Excellent Senate was appointed as support and control. Hyperborean notables and ordinary people of the state practically did not differ in appearance. In addition, there was no dependent peasantry in the state, as in the same Impeccable Empire. The contradictions between the empires were on the face. Both powers sought complete control over the galaxy and over the entire human race. The opposition also affected the issues of colonization. The Hyperboreans and the Impeccable Empire colonists often clashed on the same planets. Governments have always tried to resolve issues peacefully. But sometimes it came down to individual skirmishes. Emperor Beorningus IV had to negotiate with Azis about all the colonial routes of Hyperborea. Nobody wanted an escalation of a full-scale conflict. Any war between Hyperborea and the Impeccable Empire could lead to an all-out galactic conflict. Both countries had powerful allies.

Relations between states were often called the Cold War. In those days, intelligence organizations were active. There have been many cases of infiltration of secret facilities by spies. When captured, agents were abandoned by their own commanders. Any of the spies trapped in the trap was declared dead, and his data was erased from the database. But one day the Cold War almost turned into a full-scale war. It all happened because of the uprising in the possessions of the former Indomitable Empire. The son of the previous king, Acontista, attempted to split the Indomitable Empire from the Impeccable. With the help of loyal generals, he staged a coup, overthrowing the imperial government under Azis. Mass unrest broke out on several worlds. Acontista was unhappy with the fact that peasants were enslaved in the Impeccable Empire. He planned to make democratic changes and declare equality between people. The prince was supported by many nobles and military men of the former Indomitable Empire. The largest uprising took place in the Ibragan star system, where the rebels took control of the entire capital planet. The army of the Impeccable Empire was defeated. Azis, learning about the riots, ordered to send a large fleet led by Admiral Artavazd to the Indomitable Empire. The punitive armada consisted of 30,000 ships.

Artavazd easily recaptured the star systems from the rebels. He then inflicted a crushing defeat on the Acontista fleet in the Ibragan system. The poorly armed forces of the Indomitable Empire were defeated. No one was able to contain the offensive of the punitive armada. The rebellious domain is once again taken over by the Immaculate Empire. The old governors were dismissed or executed, and in their place new governors, loyal to Azis the Perfect, reigned. Akontista managed to escape together with several oppositionists. He headed to the Artandir system, which belonged to Hyperborea. The Hyperboreans accepted the rebel prince and gave him refuge. Azis was bewildered. He demanded from Hyperborea the extradition of the "criminal and troublemaker." In the Immaculate Empire, Acontista faced the death penalty for treason and attempted rebellion. The Hyperboreans refused to hand over the Akontista. They announced that they would grant him political asylum. Akontista was accommodated in Artandir Prime in a paid government apartment. The same privileges were given to other oppositionists. Azis threatened Hyperborea with breaking all treaties and a full-scale war. Moreover, the emperor brought military armada to the Hyperborean borders. In the Army of Impeccability, meetings have begun on plans for a further invasion. But everything was decided at the very last moment. An Elfurr imperial delegation has arrived on the capital planet of Ninurta. Elfurr suggested to Azis to leave Akontista with Hyperborea.

A full-scale galactic war between both powers would undoubtedly affect other states. Elfurr understood this, and did not want a global confrontation. In addition, they informed Azis that Prince Acontista was not worth full-scale conflicts because of him. After talking with his allies, Azis the Flawless agreed with them. Later he announced that he would not demand the extradition of the prince from Hyperborea. But at the same time, he clearly explained that if Akontist wants to return to his homeland, there he will be immediately arrested and followed by the death penalty for treason. Thus, the galaxy managed to avoid a global war between the superpowers. Elfurr in this case played the role of conciliators.
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I'm really going to have to set some time aside to look through all of this! It must have taken you absolutely ages to put together. It's in an impressive amount of detail I must say
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Thank you sir! Yeah, i am working with this universe since 2008. First versions were poor and had logical mistakes, but i am improving it every year. For now - i have 2 periods - Hyperborean (20000 BC) and New Age (2596 AD). I have chronologies and stories. Chronologies need for people, who wants to know about the background story.

Happy Holidays, btw! ;)
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Unexplored Zabergan.

The planet Zabergan Prime, located in the distant Zabergan system, belongs to the Artandir Republic. Elfurr have long dreamed of gaining access to this system, but the agreement on this has not yet been signed. At the moment, in 2596, the Zabergan planets are completely colonized. They are located in the so-called Borean sector. Of particular interest is the main exoplanet Zabergan Prime, which is also the main capital. The fact is that Artandir owns only one continent there, which is the largest. The second continent, located in the Western Hemisphere, is under the strict protection of the republican special services. By order of President Cedric, the Western Continent is not navigable or explorable. On this continent, there are Anomalous Zones that have not yet been studied by the scientific community. An attempt to explore the continent led to the disappearance of entire expeditions. The northern part of this land is inhabited by Fly-Eyes, a rare species of giants, reaching up to 60 meters in height. In the Anomalous Period, there are always temporary leaps. In addition, not far from the continent on its east coast is the historic complex of the Primordial Monoliths. These giant structures reach a height of 700-800 meters and literally pierce the clouds. According to scientists, the Monoliths are more than 18,000 years old. It is believed that they were built during the Hyperborean period. Some believe that the building structures are not ancient civilizations, but demonic creatures that came into the universe during the invasion of Cerberum. The Monolith Zone is not available for visiting. Scientists do not conduct research on them or study their internal structure. Almost nothing grows around the buildings, except for a strange poisonous weed plant known as Eat the Grass. Animals and aquatic creatures prefer not to swim up to the Primordial Monoliths and keep from them at a distance of 2-3 kilometers.
In the central part of the Western continent, there is a Mirage City, which constantly appears and disappears. Its study is also banned by Artandir's special services. Only the southern part of the Western continent is more or less inhabited, and even then not completely. There are military and research bases there. In the same sector is the fortress of the special forces of Artandir security. The total population of the mainland is 3000 people, while the other continent is home to at least 4 billion. Also, aviation does not fly over some areas of the Western continent. The authorities prefer to use drones for surveillance and it is not uncommon to lose these devices in Anomalous charts. Outlandish oceanic creatures such as the bat shark, whale melvilleon (length 58 m long), sperm whale minstrel, sea giraffe, energy fish, electric plesiosaur and dorudonum magnus (length size 120 m) live within the continent's water area. On the coasts, there are runner beluga whales (evolved terrestrial cetaceans) and sand centipede crayfish. In the western part of the continent are the ruins of the ancient city of Zaberganum. Huge ruined skyscrapers that existed thousands of years ago have survived to this day. In the process of examining the ruins, an ancient subway network was found. Only the military and intelligence agents have access to the city ruins. It is noteworthy that quite recently, in the process of exploring the ancient city, another unique form of life was discovered, known as the termite-stone flipper. These giant insects literally feed on masonry and are 8 meters tall. They usually live at night. During the day, they fall into a long sleep in the undergrounds of the city or within the former metro. Soldiers exploring the ruins very often stumble upon sleeping rockfiners.
Zabergan Prime is still of interest to many civilizations. But the Artandir Republic in every possible way rejects any requests for research on the Western continent of the planet. Moreover, recently Artandir's special services have been fixing Acheronian scout drones on the forbidden continent, apparently appearing with specific goals.
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Have you considered setting up a Wiki for all this? I wonder if that might work well as a format for all the interconnected information, so it'd be easy to jump between concepts and parts of the story :)

I like the way big settings like this can explore an awful lot of concepts in the same setting - the Zabergan monoliths sound fun, it's a similar sort of vibe to the Ancient Terran ruins in Stormwell's Frozen Skies setting.
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Hi my friend!
To be fair, i already have Wiki in TWC, but still trying to explore it. Its a bit difficult ;)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
And thanks for your review! Yes, the Zabergan monoliths are, without a doubt, artifacts, but there are still the same ones. They are in the Guapalamo system. You can read about it here too. The text is near. )))


Mensei Guapalamo system. Another galactic mystery.
An equally interesting mystery is the star system of Mensei Guapalamo, located in a sector that is dark with Farrukh. For the period of 2596, the system also belongs to the Artandir Republic. The main planet Guapalamo-1 is an exoplanet, that is, suitable for human habitation. The main population is also made up of people, and there are more than 2 billion of them. But the peculiarity of Guapalamo-1 is that there are practically no continents, and almost the entire planet is covered by the world's oceans. 2 billion people live on large islands and atolls. There are at least 10 skyscraper cities that literally stick out of the water. But an even more interesting feature is the Monolith of Mensei Guapalamo, which, according to scientists, is more than 30,000 years old. A huge obelisk-shaped building literally sticks out of the water and is located in the middle of the Central Ocean. Another attraction is the Pyramid Island of Guijaramo, where primitive savages lived until the colonization of Artandir. The island has giant stepped pyramids 230 meters high. Local savages (pale-skinned tall people) called them the legacy of the conquerors of Guapalamo. According to their beliefs, in ancient times there was a certain Mensei Guapalamo, who conquered millions of worlds. After each successful conquest, he left a giant Obelisk (perhaps this is the same Monolith), including pyramidal clusters. They were built, as a rule, by conquered peoples. It is also noteworthy that the savages believe that the return of Mensei Guapalamo is close and is about to happen. They claimed that Guapalamo appears on a giant pyramid-shaped chariot capable of lighting any star, as well as destroying it with one shot. The Artandir scientific community is still studying the pyramidal complexes on the islands, the ancient languages ​​of savages and their beliefs. But for unknown reasons, access to the Monolith of Mensei Guapalamo is completely closed to everyone except the military. Everything is further complicated by the fact that you simply cannot swim to the Monolith. Its waters are inhabited by the Colossal Kraken, reaching 85 meters in length. These octopuses also have long tentacles that can even shoot down helicopters. As with Zabergan Prime, the Elfurr Empire is eager to explore the Guapalamo system and its main planet, but the Artandir Republic does not grant such permission.

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Need to say, that i am fully finished the work with "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming". Its the full story about the Hyperborean period, 20000 BC. And i will create another topic for that. In this thread i`ll continue to work with chronologies and universe history.
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Protei Jarisay Allargar Marfur-Nirari.
Marfur-Nirari is one of the most mysterious entities in the universe. Its origin is completely unknown. Also, information about the belonging of this creature to one or another race is unknown. It is only known that there are references to Marfur-Nirari in almost every legend. His face or appearance was completely different. He can change it in one minute. Almost every intelligent civilization that exists in the universe has ever encountered this mysterious demigod. As eyewitnesses say, Marfur-Nirari possessed truly divine power, could destroy entire continents and restore them, could change matter and energy, and control the movements of planetary nuclei. Most civilizations considered him the greatest threat. It is also known that it was Marfur-Nirari, along with other kings, who founded the city of Eridu about 90,000 years BC on the planet Earth (Geos). Many people feared him and took him for a god. He bestowed his technologies on many civilizations, but in return, he demanded that they worship and build ziggurats in honor of him and the god Cerberum. Cerberum was considered by Marfur-Nirar to be a higher being than himself. In any case, the threat from these entities is very real. According to some reports, they destroyed at least 20 advanced civilizations in the universe.
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Ii-Uu race and their main secret
The universe is full of extinct civilizations. Only Sovi-Lars are known, perhaps, to every scientific community. Also, traces of the Mirovians were recently discovered, another ancient race that existed on Earth hundreds of millions of years before our era. But even more interesting is the mysterious extinct civilization Ii-Uu, which previously dominated the star sectors of Zibiel. Judging by the remains of ancient temples and the frescoes on them, Ii-UU owned at least half of the known galaxy. Perhaps they had territories in other galaxies, like M33 or Andromeda. Their temples are found not only in the Zibiel sectors, but also in very distant star systems. The Ii-Uu were similar to the prehistoric animals of the chalicotherium. Despite their technological development, they appear naked in the frescoes. Ii-Uu did not have consonants in their language. Their sounds were also vowels. They called their home planet in the Zibiel sector Ii-Au. The state they built among the stars was named A`Aa. Ii-Uu wrote that they spread their influence in hundreds of thousands of star systems.
Apparently, they interacted with the Sovilar and with another race, more similar to the descriptions of Elfurr. Their chronicles also include an all-out galactic war with the mysterious fire-breathing people of Aa-Ee (possibly the Draconians?). It is not known exactly how the Ii-Uu civilization ceased to exist. The inscriptions on one of their cylindrical temples on the planet Travescus say about a mysterious deity who came to them from another world. According to Ii-Uu themselves, this deity quarreled them with each other, and then led an army of "inverted pyramids" to their doorstep. The last chronicle reported that the name of the deity cannot be mentioned, since it can hear and recognize the one who calls it. The civilization of Ii-Uu still remains a mystery to all scientists in the universe. The only surviving techno artifact is the Temporum, the energy rod of one of their kings. A wand that briefly stops time when certain symbols are activated. At the moment "Temporum" is in the territory of Elfurr, possibly in the palace of their supreme ruler. Nothing more has survived from this civilization. Only abandoned temples, frescoes and monuments.
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Ga`TT Collective

Race Ga-TT is a cephalopod molluscs, more like the ancient ammonites. They have no sex, they are hermaphrodites and reproduce by internal fertilization. They move on their huge tentacles. They can grow up to 6-7 meters in height. The main part of the body is covered with a powerful shell. Such a bizarre shape did not prevent Ga-TT from creating a powerful civilization on the home planet of Chlalaka`tachklankla and mastering space travel. In ancient times, the Ga-TT preferred to stay away from other races. But later, they nevertheless entered into an alliance with the civilization of the octopus Illis, who owned 30 star systems.
The Ga-TT was never included to any coalitions of galaxy. Moreover, long before the creation of the Coalition of the Galaxy, the Ga-TT Collective launched a massive invasion of Artandir Republic. This invasion almost destroyed all life on the territory of this state. But the Artandirians managed to hold back the offensive and push Ga-TT back. In 2593, during the Acheron Council, the supreme ruler of Ga-TT Tlalkchlkla`lulalkchlaalaktl made an official alliance with the Unn-Chor race and its leader Olmek R`landrris. At the end of the same year, the Ga-TT race joined the Acheronian League. The "Bellemnite" fleet was joined to the League's Grand Squadron. Now they are enemies of the Coalition.
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Ooh, space chalicotheres! (Incidentally, a concept I also used: you can find a chalicothere-based monster in my game LIFE, if you've seen that).

Also very much like the giant ammonite people too :)
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Yeah. Thank you! ;) If you see, my universe have a lot of races and states, maybe 1 hundred. Also there were a lot of extinced races. But all of them were probably destroyed by the Marfur-Nirari. (about this thing you can read above the Ii-Uu article).

And about your game LIFE - its very interesting! where i can find this concept? ;)
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Illis Compound

The Illis race were native to the planet Tlunaklatli. They were octopus-like humanoids who lived mainly in water bodies. They preferred to stay away from the rest of the universe. Their only allies were Ga-TT, a race of intelligent ammonites from the planet Chlalaka. In ancient times, Illis was nearly slaughtered by the Narwalingen (humanoid whales) race. But miraculously managed to survive the invasion. Illis is distrustful of all outsiders. They do not have close ties with other races, with the exception of Ga-TT. For a long time, they preferred not to contact the galactic community at all. The Illis preferred to stay in their ancestral territories and not go beyond their borders. Their main state have name is Compound, and have republican style of government.

They only made contact after the war with the Elfurr Empire. Elfurr needed some minerals that were only mined underwater. After the confrontation with Elfurr, the Compound Illis Council (in their language, its "Tlalk`lank`kla") decided that it was impossible to continue the fight. Illis were forced to give all the minerals to the invaders and become their vassals. However, already in 2593 after the proclamation of the Acheron League, this underwater race declared war on Elfurr. According to the prophecies of Illis, by the end of the 26th century, a certain Primordial God, He Who Can Rule The Water, Dry-Land and Stars, should appear in the universe, who, as wizards say, can destroy all Elfurr in the whole universe. Therefore, the Illis armored fleet is currently actively helping the League in the fight against their main enemy.

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Racism problems in the Age of 2596 AD

There have always been problems with racism. Accordingly, they also affected the era of the 26th century. The main difficulty lies in the fact that many representatives of individual civilizations prefer copulation with aliens. Because of this, sometimes there is a danger of the appearance of hybrid forms.
For example, long before the Acheronian War, the inhabitants of the planet Tratorius, consisting mainly of humans, preferred to have relationships with representatives of the lizard-like Draconid race. As a result, this led to the emergence of a hybrid race - the Tratorians. Not everyone favors the Tratorians. They look like people overgrown with thorns, scales and, in some cases, horns. They are considered mutants by most of the galactic community. But still, the Tratorians are part of the Draconian Empire, and in the event of a global war, they are ready to speak for the Coalition.
There were also connections between the Draconid races and the wolf-like Kinos. This led to the creation of the Drakokinos race. They live in the Philistine star system and are always ready to speak for the Coalition. But despite the fact that the Drakokinos are in fact also mutants, the attitude towards them from the galactic community is softer. But when people have relationships with aliens, this is most of all perceived with hostility.

Humans also very often make relationships with Elfurr and marry their representatives. (Elfurr has the most beautiful women.) But still, Elfurr are almost similar to humans form, and stand out only by their tall stature, sharp ears and psi-abilities. In principle, this is treated with understanding.


Naturally, there are organizations in the galaxy that are opposed to racial mixing. Most of these communities are prevalent in the human world. One such organization calls itself the "High Race". It was created from people-fanatics who believe that God commanded all his children not to indulge in fornication and to love only the representatives of their race. Fanatics attack all mutants and hybrids. They are also known for their terrorist attacks. That is why the Coalition has listed this organization as extremist. There are also many more groups created from all sorts of monastic orders and fanatical cults. All of them are strongly opposed to interracial relations. Some even consider all aliens to be "demons".
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Regarding space Chalicotheres, they're in the game LIFE which you can get here (it's a free download): https://jubalbarca.itch.io/life
And there's a subforum here: https://exilian.co.uk/forum/index.php?board=240.0

It interests me that you ping the idea of racism and discrimination as being mainly based in humans in your setting, since you say most of the anti-miscegenation communities are prevalent in the human world. Are most species more socially open about this in your setting and humans quite a conservative-minded outlier group, then?
Title: Re: "New Universe" main information
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Super, my friend! i`ll try your game, it looks amazing, to be honest ;)

Now about racism. In fact, most humans in my universe tend to have relationships with women from other races. This is a fairly popular phenomenon. Among the Elfurr race, for example, there are no ugly creatures at all, there are no those with flaws. Essentially, every elfurr girl looks like a rank 1 supermodel. Moreover, Elfurr do not age yet. They only die at 500-600 years old. In old age, their skin turns yellow a little, but does not wrinkle. Their beauty is forever. In addition, they have almost limitless sexual abilities (they can control the child born also, and can control the whole process of it). Elfurr girls attract million humans.
This is what makes many human fanatics scream in rage. Racist organizations regard marriages with aliens as heresy and betrayal of humanity. Therefore, they are ruthless towards other world species and hybrids. The Great Coalition of the Galaxy condemns the actions of extremists and imprisons them. But they still keep appearing.
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Neferirikar race and its short history

The Neferirikar race is also called "gnomes" or "kobolds" in another way. All because of their small stature and beard. Although in reality they hate being called gnomes and are even ready to fight for it. That being said, Neferirikar really does resemble those same dwarves from many fantasy worlds. Since ancient times, they have been allies of the Elfurr Empire and its main friends. At the time of the Acheron War (nowadays), the Neferirikarian King Sirion Hammerbear is actively fighting for Elfurr. His people are direct allies of the Elfurr Empire. This means that if anyone attacks Elfurr, the Neferirikar will immediately intervene.
This race has amazing technology. They are masters of building robots and complex machines. In addition, it is they who entangle many Elfurr worlds with infrastructure. They are masters almost in all technologies. But they did not always have friendship with their sharp-eared friends. Once upon a time in distant antiquity, the Neferirikar fought with Elfurr. Particularly memorable is the confrontation between Elfurr and Neferirikar, known as the War of the Short Legs. It happened 22,500 years before our era. In that time the elfurrian king Amhar the Serpent quarreled with the neferirikarian king Shardan Bluebeard over questions about excessive hairiness. Amhar thought that the neferirikarian were too hairy, did not shave, and looked like barbarians, and he often said about it. Shardan was insulted and soon declared war on Amhar because of offendings and a grave resentment. The "dwarf" army managed to prove their superiority, and very soon Neferirikar warriors almost took the capital of Elfurr. It was a greatest battle with name of Beards Massacre.
Amhar died in battle. His head was down by the axe of Shardan. As it turned out, elfurr ruler planned to exterminate all the neferirikarian altogether and was only waiting for an excuse to declare war. But Bluebeard uncovered this conspiracy in time. After the war, Queen of Elfurr Totkhemris IV Azariel reconciled with Neferirikar. From now on, both peoples began to live in peace and harmony, and soon they entered into an Eternal Union.
Eternal Union is still exists. And there is also the biggest statue of both rulers - Totkhemris IV and Shardan the Bluebeard. This statue was built in the planet Nirotiel.
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Rummaldin Empire Civil War

Few people know that the famous elfurr spec-ops commander Mira'Biel ("Cobra") from the Nefruhsabek planet took part in the so-called Rummaldin campaign of 2590. Moreover, she worked directly with the sister of the high Elfurr inquisitor Totkhemris User-Kaf, Nehfertari. Both troop groups, led by commanders, were sent to the back of the galaxy in the Rummaldin Empire to aid the local defense forces. And sending them there is not at all easy.

In 2589, magister-militium (general) Dimarus Lutetia overthrew the Empress Krimhilda. A military dictatorship reigned in the state. Lutetia desired to expand his country and transform it into a prosperous galactic empire. The general banished Kriemhilda and her family from Rummaldin forever, establishing their own dynasty. He did not take the title of emperor, but retained the post of general. From now on, he was called the Great Steward of the Empire. The highest echelons of power passed to the loyal supporters of Lutetia and the merchant magnates.

Using unlimited dictatorial power, Lutetia invaded the Geran Sultanate without declaring war. For six months, his army was able to bring the military campaign to an end. Sultan Aswad II recognized the power of Rummaldin and bowed to his power. Thus, Geran completely fell into dependence on Lutetia. Many nobles advised the general to accept the imperial title, but he refused. Lutetia began trying to deify his personality. Ideas about his probable Khatonist origin were actively disseminated by priests and journalists. He himself called himself a descendant of the sun god Khaton, who allegedly entered into a relationship with a Rummaldin princess, his distant relative. Half of the population trusted Lutetia, but the other began to hate him. By 2590, most of the Rummaldians were strongly opposed to the dictator. In addition, uprisings began in Geran. Sultan Aswad II understood that he would not be able to serve a tyrant from a neighboring state for a long time.

In mid-2590, Prince Rumalpinx organized a coup. Lutetia was captured and thrown from the walls of his own palace. He never left heirs, and he did not have time to marry. Therefore, after the overthrow of Lutetia, the question of succession to the throne arose. The exiled former Empress Krimhilda asked the Elfurr Empire for help. Pharaoh Senuhsert The Greatest initially refused her, claiming that he would not interfere in human affairs. But he soon began to realize that helping Rummaldin would play into the hands of the Elfurr Empire. Moreover, Krimhilda herself promised the pharaoh one of the satellites of the main planet Rummaldin Prime. Therefore, after consulting with the advisers and viziers, Senuhsert agreed to help the empress in exile. Together with her, he sent two groups to Rummaldin, one led by the commander Mira-Biel, the other with Nehfertari User-Kaf, sister of the high inquisitor Totkhemris.


In Rummaldin, meanwhile, a civil war had already begun. Rumalpinx overthrew the ruling regime of Lutetia and the entire former military junta. But immediately there were hundreds of candidates for the throne of the empire. Without thinking twice, Rumalpinx declared himself emperor. However, at the same moment, the Geranians rebelled. Gerans Sultan Aswad renounced vassal dependence and declared war on Rummaldin. Geranium armies in a few days defeated the main forces of the empire based on their planets. Rumalpinx was forced to send troops against the sultanate. But suddenly uprisings broke out on three different planets. On one planet, people stood for the former Empress Kriemhild. On the second - the local residents proclaimed the son of the tanner, Desiderius, the emperor. On the third, the governors revolted, announcing the creation of an independent republic.

Krimhilda, with the support of Elfurr, recruited up to 80,000 warriors into her army. Thanks to Senuhsert's agents, the empress managed to buy two companies of mercenaries at once. Plus one of the Byzantine regiments, by order of Emperor Honorius, was sent to support Kriemhilda to establish legal authority in the country. The united army of the empress appeared within the boundaries of Rummaldin in full force. Most of the locals took up the fighting spirit of Kriemhilda and immediately rose up against the emperor Rumalpinx. The rebel armies took control of four planets in a matter of days. Many generals and naval commanders began to go over to the side of the legitimate empress. Desperate Rumalpinx threw all available troops against Krimhilda. In the decisive space battle at the asteroid Merovey, the tyrant's flotilla was utterly defeated. Subsequently, the Kriemhilda army made a landing on the capital planet and inflicted 5 more defeats on the local forces. Rumalpinx was surrounded on all sides. His best generals, one after another, went over to the side of the empress, renouncing the usurper. Commander of Elfurr special forces Mira-Biel secretly infiltrated Rumalpinx's palace and finished him off with a poisoned blade. And after the assassination of the self-proclaimed monarch, power in the country completely passed to Kriemhild.

Having reigned over Rummaldin again, Krimhilda sent an army to suppress the rebellions and to destroy the unrecognized states that had been created on the territory of the state. First, the peasant army of Desiderius was defeated, and then the independent republic, once proclaimed by the imperial governors, fell. The rest of the rebels swore allegiance to Kriemhild and recognized her as the rightful empress.

After the restoration of power, Kriemhild kept her promise and gave Elfurr one of the planetary satellites. Mira-Biel, Nehfertari User-Kaf and their battle groups were sent back to their homeworlds. They were awarded by Senuchsert for valor and courage, as well as for helping the legitimate authority of Rummaldin. By 2591, the empire was completely at peace.
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Interesting information:
After the declaring of the Achaeronian League, Geran Sultanate was included in the League organisation and started to be its part. Geran sultan Aswad II probably was forced by the League Consistorium (his familly was threatened). Also the nearby St-Fing Empire threatened Geran with an invasion if it did not align with Acheron. As a result, Aswad faced a very difficult choice. By 2595, Geran state was also forced to attack Rumaldin Empiere again. Aswad also had to pay taxes for the needs of the Acheronian League. The soldier's military service was extended to 5 years (previously it was only 2 years). So the Gerani Sultanate was completely unlucky.
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Al-Khamuf and his loyalty to Acheron League

Al-Hamuf was a man, the ambassador of the Gerani Sultanate in Qussar. At the same time, he received good combat training from the best war masters of Kussar. In the sultanate, he had the title of Bashi-Colonel of the 1st rank. In 2593, several major civilizations in the galaxy proclaimed the Acheronian League and left Coalition. It was all the fault of the Draconian War and the aggression of the Elfurr race. It broke out immediately after the end of the civil war on Rumaldin. During the Draconian War, the Elfurr Empire mercilessly carved out entire worlds. This has been noticed by all the races of the galaxy.
After the League was proclaimed, Al-Hamuf realized that any friendship with Elfurr was harmful. But he hated Elfurr even more when they demanded from the sultanate to give them several continents in 5 colonies. Al-Hamuf was forced to participate in this humiliating mission. And then he learned from one of the secret agents that it was Elfurr who were behind the death of his father, who revealed the secret about their superweapon - the Black Hole Generator. Al-Hamuf voluntarily swore allegiance to the League. Representatives of the League demanded that he put pressure on Sultan Aswad II so that his state would also become part of the anti-elfurr alliance. Al-Hamouf did everything he should, and soon Gerani became part of the League. Now this man continues to serve the League and trains the special forces of the sultanate - Gerani Lions.
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I like the Hagia Sophia and Venetian inspiration in the picture for Al-Khamuf.
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Thank you! Sometimes i select pictures more fit in spirit. Al-Khamouf character always was a little like hero from Assassins Creed. 
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Horton Pakoslav Attacks

Horton Pakoslav Ismail "Father Horton" has been known for six months as one of the most fearsome terrorists in the galaxy. A loyal Achaeronian and follower of the League anti-elfurr politics. His activities especially increased during the Achaeronian War. In total, his group includes 500 fighters, many of whom once served in the Special Forces of the Coalition. During the Kraskovo Campaign of 2596, Father Horton hired up to a thousand mercenaries to his group, giving them the stolen money and resources. The mercenaries attacked the Pavlovsk asteroid station, which was guarded by the troops of President Stavrogin, leader of the Kraskovo Federation (part of the Coalition and Elfurr ally).
However, thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant Seligersky, the militants were defeated and driven back. They never managed to get valuable information from the scientific workers of Kraskovo president. Horton is also famous for his attack on the planet Izhora. Three terrorists managed to hijack the secret diamond-shaped ship from the scientific laboratory This ship attacked Izhora and fired at the planetary administration building with guns. However, then a malfunction arose on the ship, and the diamond-shaped frigate crumbled to pieces, dragging the terrorists along with it. The third attack on the planet Titianus, owned by the Kinos Dominion, is also known. Twenty militants tried to seize control of the Kinos drone station. But the attack was repulsed by the government's special forces, and all the terrorists were eliminated on the spot. At the moment, Father Horton has not yet been found and is considered one of the first enemies of the Coalition and the Elfurr. The Kraskovo government also put him on the list of the most dangerous criminals, obscurantists. Elfurr Inquisition have this man in the list of "first numbers".
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The drone carrier "Imichet" and its fate
The Elf'urr empire and its best artisans Shekelesh are famous not only for their pyramidal space ships and cities in the ancient Egyptian style, but also for their unique drone carriers, operated by only a few operators. These ships have been around since ancient times, and were known about 20,000 years before the events of the Achaeronian War. The 'Imichet' drone carrier is considered one of the oldest carrier ships of the Elf'urr empire. Legend has it that it was created even before the War with Marfur-Nirari in the Hyperborean era of the galaxy. The ship's designer is considered to be the no less legendary elf'urr scientist-technologist Karima'Rael Tikhutmetkhari. At the moment (in the 26th century AD), the Empire uses this drone carrier only in the defense of the central worlds and the most important key points of the galaxy.
After the armada of Achaeron was destroyed near the Orion system, Pharaoh Senuhsert gave the order to send the drone-carrier 'Imichet' into the possession of the Earth Alliance. The ship has arrived in the solar system and is now guarding the lunar zone of Earth, the main capital of the Alliance. The head of the team of operators is the "chariot" Yakhmos User'Kaf, one of the brothers of the admiral Ahmanet User`kaf. After the destruction of the "Silabirdin" Fleet, a group of League terrorists who secretly settled at the Lunar Base tried to fire anti-space weapons at the ship, but all the shells fired simply did not reach the target. The terrorists were then captured by elf'urr special forces and turned over to the Earth Alliance for punishment. "Imichet" still stands guard over the Earth, and is not only a reliable drone carrier, but also a symbol of friendship between Elf'urr and humanity.
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Secret of the Living planet Elberton

Elberton is not just a "living planet", but a powerful demon, enclosed in a cosmic body at least the size of Phobos, a satellite of Mars. Elberton's invasion was first recorded during the War with Marfur-Nirari (20,000 BC). However, the attack of this cosmic creature did not fall on the Hyperborean Empire, but on the possessions of the Elf'urr state. Elberton, also known as Shalikk, invaded the Neferseka star system. The local governor-nomarch Scorpion Narmerfehr organized a decent defense, but was unable to cope with the hordes of demonic creatures that flooded the system. As a result, Elberton simply absorbed the three main planets of Neferseki. Soon the main Elf'urr fleet arrived in the star system, which began to bombard the cosmic body from all available weapons. Elberton managed to destroy at least thirty ships, and then teleported to another galaxy and no longer disturbed the Elven'urr worlds.
After 20,000 years, the appearance of Elberton was recorded by the colonists of the Earth Alliance in the star system of Aristotle Fioravanti. The colonial shuttle Perseus was never able to land on the local exoworld, which is extremely similar to Earth. Elberton consumed all the planets in the system and then disappeared again. Several demons managed to infiltrate the Perseus and capture the captain's mind, but the brave team members repulsed the attack, and the enslaved commander was eliminated. After that, the earthlings left the system of Aristotle Fioravanti.
For now, in the period of Achaeronian War, some representatives of the Safety Coalition Council thinks, that Elberton can join the Achaeron League. But there are no any proofs about it.
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Ghoul-Byzantine War.

In the years 2245-2252, there was a monstrous conflict between two large star states - the Byzantine Empire and the Gul'Khan Empire, controlled by the Ghouls human-like race. Other powers also took part in the war, such as the Elf'urr Empire, the Kinos Dominion, the Steghaur Union and the Kussar kingdom. A military coup took place in the Gul'Khan Empire. Emperor Eugen came to power, planning to make his own state a great interstellar hegemony at the level of the Kinos Dominion or the same Elf'urr Empire. He entered into a military alliance with the Kussar king Tsitanta III. Tsitanta actively supported his new comrade, sending him 5,000 Harkish'Harash Guards, famous for their cruelty in battle. Eugen made plans to seize the lands of the Byzantine Empire, which was then in an economic crisis. Emperor Sigebert VI was weak, and all government was exercised by the Synclet (parliament).
 The Ghouls organized a series of terrorist attacks on their own trading posts located in the Byzantine Empire. Eugen immediately accused the Byzantine intelligence of treacherous attacks. In the same way, the murders of respectable men and women were organized in the Ghouls state, and the blame for them was again blamed on the servants of Sigibert VI. Sigebert and Sinclete accused the ghouls of lies and slander. The Byzantine Emperor officially broke the Cooperation Pact right at the Gul'Khan embassy. Eugen interpreted this as a declaration of war. His armadas invaded the Byzantine Empire and blocked 5 major planets at once. The Ghouls emperor counted on the help of the king Tsitanta from Kussar, but then a coup took place in Kussar, and a noble council came to power, which completely canceled the alliance with the ghouls. Guardsmen of Harkish`Harash were recalled to Kussar. Eugen found himself in a difficult position. Due to the attack on Byzantium, the Elf'urr Empire, along with the Steghaur Alliance, declared war on him.
The Kinos also accused the ghouls of incitement and provocation and brought their fleets to the borders with the Ghoul'Khan systems. Fearing complete destruction, Eugen immediately went to peace with all the warring factions. The ghouls troops were withdrawn from the territories of the Byzantine Empire. Soon, a coup took place in the Ghoul'Khan Empire. A new dynasty of Mauhurai came to power. By order of the new rulers of Eugen, it was decided to carry out the execution through the elf'urr device "wheel of death". After the death of the former emperor, the Ghoul'Khan Empire no longer made dangerous attempts to encroach on the independence of other states. It remained an ordinary small interstellar power, without the greatest power.
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Remnant of Duklja

The remnant of the once great empire of Duklja, which existed at least 15,000 years BC, is presented in the form of several separate states. These states include the Republic of Protego, the Sovereign Republic of Belgiamonte, the Dominion (Warlordship) of Cavinto, the Kingdom of Tramontina, the Duchy of Ribalti and the County of Legnano. All these powers own several star systems. The populations of countries are usually large.
The largest association is Cavinto. All states, except Ribalti, are members of the Galaxy Coalition. At the time of the Acheronian War of 2596, the Seniors of Ribalti went over to the side of the League. Later, this resulted in the capture of the duchy by the army of Belgiamonte. Legnano, however, completely obeyed the Doge Guidobaldo Rossi of Belgiamonte, recognizing his dominion.
Many of the interstellar countries mentioned have their own armies. Protego, however, remains a peaceful power and does not contain professional troops. Only the special forces and the gendarmerie are fighting on the side of the republic. At one time, the Cavintian warlord-autocrat Asparo Conte even tried to occupy Protego, taking advantage of the absence of an army from the republic, but the case ended in failure. Almost all states, except Ribalti, cooperate with Elfurr. It is known that the Doge Belgiamonte Guidobaldo Rossi and the Cavinto warlord-autokrator Svyatopolk Fortunato declared the high elfurr ruler their main ally.
The most powerful rulers of the Duklja fragment are also recognized as Fortunato and Rossi. Their connection with Elfurr gives them almost unlimited power. For example, the Doge Guidobaldo was supposed to rule for only 10 years according to the laws of Beljamonte, but thanks to cooperation with Elfurr, he lasted 35 years, handing over the rule to his brother Enrico (although in the republican system this is basically impossible).


The Republic of Protego, which has long ago got rid of the superiority of the aristocrats, is recognized as more or less democratic. But still, it also has disadvantages - a strong unwillingness of the locals to fight and fight, even if their homeland is in danger. The cult of Pacifico is popular on Protego, which preaches non-resistance to evil by violence and the ideology of pacifism.
As for religions, in the states of the Duklja Remnant, the main religion is the Cult of the Goddess (according to some data, Lucretia), as well as the teachings of all kinds of saints (both women and men). On Cavinto, the activity of the Cult of the Sun was noted (he is also the god of the sun and starlight Khaton). Despite all the contradictions and some problems, these states (the Duklja fragment) are considered the best for living. There is absolutely no poverty there.
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Polonis - world of swords and barbarians.

Barbaric or medieval worlds are planets on which the level of development is equal to either antiquity or the era of the 12-16 centuries. However, there are also worlds where the dominance of the era of the Dark Ages prevails. One of the illustrative examples of the medieval world is Polonis in the Far Worlds Sector. The main race living on the planet is humans. Polonis is a planet that humans are still stuck on in the 16th century or even earlier. The gunpowder just came into effect there. Many kingdoms still fight with knights, musketeers and cavalry. In addition, there are steppe people, desert people and even Cossacks, more like the Zaporozhian warriors.
During the Acheronian War, Polonis turned into the factions confrontation. On the side of the League, the tribes of the Charioteers began to fight, which united with their king Shedad Nabuhdonosor, together with the king of Hephsi Shakarti-Nipaltar. Both rulers officially swore allegiance to the commandment of the Acheronian League. On the side of the Galaxy Coalition were the Cossacks of Radulovka, the kingdom of Zhygimontia, the tribes of Radimichi and the Wild Horde of Goryn. A global war broke out between the alliances. Despite the protests of King Jan Kazimir Zalecki, the cossack hetman Yanushenko stood at the head of the alliance. The first three battles Yanushenko spent in alliance with the king's reiters and the Horde. The grand army of Charioteers and Hephsi was utterly defeated at Dubnovitsa. Up to 100,000 soldiers were killed on both sides.
The fighting on the planet continues to nowadays. For now hetman Yanushenko is still in the head of Coalition allies. His main target - to destroy Charioteers and make a peace in whole Polonis.

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Age of Domna

The era of Domna is far from a century, its only a period of several decades. This period is considered one of the darkest in the history of the Meingard Republic. Meingard was officially part of the Galaxy Coalition until 2568. But due to the Artandir war, it was expelled from the Coalition. The reason for everything is the dictator Antonin Domna. This man was the favourite of the Republic Council of Elders. As an experiment, they wanted to put him at the head of the country. But having come to power, Antoninus quickly dealt with all the elders and single-handedly headed the state. He did not take the title of emperor, but remained the Supreme Elder, although at the time of absolute power he was no more than 40 years old.
During Domna's reign, a war almost broke out with the St-Fing and Aranguto race. Antonin pursued a racist policy of "human-superiority" and equated people with the Supreme Creatures. He considered all representatives of other races to be "unworthy". In 2568, Domna suppressed peasant uprisings on several planets. As a result, the administration of the Embassy of the Artandir Galactic Republic burned down. This led to a massive confrontation with Artandir. The Artandir armada, led by Admiral Alexio, struck several blows at Meingard. Later, peace was concluded between the two galactic powers. Meingard was expelled from the Coalition and turned to the "isolated state" status. Tyrant remained in power for another 5 years after 2568, after which he died of poison. Who exactly poisoned him - no one knows. But the period of the Era of Domna was remembered for a long time for all countries of the Coalition of the Galaxy, and in particular for Artandir.
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Fleet of the Admiral Alexio "Borned in Storm"

Admiral Iovinus Lakapin Alexio is one of the oldest naval commanders of the Artandir Galactic Republic. He has been known for his charisma and fearlessness since the 40s of the 26th century. The admiral was born in 2512 and still continues to serve the republic. He became famous as a talented strategist during the Artandir War of 2568. It was his fleet that blocked Meingard, forcing the government of the dictators of Domna to sign a surrender. During a brief war with the K`Hazaar race, Alexio defeated General (tu`meni) Meropa's armada at the Gelato asteroid ring. Over 10k enemy ships were destroyed.
In 2594, the Acheronian War began. During this war, Admiral Alexio's fleet successfully operated in the Far Worlds sector. Together with Admiral Katharina Valarty, he managed to destroy the approaching N-Sai fleet led by Colonel General Xolotl Nopalcin. Alexio's fleet freed up to 25 systems from the Acheronian League. The League was defeated by his troops not only in space, but also on different planets. In the star system, Dario Alexio led ground operations. His paratroopers managed to destroy large units of the League on 5 planets at once. The admiral continues his service to this day, although he is already over 90 years old. Due to the injury at Sarosh-3, he was forced to replace his legs with cybernetic ones.
His fleet have a strong and beautiful name - "Borned in Storm".
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Kacharunka Battle
The Battle of Kacharunka took place in 2595 at the height of the Acheronian War. Towards the end of the year, a League admiral named Tata-Ritama (of the Sozidaus race) made an unsuccessful attempt to take over the Nicomedian star systems. The task was to quickly infiltrate Nicomedia-Prima and capture it with minimal losses. But an armada of the Allied Coalition Fleet, led by admirals Zergiu-Afraam (kinos female officer) and Kinfrotel Darkhaired (elfurr female high officer), entered the battle. As a result, the League's fleet lost up to 20,000 warships. The famous League dreadnought, familiar to everyone by the name "Planets Ripper", was also destroyed. It was one of the League's worst defeats. True, the battle took place far from the planets of the Nicomedian system themselves. The battle took place very close to the asteroid ring of Kacharunka, which is why it received such a name. The Allied Fleet lost no more than 10 ships in this battle.
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Ushkui-Gambra problem for Nargon Democratic Republic
The Nargon Democratic Republic has existed for hundreds of years. Some believe that it is she who is the full heir to the once mighty Impeccable Empire. The system of government in Nargon is not democratic. Despite the fact that formally there are some elements similar to democracy in the country, the local system is more of a dictatorship. The last president of NDR Zanzibhar Shane, has been at the head of the country for 23 years; before him, his own uncle Farnak Shane was in power, who ruled for 17 years. But nevertheless, life in the state passes without poverty. The country has strict control over every inhabitant, but at the same time there is no financial instability. Moreover, President Shane even announced payments for everyone to the residents of the Nargon Republic (NDR). Each local resident receives a certain amount in his bank account, and can afford not to work at all.
But still, for a long time in this country there has been a serious problem with the Ushkui-Gambra mountaineers and the inhabitants of Zarragen. The fact is that the planet Zarragen has long dreamed of seceding from the Nargon Republic. Its leaders even announced several referendums, but they all ended in arrests and executions. (In Nargon, for separatism - the death penalty, for calling to oppose the authorities - 30 years in prison).
If separatism was almost fully suppressed in Zarragen, everything is more complicated in Ushkui-Gambra. The local highlanders have long worshiped their own gods. They have their own traditions, their own beliefs. And they don't like the power of President Shane. They see themselves as the true heirs of the Impeccable Empire. Anti-government uprisings break out at times in Gambra. It so happens that it comes to the destruction of entire villages. President Shane dreams of suppressing all pockets of resistance to power. In addition, he fears that with the outbreak of the Acheronian War (2594), the League may seize the chance to destabilize the situation in the republic. By order of Shane, the supervision of the Gambra highlanders and the Ushkui steppes was strengthened by the security forces.
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Republica Poloneska Kraina Foundation

After defeating the Chariotters army and capturing King Shedad, the Acheronian League withdrew its forces from the planet Polonis. Thus, the occupation attempt was cancelled. Already at the beginning of 2596, hetman Lubomir Yanushenko, having created a council of monarchs and rulers of the neighboring powers of Polonis, proclaimed the United Republic of Poloneska Krajina. A united government (the Supreme Rada-Seim) was formed, headed by Yanushenko. King of Zhygimontia Jan Kazimir challenged Lubomir's supremacy over Polonis, but later recognized him as the head of the new republic. The Galactic Coalition willingly accepted Poloneska Krajina into their fold. From now on, the troops of this country are fighting against the League on all fronts. The Coalition also equipped Yanushenko and his troops with a sufficient number of weapons.
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Etteria Planet

Etteria (Etter, Etterium, Etterlingia, Ettero and etc) - earth-like planet in the Far Worlds Sector. Main population - humans. Other species - hekatonheir androphagus, berlings, velogars, kasteri, kinos tribes). This planet have half-control of Coalition of the Galaxy States, now in 2596 AD. But Coalition respects the High King Hruntin Haraldsson and his son, jarl Rogvold Hruntin Haraldsson. People from this world are looks like barbarians and earthling vikings, but the truth is in their powerful technology level. They have combination of technologies and ancient Hyperborean sorcery power. Natives believe in Ancient Old Time Gods, like Woten Hammer-bearer or Fanri The White Maiden. Territory of humans in Etteria is full of jarldoms and princedoms, but all of them are under full control of the High king.
Etteria is taking part in the Achaeron war. League tried to attack Haraldsson with help of Androphagus kingdoms. Etterling people are fighting with Androphagus and making their victories. King Haraldsson organised a special battallions against League forces. One of famous battallion is "Etterium Kinsmen". Main leader of it is jarl Rogvold Haraldsson. His first advicor and banner-bearer is jarl Thorgeir Faramundsson. All of them are best warriors and psyonic adepts. Rogvold have power of ancient Rune magic. His steward Faramundsson is also the priest of Ancient Gods.
One of great victories for "Etterium Kinsmen" was their battle with "Angel Maskazel" battallion. League created this battallion with help of Androphagus elite warriors and N-Sai race representative. Rogvold destroyed "Angel Maskazel" near the mountain Ingeborg. In this battle he saved the life of his friend, jarl Ragnar The Axebearer. His jarldom was under attack, and Rogvold saved not only his life, but his lands too.
Coalition accept the Etterium regiments and battallions. Some of them are taking parts in battles in other parts of Main Galaxy.
Etterium people have only one hatred - to president Shein and his servants. Relations between Nargon Democratic Republic and Etterium Kingdom is very cold and bad. Haraldsson is calling Shein as dictator and tyrant. Shein is calling Haraldsson the same words. Etterian people always prefer avoid fights with Nargon allies. They prefer to make their battles without Nargonese help.
Also it needs to say, that Poloneska Kraina have allied relations with Etteria government.
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Tzorotle Pyramid
Tzorotl is considered a mythical character of the Unn-Chorr race. It is said that in ancient times (the exact date is unknown), he was the High Priest of the Unn-Chorr Empire, which claimed dominance. Unn-Chorr were once polytheistic, and on each planet there were several cults of different gods. Tzorotl often spoke to the enigmatic alien deity known as the Lord of the Dawn about his ideas of superiority. And then the Lord of the Dawn heeded his pleas, and promised to revive the First Empire of Acavicotle. But the god had his own plans. He intended to become himself the head of the universe and not allow the superiority of any of the races. He used Tsorotl for his own purposes, gave him a "divine" weapon and a huge army. But when he still lost, clashing in battle with the Eladris Empire, which opposed the Owner of the Dawn, Tzorotl was severely punished. For his defeat, he lost not only power, but also his life. The owner doomed him to horrific torment, paralyzing his body, but leaving his mind intact. Then Tzorotl realized his mistake and turned to the god Coatle. Coatle considered that he was guilty of crimes and severely condemned him. But he said that Tzorotl could redeem himself by living 20,000 years in the Temple of Maledict. Coatle, flapping its wings, erected a Giant Pyramid on the planet Maledict and imprisoned Tzorotl in it. In doing so, he gave him the ability to separate from the body and travel the worlds. 20,000 years was to be the punishment of the Unn-Chorr ruler. After that, Coatle promised to accept him into his service.
It is believed that in the mysterious Pyramid of Tsorotl, which exists on the Maledict, the Unn-Chorr leader himself is still to this day. However, scientists, having examined the Pyramid, did not find anything. In addition, the Unn-chorr themselves, closer to 2596, for mysterious reasons, blocked the planet and surrounded the Pyramid with walls.
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Why Ara`Nii fleets are making invasions to galaxy parts?

No one has yet been able to reach an agreement with Ara-Nii insectoid race. There is evidence that their relatives Ho-Nari and Zenovians tried to communicate with them. But these insects usually did not make contact with other races. Any attempts to negotiate with Ara-Nii turned into failures. And analysts from different galactic states are speculating: why would this race even invade the Main Galaxy of the Milky Way? When someone tried to find out the reasons from Ho-Nari, it usually caused an uproar. For some reason, the Ho-Nari flatly refused to comment. The Zenovians, master craftsmen of robotics, also refuse to talk about Ara-Nia.
But it is believed that the Ara-Nii dream of restoring the former empire of the Overhive. Ancient chronicles say that the empire, led by insects in time immemorial, was truly global. There is even a myth that 12 million years BC. it contained three known galaxies. It turns out that the Ara-Nii can claim global galactic dominance. And their main goal may indeed be the construction of the Overhive.
Back in 2520, Dr. Ephraim Collins found a mysterious monument on the planet Terkwe, on which the possible history of the Ara-Nia race was painted in ancient Artandir cuneiform. It said that Ho-Nari, Zenovians and Ara-Nii in ancient times were the One Whole, the Collective Mind. But then, thanks to the influence of an unknown deity, they separated. It is noteworthy that Ho-Nari demanded to stop research on Terkva and turned to the Coalition. In the end, their demands were granted. And Dr. Collins stopped his work on the study of the monument. Moreover, the monument was confiscated and taken to the home world of the Ho-Nari race.
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The Sun of Nicomedia will rise again
The question of why it was Nicomedian race that was deprived of the army and fleet, and not the same Unn-Chorr, is still puzzling. The Unn-Chorr are known to have invaded the galaxy dozens of times and brought death everywhere. Almost no one counted the number of Nikomedian invasions, since there are certain errors. One thing is clear - there were many, many. And the history of Nicomedia 10,000 years ago is hidden. But still, Nicomedia is deprived of a fleet and an army, but Unn-Chorr is not.
It is believed that the cause of everything is the Elfurr Domination. The Elfurr Empire holds the lead in technology, science and psionics in the entire universe. There is no more highly developed and powerful state than their state. They have an advanced level of technology, huge armies, modernized fleets and brilliant psi-potential. The Nicomedes, on the other hand, could compete with Elfurr and even surpass them. Under dictator Kachaporit, there was a very high risk of Nicomedia becoming a Pangalactic empire. After his technology products were researched by the Elfurr "smiths", they were horrified. With the help of a combination of extinced race Sovilar technology, Kassite race knowledge, and Ancient Nicomedian scientific potential, Kachaporit planned a full-scale expansion into the Core Galaxy, and then to all others. He could well have been lucky, and in this case the whole universe would have shuddered from the power of Nicomedia. But this did not happen. Elfurr, fearing that the Nicomedians would further develop their Über-technologies, decided to put pressure on the galactic public to make a "universal" decision in turn. And this is why Nicomedia essentially has no defense against enemies after the 2nd-1st centuries BC.
But there are so-called Radical Groups that still remember Nicomedia's past. These radicals are hunted down and imprisoned, and some are even executed. Their main motto is "The Sun of Nicomedia will rise again." And it is obvious that they do not intend to abandon Kachaporit's ideas.
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Ara`Hnii Invasion to the Arthandir republic borders

In the year 2590 there was a massive invasion of the insectoid race Ara-Nia into the borders of the Artandir Galactic Republic. Two star systems - Tsavan and Nahortenk - were hit. The Ara-Nii literally gobbled up all the major habitable planets in an attempt to build their hives there. The death toll has reached 10 billion living beings. But soon the arriving fleet of Admiral Ser'Drakani (according to racial characteristics - an iceling draconian), stopped the attempt to create an overhive and further expansion of aliens. Several Tarakantid Queens were destroyed by orbital strikes. Ara-Nii safely left Tsavan and Nahortenk. Their troops were defeated in 6 major battles in space. By order of the Artandir President Vespasian Salieri, a special operation was organized to restore the Lost Worlds. For this, Salieri spent enough financial resources of the republic. However, later the local opposition came out against the Artandir leader. It came to demands for the president's resignation. The fault was that Salieri raised taxes on the use of energy in the republic as much as possible, and at the same time illegally took part of the funds for the Restoration of Tsavan and Nahortenk.
After the resignation of Salieri, a political crisis almost occurred in the country. Demonstrations and protests raged almost every day. The crime rate has increased. But the Junial Party of the Republic promoted their representative, Cedric, from a galaxy-renowned rock band, to the presidency. Thus, it was Cedric who became the next president of Artandir, receiving 63% of the vote.
The operation to Restore the Lost Worlds was completed only by 2595, when the war in the galaxy was already in full swing.
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Psi-Scream 2589

According to Coalition Protocol, nothing supernatural happened in 2589, and the mysterious deaths of several psionics in the galaxy are just a series of accidents. However, the death of the adepts was not at all due to a heart attack or stroke. Among the dead were young psionics. The phenomenon, dubbed "Psi-scream", lasted for at least one minute. However, this has led to an upsurge of dizziness and fainting among those of extraordinary strength. In the Elfurr Empire, claims about "Psi-Scream" are being denied. But rumors spread among journalists that the phenomenon was not at all an accident.
Already during the Acheronian Galactic War, information began to appear that the mysterious cry heard by psionics in the year 89 was a harbinger of the largest conflict of all times and peoples. And there was also an opinion that he could be somehow connected with the Old Gods, the mention of which almost never occurs. According to myths and legends, in more ancient times for the galaxy, during the war with the Old Gods, a phenomenon also occurred, called the "Scream", a monstrous psi-outrage that killed many adepts ("sorcerers", as people said in the old era). But this is perceived only as legends and chants, something like the tales of the Etterian skalds. However..... Anything is possible.
Perhaps the Old Gods are returning again?
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Mysterious pirate attacks to the Tramontina kingdom, 2591

The Kingdom of Tramontina, an ally of Elfurr and part of the Galaxy Coalition, suffered a series of corsair attacks in 2591. Pirate fleets attacked suddenly. Trading posts or asteroid military bases often became targets of attacks. Admiral Giuseppe Sforza created an entire task force to search for the attackers. By personal order of Queen Georgette and the Supreme State Council, a real hunt for pirates began. Sforza tracked down the movements of the corsair fleets and destroyed them without pity. All merchant ships, especially those belonging to the Merchant's Guild, were closely guarded by warships. The country has a new law prohibiting piracy and smuggling. The police and the Carabinieri carefully monitored the execution of royal decrees. However, the pirate attacks continued.
In the middle of 2591, there was a large-scale attack on a military base located on the asteroid Sfenjo. As a result of the raid, up to 3,000 soldiers of the Tramontine army were killed. But Captain Farinni Prada, who was at the base, successfully held off the attack with an anti-space weapon. He held back the enemy almost single-handedly. For this, Queen Georgette awarded him the Knight's Cross of Tramontina. Admiral Sforza set up an advisory board on issues related to piracy. He suggested that Georgette arrange a series of checks among the courtiers to detect cooperation with the corsairs. But the queen refused, saying that it was more like "terror and repressions."
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"Hassan Industries" and its will to mechanical power

The position of 'Hassan Industries' (sometimes the name is "Khassan") headed by the world famous Dr. Hassan of Tunkar, is entirely for the initiative to replace living soldiers with mechanical ones. "If there was a will, the entire army of Nargon Democratic republic would consist of iron," the head of the company once said. However, as mentioned above, many military clans and descendants of ancient aristocrats, who are listened to by the presidents of the country, are strongly opposed to the replacement initiative. Moreover, in certain areas of the NDR, especially in rural areas, robots are feared. Local residents still believe that an evil spirit can move into the "soulless car", and then it will become uncontrollable.
In Gambray, robots are indispensable. For the period 2593, the terror threat level varied around 60%. Hasan Industries drones have done a lot of work in the fight against terrorists and the cults of the "old gods". Moreover, Hasan has developed special robots that literally look like people. They were called "Androids of Hassan". The first prototypes could disguise themselves as humans using a holo-deception system. Others were completely bioandroids. Each Ushkuy-Gambra police unit has 2 androids and one robot with a holo-system.
Usually these robots are the first attackers during the assault on terrorist positions.
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Strange "Damned" Stones question
Recently (at the end of the 26th century) mysterious stones began to come to light more and more, driving crazy anyone who touches them. They are found in different places, mainly on ancient temples or menhirs located on the territory of abandoned worlds. But sometimes they come across on quite developed and inhabited planets. They have already been mentioned in the Nargon Republic. President Shein was very preoccupied with the mysterious "magic" finds he had found among the Ancient Gods Sectarians.
But few people know that this kind of "sorcerous stones" were also found on Etteria, the planet of King Hruntin Haraldson. By order of the king, this information was classified. And very carefully.
The purpose of these stones is still unknown. But it is known that they have a very strong effect on the mind, causing the psychopathic effect of "amok". And this is at least.