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Title: "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
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"Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released

For now its released. But soon here will be the full translated fantasy\sci-fi book with Google.drive link. Of course, its absolutely FREE, don`t even ask me about the money, please. Just give me 2 billion euro and a chocolate pie for this and no more. ;) ha ha! again joke! All is free, as i said :)

About period of this biggest story you can read there.

Short annotation:

20,000 BC. 22,500 years before the events of the Acheronian War. The galaxy is in danger again. A huge human empire called Hyperborea, which controls thousands of stars, is facing the threat of global war and split. On the planet Zabergan-Prime, an uprising of the military from the Nicomedian race breaks out. Former allies overthrow Lord-Governor Zholt Thornwald Krazhinsky and establish a dictatorial regime. The terrorists leader claims to be acting on the orders of the Impeccable Empire, the largest dictatorial power that has long rivaled Hyperborea. The governor of Zabergan-Prime was captured along with the entire administration. Then the Hyperborean command organizes a special operation to free the governor Krazhinsky. An order was given - to save the governor, to eliminate all rebels and prevent war with the Impeccable Empire, with which relations are already at a limit. The best operatives of Hyperborea were trained for the operation, powerful psi-special forces with witchcraft abilities. But none of them yet knows what exactly they will face, and what awaits the galaxy in the next day. They do not yet know that this is only part of a mysterious and sinister plan, according to which the Old Universe should be destroyed. The Time of Darkness Lord is coming.....

Prologue (translated fully):

20,000 BC.

Planet Zabergan-1
Distant Regions of the Hyperborean Empire.

The territory of the Palace of the Assessors.

- Hah, and this is a great man, - a mocking voice was heard from somewhere above, - A great man on Zabergan. The one whose name is pronounced almost in a whisper, as if he is God. Or even worse.

After these words, the strongest blow of a steel fist fell on Zholt Krazhinsky. The captive leader of the planet almost turned off again from such a captive, but the fanatics who were torturing him at the moment did not want to deprive such a high-ranking person at all. In less than a second, a copious portion of ice water was poured onto Krazhinsky. And again this unfortunate man felt a terrible headache. His eyes, downcast, stared into nothingness, and his soul seemed to be separated from the body, but still was not far away. Weakness covered the ruler entirely, almost preventing him from making a move.

“Wake up, Mr. Governor,” this rather familiar voice rang out again. - Good morning to you! I hope you feel better?

The torturers nevertheless took mercy and decided to give the ruler at least a few seconds in order to somehow come to his senses. Shaking his head in different directions, Krazhinsky has already begun to examine the images around him, in this rather spacious room. He found himself still in the Assessor's Palace, apparently in one of his living rooms. The ruler remembered well how the capture group stormed the structure in a few minutes, and the defenders did not even have adequate resistance. Now Krazhinsky saw those attackers around him. Two of them held him by the arms.

The first person who caught his eye was a rather familiar character for him. He clearly remembered how he personally awarded him the rank of colonel. Then, he gave him at his disposal a whole platoon of elite guardsmen, who were not so long ago famous for their bravery in the fight against pirates. These veterans were considered the worst of the worst, and there was no one with a good heart among them. And now these people, together with a friend for Krazhinsky, a colonel, stood with weapons at the ready and looked at the ruler himself, as if at a dog.

- Grigarovich .... - the first secretary barely squeezed out of himself, seeing a familiar bearded face, - So ..... So it was you all the time ....... You ..... a dirty traitor. .....

One of the soldiers from the n-sai race, dressed in a brown uniform, was already about to pour good presents to Krazhinsky, but a stern colonel, dressed in an older-fashioned uniform, stopped him. Colonel Markohyosip Grigarovich, a semi-Median with yellowish skin, looked with hatred in his eyes at the ruler of the planet, who was respected by many people in the country. Krazhinsky had never seen so much insane rage in the eyes of this man. He was truly amazed at the infernal fire that raged within the warlord.

- Yes, - Grigarovich growled angrily, touching the hilt of his saber with his hand, - It was me all the time. As you can imagine, this whole epic of the terrorist attack in Brassingan is my idea. They all had good protection. Those you thought were frenetics are actually the true servants of Azis the Unsullied. As I. And I am far from a traitor ..... I am a loyal subject of His Majesty!

Hearing such speeches, Krazhinsky himself flared up, like an ancient dragon.

- Azis is a tyrant! - the ruler shouted angrily, - He put enough people! Do you want to annex our country to his possessions? What do we end up with ....? A sea of ​​violence! Hunger, constant poverty, theft and murder! And also .... Hard labor, imprisonment and massacres of demonstrators! That's what Azis Excelsior is!

This time the colonel did not interfere with one of his soldiers. Another blow of his fist fell on Krazhinsky, which almost broke his skull. In severe pain, the governor bowed his head down, trying to move away from the terrible agony. Grigarovich's soldiers have always been famous for their strong grip.

- Azis is mighty! - Markohyosip immediately answered with a proud face, - And only he is able to save us from the impending threat!

- What do you care about Azis ..... - the governor wheezed heart-rendingly, - You are from this planet. Your father and mother lived and grew up here! They were plowmen. And you decided to betray me! Betray your homeland! Betray Hyperborea! Betray your emperor!

But Grigarovich only smiled maliciously upon hearing such words. Moreover, the soldiers who were nearby laughed derisively. Especially their laughter intensified when the ruler mentioned the very Hyperborea, which had been seized by the crisis for two years already. But at the same time, such a powerful anger was present in the eyes of the fanatics that Krazhinsky immediately understood everything. These soldiers, including the colonel himself, terribly hated not only the first secretary, but also the entire current government. But until recently, they swore allegiance to the new government.

- Do not rush, sire, - said Grigarovich in an ominous voice, finally exposing his saber, - If they found me in the hayloft, it does not mean that the people who nursed me were my parents ... Now it does not matter. They have already died ...

Markohyosip smiled wickedly.

- I killed them. Yes .... I may be a son of a , but I shouldn't have let them live. They knew the secret. They knew everything.

The overthrown governor heard a distant noise, so much like the rumble of exploding shells. He tried to glance to the left, and the first thing he saw was a wide-open window. As soon as he looked at the panorama that opened before him, a great horror gripped his heart. Far in the distance, the blazing buildings of his hometown were visible. The great city of Zaberganis was engulfed in flames from all sides.

And Grigarovich only scoffed at all this, and especially at the grief of Krazhinsky himself. His cold cruelty sometimes struck even his own warriors. He was the real embodiment of malice.

- In fact, Azis was my father! - the Colonel said in a brutally cold voice, - Knocked up my mother during one of his trips. He was very depraved, but at the same time wise. There is enough wisdom in him.


- Then why did you kill your mother? Nicomedian? - Zholt exclaimed angrily, trying not to scream from the pain penetrating his entire body.

- Not because he was the son of Azis, - replied Grigarovich, grinning, - It's just that the mother and stepfather knew something that is better for others not to know. That is why I had to eliminate them. It was necessary. Of course, I did it quietly .... Just add a little arsenic .... And it's done.

Krazhinsky turned sharply towards his captor. Now his soul was filled with rage on all sides. The governor wanted to grab any weapon in the room. But the strong hands of the two fighters restrained his anger. In addition, when Zholt tried to wiggle, the grip of his vicious captors increased.

- What do you want?! - Crazhinsky cried furiously, - Do you want to join this planet to the Throne of Ninurta? Does he agree? Does Azis accept it? I somehow can't believe that the Impeccable Empire would want to deal with a mother-killer and a psychopath!

Grigarovich flew up to the captive and exhausted Zsolt with frantic speed, and immediately grabbed him by the throat with his left hand. There was nothing in Jerome's eyes but monstrous hatred.
- Aren't you murderers? - Grigarovich roared in a frenzy, - Remind you what you did during the War of the Five Colonies? How many people have you killed?

Krazhinsky tried to pull away from the colonel's tight grip, but simply failed. The weakness that gripped his body suddenly began to intensify. The Governor clearly realized his doom.
- These people ... deserve ... death ... - Zsolt croaked barely audibly, - They deserve ...

- Perhaps you are partly right, - Markohyosip suddenly smiled again, - But you too. You deserve to die, too. And all your supporters today will pay for their sins. I endured humiliation for so many years .... And I made my way to power. And so ... I finally reached the peak of my power. And all because I have friends, my lord Krazhinsky. I have friends! And they helped me well to carry out my plans ...

With these words, Grigarovich thrust his gloved fist right into the chin of the deposed ruler. The former people's leader staggered. His eyes were already beginning to roll like those of a dead man.
Seeing that the prisoner was too weak, two hefty n-sais immediately released the unfortunate, and Krazhinsky's body collapsed to the floor. Life was still flowing in the weakened Zholt, but he perfectly understood that this was only temporary.

And the evil colonel named Markohyosip continued to smile, and this smile could truly be called sadistically evil. Tearing off his head from the fallen Zholt, the alien turned his gaze towards the three guardsmen. These warriors stood behind him, armed with blasters, waiting for any order.

- Shoot the whole committee, - the colonel ordered in a cold tone, - and we will play with this dog again. Let's see what he has to say when we bring his family members to him.
Krazhinsky no longer heard these words, as consciousness left his body. He just lay on the floor, not making a single rustle. The former ruler of the planet seriously looked like the murdered one.
- And what about the people on the streets? - followed by the question of one of the soldiers, - Zholt has too many supporters. Not everyone will want to obey you, sire. Moreover, it is not known how Azis himself will react to this.

Markohyosip smiled at this even more ominously, like a demon. He was especially pleased with the title appeal that had just been voiced from the lips of the guard. Grigarovich already felt like a real ruler, although there was no crown on his head. The lust for power so overwhelmed him that he almost lifted himself to the very limits of the galaxy.

“Shoot to kill,” Grigarovich said with the same grin. “Those who refuse to recognize the Impeccable Empire will be mercilessly destroyed. Let them know who the new ruler is now. Let them know that no other government will save Zabergan. No pagans who think they are Gods will seize the sacred throne.

The awareness of one's own greatness was already simply bursting out from all sides. Grigarovich disposed of the guards as if they were slaves. He always saw them as nothing more than servants. All his life he dreamed of absolute and limitless power, and now, she finally touched him with her tender hand. Soon, very soon, he will rule over all his slaves legally, as the true ruler and deputy of the One who is worthy to rule All. And no one dares to challenge him, no one ever.

"So ... Everything is going as we planned ...." - Grigarovich continued his speech in a whisper.


Translated continuation you will find later.... Its working and its working hard.....
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Castle`Taer. Zoran's second residence.
Planet Taer.

"Nan'Kai," came the cruel voice of the stern master. - Listen to me.....
 Castellan jerked sharply. When the sovereign spoke aloud, the souls of many of his followers froze. This happened almost always. The commandant of the fortress had not yet felt the fiercer cold. Every word of the overlord made his body turn into a statue.
Governor Zoran at first glanced angrily at the castellan, but then, seeing his fear, immediately cheered up. This tall and mysterious man with bright crimson eyes broke into a smile. And the castellan, though he looked like a gloomy knight in black armor, still now looked like a pitiful sheep, trembling even from one wave of the shepherd's staff.
- Yes .... Lord Zoran ..... - Nan'Kai muttered, turning very pale.
- Lord Zoran, huh ..., - the red-eyed gentleman grinned at this, - We are all brothers here ... How long we went together with you! How many battles! And counting will not work. And you to me .... Lord Zoran .... No. There will be no more masters. I am the same as you! Let you obey me .... Even though you are appointed castellan in Petraberg, but you are my brother! My comrade!
 Castellan, of course, understood that the sovereign did not think so. The half-blood alien has long been at war with those whom he so clearly called the forces of evil. Nevertheless, Nan'Kai had no doubt that this entity wanted the same as its enemies. Authorities. Absolute and limitless power. Zoran's methods were very similar to those of the tyrants from the "banana worlds". He has long used the propaganda of his esteemed brother on many planets, even those that did not belong to the Impeccable Empire. However, getting rid of the old faith, they accepted a new one, much more dangerous and addictive.
“Yes, I'm sorry, Mr. Zoran,” the castellan said, bowing, “Of course. We are brothers here. But still .... I believe that everyone should have respect for you.
“And let them decide for themselves,” the red-eyed snapped at this, smiling even wider.
 With those words, Zoran finally turned to the jumble of monitors that occupied half of this giant square room. Here the harsh ruler and "best governor" in the universe set up a secret communication center a long time ago. This is where broadcasting originated. From here the voice of "hope" and "faith in a bright future" was heard. Many who listened to Zoran and his precious brother, the emperor, believed his every word, as they took it as the only force fighting against evil.
 Pressing armored fingers against one of the keyboard buttons, Zoran grimaced again. Then he glanced at the castellan again, and then pointed to the central screen with his hand. The screen on which his giant image appeared. In the picture, he didn't look like himself at all. He resembled a crippled war veteran who fought so fiercely against enemies that he did not care at all about his own body.
 The broadcast began.
"Good morning, Galaxy! Today we will tell you about the exploits of the valiant soldiers of His Imperial Majesty Azis Excelsior! Long live the Emperor! Long live the Impeccable Empire!"
In total, Zoran's speech lasted at least ten minutes. He actively promoted the activities of his esteemed brother and did it extremely successfully. Yet deep down, he longed for his own greatness rather than a long summer for Azis, the true ruler of the Impeccable Galactic Shahinshah Empire.
  The image soon disappeared, followed by a huge red symbol on the screen. It resembled the ancient letter "E", and many have long known what exactly it means. Many inhabitants of doomed planets perceived him as something divine and holy, for something that carries light and love in itself. How wrong they were .... What a delusion befell these unfortunates when they learned that in reality everything was not at all like that.
- Yeah .... - Zoran smiled again, being pleased with his own speeches, - These words will go down in the history of the universe for a long time. Soon my brother and I will rid her of all evil forces! The time will come ... The time will come when we will unite the entire galaxy under one banner.
 After the spoken remark, the red-eyed man allowed himself to look towards his castellan. Nan'Kai continued to stand with his head bowed down. He really looked like a simple servant waiting for the order of the master. No matter how Zoran tried to convince the castellan of his "brotherhood", he still remained unequal to him and put himself on many ranks below. However .... it was so.
“I have a special order for you,” the red-eyed man said in a harder voice. - Order ... There is one thing. In the Hyperborean system of Zabergan, a strange guy appeared who imagined himself the illegitimate son of our emperor. His name is Markohyusip Grigarovich. And he became a colonel with them. So ... everything would be fine. But recently he seized power there and staged a coup. He screams loudly that my precious brother Azis Excelsior is his father and invites us to include Zabergan in the Impeccable Empire. What does this mean for us? War with Hyperborea. Go there and grab this asshole.
 Nan'Kai never raised his head. He remained standing in the same servile attitude, like an aranguto servant. Now he looked incredibly pitiful and almost insignificant in the eyes of the master.
- And…. how will i do it? - were heard timid words from the mouth of the castellan. - By oneself?
- Yes. Since the Hyperboreans are also our enemies, only unofficial, do everything on the sly before their punitive fleet arrives in the system, - followed the order of Zoran, - Don't let the Hyperboreans get Grigarovich. Capture it first, then bring it here. I really want to know who he works for.
“Understood,” Nan'Kai replied obediently, “But… many people think that he really works for your brother, your highness…. That is, Mr. Zoran. And what about reinforcements?
- I know this without you, - said the governor, - but my brother did not send any Grigarovich to Zabergan to include him in the system. This colonel wants to push our states against each other. To be honest, I'm sick of the Hyperboreans. Azis is of the same opinion. But no one wants war with them either. War will destroy the galaxy. And our goal is to unite all types under one banner. Grigarovich started a dangerous game. Capture him and head straight for Petraberg. Put him to sleep with the poison of the Tratorian sarcosuchus. It will knock down the elephant too. Fly there alone. Anonymously.
- Yes…. Mr. Zoran. How…. As you command.
- Now follow General Narses in the briefing room. You will get clearer instructions there. Now I have to go. A conference with the Elfurr embassy takes time.

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Orbit of the planet Geos. Sun Sector.
Space station of the Hyperborean Empire "Mjolnir".

- Well? New planet again? - Captain Nikolai Krasic smiled, - You are not bad at life! Fun!
- Whatever it is! - Consul Gerpinus, a tall gray-haired old man in a full battle suit, answered with some bewilderment, - Fun .... Again volcanic worms. We haven’t appeared on Tsipranium for so many years, but here you are. So fly there now, be engaged in worm-drinking.
- Well, good luck to you there, - said the commander, - you will need it.
- Thank you, - answered the veteran, - And the same to you.
- Why should we, - Krasic dismissed, - We have no assignments yet. High Marshal Clotilde has not sent it yet. Although, I expect his people to appear any minute. Very impatient to go somewhere. Conquer new worlds, establish contacts with alien civilizations ... Ehhh .....
Old warrior bowed slightly, and then headed toward a large, long corridor.
“Have a good day, Consul,” said Krasic, following the old man with his eyes.
Gerpinus didn`t answered his brother.
When the elderly veteran disappeared into one of the giant rooms, Krasic hurried to his command cell. Clotilde was about to give him a new assignment. He had long expected the appearance of some emissaries. And to the great joy of Nicholas, the ambassadors of the great marshal soon appeared.
 There was a soft knock on the cell, and the commander immediately opened the door. Before him appeared one of the young men who had been taken into the Defense Army quite recently. His name was Tillonius. He appeared to be no more than twenty years old. Still quite a youth for combat operations.
“His Excellency asks you to appear in the Hall of Meetings,” Tillonius said after bowing, “This is urgent.
- Well, finally, - clapping his hands, said Krasic, - I really thought that today the lights out again. Bartholomew will get drunk again ... .. Eh ... ... Apparently, he will have to wait out with a drink.
Krasic immediately put on his ceremonial cuirass and helmet, and then girded himself with a ceremonial sword. Tillonius waited for him at the door, and then, when Nikolai was completely ready, they went together to an appointment with the greatest master of war. They walked quite quickly, especially the young fighter was in a hurry. Tillonius has already become famous as a rather impatient character.
Less than three minutes later, they reached the Reception Hall. They traveled only twenty floors in a huge, spacious elevator. The doors opened very quickly, and Nikolai and Tillonius found themselves in a new corridor.
The corridor looked strange. There weren't even wallpapers and murals here. The walls were surprisingly stone, and smacked of extreme archaism. Various paintings by ancient artists hung everywhere. Nikolai looked at them all with interest. For a moment, he fixed his gaze on a rather vile painting of a huge creature with long bull horns and webbed wings. The monster's eyes were bright purple and seemed to be watching everyone who looked around at them. The monster's face was twisted with fierce hatred and rage. This essence instilled some fear in Nikolai's soul. Krasic became even more perplexed, realizing that he had never seen such an image before. Why did the grand marshal hang it out? What prompted him to do this?
- Hmm .... well, art is here, - said Krasic, - Such a monster......
- What? - Abruptly stopping, said Tillonius, - What are you talking about, sir?
“Look there,” said Nikolay, also stopping, pointing his finger in the direction of the awful picture.
- Ha-ha, - the young man laughed cheerfully, - Well, you have a taste. You don't know how to appreciate beauty, sir. Forgive me.
- Beauty? - Krasic barked with irritation, - What a beauty in a disgusting monster ... This is ...
But the commander did not have time to finish his sentence. He turned his gaze to the picture, which, just a second ago, displayed an eerie monster. However, now there was no monster on it.
The image changed dramatically. It showed some kind of luminous deity, surrounded on all sides by twinkling stars. It was a truly wonderful portrait of an unknown entity. Krasic noticed that under the feet of the deity there is an incredibly beautiful garden, in which he could see giant apple trees, hung with fruits.
- Strange ..... - said Nikolay, - But the picture was completely different.
“I don’t know, sir,” Tillonius said in bewilderment. “This is the greatest creation of Dorian Tavrian. "The Great Arkhay" is called. One of the deities in the mythology of the Nippur people. A beautiful masterpiece ... This essence symbolizes light, harmony and peace ... And you tell me about monsters ... Hmm ... ..
“Strange,” Krasic said in a monotone.
More recently, this picture displayed a creepy horned monster. Nikolai remembered seeing him. He could even describe exactly what it looked like. But now the image has completely changed. All this looked rather strange and incomprehensible. Why suddenly such a terrible creature appeared before Krasic's eyes, and then it instantly transformed into something beautiful and delightful. The captain observed such a phenomenon for the first time. Something was wrong here ...
- Probably, after yesterday he did not leave, - Nikolay said, shaking his head, - Sorry, man.
- Nothing, sir, - Tillonius answered in the same bewilderment, - It happens ...
Throwing the strange thoughts out of their heads, Krasic and his companion went to the Reception Hall for a conversation with the great commander of the Hyperborean Empire.

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Just finally got round to starting reading this - sorry, I've been very preoccupied recently with work. It's interesting :)

I find myself wanting a bit more description than you tend to give: you tend to write action largely with relatively little to visualise the scene by, so a few details of what the characters and rooms look like would help (especially this is true in science fiction settings like this where the look and feel of the place is less what readers will come with an already good idea of). It would also give the reader a bit more time to absorb the large amounts of lore information that are clearly important on the various factions and cultures which I know you've put a lot of thought into. Looking forward to more!
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Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The central office of the bifin`exotrorch Annuvanka `Kuahtemok XVII.

“I said that I will not answer,” Kuakhtemok said menacingly, striking the floor with his foot. - Let them do what they want.
Dressed in crimson robes, bifin`exotrorch was adamant. All his entourage knew perfectly well that if he decides something, it is unlikely that he will change it. His will was too great. And therefore, none of the yellow-skinned Nicomedians present in the hall dared to prevent her. Kuakhtemok has already fed to the dismemberment whales many of his relatives, who decided to subject his power to severe criticism.
However, one of the novices of the bifin`exotrorch, who worked in the office of the City of Power, still did not calm down. He always knew that Nicomedia was in alliance with many countries. With Farrukh, for example, they had an Eternal Alliance for a long time. And right now the novice watched that Kuakhtemok was moving away from the old values.
- But you are worried by agent Iilfan, your piety, - pleaded the Nicomedian, bowing his head in front of the ruler, - She demands .... That is, it wants to hear your voice. She believes that the one with whom you had the honor to meet is guilty of the Zabergan situation ... There are fears that this Grigarovich is somehow tied to him. Maybe….
- I told you, - the vifin-exotrorh sharply raised his voice, - that I will not answer. Tell her that I am busy in negotiations.
- What should I tell van Chupalorkhorn? - the question was heard, - He is also in touch. And the Hyperboreans want to know what happened with us.
Kuakhtemok fiercely flashed his violet eyes. He did not tolerate disobedience in general.
“I told you,” the ruler growled in a lower, but at the same time threatening tone, “I will not answer their calls. I'm busy negotiating. Cut off the connection with everyone. Put Nicomedia into the isolation. Do you hear me? Nicomedia into the complete isolation. Now!
The bifin`exotrorch turned sharply in the opposite direction and looked out the giant window. It would seem that the petitions of the clerical workers did not bother him at all. When the ruler turned his back on his subjects, this meant only one thing - that the conversation was over, and over for a long time. He didn’t even think to send all the servants out. They did it themselves, for him. In less than a moment, the yellow-skinned henchmen of the exotrorh wifin left the room.
Kuakhtemok was left standing all alone. He gazed out the window, beyond which stretched the majestic panorama of the main capital of Nicomedia. The giant conical skyscrapers of the City of Powers appeared before his gaze. They were erected many thousands of years ago and now almost reached the clouds. Kuakhtemok winced for a second. He even felt sorry for these buildings. After all, they are all doomed, like most of the universe. He briefly remembered the first time he considered them, having received the position of bifin`exotrorch of Nicomedia. Remembered how was admired such beautiful industrial views. He loved to look at the majestic buildings, always admired their gigantic height. And the head of Nikomedians always knew that any form, even the most beautiful, sooner or later collapses. “We live in a world of decaying forms,” he recalled the words spoken by his mysterious ally.
- What a pity that all this is doomed, - said Kuakhtemok sadly, once again looking at the panorama, - But since this is his plan, then so be it.
At the same moment, a strange squeak was heard from a mysterious device mounted in the auricle of the bifin`exotrorch. He sent a mental impulse and answered the call.
“Yes, sir,” came his trembling voice.
Goosebumps ran quickly down my spine. Scarlet spots appeared on his face, clearly indicating intense excitement.
- Have you dispatched the ships yet? - Something unknown rasped right in Kuakhtemok's ear, - Did you do what we planned?
- Yes, my lord,…. They are already on their way to Zabergan, - replied the ruler, - Five copies of "Tulothrone" are already there. And with them and 40,000 soldiers. Everything is done as you ... ordered.
- Well, great, in that case you can detonate a seismic bomb, - the same grinding rattle was heard, - This will lead to the destruction of an entire tectonic plate. But you shouldn't be afraid. All that is to come has been foreseen. The old universe must die. You will live. Just like everyone else. But already in new bodies. Remember this.
- I'm not afraid…. - lied Kuakhtemok, while becoming more and more stained, - If you so desire, then so be it.
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- Although it is strange, but for some reason analysts are inclined to one opinion, - said Darius Hornfirth, one of the prominent military leaders of the Empire and the chief-justiciar of Geos.
When Krasic saw exactly who was in the Council Hall, he was bewildered. He certainly hadn't expected to see Hornfirth here. However, Sergeant Bartholomew had the same thoughts. They had no idea that everything was so serious.
The short but stately Justiciar Hornfirth sat in a sumptuous chair opposite High Marshal Clotilde, dressed in a dark robe with runes. He preferred to keep his arms crossed, almost always. Clotilde, a tall, long-haired and bearded man, took the usual chair reserved for scribes. He did not stand out in anything special. He did not even put on a ceremonial uniform, but preferred to wear an ordinary officer's overcoat.
Both commanders were deeply alarmed. Their faces were neither fresh, let alone healthy. On the contrary, a strange whiteness has appeared on them lately. Hornfirth's eyes were sparkling, as if he were about to cry.
- And what do you think it is? - Clotilde exclaimed, looking at Darius with a stern look, - Is it really sorcery?
- Analysts record disturbances within the many worlds of Hyperborea, - Hornfirth responded to this, - Therefore, it was decided to use psi-special forces. Many adherents believe that Zabergan is not a simple uprising at all.
- Certainly not simple, - the marshal nodded, - The whole planet rebelled against the authorities.
Krasic and Bartholomew just stood and listened to the discussion of the situation on Zabergan Prime. All of them have already managed to find out about what happened. But why the commanders suddenly started talking about some kind of magic - Nicholas did not understand. He simply did not see any connection between Hornfirth's words and the Zabergan uprising. What happened in that system is nothing more than an ordinary putsch.
“That’s not the point,” the Justiciar said. “Psi-Control analysts believe it may be related to recent events in the Farrukh Empire.
The Marshal furrowed his brows. He also managed to find out this information. Both external and internal intelligence of the empire repeatedly mentioned what was happening there.
- I do not believe that one .... wizard can be connected with this, - Clotilde shook his head, - This sorcerer really annoyed Farrukh and their allies. But where are we? We are a thriving empire in the galaxy. And besides…. Zabergan Prime. Well, why should he split the whole system from us? It is of no strategic interest.
“Perhaps this is just a deceptive maneuver,” Hornfirth concluded. “I don’t know. But somehow we lost touch with Nicomedia, and I don't know why. I informed the Embassy about my desire to contact the vifin-exotrorh Kuakhtemok. But I didn't get any contact. Nicomedia is just blocked. We can't reach their government headquarters. We even lost contact with all our agents on their lands.
Clotilde snapped his fingers nervously. This is what he usually did when something very disturbed him. The last time a Grand Marshal allowed himself to get nervous was during the War of the Five Colonies. He feared that the uprisings would lead to a global civil war, but it still managed to be avoided, although not without heavy losses.
“It's good that our allies responded,” Darius continued his speech. “Even the Impeccable Empire. Although Azis considers an ally ... perhaps only he himself. Others have long perceived him as a tyrant and dictator.
- Azis is also worried, right? - The marshal asked at once.
Hornfirth nodded.
“Something incomprehensible has been going on in the Impeccable Empire for a long time,” said the Justiciar. “In recent months, there have been continuous crop failures. Drought has hit at least a hundred worlds. And the other two even had volcanic eruptions. And at the same time.
- Once again, how is this connected with the uprising in Zabergan? - the marshal muttered with displeasure, - I beg your pardon…. But events like a drought on the other side of the galaxy…. How can it be connected with a military mutiny at all? Or are you thinking about that wizard again?
Darius allowed himself a faint smile.
- I understand that you do not trust the psi-adepts too much, - said the dignitary, - But still….
“No, you don’t understand, my lord,” interrupted Clotilde, “I trust them. And I personally command the psionic forces of the empire, if you haven't forgotten that. But I don’t understand why the drought in the Impeccable Empire could have any connection with Zabergan….
Meanwhile, Bartholomew and his loyal friend Krasic still continued to stand still and listen to their commanders. Somewhere in the depths, the captain felt that there was still some truth in the words of the imperial dignitary. However, he tried his best not to let such dangerous and insane thoughts into his mind. He also heard about the events in the Farrukh empire, as well as about the drought in the Azis state, and had already managed to discuss this matter with Bartholomew over a glass of beer. But at the same time, Nikolai did not think that all this could be connected with one person or who he was there, in any case, he did not think so far.
“Something similar was already announced in the Farrukh Empire,” Hornfirth said thoughtfully. “They also talked about drought and crop failures. Volcanic eruptions also occurred, though not on two, but on three planets at once. And then ... you already know. It almost came to a civil war.
- All the same, it does not seem to me that the military revolt has any connection with this ... .. Marfur-Nirari, - Clotilde said to this.
For the first time in a long time, he allowed himself to say that name. And he himself did not notice how he suddenly felt uneasy. A chill ran down his spine. In addition, my hands suddenly became incredibly cold, as if they had touched ice before.
The same sensations overtook everyone present in the Council Hall. Even Bartholomew, who was always a heated warrior, suddenly felt a mysterious cold.
- In any case, we will figure it out, - Darius Hornfirth's trembling words were heard, - Yes ... We will figure it out ……
“I hope,” the grand marshal nodded. “That is why we are sending our fleet.
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A day later.

Planet Artandir Prime. Geostationary Orbit.
Intercom space station "Telbert".

The psi-agent of the Hyperborean empire, Yuri Ernalltsev, quickly walked towards the gigantic living room, in which a fairly large number of people were crowded right now. Just in case, he checked for himself the presence of a talisman, given to him by his adoptive father. The amulet was a metal round with a clear image of a strange long-haired man. The father told him that this is a symbol of God, the very Creator who created everything around. He has repeatedly stated that someday this amulet will save his life and protect his neighbors.
 Today Ernaltsev had a very disturbing dream, one might say, a real nightmare. In it, he saw some strange and creepy creatures trying to tear him apart. After waking up, he quickly pulled on his adoptive father's amulet. After that, the old dreams disappeared like a hand. In the depths of his soul, Yuri knew that he would no longer take off the amulet. He hadn't worn it for a long time, until his dream today. The adept promised himself that from now on he would wear it until his death. For some reason, the Hyperborean thought that the operation, which he was told in the command, would be very important, and the mysterious amulet would come in handy. "He won't let you down," an inner voice told him, "Put it on and keep it to yourself."
 Yuri knew that Lord Clotilde had gathered enough allies to face the common enemy. And the warrior understood what exactly was the reason for such a gathering. Now he paced like a real mortal, although everyone had the honor to understand the whole truth about the outstanding psi-abilities of the great hero. Recently, Yuri's capabilities have begun to improve, and quite well. True, his colleague Hercules achieved real skill in this matter, truly unsurpassed for the entire psi-special forces of Hyperborea.
The Ernalltsev donned fully combat armor made by the craftsmen from Neferirikar. He proceeded to the meeting hall with complete confidence. The doors were wide open, and there were no guards on either side of them, so that the passage could be called completely free. As he thought, a real army was really assembled here. As soon as he entered the room, the first thing that caught his eye was the presence of new aliens and many representatives of the human race. Directly in front of him were three pig-like creatures, clearly of the Hrokan race. In addition, animal-like arangutos, dressed in luxurious golden armor, as well as representatives of the Kinos race, Draconids, N-Sai, Nikomedyans and even bear-like Velogar were located here. And of course, Elfurr, the famous allies of Hyperborea and the Impeccable Empire, also felt here as if they were on their home planets. The Impeccable Empire and the Draskov state sent their emissaries and envoys to the marshal himself. All these creatures have already managed to catch a glimpse of the heroism of Ernaltsev and his battle group.
 Bowing slightly to everyone present, Yuri moved forward and immediately bumped into Hercules. He stood and listened intently to the speeches of one of Draskov's generals, named Isidor Vulich. The armor on it was of fairly high quality, and was not created by human hands at all. In it, Hercules looked like a real otherworldly. Now he did not move at all, but simply watched Isidore's words. Ernalltsev did not interfere with him and simply sat down next to him.
- Hi ..... - Yuri whispered softly.
Hercules glanced briefly at his brother and nodded his head. Then they both continued to listen to the speech of the same general, so clearly gesticulating in front of a giant holographic screen. Yuri tried to find his Moscan friends among those present. In less than a few seconds, these guys appeared in the ranks of the cinema. Everyone already knew that for the military operation and the delivery of the terrorists of the Five Colonies to the hands of justice, Krasic received a new rank - captain of the 1st rank. Now he was officially considered the equal of many military leaders and even had a whole combat unit. But Yuri and Hercules refused any ranks and chose to remain just ordinary psi-agents.
 When General Vulich finished his lengthy speech, Grand Marshal Lord Clotilde decided to approach the image of the planet hovering in the air. Glancing once more at the hanging blue ball, the marshal turned his gaze towards the audience. He made sure that the attention of those present was riveted to him as much as possible.
“Let me continue,” Clotilde said, nodding toward Wulich.
The long-wattled general of Draskov reciprocated the ally, and then went into the ranks of his own adjutants and assistants, dressed in green uniforms.
- I am glad that we have secured good support, - Clotilde smiled slightly, examining all the assembled creatures, - We are grateful to our allies. Everyone. Especially…. Hmm ... .. to the representatives of the Impeccable Empire.

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At the words of the commander, one of the human commanders in this spacious room bowed. It was the same General Akbar the Thin, the envoy of the Emperor Azis Excelsior. This man clearly stood out in a scarlet uniform with gold epaulettes and trousers of the same color. He arrived here a couple of days ago with a whole army. Several of the Impeccable Empire's warships were in orbit around Artandir Prime right now. At any moment they were ready to go to war, which suddenly came to these lands. No sooner had the three warriors recovered from what they saw in the Five Colonies, as a new threat formed in the universe. A threat that could turn into a pretty impressive force.
- What happened on Zabergana a few days ago, clearly does not inspire anything bright, - said the marshal with sorrow in his eyes, - The terrorists who have taken power there are staging a nightmarish massacre. We recently learned that they gave orders to fire on hospitals and hospitals where there are thousands and thousands of wounded. Almost all cities are in ruins. Colonel Grigarovich even uses prohibited biological weapons.
 As soon as he spoke these words, the image of the planet immediately changed. Now a shining portrait of some Hyperborean commander was already hanging in the air, and not one hundred percent man, but partly a Nicomedian. Judging by his eyes, it could be noted that he had seen a lot in his life. He looked about forty years old, and there was gray streak on his thick greenish beard. The man's attire was rather old-fashioned. He wore a dark blue uniform with gold epaulettes and aiguillettes. His pantaloons also betrayed a passion for military uniforms that had long faded into oblivion. And the saber hanging on his side said a lot about his preferences. And this same half-man was exactly the very same Markohyosip Grigarovich, who recently staged a coup.
“We know that he is in favor of Zabergan's annexation to the Impeccable Empire,” Clotilde continued his speech, pointing to the portrait. ". But recently he renounced everything he did and announced his preference. He managed to crush the elite guard, which betrayed Krazhinsky. Zsolt was captured, and Grigarovich's fanatics began to massacre. Now this bastard is completely out of his mind and calls himself the governor of Zabergan on behalf of Azis Excelsior. Naturally, the Emperor of Impeccability does not recognize this terrorist. Grigarovich will never be king. Zabergan residents turned to us for help, and we will not refuse them. These are our lands. What Grigarovich is doing is much worse than war crimes. And about the information that we discovered the other day, perhaps, Mr. Akbar will tell us.
 A tall man in a scarlet uniform approached the holographic screen and stood next to Clotilde. A moment later, the glowing portrait disappeared from the living room, and the picture began to display a blue and shimmering planet in the Zabergan system again. And the one who was named "Mr. Akbar" slightly cleared his throat, since now it was his turn to speak.
- Yeah, - came the quiet voice of Hercules, - That is still a mess.
Yuri and Hercules understood that right now, clearly not encouraging news would fall upon them all. Akbar looked too depressed, and anxiety literally burst from his eyes. And this meant that the military leader was in great agitation, which he simply could not cope with.
“We discovered that Grigarovich has a strange weapon,” said Akbar, whose eyes were rapidly moving. “Our agents, together with representatives of other states, have figured out several foreign weapons that are now in the main headquarters of the traitor. He took over the Assembly's Palace, where party meetings were held. There he also keeps Krazhinsky along with several members of the board. He simply threw many of the officials out of the window, while others he shot with his own hands. But he spared the head of the administration. We are now afraid not so much for the fate of Krazhinsky, as for our further operation. Zsolt must be rescued at any cost. But the enemy fighters suddenly had strange technologies. It appears to be the latest in elfurr weaponry. And now there are no more secrets.
The image of the planet that was behind Akbar disappeared again and then began to change. Now all those present saw in front of them several samples of foreign rifles hovering in the air. They resembled outwardly ordinary laser sprayers, but their trunks were painted on all sides with unknown hieroglyphs. In addition, unknown streams of energy emanated from them, giving off a crimson glow. From the very sight of these weapons, many in the hall felt an eerie cold that came from somewhere inside. As if something terrible and monstrous had created such a dangerous weapon. Even Yuri, being a seasoned fighter, felt extremely strange, feeling sharp tingling sensations in the chest area.
- Several of Grigarovich's fighters are armed with the same Destroyers of Souls, - continued for his friend already Clotilde, - How they got there, we do not know. And here's what I'll tell you, my friends. Grigarovich could not invent such a terrible weapon with his own hands, and it is hardly possible to get it from Elfurr suppliers. We are dealing with someone's conspiracy. And most likely, Grigarovich is not at all the main figure.
At the word "conspiracy" many of the creatures who were here rang in their ears. Some have long assumed that someone is in control of all the latest wars. Especially, these rumors began during the War of the Five Colonies, when three organizers of the separatist movement committed suicide at once, as if on someone's command.
- Conspiracy ... - Hercules quietly whispered, glancing towards Yuri, - It is likely ....
- In any case, Krazhinsky must be rescued from there, - said the commander of the Impeccable Empire, - Whatever feuds we have with Hyperborea in the distant past, now we are allies. Zabergan people are subjects of Hyperborea. They are people like many of us. And they need help more than ever. That is why we all decided on this operation together.
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- So what, there is no connection at all? - Zoran exclaimed indignantly.
The governor and prince of the Impeccable Empire stared in bewilderment at his signalmen and operators of the Drone Center. None of these experts could connect to the Nicomedian Concord center. It was simply unrealistic to get through to the vifin-exotrorh. And no one understood the reason for this. The best of Zoran's communications workers did not know (and they were considered real veterans of their business) why Kuakhtemok and his administration did not want to receive signals. Signals were not received throughout Nicomedia. Operators were not even able to break through to the border sectors.
Everything was complicated by the fact that once upon the orders of Azis the Perfect, groups of observer drones were sent to the territory of Nicomedia. A similar operation was initiated by the shahinshah-emperor himself. His task was to carefully monitor potential rivals. The Flawless Empire had many enemies. Of allies, they recognized only Elfurr. The rest of the Empire of Impeccability was treated with extreme distrust. Considering the fact that the Nikomedians also faced Azis's troops at one time, it was necessary to play it safe. Special drones tracked the movements of Nicomedia's ships.
- This cannot be! Even with the probes, the signal is lost!
Only now, these drones are simply out of order. They were not available. Zoran had already phoned his brother the day before with a statement about the missing observation devices. Azis, hearing this, flew into a rage. He did not understand at all why there was no connection. One such drone cost several hundred million denarii, and besides, it was able to disguise itself as any space object.
“We can't explain it,” said one of the female cameramen sitting at the huge oval screen. “The drones just disappeared. And then the Nikomedians stopped responding. Not getting through to any planet, Mr. Zoran. The embassy has the same information.
- The impression that someone used EMP, - came the voice of a blue-haired young man from the Air race, who was sitting nearby, - They all disconnected at once. We even tried it over the internet. It's still a refusal.
“Yes, yes, it looks like EMP,” said the operator's neighbor, an old-fashioned communications veteran.
- And who applied this EMP? - almost in a frenzy cried Zoran. “Will anyone tell me what’s going on?”
The Governor was eager to know who exactly was responsible for destroying the scout probes. However, the emperor had an equally strong desire. Azis demanded an immediate clarification of the situation.
“EMP could not be applied on all planets at once, sire… that is, Mr. Zoran,” said a Kosatti girl who was a junior officer, “Although…. A series of terrorist attacks is possible.
Her pupils in bright yellow eyes narrowed a lot.
- Yeah, - the governor growled menacingly, - terrorist attacks. Of course! Just the same, someone took and organized a sabotage in thirty systems, and the devices were laid on every ship, in every portugaling dock .... So it turns out?
- And if it's AI? - suggested another signalman, distinguished by long tentacles, - This is also possible. Let's say…. Total seizure of Nicomedian planetary networks. It is not for nothing that His Majesty abandoned the use of AI in military spheres.
- And where did it come from? - Barked Zoran, - No, I do not understand at all! In the beginning, it's a portugaling uprising on Zabergan! And now there is no connection with Nicomedia! I'm not talking about drones! It's too sad! Billions of denarii to sarcosuchus in the ass!
The owner of the tentacles immediately fell silent. He clearly understood that he had blurted out too much. Although something in the depths of his soul suggested that there was some truth in this after all.
- That's what! Continue your attempts to contact Nicomedia, - the governor said angrily, - At least crack it! But find out all the reasons!
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While Akbar was finishing his speech, Yuri caught a glimpse of a rather strange person making his way straight to the holographic screen. He was amazed to see that this person was dressed in such an elegant and even luxurious armor, covering her entire body. And he was even more surprised when he discovered that this entity did not belong to the male sex at all, and besides, its height was much more than two meters. Ernalltsev admired such an irresistible creature that appeared here, as if from nowhere.
It was a woman from another world, descended from the ancient race of Farrukh. Yuri expected here to see many creatures from other worlds, but not from among the warriors from the Farrukh galaxy. And besides, the warlike maiden was so beautiful that the psi-adept simply froze in place. For a second, everything else simply disappeared for him, and before his eyes she only shone, irresistible and incredibly beautiful. He was amazed at her warlike figure, but at the same time insanely kind look. The purity of her soul was visible from her dark purple slanting eyes. Yuri has never felt such a strong surge of admiration.
Ernal'tsev followed her with his gaze to the very holo-projector, which was located in the central part of the living room. Hercules noticed the somewhat changed behavior of his comrade and somehow strangely, even jokingly glanced at his fellow.
- Wow, my little friend got up ... .. - Hercules quietly murmured. - You too?
- Shut up already, - the commander immediately answered, - Let me listen to what they have to say.
The other woman, meanwhile, had already proceeded to the marshal, who proudly stood in the center of the hall, and his companion from the Impeccable Empire. She glanced briefly at Yuri and somehow mysteriously smiled. From such a dazzling smile, Ernaltsev felt how an unknown warmth was beginning to form somewhere in the very depths of his mighty soul. Realizing this, he even shuddered, as if he were a mere mortal. He almost never felt that way. What was happening to him right now was the first time.
When a mysterious alien woman, clad in almost knightly armor, moved towards Clotilde, the marshal finished his previous speech and allowed himself to look the warrior in the eyes. Even he was amazed at her exquisite beauty, although at the same time he forced himself to immediately suppress feelings of admiration and get down to business.
- And now, perhaps, I will introduce you to another participant in the operation from the Farrukh race, - said Clotilde, nodding his head towards the alien that appeared, - This is Lady Iilfan Jamilakorngkorn. Her civilization is also concerned about the events on Zabergan, which is why she came to us. We are glad to welcome her among us! And it is also worth saying that she did not come alone, but with a whole detachment of fighters from the Farrukh Emperor himself.
The marshal spoke the last words with real enthusiasm. It was too noticeable in his eyes. Only now Yuri was not looking at the supreme commander at all and not even at his comrades everywhere. His attention was strictly focused on the arriving foreign woman. Yuri simply did not take his eyes off her, but literally pierced her through and through.
“Is there something you want to say, Lady Iilfan?” - the commander's question was heard.
The commander nodded her head and moved closer to the shining image. Meanwhile, the holo-picture began to change and now again displayed the very planet to which the punitive troops were supposed to go. Iilfan caught a glimpse of all the details of the ball hovering in the air, and studied them clearly. It was enough for her to look at the object just once, and she already had a complete idea of ​​it and its features.
- The government of the Farruh Sky Empire is concerned about provocations on Zabergan, - Iilfan said somehow dryly, - Grigarovich's uprising and his actions are clearly a provocation of alien forces. The kaiju want us to face the Impeccable Empire. We recently caught terrorists on one of our planets. They were aranguto. Two operatives. They tried to blow up rice warehouses. One of them confessed that he was sent by Markohyosip Grigarovich, colonel of the Hyperborean army. After that, Aranguto died. We understand that everything that happens is not accidental. The enemy is trying to set us all against each other. But we will not allow this through joint efforts. We will not allow kaiju to win.
The foreign woman finished her speech very quickly, but at the same time she said everything she wanted. Yuri also noticed that she glanced in his direction when she spoke. On the one hand, this made him very happy, but on the other, he could not even imagine that the Farrukh warrior would somehow pay attention to him. After all, she did not even know who exactly was in front of her. The psi agents from Hyperborea were not so well known to her. In addition, as they said in the Galaxy, it is not too easy to build a relationship with a Farrukh woman. Many preferred the elfurr maidens rather than the Sky Empire.
“So, as we said,” Clotilde spoke up, pointing again to the image of the planet, “I am in command of the flotilla and coordinate with the allies. Now in orbit of Zabergan are several ships of the Impeccable Empire, the guns of which are aiming at the fortresses captured by the forces of Grigarovich. The flotilla also includes the frigates of our allies. But soon we will all arrive there. In full force.
The commander still saw all the creatures present next to him. He swept his gaze over a number of allies and settled on Yuri and Hercules. Feeling the flames of inspiration emanating from Clotilde's eyes, Yuri involuntarily straightened up. He refocused his gaze from a beautiful foreign woman to a valiant leader.
“I remain in orbit and command the fleet,” the commander continued his monologue. “And our two psi-adepts, together with a large military group, pass through the portal and land in the capital. The portal leads directly to the territory of the Impreccable Empire's embassy. The embassy has already been turned into a citadel. It is there that Admiral Lucius Basilei Savrasov, the last representative of the Krazhinsky government and the interim head of the system, is located. Having landed on the territory of the embassy, ​​our agents will cooperate with local troops and go to storm the fortifications of Grigarovich, where they will take him and free the prisoners. But the enemy has a whole fortress there. He turned the Assembly's Palace into an impregnable castle. The fight will be tough.
The image in the background changed again and now showed an already gigantic tower, more than a hundred meters high. This huge majestic building was erected on Zabergan two thousand years ago. Now this structure was under the control of terrorists, who immediately took advantage of its advantages.
Clotilde would have gone on to explain the plan further, but at the same moment he was interrupted. Hercules a few seconds ago noticed how a strange man, dressed in a red military uniform, appeared from the side of the open doors. He walked quickly towards the commander, almost pushing aside the assembled creatures. His gaze was rather frightened, and the man was almost hysterical. Yuri clearly noticed the aura of the guest who had appeared.
- My lord! - the man quickly shouted, desperately making his way through the ranks of the aliens and people, - M`lord commander!
Clotilde immediately tore his gaze from his fellows and turned it to the arriving military man. He looked at the guest somehow with hostility. Obviously, he didn't like the fact that this strange man interrupted him so abruptly. And the rest of those present looked at the newcomer with extreme bewilderment.
- Ambassador Hamurappi? - Clotilde exclaimed to this, - Do you have something urgent? I am now explaining the combat operation to the allies.
“There’s no time, my lord,” the ambassador said nervously, “We are in trouble. A new trouble, sire! A fleet of unknown aliens entered Zabergan's outer space. I was sent to inform you personally. Admiral Savrasov almost went crazy when he heard! For God's sake, send the fleet out now! Will they be killed there?
This information, perhaps, could be called truly shocking. Hearing such words, Clotilde turned noticeably pale, and the glow from his eyes began to intensify. Agitated remarks were heard among the rest of the audience. Those present in the living room, other-worlds and their allies did not understand the situation.
- Aliens? - the marshal cried in bewilderment, turning white, like early snow, - And what have they forgotten there? And what kind of aliens?
“Nicomedians, Lord Clotilde! - shouted at this Hamurappi. - They are... Nicomedians
Suddenly, a second man rushed into the living room, already dressed in the military uniform of the Draskov empire. He walked quickly towards Ambassador Hamurappi, who was here the remnant of the Krazhinsky government. The officer ran a few meters, almost knocking down three Khrokans.
- Master! - the desperate speeches of the new guest were heard, - There is a critical situation in the orbit of Zabergan. Nicomedia's fleet has attacked our ships. They will not hold back such an armada.
At the same moment, Clotilde's glove alarm device rang sharply. It usually worked when something extremely serious happened.
- Damn it! - Marshal swore furiously, realizing all the horror of what was happening, - Okay ..... The situation seems to get out of control! But I do not understand why the Nikomedians allowed themselves to attack.
- What kind of Nikomedians? - the bewildered voices of several representatives of this race, who were in the room, were heard, - Consent will not fight with anyone. We are a peaceful race. This is a clear provocation!
The Elfurr Inquisitorial Warrior known as Nirani`rael was also in this living room and listened to the speeches of those present for a long time. But this time she dared to speak, interrupting the confusion that had arisen. A sharp-eared foreign woman stepped towards the marshal, and then abruptly stopped in place. Her lapis lazuli eyes blazed with rage.
- If the Nikomedians attacked the Allied fleet, then they are not the Nikomedians with whom we cooperate! - loudly said Nirani`rael, - We will give Vithin-Exotrorch all the information. Those who attacked Zabergan are not Nikomedians!
- Prepare fleet! - the order of the Supreme Marshal was distributed, - There, in fact, we will figure out who is the enemy and who is not the enemy!
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Palace of the Assessors.
The main citadel of Colonel Grigarovich, the interim leader of the Zabergan system.

- Feldgurat! - shouted at the top of his voice Markohyosip.
A short, bearded man of the Nicomedian race in an overcoat and cap immediately stopped. He kept his head slightly lowered and was afraid to look up at the planet's new tyrant. Fear was clearly visible in his eyes, but that was at first. Hearing how the ruler called him in a new way, the military man cheered up a little.
- Feldgurat? - the Nicomedian asked in bewilderment, already knowing what the answer would be.
“Yes, it’s a feldgurat,” said Grigarovich, whose smile stretched across his entire face, “Ankrutana-Sipankalinka. Your rank has been restored. As I promised, after the defeat of the Hyperborean junta and the victory over them, all previously convicted will be reinstated in positions and titles. You are the first to whom I returned the "field guard".
Ankrutana, being a descendant of an ancient Nicomedian family, became noticeably cheerful. Now the fear had almost left his body. He knew that the new ruler was patronizing him. In addition, he recently proved it with might and main. It was the freshly baked feldgurat that became famous for the execution of the wife and children of Governor Krazhinsky. Ankrutana led the firing squad and dealt with not only the family of the former ruler, but also all his relatives.
“But you wanted to tell me something, right? - Grigarovich's more serious voice was heard.
The Feldgurat immediately hid a smile, realizing that the conversation might become tense now. The news that he brought to the new ruler can upset the ruler and even anger. Nevertheless, Ankrutana decided to express everything that he had already formed in his brain. He quickly cleared his throat and prepared his speech.
- The orphanage in the south keeps the defenses, sire, - the feldgurat tried to speak confidently, - Yes .... Many enemies, Krazhinsky's accomplices took refuge there. But .... ahem .... there are a lot of kids among them. Some are no more than fifteen years old.
- And what did you do? - the cold voice of Markohyosip immediately rang out.
Ankrutana understood that the commander could become enraged at one hesitant antics of his own subordinate. Feldkurat again felt the same fear that tormented him even before the report to the master. Cold pierced his soul and body, fettering him completely with its terrible chains. The soldier even turned pale, and beads of icy sweat appeared on his forehead. He clearly felt his own shyness.
“Mister Charinka-Fankaratasina is waiting for your order, sire,” Ankrutana told, coughing again, “The connection there is too bad, because they sent me. I rode to your citadel in ten minutes. My commander hesitates. He says that there are teenagers from among the people inside, and does not know what to do. The guns, meanwhile, are already loaded. We are ready to open fire from mortars .... But .... there are children in the same place .... sire.
- So what? " the colonel growled in a cruel voice. "They're my enemies. Geeks of Hyperborea. They wholeheartedly stand up for Krazhinsky. Better to destroy the puppies in infancy, before they grow into wolves and do not hit on the sly. Kill everyone who is there. Tell Charinka to start the attack.
The Feldkurat almost collapsed at the words of the master. But he no longer intended to show his weaknesses. Although tears were already visible in his eyes, Ankrutana nodded his head.
“Yes, my lord,” the warrior said barely audibly.
After these words, he hastily followed out of this accursed and blood-stained room. Grigarovich just grinned after him. He had no idea what compassion or pity was. All this had been stripped of him long ago. Markohyosip looked contemptuously at the back of the fleeing field guard, and mentally regretted that he had returned his rank. But a minute later, his previous affairs made him forget about Ankrutan and switch to a more important person.
Having watched the subordinate, Grigarovich turned towards the three fighters of the n-sais in greatcoats and high caps, who were in this room. Outwardly, they looked more like monsters than living creatures. These were criminals and former gang members, to whom Grigarovich paid a considerable sum. Now they have become his faithful dogs of war and served faithfully. Of course, the payment agreement was not terminated, so these soldiers expected to receive a considerable sum for their service. Now they were holding an emaciated and lean old man under the arms, whose mouth was sealed with duct tape.
Coming close to the doomed prisoner, Grigarovich brushed the tape off his lips with a sharp wave of his hand. The old man almost collapsed unconscious from the pain that hit his face. It was simply a pity to look at this unfortunate man. His eyes fled in different directions, and his whole body languished from wounds. The savages, serving the new government, thoroughly mocked the elder. They beat him with tarpaulin boots for several minutes and then broke his nose. The blood had already stopped on the face of the unfortunate man, but still his nose looked creepy. In addition, the old man had a huge bruise under his eye.
“Ah, the chief auditor of Zabergana,” Grigarovich said with an evil smile, looking into the face of the prisoner, “Mr. Ivan Ardabar Palkin. I see you are out of shape at all.
- You will burn in hell ... - quietly whispered the one who was named Palkin.
The elder was beside himself with anger, but his body suffered so much from the blows of enemy servants that he simply did not obey its owner. Palkin was on his knees, and his every movement was accompanied by unbearable pain. It was difficult for him even to speak, but he put all his accumulated hatred into the spoken phrase.
True, Grigarovich not so much did not anger, but on the contrary even provoked him. Markohyosip laughed right in Palkin's face. From this, the new ruler began to truly resemble a real demon. He towered over the doomed enemy and simply flared up with incredible pleasure. Grigarovich always liked to look into the faces of tortured enemies.
- You believe in hell ... - the leader of the terrorists growled with a malicious grin, - You seem to have always been known as an agnostic. He said that the Creator didn't care about us.
- Yes, - Palkin croaked desperately in response, - But .... For such a scum like you, he will have time. Remember, son of the hydra .... We all have allies .... And they will come .... They won't let your ass settle on Zabergan. They will tear your black heart out of you and trample it ... You betrayed your homeland ... Betrayed everyone ... For your own benefit ... Or no ... there is something worse .... something cruel, isn`t it?... ....
After these words, the old man felt incredible powerlessness. Copious streams of blood trickled from his mouth. The unfortunate prisoner was so exhausted that he could not even kneel without assistance. Palkin was supported by hefty fellows n-sais, who did not allow him to fall to the floor.
And Grigarovich continued to mock the mutilated and dying old man, who had suffered greatly from the terrible tormentors. The old man's words did not enrage the tyrant again, but on the contrary, gave him some strength. It was like a vampire who reveled in the suffering of the prisoner and absorbed his life energy.
- I also have allies, - Grigarovich said with pleasure, - Much more powerful than your friends Krazhinsky. If you are talking about the psi-adepts of Hyperborea, who, according to rumors, do not know death, then they are doomed. I have reliable partners, and soon they will destroy them. Zabergan is already mine.
The old man's head was already hanging down, and the unfortunate prisoner could no longer utter a word. Grigarovich clearly understood that there was no more sense from the emaciated commissar. He once again looked at the exhausted prisoner from head to foot, and then turned his fiery gaze to the gray-skinned fighters. As soon as the warriors noticed that their master was staring directly into their eyes, they immediately lowered their heads. They were well aware of the customs introduced by the new dictator of the planet.
- Throw this abomination out of the nearest window, - said Grigarovich cruelly, - Let's see how Mr. Palkin can fly. He had such catch phrases that the entire department always admired them. Now let his oratorical speech save you.
The soldiers immediately squeezed the old man's shoulders and sharply raised him to his feet. But the former auditor lost his strength altogether. The fiends simply dragged his body away from the room. They were heading straight for a giant square window not far away. Grigarovich watched with a fierce and malicious smile as his soldiers dragged Palkin to the windowsill, and he would have enjoyed the picture of terrible reprisals, but the sudden appearance of one of his subordinates prevented his spectacle.
Seeing a two-meter high Nikomedian officer in a fur coat, heading straight for him, Grigarovich immediately turned his eyes away from the unfortunate prisoner and his entourage and turned towards the guest who had arisen. The officer, seeing the glance of the sovereign, bowed slightly, while touching his high cylindrical cap. He looked quite worried. In addition, it was he who was always responsible for one of the colonel's secret plans.
“Captain Jaipur,” Grigarovich said sternly, gazing intently at his own servant, “Well, what’s there?
“The portal device is ready to go, my lord,” Jaipur reported immediately. “But there may be complications. When the portal is activated, an electromagnetic pulse can occur. This will shut off all electricity within a radius of hundreds of kilometers. Lucky we managed to activate it at all. Cerberum technology is too old.
But Grigarovich was not at all upset by such information. On the contrary, he even cheered up like a child.
- Great, - the leader of the traitors clapped his hands, - Now the troops of my friends will be able to enter the capital. Activate your device immediately!
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Nikolay Krasic and his faithful companion perfectly remembered what was said at the briefing. Everything was confused before their eyes ... Rebellion, treason, separatism and finally, the Nicomedian fleet that entered the system. Krasic felt that Grigarovich's words about entering Impeccable Worlds are just words. In fact, it was not known what kind of forces moved this rebellious colonel, and what his true plans were.
Now Nikolai stood pensively at the large window on the upper deck and simply looked into the void. He did not even notice what a delightful panorama opened up in front of him. The exoplanet Artandir Prime, recently colonized by the Hyperboreans, was no longer of any interest to the Hyperborean commander. All he thought about was the upcoming military operation.
Sergeant Bartholomew, a tall bearded Muscan, was next to his captain. A companion stood not far from Krasic and for several seconds tried to light a cigarette. When he did succeed, he immediately started smoking. Despite all the warnings from Krasic, Bartholomew never got rid of the ill-fated addiction.
- Something I do not like all this, - finally spoke Krasic after a long silence, - It looks somehow ridiculous. Suddenly, a guy appears, planning to split Zabergan from us. So okay yet, just split off and declare sovereignty. But no…. He declares his entry into the Impeccable Empire without even asking its ruler.
- He is clearly ill with something, - Bartholomew answered, dragging on a cigarette, - 100 percents!.
Krasic turned sharply towards the sergeant.
- You are smoking again? - Krasic said displeased, looking at his comrade with irritation, - I told you a hundred times, stop smoking. This  leads to lung cancer.
Bartholomew shook his head. At the same time, he continued to hold the cigarette in his teeth.
- Nervous situation, cap, - came his answer, - There is no other way here.
- Are you nervous 5 times a day? - Nikolay asked in bewilderment.
- No, cap.
- Then this is an addiction, - Krasic said sternly, - From which it is necessary to get rid of.
Realizing that talking about this with the sergeant was completely useless, the captain turned back to the window.
- Yes, I'll give up, give up, cap, - Bartholomew's voice was heard, - but not today. Not today.
- I already heard that, - Krasic answered this, without looking at his companion, - Okay…. God is with you.
- All this really looks strange, - the sergeant returned to the previous topic of conversation, - This Grigarovich seems to be not stupid. Why did he decide that the Immaculate Empire would accept him right away? After all, he clearly did not plan that Azis would dare to recognize him.
Krasic once again looked at the icy blue that opened before his eyes. Artandir Prime did look great. A huge, life-filled planet that has long belonged to Hyperborea. However, Zabergan was the same planet that was flooded with life from everywhere. Nikolay recalled for a second his trip to Zabergan with an ambassador mission. That world seemed to him truly delightful. Only now there was nothing to admire there. The planet plunged into the abyss of a bloody war, from which it had to be pulled out as soon as possible. And not only the Hyperborean Empire will deal with the issues of Zabergan.
“He never wanted to join Azis empire,” Krasic said unexpectedly, not even assuming that he would say just that.
Bartholomew even shuddered at such confident words of the commander.
- Why do you think so, cap? - His question was immediately heard, - Do you have a dissenting opinion?
“I don’t know, just my instinct tells me that this is not the point here,” Nikolai said, “There’s something else here. Something ... .. more global.
- Well, it's much more global, - Bartholomew grumbled at this, - Dude decided to embroil two galactic empires.
"Do you think he did it all himself?" - Krasic asked, - Is he alone?
Nikolai again turned towards his comrade-in-arms and looked at him with a look of bewilderment.
“Honestly, I don’t think so,” the sergeant replied, meeting the commander’s gaze. “He certainly has some kind of secret boss.

Center of the main city.

- Are they there, completely crazy? - I heard the angry murmur of a sniper from the 'Evgraf' detachment.
Hyperborean Defense Army scouts closely monitored the situation around the Assembly's Palace. The majestic and huge structure has long been turned into a stronghold of evil. The separatists kept many members of the government inside. It was assumed that Zsolt Krazhinsky was among them. It was simply impossible to let the drones get close, since the enemies shot down everything that moved within 3 kilometers. Therefore, none of the Hyperboreans could determine exactly how many rulers were executed. But everyone knew one thing for sure - Grigarovich kept there at least a hundred people and foreigners who worked in the administration of Krazhinsky. According to intelligence, in just a couple of hours, up to 25 people were thrown out of the windows.
Snipers settled on the rooftops of the former Expansion Museum, dedicated to the Hyperborean colonial campaigns. They examined every detail within the skyscraper, trying not to miss anything. The main goal was to inform Admiral Savrasov about the general state of affairs. A minute ago, the scouts saw Ivan Palkin, the governor's former auditor, appear from the window on the uppermost tier. Then two Nicomedian soldiers pushed him down. It was simply impossible to survive such a fall.
And now, the enemies again dragged someone from the local to the giant balcony on the forty-seventh floor. The soldiers of the 'Evgraf' detachment increased the range of the image in their binoculars and took a good look at all the details. To the great horror of the squadron commander, they will not be able to save anyone. If they try to open fire, their location will be immediately discovered. And then they all have to deal with separatist drones or worse, with a tank brigade.
- Another one is being dragged, - I heard a voice in the headphones of the detachment's junior lieutenant, - No…. Already two. Look sir.
Two doomed prisoners appeared on the loggia, following along with the terrorists. It was impossible to see their faces, everything was covered with bruises. Emotions were not displayed at all, but the commander of the "Evgraf" guessed about their inner despair. Judging by the stripes on their clothes, they were clearly not from the common class. In one of them, the commander noticed the chief-lawyer of the governor's administration.
- They will throw them.
- Darned war criminals, - the commander of "Evgraf" swore fiercely, - They are executing unarmed people!.
- They will execute everyone. Both civilian and military.
After a couple of seconds, the Nikomedians threw two more members of the administration from the balcony. With loud screams, the doomed rushed straight into the embrace of emptiness. In less than a moment, they disappeared from the sight of the snipers.
- Where are these portugaling reinforcements, - there was a growl from the mouth of the squad leader, - While they think there, people are dying here.
- Yes, sir, they should hurry. Otherwise, the whole Zabergan is lost forever.
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Yuri went straight to the portal station, which was already activated. He decided to walk not along the main corridor, but turned on the way into one of the majestic galleries that had adorned the space citadel for many years. It was rumored that it was not the Hyperboreans themselves who built this huge fortress in outer space, but some other creatures ordered by the old emperors. The Hyperboreans barely used their technology. They preferred confusion in this matter. Rumor has it that nearly half of the Empire's technological inventions were based on Elfurr science. This civilization truly excelled all others in knowledge and sorcery. Looking at the beautiful vaults of the gallery and the cluster of windows on the sides, Yuri was amazed at such a mysterious alien beauty. He walked forward, almost completely alone. For some reason it seemed to him that he just had to walk through this gallery. Something mysterious and unknown made him commit this act.
On the way Ernal'tsev came across only a few officers from the Hrokan race. These swine-like creatures, dressed in spacesuits, muttered something to themselves and walked rather hastily. They easily overtook the commander and headed forward. As the Psi Adept knew, they were all running towards the portal station now. But the official departure has not yet been scheduled. Yuri was well aware that the redeployment would begin only after a control signal from the command post. So far, the Grand Marshal has not announced full readiness. Obviously, the training camp is not over yet.
Yuri walked forward, still looking around and observing the wonderful frescoes that adorned the walls of the gallery. They depicted completely different creatures, completely unlike people. From the outside, they even somewhat resembled mythical angels. Usually the officers and crew members of the station did not pay attention to the murals, since everyone was completely absorbed in business. But Yuri has always been known as an esthete, and right now this feature of him was breaking out, clearly showing his real essence. He was always attracted by unknown beauty, especially associated with foreign beings. From an early age he felt that he was facing an amazing life, full of various events and exploits.
As soon as Ernalltsev thought about the very word "beauty", a sudden appearance stopped him. Ahead of him, the Swordsman saw the very foreign woman whom he had noticed during the general meeting. The mysterious Iilfan appeared before his eyes. The fair-haired warrior stood directly in front of the porthole and gazed through it. As Yuri noted for himself, she looked at the fighting ships passing by, which were preparing for a fierce battle. Only now Ernal'tsev was not interested in ships at all. He stopped abruptly and froze in a daze. With wild amazement for himself, he found that his gaze was simply fixed on a foreign woman. Yuri turned into a real statue. He just froze in place, and only admiration seized his whole soul.
Feeling the mysterious commander's gaze on her, Iilfan Jamilakorngkorn turned toward him. As soon as Yuri saw her eyes, he almost went blind. He felt such a powerful energy emanating from the eyes of a foreign woman that he simply could not budge. He did not even budge, but remained standing and looking at the warrior with an admiring smile. He tried with all his might to maintain composure, but realized that now it was an insurmountable task.
- A…. You are the same adept Er-Nal-Tsev, - Iilfan's smallish voice was heard, - I heard from you from General Chow. He worked with you during the War of the Five Colonies. Remember?
Yuri shuddered for a second, and his shining eyes flashed like two small stars. But then he still managed to gather strength, and not let the shyness take possession of himself. He desperately tried to resemble an ordinary person, devoid of all psi-abilities, an ordinary student from the University of North, who saw the girl of his dreams.
“Chow Chupalorkhorn says you saved twenty of his men when the ambassador's mission fell into a trap. Twenty people with their own hands. You are a real hero.
- Yes ... that is, ... yes, - hesitated, said Yuri, not taking his eyes off the foreign woman, - I am he. But .... I am a simple warrior. As simple as the rest. The same simple .... Oh my god, sorry, I repeat myself ...... I mean, I'm an ordinary person. Only maybe with some abilities.
- Oh yes, - Iilfan smiled affectionately, - Of course. I'm sorry if I scared you a little.
The very words of the foreign woman were incredibly kind, and they were filled with trust. Ernalltsev clearly felt that the warrior herself admired him. But she tried to hide these feelings strongly, so as not to embarrass Yuri. However, the adept perfectly understood the gaze of such a beautiful creature. He was no longer an ordinary person, and could see a lot of the unknown.
- Chow? Сhow Longkhan Chupalorkhorn? - I heard the words of Ernal'tsev. - I think I remembered him. He was still very young then. And already the general.
- Young? - the foreign woman smiled, - Perhaps. But he is much older than me. He is already over 60. He is my sixth sister's mega-brother-nephew. In addition, recently an imperial wang-commander.
- Mega-who?
- Sorry, the Farrukh Empire has a slightly different family hierarchy. In general, he is my kin. And I have heard from him more than once about the valiant psi-adepts of Hyperborea.
- Aaaa .... Now I understand. He's kind of a cousin. Yes…..
- No, he is exactly my sixth sister's mega-brother-nephew. It's difficult to understand, i agree.
Iilfan tried to speak very carefully, choosing her words carefully. In addition, she tried to hide her sympathy for this Hyperborean too deeply. But Yuri was still able to consider her feelings, without even asking specific questions. He saw the bluish energy currents emanating from the interlocutor, which usually indicated incredible reverence. Obviously, the foreign woman herself also felt that she was not at all a simple fighter and not even just a psionic. As far as Yuri understood, he was given the 3rd rank at the Psi Academy of Hyperborea, which was considered so high that the imperial special services became interested in him.
- As I understand it, you will also fly to Zabergan, and as part of a strike group?
- Yes, me and my friend Hercules, - Yuri said honestly, not daring to hide the truth, - I am very glad that we will not be alone. And even more ... ... glad that your government has sent reinforcements to us .... But I just don't understand why such a beautiful noble lady like you decided to volunteer for a mission .... You are too beautiful for this war. And war is not a blessing at all, and there is no beauty or aesthetics in it. War is evil. Whoever says that the war is lovely has not experienced it at all.
The other woman's eyes darkened a little. Her face lit up with sudden sorrow. But she was not at all angry with the interlocutor for such questions. On the contrary, she even chose to answer with the same words of truth.
“Yes, this is evil,” said Iilfan. “The greatest of all. But sometimes it is simply impossible not to fight. Especially when the enemies decided to unite. Frankly, sir, I'm not happy with the situation. My country has suffered too. Remember, I talked about the Aranguto terrorists. The investigation of the operation brought me to you. All evidence points to General Grigarovich. And Grigarovich is on Zabergan.
- Grigarovich is an ordinary maniac. And we will defeat him. Rest assured.
- He threatens people. He is a Nicomedian, and he himself has human roots. But he decided to betray his race and his empire. This is the worst part. He kills innocent people. And people are amazing creatures, whatever one may say. They say that the gods have more hope in people than in people like us. People must live. And those who prevent this are only worthy of perishing. The one who conceived the massacre on Zabergan is not a man or a Nicomedian ... But a demon. And we will find out who is behind this.
Yuri fully agreed with the words of the interlocutor. He was especially in solidarity with her very last phrase. A foreign woman spoke of what happened on Zabergan as an act of alien creatures. Ernaltsev had long suspected that the uprising staged by Grigarovich was not a revolution at all. It smelled of the presence of a more mysterious and ancient force that had long been troubling.
- I understand you, - said the psi-adept at this, - I also think that Grigarovich and his terrorist group clearly thought of all this for a reason. But we will deal with this shortly.
“There is a possibility that it has something to do with the attacks of Marfur-Nirari.
Hearing the mysterious name, Yuri involuntarily shuddered. The very word gave off a strange and ominous cold. He could clearly feel the chills running down his spine.

- Marfur-Nirari? I heard something about it remotely. But I don’t know for sure.
“War is not a woman’s business,” Iilfan, whose face was darkened with sadness, replied. “You said correctly. But it's not without reason that I have been fighting for the good of the universe for thirty years. Marfur-Nirari does not threaten Hyperborea. But in the empire of Farrukh, he did a lot of misfortunes. Half a century ago, this sorcerer appeared on the border worlds. When I was little, I involuntarily witnessed ... ... how his sectarians were destroying an entire village. They killed all the villagers, and put their heads on stakes. Then I was very young and could not save them. And then I imagined what would happen to the sectarians if I were stronger than them. Since then, my path has gone through wars and battles. Although .... sometimes .... Sometimes you really want peace. And ...... Something bright .... Pure ..... But, alas ..... the war does not stop. Old enemies are replaced by new ones, and this cannot be stopped.
The beautiful foreign woman lightly touched her face. She brushed away a tiny tear that slipped unnoticed down her cheek. Iilfan tried with all her might to hide her sadness, but all her attempts were unsuccessful. Now her beautiful face lit up even more with sadness. The pupils took on a completely gloomy dark purple hue. She turned away from Yuri and again looked at the panorama that could be seen from the window.
“Let me help you, lady,” Ernal'tsev's voice was heard here.
Yuri was touched by such behavior of the Farrukh warrior, who at first seemed so harsh and cold. Now he could no longer see before him that tall and fierce maiden of battle that towered over all those present in the assembly hall. Looking into her sad eyes, Yuri clearly realized that in the depths of his soul his beautiful companion yearned only for peace and love. She appeared before him so fragile and vulnerable that Ernalltsev was amazed at such a wondrous discovery.
Without thinking twice, the commander overcame his stupor and took several steps forward.

“Marfur-Nirari is the culprit behind many crimes in the Farrukh Empire,” Iilfan said anxiously. “This is how he looks.
Yuri was sitting on a small bench directly opposite her. They had already had enough time to see enough of the huge armada of ships that could be seen from the window, and decided to sit down. Fortunately, throughout the station, the Hyperboreans set up a lot of metal benches, obviously not intended for ordinary crew members. The ordinary soldiers and workers of the station had almost no time even for sleep, not to mention contemplation of the paintings.
Iilfan drew a strange oval object from a small pouch fastened to her armor. As Yuri understood, it was one of Farrukh's miniature computers, operating on technology beyond the control of humans.
In less than a moment, a holo-image flew out of the device and grew significantly in size. It was a strange face of some person or even a representative of the Farrukh civilization. The face was bearded and rather sullen. His eyes alone gave him extraordinary witchcraft abilities. The pupils were so narrow that they would pass for a cat. The stranger had a sinister grin on his lips.
- Is that a human? - Yuri asked in amazement, not taking his eyes off the face of the mysterious creature.
Iilfan shook her head.
- I do not think. Most likely it is kaiju. Farangan. "Stranger" in our language.
- And how can his actions be related to what is happening on Zabergan?
- It's just that his methods are exactly the same, - the answer was heard, - He always appeared at the most inopportune moment, organized uprisings against the power of the emperor. In the domain of Jia, he managed to create a whole order of cultists, called Adharma.
The holo image changed dramatically. It now showed a mysterious serpentine symbol painted in black on the city wall. The symbol was surrounded by no less mysterious inscriptions in an unknown language. Yuri clearly made out three familiar numbers - sixes. It was full of them.
“Adharma nearly ended Jia’s rule,” Iilfan continued. “They started a civil war there. And Farrukh had to intervene. We helped the ruler Ainar Lao Feng to deal with Marfur-Nirari. But we did not succeed in destroying the sorcerer. He escaped.
“You said you found the aranguto. Demolitions.
- Exactly, - the warrior nodded, - One of them told us about Grigarovich, about his general conspiracy. But I was confused by one small detail.
Yuri looked at Iilfan with interest. He was eager to know the whole truth about this aranguto story.
- Symbol.
Iilfan switched the device again. The image changed for the umpteenth time, and now it showed the body of a captive aranguto, about to arrange a series of explosions. The figure of a hairy ape-like creature almost filled the entire gallery around. In the area of ​​the solar plexus of this creature, the very symbol that was displayed in the previous picture was quite clearly visible. And everywhere there were these strange and mysterious sixes.
Yuri allowed himself to flinch again, this time with excitement. Deep inside, it seemed to him that he would see these symbols someday, and far more than once. In addition, for some reason, the amulet on his neck became too heavy. Such a phenomenon was with him for the first time.
"So the aranguto could have been tied up too?"
“They never found Marfur-Nirari,” Iilfan replied. “He is still alive. And I do not exclude the fact that he decided to act in your country. That is why I am here.
- And you still haven't determined his race? - asked Ernalltsev.
- Not. But he is definitely not a human being. As, however, and Farrukh. This is an unknown creature. Not from this galaxy, maybe.
- Then who could it be?
The holo projector turned off, and the image of the killed aranguto simply disappeared into thin air.
“I don’t know, sir,” the other woman replied with some fear, “But it seems to me that soon we will find out.
At that moment, a harsh mechanical voice was heard throughout this majestic gallery. High Marshal Clotilde has already finished all preparations. It was no longer possible to hesitate, and the great commander decided to announce the beginning of the operation and a preliminary briefing. The cherished battle was already very close, and no one knew what it could become for brave warriors. All they knew was that the coming carnage was going to be monstrously fierce. And after the sounded voice of the commander was followed by the "furious" howl of sirens, which almost deafened the inhabitants of the station.
- Well .... now the time has come, - Iilfan said excitedly, - The hour of mortal combat has come ... What a pity that we did not have time to finish, sir.
- Yes, - Yuri said dejectedly, - We need to move forward, lady. Alas....
- I'll go with you.
- With us? - Yuri Ernal'tsev was amazed, - In the thick of the battle?
“Yes,” Iilfan replied. “It's my decision.
Yuri's frustration was suddenly replaced by a mysterious decisiveness. Glancing at the interlocutor again, the adept felt deep inside an incomprehensible and mysterious power. He couldn't even describe how powerful she was. He had not felt this for a very long time in his entire life.
- Well, - Ernal'tsev nodded, - In that case, I promise that I will not let you offend anyone. I ask you to be near me all the time. I will not let you suffer in this massacre.
- No, sir, I ask you to be near me, - Iilfan smiled slyly, - And I will not allow you to suffer, ha-ha. You don't even know yet , who am i in battle!
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The armory deck had been like a real Nargon market for half an hour. There were so many people here that it would not have been possible even for a supercomputor to count them all. Now they were all preparing for the upcoming military operation. Almost each of the warriors pulled on heavy armor. Some wore tight combat suits with built-in tech gadgets. Some fighters preferred to do everything themselves, while others used the help of batman robots. The mechanized minions scurried about and chirped like sparrows. They always followed their masters wherever they went.
Nikolai Krasic and his loyal ally Bartholomew have already put on tight combat suits. They understood perfectly well that the operation would be difficult and deadly. The briefing clearly explained the actions of each of the soldiers. Krasic and Bartholomew were to fight side by side with Hercules. They acted as heavy support. To do this, miniature rocket launchers were built into their suits. They also took care of the jetpacks, in case it comes to a fight in the air. Hercules, on the other hand, donned solid scaly armor, more like an old-fashioned Nargon carapace. He even pulled on the same archaic helmet with a brightly visible scarlet crest over his head.
The fighters scurried back and forth, talking among themselves, shouting at their mechanized minions and carefully checking the ammunition. Hercules talked for 5 minutes with a whole group of draconians. At the same time, Nikolai noticed that one of these upright lizards transmitted something to the Hyperborean. He still did not understand what exactly it was, but assumed that we were talking about some kind of backup plan. Bartholomew did not pay attention to Hercules and continued to examine his combat suit. He was so anxious about checking equipment that he was constantly afraid to notice some kind of defect. Fortunately, no defects were found here.
- Where is Yuri? - suddenly heard the question of Bartholomew, who finished his "tests", - Something he is not visible in the armory. Really went out of need?
- Yes, he’s a brute, he didn’t even say hello properly, - Krasic smiled at this, - I think he’ll come now. Maybe he communicates with the Farrukh envoys.
Bartholomew cheered up noticeably. His eyes filled with a mischievous gleam.
- You, too noticed how he stares at that cutie all the time? - followed by the sergeant's question.
- You mean Iilfan ?, - Nikolai answered just as cheerfully, - Yes, I noticed. Just don’t need any vulgarities…. Please, in the name of Eckhart.
The sergeant continued to smile. It was clear from his mere appearance that he was going to somehow joke about his old comrades.
- Okay, I won't, - Bartholomew muttered playfully, - I just wanted to say that I know who will be the "penetration-master" after the operation .... .
- Someone promised without vulgarity, - Krasic said more sternly, - Isn't that right, serge?
“Sorry, cap,” the sergeant exclaimed, smiling, “out of old habit.
- So it's time to get rid of it already. Every day you go. And every time it gets dirtier.
Nikolai and his companion noticed Hercules approaching them. He had already finished his conversation with the draconians and received from them some unknown weapon. Now he was heading for his Moscan battle brothers.
"Did you notice the oddity too?" - Immediately his thunderous voice rang out.
Bartholomew and the captain exchanged glances. They did not understand at all what it was about.
- What are you talking about? - followed by the question of Nikolai.
- Nikomedians, - said the Hyperborean with a serious look, - That's what I'm talking about. The Nicomedian fleet appeared in orbit of Zabergan. They have been trying to contact the Vithin-exotrorch for several hours already. No result. The connection is severed.
And here the whole shocking truth came to Krasic. The Nikomedians, reported by the Zaberganians, brought an entire fleet of heavy ships to orbit the planet. This meant only one thing - the official declaration of war. But neither the embassy of Nicomedia, nor the government itself knew anything about this. The ambassadors reported that they themselves could not contact the supreme power. Many Nicomedians who heard about the presence of their fleet over Zabergan even thought it was a joke. Meanwhile, there was no connection with the government. Nicomedia just didn't answer.
- And still nothing? - Nikolay asked immediately.
- And still nothing, - answered Hercules, - Nicomedia does not answer. At all. The ambassadors do not know anything about the attack on Zabergan.
- But how do these ambassadors know? - Bartholomew exclaimed. I have seen these ambassadors of yours.
Krasic glanced reproachfully at his comrade. But then he quickly returned to the main topic of the conversation.
- Generally, a warning is usually sent to the embassy, ​​- said the Hyperborean, - if a war starts. There was no such warning. Vifin-exotrorh Kuakhtemok did not report anything.
- Then who owns the fleet in Zabergan's orbit? - Nikolay was amazed, - After all, these battleships just can't get hold of. Grigarovich hardly bought them on the black market.
- Maybe pirates? - suggested Bartholomew.
- The pirates were also seen there, as they say, - said Hercules, - but they could not rob the Nicomedian shipyards. This is out of the question. Most likely, someone specially built these ships from blueprints to confuse us. Disinformation is also a weapon. Grigarovich claimed that he was going to transfer Zabergan to the Impeccable Empire. The Impeccable Empire reported that no one knew about any Grigarovich, and that this was a common provocation. I think the same  with Nicomedia.
- Attention! Finishing preparation! , - suddenly came a mechanical voice all over the deck.
The High Marshal demanded that preparations be made haste. The operation is about to begin. The entire fleet was to immediately relocate to the Zabergan system.
“But if it’s a provocation,” Krasic said, not noticing the noise from the speakers. “Then why does the vithin-exotrorh Kuakhtemok not answer? Why is Nicomedia silent? And why don't our Nicomedian friends on board know anything?
Bartholomew had the same question, but his comrade-in-arms got ahead of him.
“This is the mystery,” Hercules said thoughtfully. “In any case, the entire Nicomedian fleet in Zabergan's orbit is considered hostile. We will beat these sukers mercilessly. If the Vifin-exotrorh is really in collusion with Grigarovich, the retribution will be harsh. Very tough guys. We, Hyperboreans, do not forgive for this.
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“Activation complete,” came the resigned voice of Jaipur.
But these were the last words of one of the traitors, who once was an important person in the army. Now he has become absolutely nothing. A powerful energy wave hit his body at a breakneck speed and evaporated in a matter of seconds. Jaipur went into oblivion, and did not have time to complete his work.
However, this phenomenon did not bother Grigarovich at all. He just giggled slightly as he saw his henchman's body turn into emptiness. He already deeply did not care about the fate of his own wards. He knew that soon, the number of his supporters would increase, and those people who now serve him are only pawns in the game of great masters. Jaipur was just one of those pawns. He helped Grigarovich to break through to the top, and at the same time prepare a rebellion. Now this alien turned into unnecessary garbage, and portal flashes saved Grigarovich from the coming sin. The colonel only looked at this with a slight grin, and nothing more.
A giant shining ring formed in a huge hall, the walls of which were noticeably cracked. Once upon a time, party meetings and various meetings were held here, but now this room was presented for other purposes. As soon as the portal turned on, another force wave occurred, which already hit the entire city. However, none of the inhabitants of the building was injured. The released energy flow damaged only communication systems and deprived the capital of electricity. However, Grigarovich did not care about this again, since he knew that activating the portal would bring his powerful friends here.
The Colonel and his henchmen, armed with plasma fusées and Soul Destroyers, stood in front of the flickering gates and simply looked at their incredible alien glow. The device, activated by Jaipur, worked even better than expected. Cerberum technologies turned out to be much more interesting than it seemed at first glance. The portal ring continued to hover in the air, and after a few seconds the mysterious guests were already passing through them, finding themselves on the territory of Zabergan.
“Finally,” Grigarovich said overjoyed, clapping his hands together, “Mechanized troops.
The first one to pass through the portal was a rather strange-looking mechanism, created from hitherto unknown gray metals. He stood out brightly with a dark cloak falling from behind with a buttoned brooch in the area of ​​the cybernetic neck. The robot's face as it entered was a completely human form. The metal vibrated all the time, making it possible for the mechanism to use the functions of facial expressions. Instead of eyes, the replicant had a pair of shining crimson holes, which gave him a truly demonic appearance. The alien took two steps forward and stopped abruptly. He began to look around, clutching his regal cyber-wand, which was a symbol of his almost limitless power.
Then, from the direction of the shining ring, other creatures belonging to the same type of machine appeared. Among them were not only males, but even females. A rather tall, mechanical woman, distinguished by her large steel breasts and cable hair, walked slowly through the gate with ten Cybernetic Guardsmen. These warriors stood out for the deadly weapons they held in their hands. As soon as Grigarovich looked at them, he immediately recognized the same Soul Destroyers, which, although there were in his army, were an outlandish thing. Great enthusiasm seized the colonel when he saw the soldiers with this truly monstrous weapon. And all these warriors who arrived through the portal were allies of the new Zabergan despot.
- And, Mr. Tulotron, - Grigarovich bowed slightly to the guests who came, - We are glad to welcome you to this exhausted planet. Now our victory is just a matter of time. We just prepared a trap for them.
The humanic-like robots leader smiled ominously, actively using facial features. He once again looked around everyone who met him in the room. Tulotron regarded his allies from Zabergan like some filthy animal. There was even a semblance of an evil grin on his face. With the same look, he examined Grigarovich himself.
“Truly,” rasped Tulotron, gripping his wand even tighter, “Soon, my empire will stretch over a thousand worlds. Thousands of my copies are already being installed across the galaxy. The soft-bodied ones have no idea what awaits them.
The soldiers of the elite squad of replicants passed through the portal in full force, and soon the shining ring disappeared into thin air. Now there were already a lot more people in the room than there were before the activation of the gate. Tulotron brought no less than thirty fighters with him. And now they were all located in this gigantic and spacious hall.
Bowing to the robot one more time, Grigarovich greeted the rest of Tulotron's warriors. Especially his gaze fell on a tall cyber woman with luxurious forms. Her face was as modernized as that of her master, and possessed very extraordinary abilities of facial expressions. A strange smile spread over the entire face of the cyborgess. She was incredibly happy to meet this harsh dictator, whom everyone took for a terrorist.
- Oh, and you are here, Zero-Six, - grinned Grigarovich, coming close to the mysterious guest, - you are stunning as always.
He suddenly felt the increasing pressure in his groin. Even though she was not a living being, Markohyosip desired her.
“Like you, my young mister Grigarovich,” the cyborgess replied with a softer grinding.
The colonel remarked with bewilderment that she called him "young." At first he took it for a pun, but then he guessed the reason for this name. This enigmatic female replicant was already a fairly ancient invention. Apparently the mysterious creator of Tulotron built Null-Six before anyone else.
Grigarovich would have continued to flirt with this strange person, but Tulotron interrupted their conversation.
- Colonel! - shouted the leader of the robots to his ally, - Then you will talk to her. I need you now. You and your organic creatures.
The Zabergan tyrant instantly hurried to his long-awaited brother, while not forgetting to give a slight bow to Null-Six. True, when Grigarovich was next to Tulotron himself, he felt a sharp surge of fear. The head of cybernetic creations looked too ominous at this moment. Something worried him; something that he would like to talk about privately, avoiding prying ears. Tulotron quickly signaled to his warriors to take positions around the entire perimeter of the building. Then he turned his gaze back to his ally. Grigarovich, however, continued to be silent, waiting for the words of the ruler of the replicants.
“I hope you understand that all your organic allies will die,” Tulotron said quietly, not taking his eyes off the colonel’s face. “Do you remember that they were implanted in the spinal cord? Right? These were special microchips.
Grigarovich shook terribly. He clearly did not want to remember all the details of the experiments.
“Yes, but I was told they were tracking devices.
- Control, - continued the phrase of the interlocutor Tulotron, - I will destroy their will. And take over their minds. Only you will remain in organic form with a complete lack of implantations. All I need is complete control. Over the entire galaxy. And soon .... Very soon, I'll be running everybody. This is precisely why the trap was invented. It is for this that the fleet of Hyperborea and its allies must appear in full force. I estimate the effectiveness of the plan at 99 and 5 tenths of a percent.
“I know about the plan,” the Colonel nodded. “But I figured you would only shut down their fleet. I was supposed to play the role of the illegitimate son of Azis and bring confusion, saying that Zabergan will now join the Impeccable Empire. All that was required of you was to shut down their cars, to take possession of them. But no one reported any control over the galaxy. You and I both know who the true ruler is. And this is clearly not you.
- Plans are changing, - the leader of the robots grinned viciously, - I will take over the whole universe. And I will destroy most of the organic and imperfect creations. This plan has been approved by our high command. You know who I mean. You will remain as the ruler of the Zabergan system. And my robots will help you guide your slaves. I am still going to leave some living beings. Machines need slaves. After all, robots do not last forever as a servant. We will make them work for us.
- You have a software glitch!
- There was no failure. Everything's under control. Alpha code is 3-4-9-zero. Fully approved by our host. Everything that I told you is absolutely error-free information. The level of truth is 100%. I will take over this universe by destroying all organic life. That is why there was an order to install my copies throughout the galaxy. Soon I will merge with them and form a network. The Tulotron will become eternal.
The last phrase of the leader of the robots terribly did not like the newly made tyrant. Grigarovich distinctly recalled the conversation with Tulotron even before the start of the revolution. They agreed on completely different plans, but now this walking supercomputer for some reason abruptly changed the mood. He reasoned as if he personally wanted to lead the entire universe, completely forgetting about his own creator.
“Forgive me,” Grigarovich said in the same almost whisper, turning noticeably pale, “But we agreed that I would get Hyperborea, and not just Zabergan.
The Tulotron shook for a moment, but then his cybernetic face lit up with a crimson glow. The robot erupted like an awakened volcano. Now he was talking to his ally as if he were a simple stewart.
“You will not have any power over Hyperborea,” the ruler said sternly, even hitting the floor with the rod. “You won’t. Yes, you will stay on Zabergan. Undoubtedly. Moreover, I will give you the titles of High Admiral of the Mechanized Worlds and five Kachara-class battleships. But Hyperborea and all other domains in the galaxy are mine.
- But we did not agree so, - Grigarovich objected sharply, - I intend to discuss this issue with your creator.
The colonel felt anger begin to build up inside him as well. Yet he retained his composure. It was simply unwise to quarrel with an ally at such a crucial moment. And besides, the army of robots has already landed on the planet from dummy Nicomedian ships. Soon, Tulotron's troops will simply absorb her in their huge numbers.
- Or do you have a special plan? - the dictator continued to speak in a softer voice.
- I'm tired of being just an instrument, - Tulotron growled in a furious voice, - This time everything will go according to a new plan. And my plan is approved by the creator. You only have two options. The first is submission. Judging by your position, you will approve of it 85 and 4 tenths of a percent. The second is a declaration of war on me and my creator. In this case, the probability of your survival is 0 point and 0 tenths of a percent.
Grigarovich lowered his head dejectedly. He clearly understood that now with the ruler of the machine race, any disputes can lead to conflict. But the newly-made tyrant always had backup plans. Now he should have retreated, but this retreat is only temporary. Grigarovich was not going to forget about the abrupt changes in the plans of his brothers. Tulotron will answer for his sins in any case. And his punishment won't be quick.
“Okay,” the colonel said, suppressing his anger, “Anyway, now we all have the same goal. Kill our enemies. And to prove to the Lord our great devotion.

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The journey through the portal went well as usual. Although for some, this method of movement was still difficult. For example, Captain Krasic did not like these inter-world jumps at all. His body always reacted unimportantly to such things. The same was true of Sergeant Bartholomew. It was considered normal for Yuri or Hercules to travel through the universe, due to their psionic training. And for those who at all represented the remnant of the legitimate power on Zabergan, the portals were something like a real torture. Fortunately, no one vomited on the journey. Those who did not take the portal transfers poorly, got off with only stomach cramps and severe dizziness.
When Yuri was the first to set foot on the Zabergan land, he immediately felt rather unpleasant energy surges. He felt it somewhere deep inside. There was something dark in the aura of the planet, emitting strong screams. Ernalltsev heard these distant screams, heard somewhere in the distance. Iilfan Jamilakorngkorn also didn't look her best. She felt intense excitement, and Ernalltsev clearly saw it. Glancing at Hercules, the adept noticed that his brother was experiencing the same sensations. Something was wrong with this world for many days. Moreover, shots and rumbles of explosions were heard with might and main, taking place somewhere on the other side of the building. The war was in full swing here.
Admiral Lucius Savrasov was already waiting for the arriving allies in the only not shabby office of the embassy. The guests walked along a large long corridor, accompanied by ten guards. These guards were sent to the portal station by Lucius himself, as he wanted with all his might to see his brothers in arms. And now, at last, the long-awaited allies arrived at their destination. Entering a huge office, in which at least some semblance of order reigned, the heroes of space and their otherworldly friends found themselves in the chambers of the temporary ruler of Zabergan.
- We wish you good health, - here Yuri's voice was heard, - Mister Admiral, here we are.
Savrasov sat at his desk and worked hard with a touch pen. There was almost no electricity here, apparently the generator was damaged. Around Lucius, several guardsmen were gathered, armed with heavy blast guns. In addition, on either side of the seated head of the political center, there were three women dressed in the uniform of military pilots. Two local warriors, as well as their leader, wrote something down on small "light" notebooks. But the third was holding a bioluminescent lamp in her hands and somehow illuminated the entire study.
As soon as Lucius heard the greeting from the allies, he immediately looked up.
- Mr. Admiral, - the commander said in a tired voice, - What the  I am now, Mr. Admiral. No navy, no army, no power. The darned condomes solved everything. But still, welcome. You are right on time.
To the surprise of those around him, the admiral did not hesitate to swear dirty even with many women in the office.
“Forgive me .... Mr. Savrasov,” Yuri said correctly, “I see that everything is bad with your lighting. Enemy sabotage, after all? Even we had to use Farrukh magic to get here. The portal network did not respond.
Lucius put the pad and touch pen away from him and then stood up. Looking strangely at the girl in uniform holding a lamp in her hands, he headed towards the guests who had arrived. First of all, he shook hands with his long-awaited allies. He shook it to absolutely everyone who arrived, even those who were not of the male sex. Iilfan reluctantly stretched out her hand to the commander, while expecting that he would at least kiss her, but he perceived the Farrukh warrior as a simple fighter.
Having greeted everyone, Savrasov looked Yuri and Hercules directly in the eyes. He marveled at their psionic aura, and even turned pale somehow. But since the admiral was still reputed to be polite, he chose to hide some of the words wandering in his mind.
“Everything is very bad here,” Savrasov said in a mournful tone, “The whole capital is turning into a battlefield. There is no connection. No. In my opinion, this  Grigarovich has a jammer there.
Hercules nodded in understanding.
- What's the latest news? - Yuri's question immediately followed ..
The adept was determined to find out everything that had happened here recently from the admiral personally. Until now, they have received separate messages, thanks to the working portal and some telepathic signals. After the arrival of the allies, the portal station was ordered to be isolated. The rest of the reinforcements promised to arrive from outer space.
- The news is, - answered Lucius, - We are in biggest back-side. The political center is under siege. We have dug in here in the Two Towers of Beorning. But there are more and more enemies. An hour and a half ago, the connection began to disappear, and then power outages began. There was a powerful leap, and almost everything was knocked out. It looks like the terrorists have some kind of weapon there that we don't know about.
- There is really no connection, - confirmed the captain Krasic, who was standing nearby.
Nikolai pulled out his intercom from the pocket of his overcoat, thanks to which he communicated with the allies. He tried to press several buttons, but squeaky sounds were heard from the device, clearly indicating that it was not working. The Moskani shrugged his shoulders dejectedly.
- And then it began, - Savrasov continued his speech, - It went, as they say, it went. We were attacked by some cybernetic bastards. Honestly, I don't know where they all came from. Our planet is not very cyber infrastructure developed. Yes, and it went to the back-side of diplodocus. I never liked these cans. And now they're all getting pounded in the ass because of them. Terrorists have captured almost the entire capital. The battles are fierce. These bandits of Grigarovich are not enough for us, so also the newcomers have come. Sometimes it seems to me that I just got drunk yesterday and fell asleep.
Lucius turned his gaze towards one of his warlords, who were still loyal to Hyperborea. The tall officer in steel armor and a high helmet immediately nodded his head. His gaze was rather shabby and tired, but at the same time he did his best not to show his true state.
- The forces of General Arminius and Lieutenant-Commander Chaka-Rakatsinana went over to the side of the terrorists, - said the military man, - They destroyed all the monuments to the emperor and cultural centers. In addition, an hour and a half ago, we received reports of chemical attacks in other cities. Grigarovich involved all the militants and released the gases there. Again the same "poisonous damage". The separatists have plundered more laboratories. That's what's going on in Zabergan ... This was the last message from our intelligence. Then the connection was lost, and the attack of the mechanized troops began. The drones hit us like locusts. They bombed several fortifications, and then, apparently, scattered across the planet. We do not know about their further actions. But we know for sure that it seems to them that they do not care about their own and others. They destroyed everything that moves.
“Thanks for the information, Mr. Castor,” the admiral said.
Hercules and Yuri listened to fairly detailed reports on the current situation on the planet. Zabergan has long begun to turn into a real battlefield. From the military and the remaining workers of the political center, information was also received about the raids of other strange creatures, whose combat shuttles strongly resembled crescents. Hearing about these raids, Yuri immediately realized that they were talking about pirates from the planet Zuhra. Too many different scoundrels went to Zabergan, and they all thirsted for blood. The head of the terrorists involved not only the mysterious robots, but also the rest of the allies, and many of these "friends" were real bastards who liked to inflict pain and death. Grigarovich summoned too many evil creatures to this planet that with their hatred and fury resembled real demons of hell.
The situation on Zabergan was getting worse every second.
“Great Gods,” said the voice of Iilfan, who was also too depressed by the situation. “It seems that Grigarovich is not as simple as it seems. He is clearly not a simple rebel. But ..... there is more.
Yuri immediately turned his gaze towards the beautiful warrior. He looked at her now, as if at an old lover. Seeing her sadness, Ernalltsev wanted to gently stroke the girl's hair and hug her tightly.
- What do you feel? the psi-adept asked quietly. - Tell me.
“Darkness,” alien woman said mournfully, and darkened even more. - The Great darkness.
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The admiral nervously took out a small pack of cigarettes from his uniform pocket. In the blink of an eye, he unfolded it and took out the cherished object of his pleasure. His face was too sad and sullen. Yuri perfectly discerned a real struggle in his soul. This man fought desperately with himself, trying to overcome despondency and cowardice. But still, the presence of allies around did not let him lose heart completely.
- Your task ..... - said Savrasov, drawing on a cigarette, - As you know .... Mr. Krazhinsky is our rightful governor and devoted servant of His Majesty Beorning IV. But saving him would be too difficult a task. In the event of the death of Krazhinsky, it will hardly be possible to restore political stability. For many, it is like a symbol of prosperity. Didn't leave anyone without work. He gave money to everyone who needed it. He built shelters, hospitals, homes for disabled people. Organized everything as needed. Now what? He is a prisoner of darned criminals!
Lucius glanced at his henchmen, who nodded in agreement. The military leaders and workers of the political center knew perfectly well what was happening on the planet. Zabergan plunged into real chaos. Foreign forces were already at work here. The political center was very lucky that its agents managed to enlist the support of allies in time, otherwise there would have been no hope at all. But even without this, the chances of saving this world were rapidly dwindling to zero. The alien forces present here were not at all encouraging. Grigarovich has called too many of his allies here, and the resistance has already had a lot of questions about why the leader of the terrorists has so many friends from outer space.
- We are realists, - Savrasov continued his speech, - And we understand that the matter is rubbish. The Governor is being held somewhere in the Palace of the Assessors. Now it is already a real citadel. Stronghold!
- And where exactly, you do not know? Ernal'tsev's question was heard.
- Unknown, - said the local soldier, who was called Castor, - If we knew, we would have said right away. Grigarovich has excellent defense there. We sent several detachments there for reconnaissance. Not everyone returned. Recently, the team "Evgraf" was sent. They watched as these scum threw people out of the windows of the building. Then the drones of the enemy fell on ours. The detachment almost did not survive. Only two returned, including the commander.
- Okay, let's not remember the fallen now, it hurts me, - Savrasov said sternly, and immediately returned to the previous conversation, - We do not know for sure whether Krazhinsky is alive or not. There is no connection with anyone, and Grigarovich's jammers continue to work. However, one of my guys sent the message twenty minutes ago. He barely got out of the trap. Says that the bastard is still in the Palace of the Investigators, but he already has a lot of replicants there. They have weapons we didn't know yet. My man said nothing about Krazhinsky. He was wounded and is now in the infirmary. But I'll tell you what, gentlemen. Grigarovich must be eliminated. Without him, all these brothers will immediately burn out. It is necessary to cut off the head of the snake, and then this whole terrorist gang will simply die.
- Kill Grigarovich? - Yuri immediately guessed. “It will be easy if people like us do it. But wouldn't it be better to take prisoner?
- I'm afraid that he will not be taken prisoner, - said the admiral, - Too craappy guy.
Hercules immediately perked up hearing the words of Savrasov. The psi adept has prepared something very deadly, but extremely useful for the operation on Zabergan. While Yuri was talking with the object of his incredible sympathy, his companion from Hyperborea visited the chambers of the Draconian commander. She kept one interesting little thing that Hercules immediately liked. He hid this peculiar artifact in his ammunition bag. The adept intended to use it only when a combat situation arose.
- I have something for him, - Hercules smiled, winking his left eye at Yuri, - Believe me, gentlemen, the leader of the terrorists will dance with me, really. I will personally decide his fate.
- Self-confident, sir, - Ernalltsev nodded at this.
The admiral was about to give an approving answer, but a sudden situation interrupted his thoughts. Somewhere from the outside of the building, a powerful explosion thundered. The roar was so deafening that many of those present in the office almost fell unconscious. In addition, the shock wave that followed the explosion hit the cabinet and its utensils. The glass instantly cracked, and the furniture began to fall rapidly. The admiralat's table jumped, and everything that lay on it immediately collapsed. The girl, who was holding a bioluminescent lamp in her hands, could not stand it either and fell to her feet. The incandescent lamp fell to the stone floor and shattered in a matter of seconds.
- What a bastards, - Castor swore, forgetting about all the rules of behavior.
But this time no one condemned him. Many of those present in the study, creatures, had the same words on their lips. Since the crash of the explosion sounded too close, it should be noted that the enemies were already approaching. Hercules and Yuri knew some information about the layout of the building in which they were now located. It was a giant tower complex, consisting of two high-rises, built during the time of the old emperors. This building was later assigned specifically for the Embassy of the Impeccable Empire, and now there was a temporary political center here. If the explosion thundered so close, then the enemy was rapidly advancing. The battle came too quickly, and even creatures like Hercules and Yuri Ernalltsev found this factor unexpected.
- It looks like the enemies are already here, - Yuri heard the angry voice of Savrasov, - Damned creatures of the separatist hydra. They are already here! I thought so.
Before the admiral had time to utter his furious speeches, one of the commanders quickly rushed into the office, forcing everyone to draw attention to himself. He was dressed in a gray Zabergan overcoat with aiguillettes and a dark cap. In his hands he held a plasma fuse. Iilfan immediately noticed the frightened look on this officer.
- Your honor! - roared at the top of his throat a warrior who ran in.
Savrasov and his subordinates were immediately startled. The officer was in disarray, and his shortness of breath reflected well his desperate situation. He was the real embodiment of fear.
- Your honor! - shouted again the fighter, - Traitors attacked the Tower of Ascension. Terrorists are breaking through the defenses!
The frightened warrior spoke too quickly and confusedly, and his eyes fled in different directions.
- How did they attack? - Savrasov exclaimed beside himself with amazement. - I ordered to create a double defense, you brainless bastards!
- No, sir, - the answer was immediately heard, - They used some unknown device. Come from a shining ring of fire. We have not seen this yet! We urgently need reinforcements! Urgently! They captured the twenty-seventh floor and deployed their guns there. And with them ... with them golems! Steel golems!
“Robots,” Iilfan said quietly, immediately guessing what they were talking about.
After the words of the frightened soldier, there was a new roar of the explosion, which happened almost very close to the location of the political center. The explosion was followed by shots from fuses and automatic weapons. Machine-gun bursts rang out. The battle was already flaring up in all its glory. The officer shuddered even more at what he heard. This warrior was rapidly losing control of himself. Of course, he knew that an immediate execution followed for alarmism, but he already deeply did not care at all. Panic began to seize all over his soul.
- I ask you to! Send reinforcements! - the fighter almost cried. - We are being slaughtered there like dogs! No freacking connection! I almost died while getting here!
- Ragged , - Savrasov lost his temper, - Mongrel torn condomes!
“Well, the long-awaited battle has come,” Hercules said in a quiet voice.
Now he was clearly aware that this operation would be the most difficult in his entire history. Even the events of the Five Colonies will now seem to all of them just just a mouse fuss. A monstrous storm was brewing, and it was already approaching. Quite a little time will pass, and it will envelop the entire planet as a whole, absorbing each of its inhabitants.
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Personal battle cruiser of the High Marshal of Hyperborea.
Outer space of Zabergan.

“Voten the Hammer-Slayer, how many ships they have scored,” Clotilde whispered beside himself with horror.
The great marshal was looking with great concern at the data on the flotilla of Nikomedians, which was already located in the orbit of the planet. Grigarovich's mysterious allies arrived in too many numbers. The holographic screen showed the exact composition of the armada sent by the aliens. And these data by no means inspired any good hope. As it turned out, the combined fleet of Hyperborea and the alliance here had fewer powers than the enemies summoned by the terrorists.
Armada Nikomedyan consisted of twenty warships. Among them were heavy frigates, destroyers and battleships, the destructive power of which was impressive. Clotilde no less than three armored super-battleships "Kachara". One such vessel was capable of spraying at least twelve corvettes.
In truth, the "Kachar" had the ability to destroy even the elite battleship of the Draskov Empire with three shots, and they were famous for their protection. Enemies have equipped their superlinkers with proton launchers and plasma sprays. Such a weapon was colossal, many of the commanders who arrived at the battle were well aware of what they might have to face. The battle, scheduled for the next hour, promised to be monstrously difficult and threatened with serious losses.
“In any case, we cannot retreat,” said the voice of Nirani-Rael behind the marshal. “I have already requested help from 20 ships of the Elfurr Domination. They are on their way.
The Elfurrian Inquisitor was also aboard the High Marshal's ship. At the consoles and consoles sat a lot of other worlds, among whom there were even dogmas, not to mention other creatures. People on the ship were also present. Hyperborean special forces soldiers decided to settle on the ship of Lord Clotilde in order to fight in boarding battles. They had already sharpened their broadswords and axes, and checked the ammunition of the plasma fuses.
But the horror of this battle could reach the boarding. Everyone knew that the enemy naval commanders were not used to bringing matters to the use of "invasion locks." As a rule, the tactics of the Nicomedians did not lead to collisions. Usually fighters of this race fought remotely. Even the guardsmen of the Vithyn-Exotrorchs rarely used bayonets or sabers. It was considered much more effective that it was more effective to shoot at close range than to hit with a war blade. The Nikomedians did not like close combat too much. The leaders of the fleets almost did not count on boarding at all, but mostly preferred to fire at enemy ships from a distance or used covert attacks.
However, in addition to the Nikomedians, Grigarovich and his other allies. Five battle caravels of pirates from Zukhra left from the side of the main satellite of Zabergan. Although these ships had great firepower, they could move very quickly. In addition, information about their teleporter devices reached, which moved these ships throughout the star system in a matter of hours. It was also said about the camouflage fields, which were also available to the pirates. When Lord Clotilde learned of the approach of the corsair caravels, he almost lost his composure. He wanted to smash the bridge to pieces with one psionic attack. Rage gripped his soul too much.
- This is no longer, but a massacre, some kind of war, - concluded the Marshal, - Where does the leader of the terrorists have such friends. Someone has definitely worked here.
“The only question is who exactly advised Grigarovich to revolt,” came the voice of General Vulich. - It is unlikely that this is the work of the Nicomedians. Someone else has worked here.
- Why blame the Nikomedians if they are fighting for us? - spoke the high officer from n-sai species, - Those ships that are now in orbit should not be equated with Nicomedia's fleet.
Draskovit decided to attend Ernull's flagship. He presided over the midshipmen who acted as support for the Hyperboreans. In the event of an unsuccessful sortie of the special forces, Draskov's midshipmen were to act against the enemy. Vulich did not leave his loyal fighters for a second, and was devoted to them, like a father. Just now, he uttered some truly moving words that were asked by many of the military leaders involved in the operation.
- All this was clearly set up, - the general continued his speech, - I do not believe that Grigarovich did everything himself. Surely he has his own coordinator.
- In terms of? - there was a question of Nirani-Rael, - Do you think about what, what I am talking about ?.
The inquisitor already internally knew what the answer would be, but at the same time she still decided to ask the commander, since she wanted to find out his opinion on the situation. There has never been a case when she did not allow her colleagues to speak.
“Something similar has already happened in the Farrukh Empire,” Vulich said. “Someone under the name of Marfur-Nirari has amassed a whole organization to fight the government. He acted in much the same way. He raised the military to mutiny, arranged explosions, terrorist attacks. Then Farrukh, of course, was given to him as it should. And this bastard finally got out of their lands.
Vulich spoke nervously and irritably, and obviously, he harbored a fierce grudge against this Marfur-Nirari. From the general's face it was possible to understand that he had lost someone in one of the countless skirmishes with the enemy.
“But Marfur-Nirari is a simple crazy psionic,” came the voice of one of the human officers on the bridge. “I've heard this story.
“With all due respect, but he is not an ordinary psychopath,” the general replied sharply. “They sacrificed thousands of living beings. Among them was…. My wife.
- And you think that Marfur-Nirari is guilty of the Zabergan rebellion? - were already heard the words of Clotilde.
Suddenly, an alarm sounded throughout the flagship. From the side of those sitting at the consoles, the other worlds, excited shouts were heard. The crew members were greatly alarmed. Almost all had dilated pupils.
- Your Excellency! - shouted one of the Hrokans, seated opposite the console, - the Nicomedians are aiming guns at us!
Clotilde jumped up at once, trying to throw away all unnecessary thoughts from himself. The battle was already approaching, and soon it will cover the entire outer space of Zabergan. The enemies did not like to wait long, and decided to be the first to attack the united squadron. The flotilla of Grigarovich's allies prepared to open fire. The Nicomedians despised procrastination, and for their fury they were famous almost everywhere ..
- All the energy on the shields! - Clotilde immediately commanded at the top of his voice, - Force fields will hold back the enemy onslaught! And then .... And then it will be our turn to attack!
- There is! All the energy to the shields! - were heard in response to the screeching of other worlds. - To carry out the order of the marshal!
Now each crew member clearly understood that perhaps this day would be the last in their life.
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Nan-Kai had to work hard to find the coveted secluded spot from which he could contact the master. The city has already been overrun with thousands of unknown vehicles. This was no longer a civil war, but some kind of foreign invasion. Nan-Kai was seriously worried about the emergence of more and more sophisticated mechanisms. In addition, he discovered incredible oddities among the enemy soldiers. At one point, they just fell silent for a few seconds, and then their eyes lit up with mysterious green lights. The fighters behaved strangely and unnaturally. They looked more like machines than living creatures.
Castellan suspected that Grigarovich could conclude an agreement with an unknown civilization, perhaps even unknown to many galactic countries. Naturally, all the colonel's statements about allegedly joining the Impeccable Empire were nothing more than a bluff. In fact, Grigarovich wanted something completely different. Nan-Kai had two options for the development of events at once. The first one assumed that the half-Nomedian had indeed entered into an alliance with someone, and did this in order to transfer the whole system to this “someone”. But many questions immediately arose - why then did he allow the entire Hyperborean fleet to fly here? It would be much wiser to simply act on the sly. Capture planets after planets, while trying to distract the Hyperboreans in other places. The second option assumed that Grigarovich intended to destroy all his enemies with one blow, and for this he was preparing some kind of weapon. Probably, it was for the fulfillment of his sinister plan that he summoned many armada here. Cut off the "head of the snake" in order to then strike at the very heart of Hyperborea.
He found a small room that was once a laboratory assistant for a local teacher. Nan-Kai had to infiltrate a dilapidated school. Fortunately, there was also an excellent view of the area from there. He immediately expressed his assumptions to Zoran as soon as he activated the transmitter. The shimmering figure of the Emperor's brother Azis spread throughout the room. Zoran didn’t look kind at all. He clearly did not expect such an outcome.
- And where are these cyber soldiers from? - the terrible voice of the governor was heard, - You still haven't found out?
Nan-Kai turned pale. The assignment was under threat. What he saw was not at all in the plan announced to him at the General Staff. It was urgent to draw up a new list of tasks. Otherwise, the task can be considered a failed one.
“No, Mr. Zoran,” the castellan answered honestly. “Nothing. They came out of nowhere.
“Bad,” said the shimmering figure, “But your assignment does not change from this.
Castellan turned pale even more. He was already on a war-torn planet all alone. Even the Impeccable Empire commanders in orbit were unaware of his presence. Formally, Nan-Kai was not here at all.
- You will bring Grigarovich to me, - Zoran continued his speech, - You already have the poison. I need to find out who he works for. The situation is lousy.
- Do you also think that this is the plan of unknown aliens? - heard the question of Nan-Kai.
- I believe that only one alien is involved in this case, - the governor answered, - I have been interested in him for a long time. Recently, he managed to walk with fire and sword through the Farrukh Empire. Almost led her to a large-scale political crisis in history. There were many dead. But Farrukh kept silent about this. Apparently they didn't want the rest of the world to know.
Nan-Kai shuddered with surprise. He knew who it was about. It was about this creature that he and the governor Zoran talked literally a couple of days before he was sent to Zabergan. When Zoran mentioned his mysterious name, for some reason the castellan felt uneasy. He was beginning to feel a mysterious cold somewhere deep inside. Fear literally fettered his body.
- You speak……
- About Marfur-Nirari, - Zoran said sharply, - In any case, bring Grigarovich to me. Remember, you have no right for error.
- Wait, my lord... that is, Mr. Zoran, - the castellan immediately exclaimed, - And if this .... Is Marfur-Nirari also on this planet? If this…. Is he really?
The Governor thought for a moment. He clearly did not expect to hear such a question. There was little to say to him. With amazement, the ruler discovered that he had never thought of this option. As a result, I had to adjust plans literally on the go.
- Hmm ... .. - Zoran shook his head, - In that case, press the black button of your transmitter. This will mean that the operation is under threat. And that Marfur-Nirari is involved in this. Only this should be one hundred percent information.
“Okay,” Nan-Kai replied obediently, “So that's why you told me not to touch the black button until the hour“ H ”. Now I understand everything. Alert.
- Signal of the 1st level of danger, - the ruler clarified, - If Marfur-Nirari is really involved in this, and if it will be impossible to capture Grigarovich, announce the 1st level alarm and run to safety. I will send jannisaries to rescue you. Then we will draw up a new plan to destroy this bastard.
- It will be done, sir, - said the castellan, - But I still hope that these are just assumptions.

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Yuri watched with horror the panorama of the city engulfed in civil war that opened before his eyes. He stood with everyone on a huge landing site for pterix riders, giant winged creatures. Now all the pterixes were sent to the lower levels, and here Savrasov's fighters were deploying an air defense. Ernalltsev was located directly opposite the fence line, beyond which the abyss already stretched. He looked at Zabergan, engulfed in flames, and great sorrow arose in his soul. Iilfan was next to the warriors and did not take her eyes off the terrible panorama. Her eyes changed their color to bright green. She not only saw the burning buildings, but also felt all the pain that the inhabitants of the doomed capital experienced. Horror and fear reigned everywhere here.
Tall buildings that were built during the time of the old monarchs flared up with a scarlet flame. Shots from fuses and machine-gun bursts were heard everywhere. The sky above the city was already a gigantic black veil, which still did not end. Everywhere here there were wars, cruel and merciless. Somewhere below, cries for help or battle orders were heard. The artillery worked mercilessly. Those who looked at this madness did not know who exactly fired the shells from the mortars. But their rumble was heard even here, on the twenty-second level of the majestic tower. A wave of flames had just swept through. Obviously, the enemy shells touched the gas pipeline or the enemy used flammable substances at all. The whole block burst into flames like a powder keg. Desperate cries of doomed people were heard from afar. And high in the dark skies now and then flew the flying machines of the robots and the combat shuttles of the allies. The aircraft of the Impeccable Empire fought bravely in battle against the fast starships of Grigarovich's mysterious friends. Fiery lines were visible everywhere, left by the shots from the laser weapon. This war was rapidly growing into a global one.
And a great rage arose within Ernal'tsev and his companions when they turned their gaze to the majestic building, located at a great distance from the embassy. It was a whole tower complex built in the first decades of colonization. Today it was called the Palace of the Assessors, and within it were held party meetings and various state events. Only now the Palace was captured by the same bastard that plunged the entire planet into a bloody carnage. The main culprit of the civil war was inside the building and commanded his subordinates. Yuri and his brothers knew that Grigarovich was inside, and if he was not stopped in the near future, then the end would come to all Zabegan. The colonel's actions were truly insane. He staged a senseless massacre, destroying everyone in his path. Summoning friends from space, he clearly expected the continuation of the carnage across the planet.
- You will stay here, defend the tower, - suddenly the voice of Hercules was heard, - And I will fly to the Palace.
Hercules' words sounded too harsh. Yuri and Iilfan turned towards him. This adept had already prepared for battle, and his gaze reflected a frantic thirst for revenge on his enemies. Hercules' eyes lit up with a crimson witch's flame. But it was not this that attracted the attention of the surrounding fighters, but something else. In his hands, the Hyperborean was holding a strange round object, which all the time shimmered with various bright colors. Seeing him, Yuri immediately guessed about its purpose.
- What do you want to finish off the terrorists alone? - Immediately asked Iilfan, - It looks unreasonable. Nirani-Rael gathered a whole squad to eliminate the rioters.
The rest of the warriors wanted to say the same words, but the foreign woman was ahead of them. Krasic, his loyal friend-sergeant and several specialists from Hyperborea looked at Hercules in bewilderment. The original plan was a joint operation. No one would have thought that the Hyperborean would dare to fly alone directly into the mouth of a terrible beast.
With even greater amazement, the local warriors glanced at Hercules. Savrasov, who was standing nearby, nervously looked at the psionic and at first thought that he was joking. Lucius considered such a trick for excessive heroism, which could well end in vain death.
- I will not go alone, - Hercules proudly answered.
At the same time, he nodded his head towards the strange thing that he was holding in his hand. But even realizing what was being discussed, Yuri did not approve of such an act. And the rest of the soldiers did not understand such a trick of the commander. Right now, he was completely disrupting the entire plan drawn up by the high marshal.
- The enemy has a weapon Elfurr, - Yuri said sternly, approaching his friend a couple of steps, - It is dangerous. You know!
“I told you I’m not going alone! - Hercules shouted almost in a frenzy.
After these words, the adept threw the alien device with all his might to the right side of him. There were almost no people there, and this should be taken advantage of. The round ball hit the floor in a few seconds and then crashed. As soon as the object shattered into thousands of pieces, something huge flew out of it, blazing with fierce fire. The temperature around began to rise immediately. Not even a moment passed when a strange creature of enormous growth emerged from the crimson flame, its appearance resembling a wingless dragon. The hefty lizard was all burning with fire, and there was not a single place on it where the flame would not reach. Opening its mouth, the mysterious entity emitted angry screams that almost deafened everyone present. The fiery creature was ready for battle, as was its master.
Yuri and the other people around him were not too surprised by the appearance of this creature. But real horror appeared in the eyes of Iilfan and the local inhabitants. Many of Savrasov's fighters aimed at the essence of the fuzei and machine guns. Even the admiral himself could not cope with fear and pulled out a plasma pistol from his holster. This creature was truly powerful. The flames emanating from him spoke of incredible power. And this power frightened any mortal.
- Well, ing yourself! - I heard the frightened cry of the admiral, - What the hell is this?
Everyone looked at this entity with open mouths in horror. Mortal warriors feared that right now this creature would come into great rage and release hellfire from its mouth. But that never happened. The creature wheezed and growled at the assembled fighters, and then settled peacefully to the floor. The fire, which had flared up earlier all over the back of the creature, quickly faded away.
And Hercules, on the contrary, looked at the mysterious monster with undisguised admiration. He now resembled some circus performer presenting an outlandish beast to the audience. The Hyperborean's eyes lit up with a storm of delight.
- Meet! - the adept exclaimed at the top of his voice, - Fighting Salamander Croco! A creature composed of fiery power! Able to bring death to anyone who gets in his way! A present from the Draconian Commander Ser'Pentai!
The salamander, as if understanding the words of Hercules, got to her feet again and made several movements with her flaming tail. It would seem that she decided to show off in front of the soldiers who surrounded her.
- Do not be afraid, - Hercules continued, - She will only kill enemies. She will not touch you. Besides, you are too tasteless for her.
“So that's what you were chatting about with the dragonids! - there was an inspired voice of Nikolai Krasic, who was standing among the soldiers along with his faithful friend-sergeant.
Hearing the psionic's words, many warriors allowed themselves to breathe a sigh of relief. Only Iilfan and several officers of Zabergan, including Savrasov himself, remained to look at the creature with eyes widened with fear. The foreign woman, on the other hand, had never seen such creatures at all. She spent so much time on government assignments and saw a lot in her life, but not fire salamanders. Until now, the warrior thought that these creatures had died out long ago, moreover, in the past millennium. She did not expect to see such a monster in front of her.
Yuri touched the other woman's hand. With his touch, he instilled calmness in her. Feeling the touch of the warrior, Iilfan was also relieved. She was beginning to clearly understand that the monster would not harm any of her allies. It was intended only for a fierce battle with enemies.
- And you are full of surprises, Hercules, - came the voice of the admiral.
- Indeed, - said Sergeant Bartholomew, - there are more than enough surprises.
Savrasov continued to stare at the salamander with wild amazement. Fear still lingered inside him. This person did not even think that such entities exist in the universe at all. All his life he knew only about the flora and fauna of his own system and only remotely read about something alien. Savrasov looked at the monster as if he were in a zoo. His lips were still trembling with mild shock.
- So, - Hercules said to this, returning to the previous topic, - I will go to battle with Grigarovich. If I'm lucky, I will rescue Krazhinsky from captivity. I will have a salamander with me, and that is worth a lot.
- Together it is also not safe, - Yuri's voice was heard, - They have Destroyers of Souls.
But Hercules was adamant. With his fiery gaze thrown at Yuri, he made it clear that he would not argue further. He has already made his own decision and will not change it.
- Mister Ernalltsev, - Hercules exclaimed, - you and a detachment will defend the embassy. These people need help too. And I will go there with the faithful beast and finish off the bastard. Captain Krasic and Sergeant Bartholomew will fly with me.
- With joy! - Krasic replied to this, - With such and such a weapon, even fly into a black hole! Let's cover you, Hercules. We've got jetpacks, don't forget.
At the same moment, somewhere nearby, another explosion thundered. The rumble that came from him was simply deafening. The resulting shockwave shook the room in which the warriors were located. The walls were cracked in several places, and pictures and photographs of local governors hanging on them immediately fell down. The explosion took place very close to the special hangar for the pterix. It was no longer possible to hesitate.
The admiral clearly understood that they did not have time to think. The enemy was already approaching very close. Troops of traitors were nearby, and soon they can break through to the embassy. And the eerie roar of engines was also heard, indicating the presence of robot aircraft. The warships raced at breakneck speed towards the Telbert Towers. Obviously, the fighters of the Impeccable Empire failed to cope with the enemy.
- Go! - Hercules shouted at the top of his voice, addressing his comrades, - Protect the building and the political center! And I will go to battle! Gods help you!
Having said these words, the Hyperborean psi-adept everywhere flashed with crimson sorcerous lights and jumped at lightning speed on the flaming monster. Without thinking twice, he slapped him on the back, and the mighty beast jumped up at a fast pace, lifting his feet off the floor. Soon, the psionic was already flying over this entire monstrous panorama of the crumbling capital. He truly resembled the ancient god of war, riding a dragon, and bringing death to anyone who gets in his way.
The brave Hyperborean was followed by his two comrades, Nikolai Krasic and his loyal friend-sergeant. Both are in combat suits with built-in jetpacks, true winged angels.
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“Tulotron,” came a strange and seemingly playing female voice.
It really did not belong to a mortal woman, but to a real product of cyber-engineering.
The leader of the robots immediately turned back, already knowing that she was watching him. Null Six was already very close to him. Tulotron applied all the features of facial expressions and even managed to smile at this mysterious person.
- Null-Six, - the cyber-lord bowed slightly, looking his companion directly in the face, - It seems it's time to apply our special plan. Master approved plan.
The cyborgess smiled playfully back at Tulotron, and then quickly pulled out from her bosom what looked like a capsule; a capsule with a cybernetic being contained inside, which was only in projection quite recently. The leader of the robots immediately realized who exactly these weapons were intended for. If he were a man, he would probably turn white with horror and turn cold.
“Hand over to Grigarovich our common gift,” Null-Six smiled playfully again, and then added, “Our gift, Tulotron. Created by you and me.
- But I, and there are you, - was heard the quiet answer of the leader of the robots, - You were created first. You are Tulotron.
- Exactly, - the eyes of the cyborgess flashed, - Our plan must work.
Bowing again to the mysterious mechanical person, Tulotron carefully took the capsule with the unknown creature in his hands. Then he turned back and scanned the entire area of ​​the room. He was carefully looking for Grigarovich himself here. And very soon, he found his cherished goal.
Colonel Markohyosip Grigarovich walked along the stone floor and looked at the spoiled portraits that hung on the walls. These images were made quite recently as a gift for the governor of Krazhinsky. The portrait painters did a great job, and thoroughly depicted the faces of the rulers of Zabergan on the canvases.
Tulotron cautiously crept up to the Kaiser from behind, but the Zabergan tyrant foresaw this, and immediately turned around. The two bodyguards quickly approached the colonel and stood behind him. They certainly didn’t instruct him with plasma fusées, as there was no need for that, at least not yet. The bearded Nikomedian guards put their fingers on the triggers, but their weapons remained lowered.
“Ah, Mr. Tulotron, I was just thinking about it,” Grigarovich's voice was heard. - What will become of the universe when machines begin to attack all organic form.
The colonel's voice was filled with fierce distrust of his ally and even some kind of contempt. This attitude seriously infuriated Tulotron, who had already learned to fully understand human feelings. However, the robot carefully concealed its awakening anger.
“I sent a special squad of Nikomedians to ensure the defense of the tower,” the Zabergan separatist continued his speech. “Thanks to the Soul Destroyers, they will cope with any threat. Even if those psionics of Hyperborea come here, they say, they move whole mountains ... An inglorious death awaits them all. Inglorious and monstrous. Just think of what it would be like to be deprived of my soul. Not a physical body, but that divine shell that was given to all of us before appearing in this world. Let's see how our enemies react to this.
Tulotron also noticed that several of his bodyguards were approaching Grigarovich. Their weapons just consisted of those very Elfurr sprayers. Suddenly one of the guardsmen winked his left eye at Tulotron. The robot registered this gesture and processed the information. Grigarovich's guards are entirely on his side.
- I wanted to talk to you alone, - the robot lied, - Without your pit bulls.
“Yes, of course,” the colonel said in an incredulous voice. “Of course. Really changing plans again?
After these words, Grigarovich turned back and stared at his "watchdogs". He looked at them as if they were wild animals, not sentient beings. He always considered bodyguards to be nothing more than dogs that can be used for any purpose.
“Leave us,” said the tyrant.
The guards obeyed. They bowed to the colonel and headed the other way. The guards did not have time to move away from their master, as Tulotron was already very close to Grigarovich. He came close to him. The colonel was seriously frightened by the strange behavior of his mechanical ally, but he did not show it. On the contrary, he smiled at his "tin friend" in a kind of friendly way, as if he did not see any rival in him.
Grigarovich patted his comrade on the metal shoulder and continued to look him straight in the eye. But Markohyosip's main mistake was that he never saw what exactly his ally was holding in his hands, who could already be called with full confidence the former.
- And what did you want to give me, Tulotron? - Grigarovich exclaimed somehow mockingly. “Although ... I must admit you surprise me. We haven't even won yet!
Tulotron's eyes flared. However, a completely human smile never faded from his face. Grigarovich recoiled. The robot's behavior seemed to him somehow strange and even dangerous. Mechanically Grigarovich touched the saber hanging on his belt with his right hand. He quickly calculated the time allotted for him in order to pull the blade from its scabbard and hack the mech to pieces.
But he never had time to draw his weapon. The Tulotron was too fast. He had been planning to do this for a long time, and now the long-awaited hour has finally come.
“I think this will be the best gift for you,” the leader of the robots hissed angrily. - I hope, you like it.
In the blink of an eye, a sharp blade emerged from Tulotron's metal palm, capable of cutting through tough steel. He immediately stabbed the blade directly into the doomed colonel's stomach. The blade went too deep into Grigarovich's body and cut through all the internal organs. Tulotron was in no hurry to take the weapon out of the semi-nicomedian. The Zabergan rebel was so seized with pain that he could not even think about it. His eyes immediately began to roll upward. Thick streams of blood poured profusely from his mouth. Heart-rending rales were heard from the chest, speaking of terrible agony.
Seeing the massacre of Grigarovich, the Nicomedian soldiers never came to his aid. Their minds have long been enslaved. The day before, special microchips were introduced into the traitors' brains, which blocked any desire to resist or disobey commands. Now they were no different from the same combat robots sent to Zabergan.
And the doomed colonel did not fall on his back, but continued to languish in terrible pain.
- You wanted to be strong? Right? Tulotron snarled mockingly. "This is the wrong decision." As wrong as in most organic species. You believe you can resist. But the likelihood of your survival is too small. No more than 2 and a half percent. The organic form is deprecated.
The robot took incredible pleasure in taunting a dying adversary. The programs of pleasure and schadenfreude put into it by the mysterious creator were working at full capacity. And he also felt so great that he imagined himself almost the God of all machines in the galaxy. He was already anticipating his coming victory.
- You ... a sneaky piece of ...  ... - there were barely audible wheezes from Grigarovich's lips, - Vile ... canning ... ... bastard ... You never ... ... do not win ... ... You .... Just a slave ... ..
But Tulotron was not at all offended by the insults. On the contrary, he cheered up even more, and a wicked smile spread across his mechanical face.
- But in this you are mistaken, - the robot laughed, - the Slave is you.
In less than a second, Tulotron raised a metal hand over the doomed, in which he held a mysterious round capsule. The robot quickly plunged the mysterious weapon directly into the colonel's mouth. Then, with frantic force, he brought down his strong fist on Grigarovich's jaw. Such a sharp and crushing blow made the ruler swallow the capsule in an instant. The colonel jerked at another flash of pain.
“This device will make you strong,” Tulotron continued his mocking speech, towering over the doomed enemy, “Very strong. Your power will increase by exactly 93 percent. But even that will not set you free, Markohyosip Grigarovich, the illegitimate son of Emperor Azis Excelsior. You will be a slave forever. The same as all your organic relatives.
The dying Grigarovich became so weak that he could no longer stand on his feet. He collapsed to the floor, and after a moment, his body began to wriggle in different directions with terrible speed. He fought in monstrous convulsions. His entire body was undergoing a process of eerie and unimaginable changes. The colonel's eyes burst at once, splattering bloody streams all over his face. His skull and bones instantly cracked and shattered into splinters. Bloody entrails burst from a gruesome gash in his abdomen.
- Delightful, isn't it? - came the voice of Null-Six, already approaching close to Tulotron, - I never thought that death is so beautiful.
“My plan is always amazing,” the robot replied, and then added, “Our plan.
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The torpedo bombardment managed to damage the skin of one of the enemy's cruisers. The monstrously heavy ship of the Nikomedians could not withstand such a powerful attack. Nuclear charges detonated as soon as the torpedoes reached their target. The Marshal's plan worked in full. The alien flagship shattered into thousands of pieces, then vanished into a blinding cloud of flame. The resulting glow was so bright that many thought that a new star was being born in the space of Zabergan. The explosion destroyed not only the flagship of the Nikomedians, but also a dozen neighboring ships following very close to their mighty leader.
The Retribution carried only seven nuclear warheads. Five of them have just been fired at the enemy and fired successfully. Judging by the data from the instruments, nothing remained of the enemy ships. Everyone knew that each nikomedyan ship could hold at least ten thousand crew members. One could only guess about the global number of killed sailors. Thousands and thousands of Grigarovich's accomplices burned to death, if, of course, there were at least some organic creatures there. Most of the entire Nicomedian flotilla was destroyed. Such damage was considered simply colossal. The Marshal imagined the reaction of the other admirals and captains of the hostile forces when they received reports of losses.
The crew of Clotilde's flagship were jubilant as if insane. Many of those on the bridge got up from their seats and began to draw their blades with joy. The Marshal was also delighted with the successful attack.
- Hooray! - shouts of admiring fighters were heard from everywhere, - Glory to the Creator! We boomed them to the fullest!
- It was cool!
- You saw this explosion, right?
- The Nicomedians got rid of it today!
- And where did you get the idea that they were the Nikomedians?
- I have no idea, but still cool!
General Vulich himself rejoiced most of all. This green-cloaked general, the general, burst out into real malevolent laughter. But it was forgivable to him. The Draska Empire fought Nicomedia more than once for territories in several sectors, and therefore Vulich knew about the danger from these yellow-skinned. The destruction of the Nicomedian heavy ships was a truly global event throughout the battle.
- How we have them! - beside himself with joy growled Vulich, - How are we them, huh ?! How we have them! Half of the fleet of these coksukers has turned to dust!
But Clotilde didn’t like the harsh expressions from his ally. Despite the fact that the marshal himself liked to swear, for a strange reason he did not tolerate it when others did it. Now he turned a little purple from the irritation that arose, but then he gathered strength and suppressed his anger. After all, Vulich was entitled to such words.
- Of course, I understand you, General, - were heard the words of Clotilde, - But henceforth, I ask you to behave more restrained. We're not in a pub after all.
Vulich cleared his throat and immediately realized his mistake. He realized that he was guilty before the commander. At the moment, he was on Clotilde's ship, and had to obey his rules. And besides, there were members of the elfurr delegation, mostly women, not far away.
- Yes, I'm sorry, my lord, - Vulich said guiltily, - But you yourself understand. The Nicomedians at one time annoyed my people a lot. I still remember how the ships of these yellowskins invaded Cetis.
- Nevertheless, we do not yet know whether they were Nicomedians or not, - the marshal said to this, - I sent a message to Nicomedia to demand answers. Wifin-exotrorh did not report anything. Until he officially declared himself an ally of Grigarovich, I have no right to consider the Nikomedians as enemies.
Meanwhile, the crown flagship of the Nikomedians in Zabergan's orbit went to hell along with the entire crew, and at the same time took the rest of his friends with him. The use of nuclear warheads was of course agreed with all naval commanders, and it should be said that not only Clotilde was the initiator of such a plan here. But nevertheless, the first to propose the use of weapons, it was the Supreme Marshal of Hyperborea, and this was an indisputable fact.
- Well ... Now you can calmly arrange fireworks for Grigarovich, - came the pleased voice of Nirani-Rael, - This traitor and his sycophants must pay for their sins.
Many of the generals gathered on the bridge nodded approvingly. Some were already beginning to build plans for a breakthrough in their heads. After all, from the cosmic armada of the Nicomedians and their fellows, there were pitiful remnants. As it turned out, the Zuhra pirates did not want to engage in open battle, but still kept aloof. Most of the commanders considered such escapades to be cowardice. But for some reason, Clotilde seemed completely different.
After receiving a report on the accumulation of several Zuhra ships near the Allied forces, the High Marshal felt very strange. An inner voice told him that the pirates were not at all afraid of the rage of the united flotilla. They seemed to take their positions and were expecting new friends. These mysterious feelings began to grip the soul of Clotilde. The commander suddenly went cold as his mind was gripped by the thoughts of a new enemy approaching. Something about the pirates' behavior confused him. He saw things that his brothers did not even know about.
- Stop! - Clotilde said unexpectedly, raising his hand up, - I propose to divide the armada.
These words left the rest of the generals, including Elfurr, puzzled. There was simply no such maneuver in the original plan. Yes, and Clotilde looked somehow strange in the eyes of his allies.
“Explain,” the other commanders said immediately.
Clotilde immediately prepared his speech and immediately threw it out. Words burst out of him like locust.
- It seems to me that this is not the end yet, - the marshal's alarmed voice was heard, - I feel ..... that our enemy is on the way ....... This is far from the end. That is why I propose to divide the armada into two parts. The First Fleet, led by allies from the Impeccable Empire, will set out to break the blockade. And we will stay here. The fact that pirates do nothing hardly hints at their cowardice.
“It’s really strange,” agreed with Clotilde one of the Chrokan officers.
This pig-headed soldier looked at everyone gathered with serious excitement. Obviously, there were thousands of questions swirling within him as well, requiring immediate answers. Khrokan was in full agreement with the Grand Marshal.
- It doesn’t look like them at all, - the foreigner repeated his words, - As far as I know, the Pirates of Zukhra never retreat. And if they didn't fight, that means only one thing. They are waiting for someone.
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It would seem that the entire universe took up arms against the unfortunate planet called Zabergan. Now all of her cities, including the capital, were almost in ruins. Fierce gunfire went everywhere here. Civil war began to engulf the doomed world, gradually engulfing it with its rage. Every city and every village clashed in a fierce and merciless battle. Hundreds of thousands have already died in this war. The gas attacks perpetrated by terrorists have resolved a lot of people and foreigners. Now the robots also entered the battle, led by their sinister leader. Krazhinsky still had many supporters, but most of them were unarmed people. But Grigarovich had good detachments of militants who mercilessly shot everyone who encroached on the power of the new dictator.
Hercules went to battle with the tyrant along with the faithful salamander, and left his comrades to defend the embassy. As it turned out, over the time passed, the terrorists managed to capture one of the Towers, which previously housed the headquarters of the security of the diplomatic missions. And this building was almost adjacent to the embassy itself, where the temporary political center was located along with the portal station. The seizure of the political center and the gate could lead to a global catastrophe, and each of Krazhinsky's supporters knew this well. The planet was already plunging into chaos, and Savrasov from Zabergan represented at least some semblance of a government. If these people also disappear into oblivion, then the whole world will finally perish in this madness.
When Yuri and Iilfan relocated to the lower levels in order to reach the crossing bridge, they found themselves being late and very late. Fate has already played its villainous joke. The bridge that connected the two majestic towers was blown up by order of one of the captains Savrasov. The admiral took such measures only when he realized there was no other way out. Some of Lucius' fighters were still on the bridge, trying to escape to the embassy grounds, but the sudden explosion ended their lives forever. In this hellish flame, devouring everything around, at least a hundred people died. By blowing up the bridge, Savrasov cut off the enemy's path to the territory of the political center, while one of the great Towers was lost. Robots and their allies Nikomedians captured many levels of this building, and the remaining inside, the fighters, still loyal to Hyperborea, were doomed to death. A little time will pass, and the terrorists will mercilessly kill all of them.
Hearing the roar of the explosion, Yuri realized that the structure was completely cut off. However, he clearly heard about the use of a rather strange way of movement by the enemies. For some incredible reason, the terrorists had portable teleporters. Only elite specialists or agents of the Impeccable Empire have seen such devices. There were almost no such devices on Zabergan, and even more so in such a large number. Now Yuri and his soldiers no longer doubted that the civil war was the work of fairly large players. Mysterious spies did a good job on the planet, they managed to recruit many supporters among the military elite and local politicians.
- The bridge has been blown up, warriors! - the cries of people were heard from everywhere, - Keep the defense of the political center!
Savrasov suddenly disappeared from sight. As reported by one of the political workers, Lucius was taken to safety at the lowest levels. Yuri, hearing this, was not even surprised. The admiral, apparently, was brave only in words, and when it came to a fierce battle, he was immediately evacuated. Yuri knew that such people are everywhere, and even in the Hyperborean army. They valued their own lives too dearly, simply forgetting about the rest.
Ernalltsev and his beautiful Farrukh companion moved to the place of a fierce firefight. This entire floor was just littered with dead bodies. Dozens of fighters crowded at the windows, pushing machine guns or firing furiously from auto rifles. The fire was just terrifying. Everywhere in the air was a pungent smell of smoke, mixed with the stench emanating from the burned bodies of the warriors. Enemy soldiers occupied the neighboring tower and fired back. Shells flew everywhere, usually finding their victims too quickly. Having seized the facility, the terrorists and their cybernetic allies fiercely fired at their opponents.
- Robots! - one of the admiral's soldiers shouted furiously, - We hold the defense!
One of the enemy combat drones appeared in the air. He immediately found his cherished goal. The warrior shouting about the presence of robots clearly did not expect such a blow. The dish-shaped drone bristled with sharp blades on all sides. Without thinking twice with his machine brains, he immediately ran into the doomed fighter. With all his might, he stuck into the body of the zabergan, penetrating into the internal organs and creating a real bloody explosion.
One of the dying man's comrades rushed to the rescue. But the robot has already cut open the entire chest of his brother. The soldier did not even have time to realize that he was dead. With a bloody spray, the drone flew out of the body of the deceased and was again in the air. Moreover, he no longer appeared in plain sight. He left behind only a disfigured corpse, sprinkled with blood and entrails. The companion of the deceased, dressed in an overcoat and a cap, was holding his comrade in his arms, who was obviously also a good friend in his service. Great rage lit up in the eyes of the soldier. Laying aside the body of the deceased, he howled in great grief, and then grabbed an automatic rifle in his hands and ran to the windowsill. He began to press down on the trigger with all his might, firing dozens of shells. Cases were escaping from his weapon, rapidly falling to the floor.
- ! ! ! - the soldier roared angrily, tearing all ligaments.
However, the rest of the windows the situation was no less severe. The troops of the politicalcenter were shot from the enemies, the production of hundreds of shells in them. There was every weapon. Some fighters had only automatic rifles, others used plasma compounds, grenade launchers and machine guns. Machine-gun calculations were in the far end of the corridor. The valiant warriors were fiercely fell on enemies, and brave women employees brought them cartridges. It was full of nurse, the rapid pace of the dead bodied bodies. Many of these young people did not even have time to bring stretcher. The corpses became more and more. Forces were clearly unequal. The terrorists and their cyber-allies were far exceeded by the number of defendants.
Right before the eyes of Yuri thundered a new explosion. One of the enemy cyborgs used the anti-tank grenade launcher. He released a projectile from the window of the neighboring building. The roar that emanated from the explosion was so stunning that the Ernaltsev felt a sharp pain in his head. The enemy has just dissected the entire machine-gun calculation into pieces, without leaving the soldier even a piece of meat. From the shock wave, several fighters of the political center overturned the ground. Blood had plentifully from their ears.
- What a bastards! - I shouted the soldiers who allotted by the stripes of Sergeant, - Shameful wolves are going with rocket launchers!.
- They have some mehs in the troops! - Immediately shouted another fighter, - are we fighting with whom?
- It is no longer a coup, but a rebellion of machines!
The speech emanating from the fighters around, could hardly be called decent. And about what decency can speak in such a cruel bloody battle. Everywhere of the mouth of the warriors, terrible curses and matery cries were broken. Soldiers fought off the enemy, as they could. But everyone perfectly understood that someday luck will turn away from them and the cartridges will end. Even seeing in the corridor of Yuri and his elite incomers, none of the Zaberganians felt delighted. Now they were so immersed in the fight that they had forgotten about allies at all.
But Ernaltsev did not just stand and look at this nightmare, which was doing here for several minutes. He quickly nodded his head toward Ilyfan, mentally speaking to her that she was better to stay away. Alien girl heard this mental order and wanted to object to Yuri, since herself heard the best warrior of his race. However, Adept has already rushed to the smallest shock. Shells flew past the warriors and with mad speed went into the walls. And Yuri fled everything and ran.
He quickly, as if the cheetah, darted toward a huge hole in the wall, which the enemy shell recently broke through. Lucky leaving from the hole, Yuri immediately appreciated the situation. The second tower was just ten meters from the building of the Embassy and the Temporary Staff of Savrasov. The construction has already been captured by robots. Cyborgs in a solid battle armor were accommodated at each window. They led the fierce fire, trying to suppress the enemy's resistance as soon as possible. Many weapons were standard automatic, but Yuri noted and something very interesting. Three fur was put forward a hefty gun from a square window, resembling the same shower destroyer. For a second, Ernaltsev remembered that it was how it creates with living beings. The calculation of the enemy cannon was already prepared to release all the fiery power ..
- Oh you, they’re going to hit us right now! - Yuri exclaimed in horror.
It was necessary to urgently do something. Ernalltsev realized that if he delayed for at least five seconds, the enemy shell would be fired, and then it was not known what would happen to the building of the political center. Elfurr weapons were the deadliest in the entire galaxy. If the enemies had the Destroyers, and they could use them, then the organizers of this rebellion took root too deep. They secretly infiltrated Zabergan long before the Grigarovich riot. It is quite possible that they were here even during the ascent of Krazhinsky.
Yuri did not hesitate any longer, and put forward his hands, burning with witchcraft. His body began to vibrate noticeably, like that of an alien creature. The eyes shone even brighter, like little stars. Several enemy cyborgs immediately noticed a strange entity peeping out of a huge hole in the wall. They began shelling Yuri's position, but their shells only battled the air. The aggressors released all available cartridges at the adept, but none of them reached the cherished goal.
“Burn in hell,” the warrior said quietly, rapidly transforming into a shining witchcraft ball.
After these words, a blindingly bright witch's ball flew out from Yuri's side. The sphere, pulsing with lightning, reached the position of calculation of enemies with breakneck speed. The cyborgs never had time to fire. The mighty power of the psionic burned them all to the ground. The ensuing explosion of the Elfurr gun blew several floors to pieces, burying more than a dozen robots and terrorists under the stones. More than a hundred enemies were killed at that hour, and not a single particle of them remained.
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The giant tower complex, called the Palace of Congresses, was already very close. Hercules and his faithful flying friends were rapidly approaching their goal. The Hyperborean still rode astride a mighty creature. He felt the salamander perfectly. He merged with her and felt all her internal processes. The animal was very angry and was eager to fight with all its might. The creature was eager to deal with the enemy. And in general, it was not instincts that drove such a powerful monster, but the feeling of unimaginable anger. The salamander was the same living creature like everyone else. And she was told what exactly the bastard, known as Markohyosip Grigarovich, was doing. The fire monster knew perfectly well who he was fighting with.
The huge building was filled with soldiers. And with his fiery gaze, Hercules saw not only Grigarovich's bodyguards from n-sais and the Nikomedians. To the surprise of the adept and his allies with jetpacks, there were very few mortals here. The terrorists called for help from mysterious cyborgs and robots of all stripes. Hercules clearly saw the heavily armored 'Mechs, armed with terrible and deadly weapons. Several robots were holding the Soul Destroyers themselves. They are the tools that have been obtained to deprive any enemy of not only the physical shell, but also the immortal spirit. The nightmare cannons were the product of Elfurr, and Hercules immediately knew who exactly their enemies had prepared them for. The enemy already knew about the predecessors among the allies of Krazhinsky, those same Hyperborean psionics.
Hercules remained only a few tens of meters, and now his salamander will burst into the cursed castle of the bloody tyrant, destroying everyone with its fiery power. But the robots have already noticed the approaching danger. Cyber ​​soldiers appeared at the windows in large numbers. In less than a second, the 'Mechs opened fire on the flying warrior and his faithful beast. Krasic and Bartholomew, who flew on jetpacks in the attack, were also hit. From the direction of the fortress, numerous shots were heard from various guns. Both anti-tank shells and laser beams rushed to Hercules and his friends. Several robots grabbed the heavy machine guns, unleashing jets of deadly fire. Fortunately, Nikolai and his faithful friend had the speed advantage. And the Hercules salamander could create a semblance of an energy shield. The fire lizard did not feel any pain. To kill such a creature, enemies will need more than simple cartridges or even laser rifles.
- Do not be afraid ... this is just the beginning, nits ... - Hercules hissed angrily.
Now he was taunting mortals who were desperately trying to knock him off the beast. And the salamander felt the same feelings as her brave rider. The monster was amazed at the stupidity that fired shell after shell. A mocking roar escaped the giant grinning mouth. The salamander was ready to strike them all with hellfire.
Hercules sent his mental order to the beast. The monster immediately accepted the information. At first, the fire lizard doubted the correct actions of his rider, but then, having clearly understood the plan, the beast still obediently shook her head. Having agreed with his new friend, the Hyperborean jumped abruptly on the monster's back, and then made a sharp jump.
“Be careful, human,” came the mental voice of the salamander.
“As are you,” the warrior responded immediately.
Jumping off the back of his faithful beast, Hercules flew at a breakneck speed into one of the open windows of the building. It flared up with a fierce fire, and looked like a ball of fire. As soon as he reached the stone floor, he immediately emitted a witch's wave from himself. Excited robots instantly flew in different directions. Some of them burned down in a matter of moments. The rage of Hercules knew no bounds. He intended to do away with the enemies forever and rid the whole building of them. Salamander promised to clear all the upper levels of the tower from the defenders.
Nikolai and his faithful friend, the sergeant, decided to clear the upper floors of opponents. They rushed forward at almost the speed of light. Their upgraded satchels could allow them to fly almost at starship level. Without thinking twice, the Muscovites began to release dozens of EMP shells from the built-in rocket launchers. These things worked great against robots. They turned off dozens of cybernetic monsters in a matter of seconds.
- So you, tin freaks! - Bartholomew yelled with all his might, continuing to fire shells after shells.
Hercules, meanwhile, was working within the building. Throwing all the 'Mechs and terrorists away like puppies, the psi adept looked around. Glancing around, he discovered that he was in one of the drawing rooms of the Palace. Real chaos and destruction reigned here. The robots turned the entire interior upside down and vandalically dealt with the paintings. In addition, Hercules found the bodies of several people. They were all just riddled with bullets, and the commander concluded that they had been shot. There was no need to speculate about who exactly decided the fate of the unfortunate. The Hyperborean perfectly felt the dark energy, the source of which was very close. Grigarovich was already close, and the psionic accelerated his steps noticeably.
Just before he had time to run ten meters, the huge doors of the living room swung open. Dozens of heavy robots armed with Soul Destroyers appeared from behind them. The number of enemies almost reached thirty soldiers. Hercules could not even imagine that he would fall into such a dangerous trap. There were too many opponents, and right now they were preparing to fire a volley. The warrior realized that he might not be able to survive. In a matter of seconds, he remembered his entire passed life, checked in his head every detail of it, even the smallest.
- Get ready! - mechanical voices were heard, - Aim!
The cyber-soldier commander has already drew a scimitar-like blade to give the order to deal with the obnoxious Hyperborean. A little more, and Hercules would simply disappear into the witch's flame of darkness. But again, luck sided with him and protected him from terrible death. The right wall of the living room instantly shattered into pieces. From under the falling debris, a salamander's head emerged, in whose eyes a hot flame flared up. The beast hunted down the enemy warriors and decided to save its rider. He had already managed to become attached to this warrior, which caused only admiration for his nobility.
The robots immediately turned their guns towards the monster. But they did not have time to fire a volley. The fiery beast released a stream of hellfire from its mouth. An incredibly powerful flame of rage fell on the unfortunate cyborgs and melted them in the blink of an eye. The infantry commander took the first blow. There was simply nothing left of his mechanical body.
- Yes! - Hercules roared with all his throat, - So them! Burn them! Let's!
The last fighter still did not want to surrender to the winners. He quickly turned his weapon towards Hercules. This robot stood out for its lack of a head. Instead, he had only a small lamp-shaped panel. Aiming the Destroyer of Souls at the enemy, the mechanoid prepared to fire. But Hercules foresaw such a blow.
Hercules sharply waved his hands and sent the last enemy into free flight. The fighter's mechanical body hit the walls with all its might, and after contact immediately fell down. The cyberconstruction collapsed in a matter of moments. There were no more robots left in this room. Hercules and his faithful beast killed everyone. But this did not at all mean complete victory over the enemy. The main villain was still alive. Grigarovich was somewhere nearby .... very close. And it is not known what other nightmares he has prepared for his enemies.
- Well, - the psionic growled furiously, flaring with fire even more, - This time Grigarovich will not escape. Today he will pay for everything he has done to the people of Zabergan.
At the same moment, two brave Moscanites appeared in the corridor. Nikolai Krasic and his faithful friend Bartholomew managed to clear the upper tiers of all cyber creatures. Now they had only one thing - to put an end to the head of the terrorists on the planet forever.
- This is power! - Krasic exclaimed enthusiastically, - You melted them all famously, Hercules!
- Nishtyak, brother! - Bartholomew shouted at this. - This whole gang of furs was turned into scrap metal!
- What are you talking about, - Hercules smiled embarrassedly, - Just an ordinary military operation. It happens to anyone!
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The enemy shell that just flew through the window was clearly not created by humans. It was something completely different, monstrously dangerous and unknown. It resembled a luminous sphere released by some alien sorcerer. Obviously, Grigarovich's fighters had far more advanced weapons than anyone could have imagined. As soon as the shell burst into the corridor strewn with Savrasov's soldiers, it immediately exploded, filling with a blindingly bright sheaf of sparks. And then, after a few seconds, the sparks began to take the outlined forms. They combined into one, and formed a giant funnel. Such weapons were used by Elfurr in an attempt to quickly redeploy troops to another point, and many of the other worlds present on the territory of the political center knew this information very well. Hurricane fire, which was conducted from the side of the neighboring tower, has already stopped, thanks to Yuri. But the last of the robots still managed to use the Dark Orb. How exactly this Elfurr technology worked, no one knew, but everyone clearly understood that the opening of the portal would be followed by the arrival of enemy reinforcements. Now the enemy was heading straight for a visit to Savrasov and his fighters. Ernalltsev felt that it was not terrorists or even combat robots that were moving here. Soon there will be someone more powerful and powerful, perhaps even an enemy psi-adept.
 As soon as the shimmering gates swung open, two fighters jumped out of them with frantic speed. Iilfan immediately drew a long katana, intending to deal with the enemy, but soon jumped to the side. The cyber creatures that emerged were suicide bombers in the truest sense of the word. They were called killer droids and were usually used only as a last resort. The 'Mechs tied themselves with grenades and explosives on all sides. As soon as they appeared in the corridor, they immediately blew up. The explosion was not so much powerful as it was dangerous for the soldiers who were nearby. Dozens of Savrasov's soldiers were torn to pieces in a matter of seconds. The killer droids killed at least twenty defenders. Bones and bloody entrails were flying everywhere. The intestines of one of the soldiers even hit the wall of the building. And that was only just the beginning of the attack.
Yuri did not manage to move away from the blow in time and did not even manage to use psionic power. His body simply disappeared in the storm of fire and smoke that followed the explosions. Seeing this, Iilfan felt an incredible fear in her soul. She had long felt affection for this mysterious warrior. He attracted her like a magnet, and the warrior knew that a storm of reciprocity emanated from Ernal'tsev's side. Now she was scared to death. But after a fit of fear, rage quickly penetrated into her soul. Her eyes immediately lit up with crimson fire, and her teeth bared, like a she-wolf.
- They're breaking through! - Desperate shouts were heard throughout the tower, - Stand to death, warriors! For the Empire! For the Throne of Geos!
 Following the suicide bombers, the rest of Grigarovich's militants began to arrive. Several Nikomedians, armed with sabers, emerged from the portal and immediately fell upon the wounded enemies. Iilfan growled like a hyena and held the blade in front of her. The warrior with a furious howl pounced on the arriving opponents. She immediately chopped the first fighter into pieces. Its two halves collapsed to the floor, bleeding and guts. Iilfan's one blow immediately sliced ​​apart the flesh.
 Not having time to deal with the first enemy, the foreign woman fell on the second and third. Frightened militants did not have time to put up a defense. Their sabers were too weak compared to the warrior's blade. One of the terrorists, a tall Nicomedian in a helmet and bulletproof vest, carried out a suicidal attack. With a wild cry, he rushed to Iilfan, intending to hit her somehow. But his attack was unsuccessful. The Shield Maiden deftly twisted and stabbed the terrorist's katana in the stomach. The intruder hissed in horrific pain and then collapsed to the floor.
The third enemy did not fight honestly, and threw his saber aside. He quickly drew a plasma pistol from its holster and aimed it at Iilfan. The terrorist even fired a shot, but his beam of light did not burn through the warrior's armor. The Farrukh maiden grinned viciously in the face of the enemy. Her grin was followed by a powerful blade strike. The head of the enemy immediately flew off his shoulders and went on a long flight. She rushed along the entire corridor for a long time until she flew out the open window.
- Keep the line! Keep in line! - the same shouts of soldiers were heard everywhere.
 Obviously, the enemy used the Dark Orb not only on this floor, but also on others. The sounds of a bloody battle were heard from everywhere. The battle escalated from a gunfight to a brutal hand-to-hand combat. Like ancient warriors, Savrasov's fighters and Grigarovich's terrorists grabbed blades and axes and mercilessly killed each other. But Iilfan already did not care about the fate of the admiral's soldiers and the rest of the allies. She was looking only for him. Yuri Ernal'tsev, Hyperborean psi-adept.
 The portal squeezed out the enemies of the state again. New terrorists with drawn sabers emerged from the shining gates. The rest of the soldiers followed, armed with axes and clubs. Seeing their weapons, Iilfan clearly understood that they, too, were suicide bombers. After all, they rushed into battle like berserkers from old legends. They did not see anyone or anything in front of them except their enemies. In their eyes wandered only rage, intensified by the drugs. All of these terrorists took a hefty dose of special substances before heading into battle.
- Death to Hyperborea! - shouted one of the scoundrels, shaking his battle ax, - Death to the throne of Geos! Freedom and honor!
Iilfan clearly saw everything that was going on in the minds of the madmen who decided to launch such a crazy attack. They were drugged with too hard drugs, the origin of which was clearly alien. They were not sent here by accident. They have long sworn allegiance to completely different masters. Monstrous creatures from the very beginning made them turn from their path and bow before the new rulers.
 Without thinking twice, the woman from another world launched her long blade at the enemies. The katana flew half a meter and pierced two targets at once. The terrorists immediately fell to the floor, bleeding and exhausted from the terrible pain. But the rest of the opponents were still alive. Iilfan got her bearings in a split second. She quickly picked up from the floor two pistols dropped by Savrasov's soldiers. In less than a moment, she opened fire from two guns at once. Bullets immediately riddled the bodies of the invaders. Every shot Iilfan did not miss. She shot at least ten Nicomedians, sent their dark souls into the thick of it.
 But her main task was to find the warrior who managed to strike her heart. Yuri disappeared into oblivion. He simply was not in this corridor, and where he disappeared, no one knew.
- Yuri! - shouted the warrior at the top of her lungs, - Adept Yuri! Where are you?
 A terrible excitement seized the whole soul of a foreign woman, tormenting her like a beast. The glowing ring was still active, and new enemies were about to arrive. And Ernal'tsev was not and was not. He just evaporated, sank into oblivion. And one could only guess what exactly happened to him.
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- I do everything as you say, - Savrasov said in a pleading voice, - Everything is as you say ..... But still ... Are you sure that Zabergan will rise from the ashes in a new light? You .... Of course I know that you are omniscient ..... Of course .... but .... sorry .... I just lost my fighting spirit .... But I will improve. Promise.
Admiral Savrasov managed to get into the tower's dungeon, in which he found a rounded room that looked more like an amphitheater. He ordered to be left alone and ordered the guards to go to the upper levels in order to protect the building from enemies. He was not allowed to reveal many secrets. Savrasov knew very well that if he pierced, it could cost dearly not only to himself, but to the entire people of Zabergan. And he loved his homeland too much and ardently. That is why he went to the extreme worlds. It's all for love. All for the sake of their own people. In any case, he sincerely believed that he was doing the right thing.
 He was now kneeling in front of a horrifying face. He had no right to look him in the eye, because he knew that he would not forgive him insolence. But although the admiral did not see his interlocutor, he could still perfectly contemplate the device located at a distance from him. With his peripheral vision, he looked at the nuclear charge, which he had not yet activated, but very soon, he would still press the cherished buttons.
“Excuse me,” Lucius said hesitantly. “Forgive me, my lord. Sorry for my weakness. I know that you do not tolerate being questioned by devotees. But believe me .... I love my planet too much. My Zabergan. My beautiful Zabergan. I am ready to sacrifice myself for his sake.
Savrasov felt incredible fear emanating from the depths of his soul. He was greatly afraid of his interlocutor. He was so afraid of him that he was in a cold sweat at every communication session. Now the admiral was shivering like a rabbit running out of cold. Besides, the cold was real. He surrounded all this room, penetrated into every part of it. The temperature in the amphitheater dropped noticeably.
 But Lucius continued to kneel with his head down.
- Really your faith has left you, Phantom-7 ..... - a monstrous voice was heard from the image hanging in the air, - Really you do not believe in me anymore ..... Perhaps you really want to return to the old?
 Hearing these words, Savrasov trembled even more. Great terror pierced his emaciated body. In addition, when communicating with him, he always felt a strange headache. His temples were starting to whine too much and he wanted to rub them. However, then the admiral came to his senses, and lowered his head even lower. He could not even make unnecessary movements. He was supposed to obediently lie down on his face, not looking up to the top.
"No ... no, .... Mr. Marfour-Nirari," Lucius stammered in a trembling voice, "I just .... Excuse me .... I know I have to do this." Everything in the name of salvation. I have to kill them all. And then be reborn. Reborn as a new angel, capable of bringing death to anyone who gets in his way ... But I ... I must be sure of one thing, sire. I must be sure of the main thing ...
 And here Savrasov clearly remembered her face. The face of the beautiful Gwendolyn. Now he saw her in a flowered dress, picking sunflowers in the blinding sunlight. They met back when there were no wars or uprisings. It was the most beautiful and peaceful year in Zabergan. As a police officer in his hometown, he saw a beautiful maiden in an immense and wide field. She struck him with her beauty and captivated his heart forever. She seemed so beautiful and ... free, carefree and cheerful.
Lucius remembered their long-awaited wedding as well. Now he again saw the insane gathering of relatives and friends who came to such a magnificent event. Tears came to Savrasov's eyes. He was about to burst into tears. That cheerful and sonorous music that played for many hours still sounded in his head. The admiral recalled how he woke up from her affectionate kisses. He was so happy then ... Before the next war came.
- I must be sure that you will return her, my lord, - Savrasov whispered with wild despair, - I cannot live without Gwendolyn .... Every day without her seems like torture to me. That's what I went for this. For her sake. For the homeland. For the sake of my planet and the people who are so dear to me. Damned Hyperborean warriors killed my Gwendolyn .... She died then .... Returning home, she ..... I still remember that day. I remember how those damned drunken warriors killed her .... They treated her like a whore. They raped her and finished her off. And even I, admiral, throw me a thunder, and could not put them behind bars. After all, they also had fathers in the General Staff. Nobody could ... Even me ... .. That's why I hate Hyperborea. I hate them all. I hate corruption. I hate this whole damn system…. All I do is for Gwendoline…. For her salvation, my lord.
Savrasov burst into wild tears and could not control himself at all. He sobbed at the incredible feeling of grief that hit his soul. Memories reawakened long-hidden feelings in him. In vain he tried to forget this day for many years. He only pushed these thoughts deep inside himself, but they did not even think to leave him.
- I will return you Gwendoline, Phantom-7 ..... - I heard the growling voice of Marfur-Nirari, - She will be incredibly happy when you activate the atomic charge. Gwendoline is proud of you. And don't you dare doubt anymore! If you really want to see her alive, you have to believe! Trust me! .... Trust me ..... For I, will save this universe.
 But suddenly the image of a powerful entity evaporated. It simply disappeared into nothingness, as if it had never existed in this reality. And then the voice of the mysterious sorcerer also disappeared. It turned into a strange grinding sound that hurt the admiral's ears too much. For some unknown reason, the sovereign left his subject, as if he had abandoned him to the mercy of fate.
Savrasov immediately raised his head up and straightened up to his full height. In front of him lay a mysterious device, Marfur-Nirari, similar to a ritual medallion. With the help of him, he had long been in contact with his secret ruler. He bowed to this one not of his own free will. A hard life forced him to turn from his path and choose a new path. But for some reason, Marfur-Nirari no longer wanted to talk to his servant.
- So this is how, mister admiral, - were the words of Castor behind the commander, - Or call you Phantom-7? That means how ..... they decided to betray the Fatherland. And I thought you were ideal. No ..... It turns out that appearances can be very deceiving.
Lucius turned back sharply. Directly behind him with a raised plasma pistol stood one of the subordinates of the interim ruler of Zabergan. The general's face lit up with incredible anger. He could not even think that the admiral would decide on such a betrayal. He always considered his commander to be a model of loyalty to Hyperborea.
 Seeing the fierce face of a subordinate, Savrasov clearly understood that this time he could not escape the reprisal. He is unlikely to even be able to reach the atomic charge and activate it. Castor kept the naval commander at gunpoint.
- Listen ... - Lucius said in a faltering voice, stretching out his hand forward, - Stop .... Stop ..... If you knew what would happen in this universe soon .... You would personally beg me to bow before them. You just don't understand. Marfur-Nirari does not want evil. You have no idea who he is. He controls everything .... We even owe our lives to him. I'll tell you everything ... Please ... remove the barrel. I'll fix it!
 But Castor was adamant. He quickly pulled the trigger and fired a shot. A plasma blast instantly flew out of the gun's muzzle and struck the admiral in the chest. The lifeless corpse of Savrasov collapsed to the floor. The terrible wound on his chest immediately began to smoke. So the days of the great traitor Zabergan and the entire Hyperborean Empire ended.
- Excuses are simply impossible, Mr. Admiral, - the soldier spat angrily, - What a pity that you turned out to be a bastard .... But what can you do ..... Such is life.
 With that, Castor put the pistol down. He stood for a long time in this accursed amphitheater and did not dare to take his eyes off the dead body of the admiral. Deep sadness has settled in the soul of Zabergan's defender, and it will take a long time before she leaves him forever.
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- And where do they all come from….
Nan-Kai cautiously jumped from street to street, trying to escape from the enemy drones always diving. One of these saucer-like ones nearly deprived him of his head. These strange robotic devices bristled with blades or spikes. They turned them on on an unknown command and immediately attacked. As the castellan realized, their main goals were any representatives of organic life.
It was lucky that Zoran's accomplice had a couple of EMP grenades. He successfully disabled four drones already heading towards him. He riddled another with a laser blunderbuss. While other robots moved to the aid of their mechanical companions, Nan-Kai had already ducked into a small hole left by an enemy shell. Having passed through the hole, he found himself on the territory of the former souvenir shop. A real defeat reigned here. Furniture was shattered and precious goods were thrown to the floor. There was no light either.
Right before our eyes lay the corpse of a local merchant, torn to pieces. Obviously, the same drones have worked here, they simply adore cutting any organic matter. But there were no furs in the room itself. Having destroyed their target, they flew to other places in this immense battle-ridden city. Nan-Kai noted that with every step he was getting closer to the Palace of the Assessors. As it turned out from the readings of the instruments, it is already two hundred meters from the coveted building. It remains only to sit out in this smashed shop and continue on your way.
Heavy fighting was still going on throughout the city. Shots from machine guns and grenade launchers were heard literally nearby. Nan Kai calculated that the danger zone was a hundred meters west of his position. But it was exactly there that he did not need. It was necessary to move forward, to the north, and then he would sooner have achieved the main goal of the assignment.
Nan-Kai caught his breath. This whole operation almost deprived him of his fighting spirit. At first, he believed it was just a mutiny. But then cyborgs, drones and pirate aircraft came into play. Grigarovich had clearly more global plans. Castellan had no idea how else Zoran had not withdrawn him, given the change in plans. Any other commander who really appreciated his soldiers would immediately cancel the operation to capture the prisoner or send help immediately.
- portugaling Zoran, - the castellan swore, mentally imagining how he beats the governor with all his strength with a plate glove in the face, - I wish you were here .... One…. Let's see how you would get out. I suppose I would have my tail between my legs.
Suddenly Nan-Kai heard a strange rustle behind him. He was sure that there was no one else in the room. Castellan carefully examined the entire shop before taking a position there. And besides, the shop was generally small. It wouldn't even have accommodated twenty people. But as a shelter during street battles, the shop was quite reliable and even safe.
- What the ... .. - Nan-Kai muttered in fright, immediately throwing up a laser blunderbuss.
The agent looked around again. There was no one within the shop. Not a single soul. But he heard the rustle as well as his own.
Castellan quickly swept his weapon around the room. He tried his best to find the source of that noise. And soon I saw a small gray rat jump out from under the broken dishes. With a soft squeak, she quickly ran toward the broken door leading out of the ruined gift shop. Nan Kai was relieved. For a second, he even thought that these were the same drones again, without pity, sawing their victims.
- Rats, - the castellan grinned, - So I understood.
However, after a moment, he heard the rustle again, the same one. Castellan perked up. The noise was coming from the back again. What exactly it was, Nan-Kai did not know. It could have been a second rat or even some local insect prowling around ruined houses. But there was another option, much more terrible. Nan-Kai's eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. Goose bumps ran down my spine. He had to look back, and if something happened - shoot. Shoot as soon as possible.
It was impossible to hesitate. Nan-Kai turned back sharply. He was already preparing to push the trigger, but did not have time. Time turned against him. The iron monster that appeared before the castellan was ahead of him in everything. The terrifyingly creepy and spiked cyborg thrust its metal claw with all its might into the mouth of the doomed victim. The blades cut through almost the entire head of Nan-Kai and came out of the back of the head.
The special agent did not even have time to understand that he was dead. His eyes rolled up quickly. The squirrels were covered with a scarlet coating. A bloody stream gushed from his nose and ears. The blunderbuss fell out of his hands and hit the floor of the room.
In less than a second, the cyborg removed his blades from the castellan's body. He did his job quite effectively. Doomed to death Nan-Kai immediately collapsed on the floor face down. He no longer moved. And no longer breathed.
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- He's already close ... very close ...
 A premonition told Hercules that the cherished goal was already close. Grigarovich's energy was everywhere, and the psionic felt it. He knew that his faithful salamander also sensed the presence of the enemy. He sent the monster to clear the remaining levels of the tower, and he rushed forward along with his faithful comrades. Hercules was rapidly approaching the abode of the great tyrant. This villain had to pay for all the nightmares that were arranged. He plunged the planet into civil war, ordered to kill civilians and unarmed, and he could not go unpunished.
Hercules ran along the giant corridors of the building, moving at the call of instinct. He tried not to pay attention to the floor littered with bodies. Not so long ago, many members of the administration were shot here, and all this was done by the ruthless killers who have now taken over the entire planet. The adept knew that Grigarovich was only a few meters from their position. Ahead of the psionic and his Muscovite friends lay the majestic gate leading to the ceremonial hall. They were slammed wide open, and next to them were security robots. Fortunately for Hercules and his companions, these guards were not armed with Soul Destroyers, but only carried simple laser rifles. This weapon did not always work against psi adepts.
 As soon as Hercules entered the field of vision of the fighters, they immediately raised their rifles and aimed at the fleeing warrior. The Adept rushed forward, blazing from all sides with a fierce flame. He was going to use all his powers, even those he preferred to store too deeply. Its flame warmed up the room so much that the walls slowly began to be covered with soot. In less than a moment, Hercules released several fireballs from himself, which with their power could hit even an elemental. The blazing spheres flew at breakneck speed to the doomed robots. Five cybernetic monsters instantly went flying, straightening along the way. They smashed through the front doors with their steel bodies.
 Without thinking twice, Hercules and his Moscan friends rushed forward. Bursting into the hall of ceremonies, they found many enemies here. Three dozen cyber soldiers froze, as if in a daze, looking at the molten remains of their comrades. Obviously, the creator of these enemies did not sufficiently work out the principles of concentration in them. This miscalculation was used by the psi-adept. The fiery warrior threw the robots around like toys. Cyborgs scattered in different directions. The psionic waves of Hercules threw them a good hundred meters. Some of the enemies flew through the walls and ceiling, disappearing into obscurity. The rest were riddled with Krasic and Bartholomew, using the full power of their armored suits. As a result, the masonry of the building could not stand it and began to crack rapidly. But Hercules knew that destruction was inevitable. Putting his hands forward, he made several slabs linger in the air and stopped the collapse of the ceiling. Otherwise, it would have been quite difficult, and the Muscovites could have been pinned down. In addition, in such a turmoil, the main enemy could well evaporate. After all, he probably had many ways of teleportation to another point on the planet or even the universe.
 Having delayed the destruction of the walls, Hercules looked at the rubble of the tribune, which was not far from him. But it was not this pile of rubbish that caught the warrior's attention. A man was lying next to these pieces of wood. Hercules and his companions quickly rushed forward. Approaching the recumbent one, the psi-adept looked at him dejectedly. It would seem that the soul has already left the body of this unfortunate man. But looking with a scanning glance, Hercules realized that the man was still alive. Moreover, after examining his face, he recognized him completely. Right in front of the psi-adept and his Muscovite comrades, there was none other than Krazhinsky himself, the deposed leader of the planet. He looked almost dead, but his heart was still beating.
- Mister ... Krazhinsky .... - I heard a voice from the lips of Hercules. - Do not be afraid .... I .....
- Governor, we are here! Help has arrived! - the words of Nikolai Krasic were heard.
 But to the wild amazement of Hercules and his friends, the half-dead body immediately disappeared. It evaporated into nothingness, leaving behind only strange electrical impulses. Seeing this, the adept shook his head. He had just watched this wounded man's heartbeat. And now Krazhinsky was not at all in the hall. Obviously, it was moved to a completely different place, or it was another enemy trick. The enemy knew well who he would have to face. Hercules had long suspected that the Grigarovich uprising was an unclean thing.
“Krazhinsky is long dead,” a new voice suddenly rang out from behind the warriors.
The voice was strange, completely inhuman. As if the grinding of a knife on glass.
 Hercules instantly turned in the direction of the noise that had arisen. The Muscovites followed the same example. They marveled at the enemy's stealth. Even such a powerful psionicist as Hercules of Hyperborea did not notice such a sharp appearance of the enemy.
No matter how anyone hoped to see Grigarovich here, this never happened. A mysterious cybernetic monster appeared before the eyes of the "intruders". In appearance, he resembled an elfurr android, built on the basis of the most sophisticated technology. He looked almost human, only he was made of metals. Especially everyone was struck by his strange face, which has a completely human facial expression. The robot stood opposite the adept and his companions and ... smiled. The monster was not alone, but with a whole company of the same foreign machines. Hercules' attention was attracted by a strange cyber woman made of the same metals and distinguished by the special shapes of her breasts. Not far from this mysterious person were five cyborgs in no less strange scaly armor. In their metal hands, they held the Destroyers of Souls, which were truly monstrous murder weapons. And right at that moment, the soldiers activated their weapons and put their fingers on the triggers.
- And who the heck are you? - the bewildered voice of Bartholomew was heard.
Hercules and Nikolai Krasic had the same thoughts. They were not expecting to meet here clearly a group of cybernetic creatures. These soldiers were looking for the main hero of the occasion - Colonel Grigarovich, who had organized this whole bloody civil war.
- Krazhinsky is dead, - repeated the mysterious robot, - He could not stand the terrible sight. We killed his entire family. And then he himself.
- Then where is Grigarovich, are you a vile tin? - Nikolay Krasic shouted at this, - You obey him, don't you?
- Tulotron does not obey anyone except its creator, - the answer was immediately distributed, - Markohyosip Grigarovich is not my creator. Grigarovich had to be eliminated. This was part of the plan.
- Whose plan ?! - Hercules shouted loudly, - Why do you need all this?
“A plan that was conceived a long time ago,” Tulotron said to this.
For some reason, the head of the cyborgs hesitated. But he had the most that is not, an advantage over the Hyperboreans. It is enough just to give the order, and his' Mechs will immediately incinerate the enemy. But the robot did not at all want to deal with the enemies at this second. He waited, but what exactly, no one had any idea.
- So you killed both Krazhinsky and Grigarovich? - Krasic barked, - Who arranged all this?
“It's hard to explain,” rasped Tulotron. “But the plan was precisely to create political instability on Zabergan. There is a 90% and 9% chance that you will not understand the entire plan. But I will still try to convey to you the information that your consciousness will perceive with due….
- So explain to us! - Hercules shouted furiously at this, - Who arranged all this? We have long understood that someone was behind Grigarovich! And enough of your verbal diarrhea! Explain on the case!
The cybernetic guards of Tulotron immediately prepared to open fire. They did not like the rudeness of the Hyperborean too much, and they sensed a threat. But thanks to the command of their master, the cyborgs with the same speed lowered their weapons and froze in place.
- Sorry, - the robot grinned, - I was just trying to explain to you. But you interrupt me.
- We're interrupting because we don't have portugaling time! - Bartholomew's roar was heard, - Let's get down to business! Who sent you all? Whose plan is this? Who the portugal are you?
“As I mentioned, my name is Tulotron,” the Mech leader replied. “My current version was created seventy thousand and ninety-three years before today. At the moment you are talking to the updated 3.0 model, improved by my master…. The prohibition on mentioning the name…. My master, blessed ... .. The ban on the mention of a name .... He initiated a plan according to which we were to provoke an uprising on Zabergan. For this we used Markohyosip Grigarovich, who has long harbored hatred for you. There was a 98 point and 8 percent probability that in the event of a mutiny, Hyperborea would use not only its fleet, but also the armada of its allies. This was the main part of the plan. Bring the fleet here while my other copies begin Assimilation. At the moment, Assimilation is already taking place. The program of complete control over the Zabergan system has been implemented by 80 point and 7 tenths of a percent.
The words spoken brought a lot of confusion into the minds of Hercules and his comrades. For a second, the Hyperborean even thought that the robot was bluffing. But then an inner voice immediately brought him back to reality. The cybernetic monster of course could lie, but in this case it was not. Everything he mentioned was true, and this gave Hercules and his friends goosebumps. None of them could have imagined this.
Hercules was horrified to realize what a mistake they had made. Judging by the words of Tulotron, they were not dealing with simple robots, but with a real electronic superintelligence. Only now the question was posed - who is its creator and why all this? Hercules and his companions clearly heard how the robot uttered three important words - "No mention of the name." This only meant that the creator of the superintelligence simply forbade him to disclose his name to outsiders. Or this mysterious one has made a ban only on disclosing his name to those who are not privy to his sinister plans. The robot obeyed unquestioningly. He hardly had any workarounds. The Creator was considered everything to any intelligent machine.
- Maybe Grigarovich is a son of a bitch, - Hercules said to this, - But he is not like your master. Now everything became clear. All this was provoked by an unknown bastard. And most likely, this one about whom we do not know yet. A portugaling provocation by a mad genius. But I assure you, machine brat, today it will be over ... Today you will leave this universe forever. You and your canned servants.
The Tulotron grinned at this, and quite humanly. The same grin appeared on the metallic face of the enigmatic cyber-maiden standing nearby.
- As far as I know, the level of threat emanating from you does not even reach 2 percent, - was heard the grinding of the robot, - You can just as well threaten a black hole or a supernova. I am not just an ordinary cybernetic creature. I am the multitude. The machine world, embodied in several heralds. And soon I will merge with this universe together. You can't stop it. I was programmed to be in complete control.
- Who is your creator? - Bartholomew cried out again at the top of his voice, - Tell us! Maybe you will at least give us a hint?
- He forbade me to mention his name in front of strangers, - answered Tulotron, - Admission is prohibited. Better results are needed. At this stage, your confidence level is zero point and zero tenths. For me to reveal his name to you, your confidence level must be sixty point nine percent. And these are minimal results. Any hint of mentioning my creator's name amounts to mentioning my creator's name. Hints are also prohibited.
- In that case, what do you want from us? - Hercules suddenly exclaimed to himself, - Why don't you shoot at us, but decided to talk?
At that moment, the Hyperborean felt his lungs contract sharply. He was horrified to find that he could not breathe at all. Hercules quickly turned towards the Muscovites. Krasic and Bartholomew were in the same state. The sergeant even knelt down in despair and impotence. None of them could take a breath. It was a truly eerie sensation.
- I do not want anything from you, - somewhere in the distance, there was a mechanical grinding of a robot, - But my master asked not to kill you.
Hercules with difficulty raised his head to Tulotron. But he could no longer see anything in front of him. He could neither breathe nor look forward. There was a continuous veil before my eyes. The image was rapidly losing clarity.
“While we were talking, one of my drones released nerve gas throughout the room,” Tulotron said, “This is a new invention attributed to my creator. It cannot be detected with the naked eye. But it works very effectively. He does not kill, but puts any organic body into a state similar to lethargic sleep. The gas will knock you unconscious in exactly 8 point and 3 tenths of a second.
- Be…. You ... ... damned ... .. - Hercules moaned barely audibly.
- How stupid, - the leader of the robots replied, - To send curses to an inanimate creature.
In less than a moment, the Hyperborean fell to the floor. All his Moscan comrades followed after him.

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Iilfan opened her eyes with difficulty. A recent event did not end her life. A mysterious force just threw her into an unknown place. She only remembered that she flew through the stone wall, and then the memories were cut off. Now the warrior found herself in a strange oval room, apparently intended for some kind of conference. Glancing at the blue flag that caught her eye, she immediately realized that she was still on the territory of the former embassy.
 She felt a sharp headache. Leaning her hand to her forehead, Iilfan soon turned it to her and found drops of blood. She couldn’t remember exactly who had thrown her so far. In addition, fierce firing was already heard very close by. The warrior also understood that she would not have to lie on the floor for long. This battle has already crossed all boundaries. The troops fought with each other, not for life, but for death. The defenders of the political center fought especially fiercely. They were ready to die in the name of Hyperborea and to maintain control over Zabergan.
Iilfan tried to get to her feet, but was suddenly helped. Several local soldiers quickly lifted her off the floor, and soon she had already straightened up to her full height. Glancing to her left, she saw the defenders of the buildings, clad in steel armor and helmets with crests. They brushed off the blood and dirt from her armor that had collected during the battle. One of the young soldiers with a sergeant's crest on his helmet looked into her eyes with stormy admiration. The foreign woman knew what aroused great sympathy in the warrior. He had never seen such beauty in his life.
 Noticing the look of the warrior, the sergeant immediately saluted her.
- How are you, Mrs. Iilfan? - asked the fighter, looking at the whole beautiful maiden, - Okay?
This sergeant clearly managed to get her name. Most likely, he heard it from Yuri Ernaltsev, who introduced his associates.
- It's okay, - sighed the foreign woman, - You don't have a sword here? Or cannons?
She discovered a moment ago that she had lost her weapon. The blade was not in her hands, and it disappeared into oblivion. But the warrior was not very upset. As soon as she mentioned the loss of weapons, the warriors surrounding her immediately complied with her request. In less than a second, the sergeant handed her the plasma fuse.
- He's already loaded, - added the fighter, after he held out the weapon to his comrade-in-arms, - The best of the best. My folder also went against pirates.
 The sergeant tried to speak confidently, but excitement still swelled inside him. Horror and fear enveloped his comrades too. The soldiers who surrounded Iilfan were in great anxiety. They nervously checked their magazines and gun charges, examining every detail. Several people were swiftly tied with grenades.
But here sharp shots were heard, and they sounded very close. Iilfan immediately glanced in the direction of the broken doors, from behind which the soldiers of Savrasov appeared. These fighters were so terrified that they were the embodiment of incredible horror. They ran back in wild panic, almost throwing their guns to the floor. As soon as the sergeant saw this, he personally felt this terrible fear, penetrating the whole soul through and through.
- Fight to the death in the name of the Empire! - I heard the angry voice of one of the commanders, - Have you ... forgotten about the preservation of Zabergan? All you will go to the tribunal!
 However, no one paid attention to his cries. The commander was simply ignored. In addition, the officer himself was internally scared to the limit.
- They're breaking through! - the screams of the fleeing soldiers were heard, - They are breaking through! The code is red! The code is red!
 Following the panicking fighters, the enemies also burst into the spacious hall. These were not people at all, but some strange hybrids, dressed in gloomy half-armor. Their heads were completely human, but at the same time living eyes replaced the round eyepieces, from which a scarlet glow escaped. The bodies of these soldiers were simply replete with mechanical elements. Many of them had all kinds of cyber-implants embedded in their skulls. Without thinking twice, the fighters aimed their auto-rifles at the fleeing Hyperboreans and quickly riddled them. They shot them, as if on a training exercise. Obviously, for these semi-mechanized dreads, such reprisals were no longer something special for a long time.
- Fire! Fire! the sergeant yelled furiously.
Iilfan realized that the enemies were already in the room, and the battle could not be avoided. She quickly fired a plasma fuze and fired first. Its glowing projectiles immediately found their cherished targets. Five cyborgs collapsed to the floor with smoking wounds. The sickening smell of burnt meat immediately appeared in the air. Completely human blood poured from noses and mouths in jets. The Inomirian woman fired a new batch of shells at the fleeing enemies. She pressed the trigger with a frantic cry, releasing streams of fire. Following the warrior, shots were heard from allied soldiers. Every soldier now overcame himself. They all understood that the political center could not resist, but they continued to fight anyway.
 Dozens of half-dead cyborgs fell dead, and their bodies turned into smoking lumps. One of the defenders of the political center threw a couple of grenades at the fleeing flock of opponents. Five enemies immediately flew into the air and instantly dismembered. Their bloodied remains fell to the floor. The air smelled of smoke and burnt meat again. A terrible stench reigned in the hall, which caused vomiting in many.
- Die .... - Iilfan hissed angrily, releasing more and more shells, - Die ... kaiju ... .. Die ... ..
Suddenly, a strange person rushed into the room. At first, the foreign woman even thought that it was Yuri Ernal'tsev. She never managed to find her new lover. And now a strange magic blinded her. Strange and unnatural. She had never felt this way before. Iilfan saw a great warrior in front of her, that with his magic he could hit any of the opponents. Yuri was so strong from the inside that the woman from another world was amazed at such a frantic and mysterious power. His psi abilities shocked even experienced Farrukh veterans, not to mention agents from Hyperborea.
“Yuri,” the Farrukh maiden said barely audibly.
 However, after a moment, the image of the psionic vanished into thin air, and something different appeared before the eyes of the warrior. In front of her towered a hefty Nicomedian hybrid, more like a native of Elfurr's secret laboratories. Cybernetic infiltrations covered his entire head and neck. The top half of the skull was cut away, and in its place a strange abundance of cables and cords emerged. Real hellfire burst from demonic yellow eyes. His long beard resembled a trident and hung down. This foreigner was dressed in a simple overcoat with shoulder straps and dark trousers, and he did not have any armor with him. It would seem that another suicide bomber appeared before Iilfan. But in the depths of her soul, the foreign woman knew that this creature was no longer alive.
In great horror, she recognized in him Markokhyosip Grigarovich, the culprit of the bloody rebellion in Zabergan. The one who first seized the government center and declared himself the governor of the system. But there was also something in this essence that was not characteristic of mere mortals.
 Before she had time to throw up her weapon, Grigarovich waved his hands and released a chain of dazzlingly bright lightning. Electric discharges with furious force fell on Savrasov's soldiers, including the warrior herself. Such a fierce force incinerated ordinary fighters at once, but Iilfan miraculously survived. The body of a foreign woman flew into the air and hit the wall with all its might, after which it quickly fell down.
 The blow was quite strong, and the Farrukh maiden felt new bouts of pain. She felt that some of her strong ribs were still cracked. In addition, as luck would have it, a wave of terrible tingling sensations rolled over the entire skin. The pain only began to intensify, and something had to be done urgently. Delay could only lead to death, and therefore the foreign woman tried with all her might to get to her feet.
“You shouldn't do this,” came the mechanical voice of the enemy. “You shouldn't, Agent Iilfan. Even you will not be able to defeat me ... But before I finish with you, I think I will introduce myself. My name is Markohyosip Grigarovich. I was once a mere mortal colonel. But now I am completely at the mercy of Tulotron. Tulotron is everything. And I will prove it to you. I will prove to you the superiority of the cybernetic life form. I will be the last one you see before death.
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The flagship cruiser of the Zuhra Pirates.
Outer space of Zabergan.
- Well, how long will we wait for these bastards? came the furious voice of a Kosatti named Ser-Khairso. - We slowed down and trudged like old diplodocus.
 And many crew members wanted to ask this question to Captain Rustem. Especially such words spun in the minds of the senior officers standing on the bridge. The pirates could not stand any waiting, as they always preferred to attack enemy ships with lightning speed, quickly capture them and immediately drive them into the otherworldly space. But now the whole flotilla was just drifting in space. The engines barely worked, and many had the impression that the ships simply stopped, although in space it was impossible to do this under any circumstances.
 The officers now, including Quartermaster John the Hand-Cutter himself, stood opposite their captain. And Rustem looked at the readings of the instruments, behind which sat the aranguto attendants. They were long ago captured into slavery by the well-known criminal structures of the universe, and then they were safely sold for 3 hours. Now these ape-like people sat tirelessly at the monitors. They worked until the vessels in their heads were destroyed. Rustem was not going to spare any of the slaves, for they were not at all considered living beings.
- How long will we wait for them? - the voice of Ser-Khairso was heard again.
 But here he was stopped by John's assistant, a little gnome-like alien named Arzarik. This muscular but short warrior was covered in tattoos and wore a striking red T-shirt. Hearing the words of the upright lizard, Arzarik quickly darted in his direction and shook his fist threateningly.
- Once again, hurry up the captain, I'll turn out your balls, - the short man hissed angrily, - Do you understand me?
The shark-like Kosatti became even more furious at this. He already lost his temper over this whole mess. Support ships still did not appear, and the captain did not dare to violate the order. All pirates were obliged to await the arrival of the new Tulotron flotilla. They gave their word not to engage in battle, but at the moment, many already wanted to break it, as they clearly realized their frantic desire for a fight.
- Come on, come on, Mr. Short dick, - Ser-Khairso growled with the same fury, - Yes, I'll bite you in half.
 However, Captain Rustem himself instantly stopped their skirmish. No sooner had the two pirates finished their curses, when the head of the flotilla himself appeared next to them. This bearded and sullen man was dressed in a blue uniform, which he wore on Shalban, as the commander of the Impeccable Empire under the commander Samsu Ilun. But only then his fame ended. He was defeated by Kussar, and the government of Emperor Azis deprived Rustem of everything. After this incident, the military leader, dismissed in disgrace, went to the pirates, since he simply did not see any other way out. The captain never took off his uniform, just like the scarlet fez with a tassel falling down. This was his constant vestment.
 Now Rustem was looking at his charges with an extremely displeased look. His hand lay on a holster with a pistol. He was about to draw his weapon and fire a volley, but so far he hesitated.
- Stop, - said the captain menacingly, addressing his subordinates, - both of you! And remember. If Tulotron told us to wait, then we are waiting. Do you think I enjoy doing this myself? We all want to fight. We all want to taste the blood of the enemy .... But we must wait! The Tulotron will give us fifty trillion, plus ten planets, and we will not know grief. That's why we agreed to cooperate! This tin dick promised us good money and territory. We'll be portugaling kings! While the whole galaxy will blaze, and we will begin to live in peace and rule the whole systems!
- And if he betrays us? - came the voice of one of the officers, a tall Kosatti in a black overcoat, - Tulotron serves as Marfur-Nirari. Don't forget this. He has an army of millions of machines and bio-creatures. For Marfur-Nirari, we are podzabornye dogs. Yes, he turned people like us on a skewer. Honestly, I have long doubted his words, as well as his generosity. The stars are more likely to become cancer than these guys will share the dough.
 This time Rustem could no longer stand it. He quickly tracked down the disgruntled pirate among the crew on the bridge. He quickly drew his pistol and fired a couple of shots. The laser shells hit the Kosatti right in the head, and the shark-like corsair instantly fell to the floor with a smoking hole in its forehead.
 The captain's eyes were full of rage. These words seriously made him lose his temper. For a long time he looked at all his subordinates with a similar gaze, and at the same time did not put the weapon back into the holster. The seasoned corsair held a pistol in front of him and guided them to his comrades-in-arms, trying to remind them of the rules of the game.
- If one of you, whore children, once again says such crap, - hissing with anger, Rustem squeaked, - That will have a flash. And my shot is always accurate. Samsu-Iluna also noticed this, but damn his name three times.
Everything the captain said was true. Even in the service of Azis the Flawless, the warrior became famous as the best of the marksmen. He could defeat any enemy, even at a distance of a kilometer. He was respected by many for such abilities, and was considered almost a sorcerer.
 The subordinates on the bridge nodded their heads obediently. No one else dared to obstruct the will of the ship commander. As soon as Rustem turned back to the instruments, the huge wolf-like creatures, of which there were many, immediately attacked the body of the shot dogmar. They began to rip him apart right in front of the crew. But the corsairs were as accustomed to these reprisals as they were to the captain's violent disposition.
 Only after the captain turned towards the ship's instruments and the upright monkeys sitting behind them, a new surprise followed, much more unpleasant than the strife on the bridge. One of the arangutos stared nervously at the data he was reading on the giant monitor. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The otherworldly sobbed desperately, and then looked at Rustem.
- Captain! - I heard a frightened voice of a slave, - We have recorded strange flows of energy ... They resemble .... It looks like Tulotron is already here, master. But I do not understand.....
 Rustem shuddered sharply at such information. But the slave was utterly frightened, and the leader of the corsairs clearly wanted to know the reason for the excitement. If the allies and their fleet have already entered Zabergan space, victory is already close. The long-awaited battle was getting closer and closer, and the captain was impatient to lead the flotilla against the enemies. He was already terribly tired of drifting on the sidelines, missing all the fun. From the very beginning, he wanted to participate in the battle against Hyperborea and its "brothers", who managed to call a huge armada. And now, it seems, everything should be in order, in view of the emergence of a fleet of robots. But for some reason this unfortunate aranguto was not at all happy. Something greatly alarmed him, even made him turn gray with worry.
 As soon as the captain ran to the glowing screen displaying the composition of the Allied flotilla, his image disappeared in an instant. The monitor just went out for no apparent reason. And then all the devices on the bridge began to simply turn off. After a few seconds, there was not even a light in the room, for
And then all the devices on the bridge began to simply turn off. Seconds later, there was no light in the room, except only the burning stars visible through the windows. The captain's bridge plunged into pitch darkness.
- What the hell is this .... - the alarmed voices of the pirates rang out, - What demon is all extinguished ?!
 The corsairs tried unsuccessfully to find the reason for such a sabotage. Someone seemed to simply cut off the electricity on Rustem's ship, and this threatened a global catastrophe. Such an event could have been followed by others, more nightmarish. For example, the gravity generator could fail, and with it an oxygen leak would occur, and then all the valiant pirates would at least suffocate. The central headquarters was also located on the bridge, without which the ship was simply doomed. The main control system for all functions of the vessel was located here.
 The pirates raged and darted in different directions. Panic gripped their souls and hearts. And most of all now the captain himself looked frightened. Not long ago, he shot the Kosatti alarmist in the head, and now he doubted his actions. Perhaps that shark-headed corsair was telling the truth, but Rustem did not see this point-blank, due to his faith in powerful allies. But everyone knows a proverb from ancient times "Never trust an alliance with the strongest", and right now the leader of the corsairs pronounced it clearly in his head.
 It was not difficult for Rustem to look through a huge window through which a wonderful panorama of stars and planets was usually seen. But not at this moment. At the moment, the warrior saw a huge ship, created in the form of a monstrous pyramid. He knew that such ships were used by Marfur-Nirari. They were called "Black Corruptors", and their firepower surpassed even the heavy Galleons of Elfurr. And the captain also knew that if such a battleship appears too close, then an attack is already inevitable. And to his misfortune, Rustem was right. From the realization of the terrible truth, the captain's mouth opened with horror, and his body shook violently.
- Darned bitch..... - desperately croaked the corsair leader, realizing his doom.
  From the side of the pyramid, a truly titanic column of fire flew out, which headed towards the pirate ship. In less than a minute, the hellfire destroyed the ship, along with the entire crew.

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Provincial town in the Harappa-Guarama region.
Somewhere in the dungeon of the Administration Building.
- Be careful! - shouted at the top of his lungs the Kussar species Utunhegal. - Be careful, I said!
 The bearded captain of the terror group was especially excited now. The main thing is that these scoundrels should drag the devices as soon as possible. One small breakdown, and the awakening of the Great Supermind will fail. He gazed at terrorists from different races, dressed in their usual urban uniforms; mercenaries who diligently dragged huge diamond-shaped instruments, clearly from other worlds. The aliens quarreled among themselves, but continued to drag their load, desperately trying not to harm him. Of course, the terror officers were not going to tell ordinary soldiers about the contents of the cargo, but they still gave a hint that this is clearly more than just stationary computers.
 When the soldiers put the devices on the stone floor, Utunhegal allowed himself to breathe for a second. But then he got back to business again. With the scout's gaze, he surveyed the terrorists present in these catacombs. Standing next to the Kussar man, the subordinates once again checked the stores of their carbines. The captain himself groped with his right hand for the precious plasma impulse-truer, which was carefully stored in the holster.
- They seemed to be dragged - I heard the voice of one of the terrorists-people, already about to get a cigarette from his pocket, - They are heavy bitches. Oh and heavy.
 Other saboteurs clearly supported their brother. From the gathering of mercenaries, swear words were heard, clearly speaking about the severity of these devices. The soldiers had to use all the power of their muscles to at least not drop the strange devices. And yet all these creatures asked questions about the properties of their unknown cargo. For some mysterious reason, the terror officers were storing goods in the underground of the city administration building, and the saboteurs really wanted to know what exactly made the command to do this.
 Utunhegal perfectly saw the faces of the soldiers standing right in front of him. He read them with his fiery eyes, penetrated into the soul of every mercenary. But he knew that the secret could anger these guys too much. These devices, of which there were already twenty-five pieces, posed a terrible danger to all the inhabitants of the planet. And ordinary soldiers were forbidden to disclose information, because they could refuse the operation.
 Although in truth, rebellious ideas have long matured in the souls of these brutal mercenaries. Their load was really too heavy, and these warriors had to drag it along long underground passages while mutiny raged overhead. They were pretty tired and lost many in gunfights with the police. Utunhegal was now clearly aware that they were plotting revenge. There was already a threat from the mercenaries that was not mythical at all. In addition, there were much more of them in these catacombs than the Kussar's henchmen, and this could play into the hands of the rebels.
- Mr. Utunhegal, - there was a loud roar of the former special forces man from the race of people, who stood out with his bald head and tattoos on his neck, - Can you tell me what is in them? We struggled for two hours and died under machine-gun fire! We risked our lives!
“It’s not allowed,” the cousse resident answered sharply, carefully touching the impulse-truer, “And for such ambition, I will punish you mercilessly. I hope my words are convincing enough.
Utunhegal clearly understood that he could no longer hesitate. The uprising on Zakromakh was in full swing. Marfur-Nirari prepared everything carefully. But at the same time, the troops of Governor Zoran prevailed. The retaliatory forces mercilessly destroyed every building, shelling it with heavy weapons. And the saboteurs, meanwhile, were clearly angry with the commanders. Their faces began to turn crimson, which indicated a terrible discontent. And in the end, what prevented the mercenaries from now interrupting all these officers and getting out of the way, hello. The captain clearly replayed this whole plan in his head, already conceived in the minds of the soldiers. And he once again looked into the eyes of these bestial warriors.
- Not allowed? - another mercenary exclaimed angrily, - My brother got portugaled up because of your cargo. And you say ... Not supposed to, they say. Bitches you ragged. Do not spare your own. You yourself, I suppose, after a successful riot, you will feast! Make excuses to Azis! And people like us to death!
- Come on already, dog, - shouted another saboteur, snatching a saber from its scabbard, - What the hell are you up to? What are these devices?
 But other words no longer followed from the lips of the mercenaries. Utunhegal quickly grabbed a truer impulse from his holster and immediately began firing. His comrades, who were standing nearby, followed his example. Less than ten seconds later, the officers riddled everyone who until recently was desperately wrestling over the priceless cargo. The bodies of the saboteurs lay dozens of them on the floor, bleeding. Having accomplished his deed, the Kessarets slightly smiled. Time became his ally in these moments, and managed to help him draw his weapon in time. Otherwise, the captain and his men were already dead, and the furious mercenaries would celebrate their small victory.
 Having shot the rioters, Utunhegal turned towards his people. Now he was looking at them with no joyful gaze. His face quickly took on sorrowful features. The captain's head dropped slightly.
- Well, that's all, - the kusarets sighed heavily, - It's done. We are all gathered here for a great cause. And I hope none of you have forgotten that we are not killers at all. We are saviors ... We are heroes .... We are great heroes. And our names will be remembered forever. The whole universe will pronounce them. Marfur-Nirari believes in our victory! So let's not let us down! Let's not let the great savior down!
 The assistants standing next to him nodded their heads obediently. They knew the words were meaningless here. And they perfectly understood what they were doing. Everything that was conceived in these catacombs will go for the good of their homeland, and even not only their homeland, but the entire universe. The launch of devices will usher in a great change.
 Having examined all his comrades for the last time, Utunhegal went to one of the diamond-shaped instruments, which was lying on the stone floor not far away. A minute ago, the mercenaries anxiously laid it down, trying not to make any sudden movements. They managed to accurately convey the priceless cargo without damaging it. Kussarets made out a mysterious device passed down to him from a secret ally. At that moment, the captain did not take his eyes off a small bulge located near the top of the mysterious rhombus.
 After a couple of seconds, he again turned his gaze towards the fighters who were watching him. The warriors once again nodded their heads, confirming that they are ready to see the great future. They believed with all their hearts in their operation, blessed by the prophet himself. They have already seen how a new universe is being reborn from fire.
- Well, we have placed Tulotron here, - said Utunhegal in a mournful tone, - As you know, after his awakening, our brains will cease to serve us. It is for this that Marfur-Nirari introduced these chips to us. But it won't matter anymore. The only important thing is that by our exploits we save the universe. We save her from the highest evil that floods and torments her. Glory to Marfur-Nirari.
- Glory to Marfur-Nirari! - the voices of the officers were heard in response.
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Everything around Ernal'tsev spun and trembled. The images changed every second, expanded and contracted. For a moment, Yuri thought that he found himself in another dimension, different from three-dimensional. Everything that was happening around him now terribly frightened him. He fell into the unknown and still could not land. It would seem that an eternity has passed since the time he collapsed into that damned breach. He managed to remember exactly what happened. It seems that Grigarovich's cyborgs still managed to break through the defense of the political center.
And suddenly, the psi adept jumped sharply. Swirling unknown images around him instantly evaporated. A total darkness appeared before my eyes, in which it was impossible to discern anything.
- Great Creator, - Yuri's hoarse words were heard, - Well, it should have collapsed so ... ..
- Help me ... - suddenly a moaning voice was heard, - Help ...
The image was already beginning to appear before Ernal'tsev's eyes. He found himself lying in some kind of bulky room, lined with cupboards on all sides. True, now all the furniture was broken and thrown to the floor. Complete destruction reigned in the room, as well as in the entire building of Savrasov's political center. It was as if a mad animal had been here. A huge hole gaped in the ceiling, cracked on all sides. Thank God that there was at least lighting that allowed Yuri to see many details. For some reason, several candlesticks built into the wall were not damaged.
- Help ... - the voice rang out again, - Help ... I don't see anything ...
Yuri immediately got to his feet. His whole body ached with strange pain. It would seem that the muscles worked with might and main for several days. But the adept understood that it was impossible to relax. He tried to look around more carefully and assess the situation. His memory was already beginning to return to him. Now he clearly remembered that he had suffered from a monstrous explosion. He was very lucky that he survived at all.
- Ah ... no .... no longer needed ..... - the voice still did not subside, - no need .... Better just kill.
Yuri looked to the far corner of the room, and saw a cowering Hyperborean, dressed in scraps of a ceremonial suit. He stared at the wall and covered his face with his hands. His entire body was trembling, as if from a strong cold, but the room was quite warm.
- It's so cold ... - said the man, - The cold keeps coming and coming ...
- Hey, sir, - called the stranger Ernallets, - Now .... I will help you ... Wait ... .. Do nothing .... I'm on my way.
- No ... it's all darkness, - the words of the poor man were heard, - It's all darkness ...
- Wait, you, - said Yuri, - Now let's see what you have there. If you're lucky, I'll get you out of here. Damn…. Well it had to fall like that ... ..
At this moment, the man turned towards Ernal'tsev. There was an unpleasant sound like the cracking of an eggshell. Barely glancing into the face of the survivor, Yuri immediately recoiled. The commander had never seen such a nightmarish face.
The person literally did not have a face. His eyes and nose simply disappeared. The ears were also no longer present. His head was completely bald, and the only hole in it was a huge mouth, stretched out over all his cheeks. The skin was full of purple stains that clearly gave off something alien.
- It's all he ... - whispered the survivor, grabbing his ugly face with his hands, - It's all he ... Marfur-Nirari .....
- What's the matter? - Yuri asked in horror, - Wait ... You said, Marfur-Nirari?
“I’m so cold,” the monster growled in a more hoarse voice, “I can hear him .... yes. They say ... ... They say .... There is no god… .. There is no god…. Besides Cerberum …….
 No sooner had Ernalltsev recovered from what he had seen, as the eyeless monster rushed at the adept with a frantic squeal. He was moving pretty fast, and Yuri had to use all the dexterity of his body to jump to the side. The monster crashed into the wall with great speed, breaking its skull. There was a new crackle of enemy bones.
 But the monster was not going to stop. The creature immediately turned around and with full speed rushed at Yuri again. Out of the corner of his eye, the psionic spotted a battle ax lying on the ground. Obviously, this was a ceremonial weapon, since they preferred to fight with blades in Hyperborea. And that ax looked as if it had previously been in some museum.
Mentally thanking fate for the weapon, Yuri quickly grabbed the ax from the ground and with all his might brought it down on the approaching monster. The head of a foreign creature instantly separated from the body and set off in flight. She hit a broken cabinet and fell to the ground. The monster's decapitated body toppled backward and no longer made a single movement.
- Your division ... - Yuri swore, - He said ... .. Marfur-Nirari ... ... What .... Why?!
- There is no god ... - the same hoarse voice was heard again, - Except .... Him ... ...
Ernalltsev looked with horror at the severed head of the monster. She spoke her last words and then fell silent. But even this alien's dead head was a nightmare.
- Well, all of you to the devil's grandmother! - Yuri yelled angrily, - I'd better get out of here! I'll find the rest in the end!
Ernalltsev quickly rushed to the door leading to the exit from the room. Having instantly cut his way out, the commander found himself in a fairly spacious corridor. The walls here were not particularly affected by the explosions. Apparently, the fierce battle did not come here to the end. There were some damages, of course, but not the same as in the rest of the building. Somewhere in the distance gunfire and explosions could be heard. The last rumble Yuri heard was almost deafening. Apparently, the shell exploded not far from his position.
The Adept glanced to his right and saw that a corridor led to a rather large oval door. The door was locked, but inwardly the psionic felt that it was behind it that the true salvation was located. Perhaps he will still be able to find the survivors and make his way back up. Just in case, he once again touched his amulet, given to him once by his adoptive father. For some unknown reason, the amulet became even heavier. He was getting heavier with every second, and it would seem that he was about to fall from Ernal'tsev's neck.
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Iilfan again went on a long flight. A huge semi-organic cyborg, who called himself Grigarovich, threw her a dozen meters away. A foreign woman was simply powerless against such a terrible creature. This creature was no longer a man, but something else. And it possessed truly gigantic strength. Even a warrior like Iilfan couldn't handle this brute at all.
She flew across the hall, and then hit the wall with force. After that, her body simply slid down. The pain was so intense that the beautiful maiden could not even think about it. Not only did she hurt her ribs, but now her back is almost cracked. She felt an incredible aching pain in the bony area. But nevertheless, her body was able to fight all the misfortunes that befell her. Iilfan tried to fidget as she lay on the floor. She was completely unarmed, but at the same time could pose a danger to her enemies.
 Overcoming the pain, Iilfan Jamilakorngkorn finally allowed herself to rise and sit on her knees. In front of her, she already saw her long-awaited opponents. Grigarovich managed to call his brothers to this reprisal. Directly in front of the maiden stood two naked cybernetic monsters, stuffed with various implants. Another enemy could be seen in the distance. He mercilessly dealt with the wounded Hyperborean soldier. Grabbing his head with both hands, the cyborg quickly squeezed his skull and flattened him like an egg. There was an eerie crackle of broken bones.
The first of the opponents facing Iilfan quickly approached the Farrukh maiden. Instead of eyes, he had scarlet eyepieces. The strange, pale body was almost half composed of multiple mechanisms. The mouth had no lips, and nothing covered the sharp metal teeth, clearly implanted surgically.
- I want-oo-oo ... ..., - the cyborg growled in a raspy voice.
 He took a few steps towards the warrior. His companion followed him cautiously. The first monster approached Iilfan enough for her to launch a sharp attack. Now she just sat on the floor and waited for the moment. At the same time, a truly furious Farrukh roar escaped from her larynx. But the other woman tried to growl as quietly as possible, without attracting special attention.
- Your attractiveness. Appreciated. By 98 percent, - grunted the second enemy, swiftly approaching the seemingly doomed Iilfan, - This is more. How. Enough.
- Very…. I want…., - croaked his colleague.
 Cybernetic creatures have already come close enough to the warrior, languishing in pain. One of them made the fatal mistake of throwing a weapon on the floor. He truly believed that the opponent was already sufficiently weakened. But the cyborgs could not even think that strength was still accumulating in a foreign woman. Probably, enough information about the Farrukh structure of organisms and their ability to restore has not been introduced into their memory. In this they almost resembled Elfurr.
Iilfan well noticed the battle saber hanging on the belt of one of the cyborgs. Apparently he took it away from some injured Hyperborean. The monster seemed to have forgotten about her, enjoying his victory. His mind enslaved by machines was busy with further reprisals against the warrior. And that was his mistake. The other woman quickly raised her head up and deftly grabbed the blade from the scabbard of the enemy. The cyborg did not even have time to think about such a sudden attack. In less than a second, his body was dismembered in two halves. Iilfanna bore a cutting blow to the enemy and sawed him in two. Abundant streams of blood and entrails splattered all over the warrior's face.
 Then she quickly got to her feet, overcoming the aching pain. Weapon in hand, the agent immediately rushed to the second enemy. Cyborg tried his best to defend himself from the blows by fielding a light blaster, but this did not help him either. Iilfan cut off his head with a dexterous blow. The decapitated corpse of the monster instantly collapsed to the floor, dropping the weapon. But these half-living creatures were not the goal of the foreign woman. Grigarovich was still in this room. She had to end him. This creature was clearly no longer human, and Iilfan knew that it was best to eliminate him as soon as possible.
 And completely forgetting about all the pain, the warrior quickened her steps. She had already tracked down Grigarovich, who stood nearby in a mysterious trance. Obviously, he was also taken aback by such an unexpected attack. Not even a moment passed when the warrior reached her cherished goal. The enemy was already right in front of her, and with furious fury she plunged the blade into his mutated body. An angry cry escaped from Iilfan's mouth, like an angry savage. The saber pierced the warlord through and through, and then its point came out of his back. But this traitor was clearly in no hurry to die. He did not seem to feel the terrible pain and did not make a sound.
 Iilfan thrust the blade deeper into Grigarovich's body, and after a moment, pulled it out. But looking at the blade, she found that there was no blood on it. She seemed to cut through the air. The warrior looked down in horror at her weapon entirely. Perplexity and wild fear seized her soul. Examining the bloodless sword, she quickly turned her head towards the enemy.
“This will not kill me,” the terrible adversary smiled maliciously in her face. “My body is no longer organic. I am completely and completely subordinate to the Machine World.
Grigarovich stood right in front of the warrior and grinned ominously. A second later, his eyes lit up with bright red lights. Several electrical impulses ran through his skin, which soon began to intensify. For a moment, the enemy's bald head was painted the color of rusty iron. And the smile, malicious and cruel, continued to gap on the lips of the enemy. He mocked the warrior, who tried in vain to finish him off.
 As soon as the smile left Grigarovich's face, he quickly clenched his mechanical hand into a fist and with all his might thrust him into the beautiful face of a foreign woman. Iilfan's jaw nearly snapped from such a powerful blow. She felt a terrible pain all over her face, which began to pulsate more and more. The Shield Maiden could not withstand such an attack, and her weapon flew to the floor. Iilfan sobbed desperately and clutched her chin with her hands. Her head was very dizzy. From the corners of her lips, trickles of scarlet blood were already pouring.
At the same moment, the third cyborg, who had previously dealt with the unfortunate soldier, swooped down on the Farrukh maiden like locusts. With a powerful blow, he threw her back. And after a second, he was next to her. With its powerful metal hands, the monster grabbed Iilfan and pressed him sharply against the wall crumpled from shells. His terrible face was revealed to the maiden in all its glory. Although it was impossible to call this face a face. Only one of his eyes was organic. The rest of the parts were all too often stuffed with implants. A small tapered tube protruded from the right side of the hairless head. The monster examined its captive and smiled strangely, as if playing the role of a human. But Iilfan knew perfectly well that this creature had not been a man for a long time.
A giant, tentacle-like tongue escaped from the monster's toothy jaws, which immediately touched the warrior's face. Iilfan could hardly restrain herself from crying out in horror. The tongue was composed of some strange bluish minerals. He moved like a snake. Light electrical impulses ran through its entire structure. Without thinking twice, the cyborg finished "licking" Iilfan's face, and at a frantic speed he launched his tongue into her mouth. The ominous mechanical tentacles nearly knocked out all the teeth of the unfortunate woman and began to penetrate deep into the larynx.---

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- Lord Kuahtemok, the city is crumbling, - Pakizotl screeched furiously, - Tsunami is approaching. It will be here soon. Wave under three hundred meters!
The adviser to the Nicomedian ruler from the Ho-Nari race was already sounding the alarm with might and main. He raised the whole palace to his ears. And it was not without reason. A few hours ago, the government received information about an exploded warhead in the Central Ocean region of the planet. Who exactly activated it was unknown. But many assumed that top-level agents did it. In addition, the right to use seismic weapons was only available to the Vifin-exotrorch.
A monstrous explosion led to a total collapse. A 20-point earthquake destroyed several islands and awakened two volcanoes. And then the superwave was born. Nicomedia meteorological services counted up to 280 meters in height. The wave was rapidly moving towards the planetary capital. She could easily destroy half the city. Moreover, for some unknown reason, all the defense systems of Nicomedia came out, including energy shields. The Nicomedians could not defend the city in any way. All that remained was to run.
The giant insect Ho-Nari, breaking through the steel doors, flew into Kuakhtemok's office. Pakitsotl had to use force, since the vifin-exotrorh did not respond at all. The massive construction of the advisor's body immediately made the doors fly off their hinges. It was necessary to get to the master as soon as possible. But what Pakizotl saw almost deprived him of his mind. The rest of Nicomedia's administrators had the same emotions. They believed that Kuakhtemok had locked himself in to finish some business. But no one had any idea that everything would end this way.
Wifin-exotrorh Kuakhtemok was dead. His lifeless body lay in front of the writing table. Judging by the burnt wound on his chest, he was killed by some kind of combat drone with plasma weapons. None of the living could certainly enter the personal office of the supreme ruler. And the glass on the windows consisted of bulletproof materials. No assassin would ever slip into the chambers of the Nicomedian ruler.
- Great Enlightener, he is dead! - screamed Pakizotl in horror, clutching his head with his forelimbs. - He is dead!
- But who could have done such a thing? - there and then the voices of yellow-skinned Nikomedians were heard, - Nobody would have penetrated into his office! It's impossible!
- And if these are killer drones? I heard they even get into the bunkers!
- What to do?
- Kuakhtemok is dead! Now what?
- Everything is lost! The planet is collapsing!
- We must run! Run!
- Yes! - in the end, the adviser from Ho-Nari agreed, - Let's get out of here! Let's run! Save yourself who can!
With the same words, the advisers and staff of Nicomedia's office quickly left the premises. The wave was already approaching, and according to various estimates, it could come to the city in 20 minutes. It was necessary to urgently leave the capital before it was too late.
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Yuri looked with horror at the picture that opened to his eyes. He managed to reach a vast gallery leading outward. Here the windows were not glazed, and one could safely enjoy the city panorama. Only there was nothing to enjoy here. The entire capital of Zabergan has become a gigantic battlefield between machines and organic creatures. This was no longer an attempted coup, but a real invasion. An invasion of unknown forces.
Many city streets full of fighting opened before Ernal'tsev's eyes. The numbers were clearly not for the Hyperboreans and not for their allies. Almost every street had 10 or even 20 mechanical creatures. Some of them no longer resembled something humanoid for a long time. Yuri clearly noticed how several cyborgs, which were centaur scorpions, made their way to the two armored vehicles. Within a few moments, they reached their cherished goals. One of the cyborgs, with a powerful pincer blow, immediately pierced the heavy armor, causing a blinding burst of sparks. The second tore off the gigantic muzzle of the gun from the car and threw it aside.
The soldiers and policemen who had once served Krazhinsky continued to fire on the machine armies. But all was unsuccessful. Cyborgs would reach them sooner or later. More and more sophisticated mechanisms appeared, bringing death and destruction. Yuri saw not only mysterious centaurs, but also huge spider-like creatures, from which infernal flames emanated. The enemy's flamethrowers were working at full power. The Hyperboreans tried to strike them with fusi and automatic rifles, but all their efforts turned into a fiasco. The spiders quickly jumped forward and burned the unfortunate ones alive.
- And you call this an uprising…. - Ernalltsev whispered quietly, as if to himself.
“The uprising was the beginning,” a mechanical voice suddenly rang out from behind Yuri.
Before the psi-adept had time to turn around, something heavy and clearly inorganic fell on him. The metal structure threw him somewhere to the right. At first, Yuri was afraid that he would fly out of the gallery and be imprinted on the asphalt, but to his surprise, nothing happened. He escaped with only a severe bruise and several cracks in his armor.
Now there was no panorama in front of Yuri's eyes. Above him towered a mysterious cybernetic monster, entirely made of iron. Ernallese saw such mechanisms only a few times in his life. The mysterious enemy was somewhat remotely reminiscent of the battle replicants of the Impeccable Empire, and not just ordinary robots, but robotic commanders. Without thinking twice, the creature grabbed the adept by the throat and lifted him high above it. Yuri felt that he could not breathe from the metal grip of the enemy.
- Fragile creatures, - I heard a terrible creak from the robot, - I regard organic life as ineffective. Your vulnerability level is 97 percent. It only says that you are useless.
With these words, the monster threw Yuri back a few more steps. This time the blow was much more painful. Ernal'tsev's body literally broke through the wall and ended up in one of the countless offices of the building. Moreover, upon falling, the psi adept shattered several tables. That's how powerful the power of this fur was. He was clearly no ordinary mechanized soldier.
- Yours ... .. - Yuri whispered softly, and found that he could hardly speak.
- The probability of your survival is three point and three tenths of a percent, - again there was a grinding of the mechanoid right under the ear of the doomed psionic, - And this is according to optimistic forecasts. According to the pessimistic - the probability of your complete and unconditional doom is exactly 100 percent.
- portugal you ... .. - the psi-adept growled furiously.
But fortunately, not far from Ernal'tsev, there was a small blaster, once dropped by a dead soldier. The adept clearly understood that he would not be able to hesitate here. If he succumbs to pain, he will quickly leave this world, and before that he will have time to suffer pretty much. Yuri had to use all his psionic power to force the blaster into his hands.
The robot has already appeared in front of his gaze in all its glory. In its mechanical arms, the 'Mech tightly gripped a huge cobblestone chipped from the building. With such and such a stone, he could easily flatten Yuri's head.
- I am Tulotron, - there was a creak from the side of the monster, - Know the name of the one who will crush your fragile and ineffective body. Your design is too primitive. Its general vulnerability is 98 and 3 tenths of a percent.
As soon as the blaster fell into the hands of Yuri, he immediately fired from it. The robot made a fatal mistake that cost him at least an electronic brain. A bolt of light immediately flew out of the muzzle of the gun and reached its target in a second. The mechanical head of the monster exploded along with all its contents.
 The body of the monster quickly collapsed to the ground and began to fill from all directions with electrical impulses. Only a few moments later, he finally calmed down and completely shut down.
- You talk too much ... .. - Ernalltsev said with a grin, unspeakably rejoicing at his next luck.
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“You’re wrong to think that you can kill me with a simple weapon,” Grigarovich growled angrily, towering over the doomed agent, “I don’t even know how you can hurt me at all. Probably nothing. And here you are, no doubt vulnerable. Very fragile inside ... Outside, you look like a lioness, furious and indestructible ... But inside is just a fragile swan, thirsting for love and happiness ..... But I will upset you very much .... Only death awaits you ahead. And there is nothing beautiful in this death ...
The half-dead cyborg accomplice had already finished sticking his long tongue down Iilfan's throat and pulled it out with satisfaction. He left the unfortunate warrior to punish Grigarovich and stood nearby.
 The cyborg has dealt its next crushing blow. The mechanical fist instantly shattered Iilfan's armor. The Farrukh maiden recoiled sharply, trying to maintain her balance. But she knew perfectly well that she was exhausted. Quite a little time will pass, and she will simply collapse to the floor from powerlessness. She was seriously injured and exhausted from the battle. In addition, this enemy was clearly beyond her shoulder. She had never encountered such a creature before.
- Interestingly, the truth was heard, - the creaky voice of the enemy was heard, - you came here to suppress the rebellion of Grigarovich. But in reality everything turned out differently. You could not even think that this is a seizure. Total conquest of the galaxy. And very soon there will be a lot of people like me. My copy will be installed on every planet. At the moment, there are at least a hundred of them. And I am one of them. I can exist in any form. In any guise.
- You …. Not Grigarovich ....... - the wounded Iilfan growled quietly, bending over from the pain even more.
The monster smiled even more, revealing all its steel teeth. His appearance changed again. The enemy's body turned completely gray and then began to shine like distant stars. At that moment, the warrior realized that the enemy had long since lost his natural body. The former head of the terrorists changed more and more, gradually turning into a real mechanical monster.
- I am Tulotron ... Everything in this galaxy will become the same as me. I estimate the likelihood of your assimilation at 99 and 9 tenths of a percent. Any resistance is pointless.
- Not…. It’s not pointless, ”a voice familiar to the warrior was suddenly heard,“ In this you are grossly mistaken, a piece of iron.
 This sound literally gave Iilfan energy. She quickly raised her head up, and what she saw visibly cheered her up. In the depths of her soul, the maiden felt great hope. And the inner pain that throbbed in her body had evaporated somewhere. Right behind the terrible enemy, Yuri Ernal'tsev towered, whose hands were already filled with a dazzlingly bright witchcraft glow.
“I don’t know who you are and what you are, but today you will definitely get it!
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- Two hundred ships! Just think about it!
 The screams could now be heard all over the Retribution's bridge. And they arose for a very good reason. Exactly twenty minutes ago, an entire flotilla emerged from the giant craters that formed in Zabergan's outer space. A huge armada arose not far from the location of Zukhra's pirate ships. The first to experience the full fury of the unknown ships was the flagship cruiser of the corsairs. One of the pyramidal battleships instantly sprayed the structure, and then destroyed the rest of the fleet. There was simply no logic in the actions of the enemies. But many of the officers aboard the Vengeance guessed that the pirates may have asked the enemy for some kind of reward, but this was not part of the enemy's sinister plans. So they decided to destroy the unfortunate robbers, at the same time testing their truly deadly weapons.
 But now the alien armada was heading swiftly towards the location of the Combined Fleet. The Hyperborean ships were hardly able to contain such a fierce power of the aggressors. These aliens had far more destructive weapons than proton torpedo launchers. There were so many pyramid ships that they just filled the radar. And even they could be easily discerned from any porthole. An armada of enemies began to flood all of outer space at a breakneck speed. In addition, the alien fleet also had reinforcements. Small vessels, similar to various insects, also arrived from the funnels. The enemies have gathered enough troops to challenge the combined fleet. None of the allies of Hyperborea could even imagine such a number of ships.
 Now on the bridge "Retribution" real controversy flared up. Many military leaders were well aware that they could not contain such global forces. The combined fleet of Hyperborea and its allies was no more than fifty ships. They cannot withstand two hundred heavy structures, even with several salamanders on board. These creatures, of course, could damage a couple of enemy ships with their frantic power, but against such a number they were powerless. Many began to believe that it would be better to leave Zabergan, to leave its inhabitants to the mercy of fate. Saving the planet was already a truly impossible task. And the situation was further complicated by the fact that allied forces remained on the surface of Zabergan. The psi-agents of Hyperborea were still in the planetary capital and fiercely fought with the troops of Grigarovich. All this did not inspire any good hope. Clotilde felt a sharp chill emanating from the very depths of his soul.
- We must retreat, - the voices of Hyperborean officers were heard, - We will not withstand such a gathering without help.
- Yeah, they drove a whole horde, - the signalmen said around, - and how are we going to fight them? What kind of outsiders are they? Two hundred battleships. We can hardly stand against fifteen ...

- Signals are weakening for an unknown reason.
- We can't get through to the Sigma base! Why don't they answer?
- These strangers are not identified! There are no such ships in the chronicles!
 There were also other opinions. For example, the swine-like officers of the ship clearly did not want to surrender to the enemy. They proved to be real warriors in this dispute. These foreigners fiercely defended their point of view. And they understood that sooner or later, such an armada would come to their systems. It is better to give battle to the enemy here and now than to wait for a new coming. The aliens could well have gathered a much more powerful army.
For the first time in a long time, Clotilde hesitated and did not know at all what to do. And so he headed towards Nirani-Rael, the Elfurr Lady Inquisitor. The elfurr maiden stood in a daze and muttered something to herself. Clotilde thought she was praying to all the gods she knew. Indeed, in such a situation it was simply impossible without prayers.
- Two hundred ships of unknown aliens ... - Marshal said with a sigh, - This is worse than I thought. It looks like Grigarovich has mighty friends. But who are they?
Nirani-Rael did not respond to her ally at first, but remained in a semblance of trance. But after a few seconds, she still shook her head. Then the elfurrka glanced towards her battle brother. Her beautiful eyes betrayed incredible sadness. It was obvious that the foreign woman herself was in terrible confusion. For the first time, she carried the energy of fear from her. Nirani-Rael has always remained brave and decisive, she has been in thousands of battles and went through a great many wars. But this battle clearly deprived her of the spirit.
“There are as many as fifty Black Corruptors,” the elfurrka said mournfully. “Twenty Bloodletters and fifteen Tempter-class carriers. Such carriers contain on board three hundred, or even four hundred units of combat drones. In a battle with two such ships, we once lost half of the fleet. Today, for the first time, I feel doomed.
"Wait, do you know what kind of outsiders they are?" Clotilde asked at once.
- Yes, - the answer was heard, - We know who it is. This information was classified. I still cannot reveal this to you without the sanction of His Majesty.
The look of the marshal could well be called annoyed. Anger awakened within him with impetuous force. He always hated almost hopeless situations. Now he clearly realized that he was faced with a choice. Even Nirani-Rael hesitated in her decisions. Moreover, another truth has emerged. As it turned out, the Elfurr were well aware of the mysterious enemy. But their mystery and love of secrets did not give them the opportunity to reveal all the cards to their allies. If the Elfurr, being the foremost race of the galaxy, are in doubt, then the matter really was out of hand. Clotilde was well aware that in this way, serious panic could arise in the entire Allied fleet. And panic can lead to riots.
 Among the United Flotilla there were ships of various states. The impeccable empire has already lost a lot of frigates and corvettes in the fight against the pseudo-Nicomedians. Clotilde's move today saved the situation, and the foreign flagship was destroyed by nuclear weapons. But even this will not help against the heavy battleships of unknown aliens. Enemies could well set up protective fields that held back any attack. These creatures were incredibly difficult to fight against. The Elfurr have always known this. Usually aliens arrived in small fleets, consisting of five or seven ships. And the battles with them were quite difficult and exhausting. But in this case, victory was considered simply impossible.
- What should we do? - Clotilde asked the question in a more furious voice, - Nobody can answer ?!
- Pray ... - I heard Vulich's answer here.
- So you also knew who it was? - the marshal exclaimed sharply.
- This is death, my lord, - said the commander, - that's what it is. Sorry we didn't tell you right away. We have a pact with Elfurr. We were obliged to be silent.
 Clotilde immediately glanced at Vulich, a valiant warrior from the Drasca empire. This commander in a green uniform with gold epaulets and a noble face was now kneeling, not paying attention to the disputes that arose. He folded his arms in front of him and put his head down. His eyes did not express fear at all. Vulich prayed with all his might, while constantly bending over to the floor. The Warrior called for help from all the gods he had only heard of, and he was confident in their speedy help.
The Marshal was amazed at such a sincere faith of his subordinate. Seeing how he with all his might repeated the prayer words in his native language, Clotilde involuntarily felt a great respect for this man. Anger at his secrecy faded right away. All around indulged in fear and did not know what to do, and Vulich only prayed, not paying attention to anyone. The Supreme Marshal almost never met such people in his life. Even the psi-adepts of Hyperborea, who were famous for their religiosity, have never shown such a strong faith in the great gods.
- Yes, - the marshal agreed with the words of his comrade-in-arms, - To pray ....... It seems that only this will help here.
 After these words, Clotilde followed Vulich's example and knelt in the same way.
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- You already tried to kill me! - Yuri hissed angrily. - But it didn't work out!
Tulotron did not expect the enemy to appear directly behind him. The Ernallese appeared, as if from a portal, and was behind the monster with a weapon at the ready. In his hands pulsing with powerful energy, he held a long saber, the blade of which was flooded with lightning everywhere. Electrical impulses occurred throughout the blade, including its hilt. Now Yuri resembled an ancient deity, which by his appearance inspired both horror and reverence. The warrior's eyes were filled with a bright light, which flared up more and more.
- As you said there, - were heard the mocking words of Ernal'tsev, - The probability of my survival is extremely small? In my opinion, you have short circuited circuits!
 Seeing a living psionic, Tulotron in the guise of Grigarovich involuntarily stepped back. He no longer had the weapon. With great despair, the cyborg scanned the face of the mighty foe. At the moment, there was simply no hope of salvation. The semi-mechanical monster had not foreseen this turn of events. Tulotron was sure that the psi-adept had long been lying dead on one of the tower tiers, but he had miscalculated. He believed that Ernal'tsev was killed by his own henchmen, who flooded both Towers in thousands.
“Despite the high level of your psionic abilities,” the monster growled, whose voice began to vibrate noticeably, “I estimate the probability of your survival at 4 point and 3 tenths of a percent.
- How! - the adept grinned, - It seems that your previous copy said that there are 3 of them.
- I take into account your natural luck, man, - came the answer, - She gives you a little luck. But this is not for long.
- It seems that I am already beginning to understand what is happening here. Grigarovich was just a pawn, right?
- He is the same pawn as you, Yuri Ernal'tsev, psi-adept of the Hyperborean Empire. You don't know anything yet! And I think you will never know! Your chances of surviving today are still too low. And I will not repeat myself.
This time, Yuri did not answer his opponent. He swung his blade sharply and with all his might brought it down on the body of the doomed cyborg. The monster could not withstand such a powerful burst of psionic energy, and immediately flew up. With breakneck speed Tulotron set off on a long-distance flight. His body broke through the stone walls of the tower and flew out. For a long time it flew throughout the city, before hitting a fragment of a giant skyscraper, of which there were many in the city.
But there was still one enemy in the room. It was he who at one time almost strangled Iilfan with his serpentine tongue. The cyborg became quite confused when he saw his mechanical master fly up. The Farrukh maiden, who carefully watched the battle, took advantage of this. In her rage, she grabbed the blade lying on the ground and with all her might hit it on the head of the monster. The cyborg's scalp was immediately cut off, and in moments he was already lying on the bloody floor. The monster turned sharply towards Iilfan. With his left hand he fumbled for his head and found that half of the skull was missing. His steel fingers almost dug into completely human brains.
Yuri was about to intervene, but Iilfan stopped him.
- I'll deal with him myself! She growled angrily.
Ernal'tsev had to give in and only watch the massacre. He just nodded, staying where he was.
Iilfan looked at the cyborg with undisguised anger. She still could not forget how he thrust his monstrous tongue into her. A mechanical tentacle nearly injured her esophagus. The pain of his penetration remained to this day.
- Well, do you want to touch me more? - Iilfan growled towards the monster.
The cyborg focused on the battle again, forgetting about the severed scalp. He grinned viciously and threw forward his long tongue, which at the same time glowed strangely.
- I want-oo-oo ... .. - I heard an eerie mechanical grinding from his side.
Iilfan quickly repulsed the tongue attack and chopped off the structure. She found a weak spot in it and hit it with all her might. The blow worked amazingly effectively. Most of the mechanism was cut off and fell to the floor. The cyborg recoiled from the warrior, clearly realizing that he had lost his precious weapon.
Without thinking twice, the warrior threw the blade away from her and rushed at the enemy with her bare hands. She approached him in a matter of milliseconds. Rage enveloped Iilfan completely and completely as she remembered the monstrous tongue of the monster penetrating deep into her throat. In great anger, she slapped the cyborg in the face with all her might. Then she thrust a steel glove into his head and quickly pulled out his brain pulsing with small lightning bolts. The organic mass, like the body of the monster, was filled with various microchips.
- Eat it better! Iilfan cried out at the top of her voice.
The cyborg shuddered, crimson spots on all sides. His mechanical implants began to spark rapidly, and then burst into small electrical impulses. When Iilfan thrust her throbbing brains right into the monster's mouth, it flinched again and abruptly recoiled from the warrior.
- Violation… .. - there was a wheezing from the monster's speakers built into the cervical vertebrae, - Error of the main controller …… Condition …… Critical ………. Damage …… Critical …… Damage …… By …… time …… waiting for …… not …… yay …… ..
On the last few words, the cyborg's speakers exploded along with the rest of the body. The explosion was so powerful that it nearly sent Iilfan flying. She jumped away from the doomed fur in time. His organic insides scattered throughout the room. Pieces of brain, previously stuck in the throat of the monster, were pressed into the nearest wall with all their might and began to spread. The creation no longer posed any danger.
- Not bad…. - Yuri said with admiration, watching the little duel, - And you ... are really dangerous!
Iilfan smiled slightly at Ernal'tsev. And after that she collapsed to the floor from powerlessness.
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Zoran went through many wars and remembered every detail of his involvement in conflicts. He still hadn't forgotten the recent operation against the Narwalingen race, whose fleets nearly destroyed the Air power, allied with the Impeccable Empire. Then Zoran commanded a squadron of ten dreadnoughts, fought side by side with his brother the emperor. But what was happening now at Zakromakh did not at all resemble a war. Rebellion has broken out against the Impeccable Empire. The rebellion was raised mainly by Nicomedians and Kussarians who lived on the planet. Moreover, they did not explain their rebellion in any way. They just took weapons and attacked the police stations. I had to call for reinforcements.
Then the unexpected happened. Some group of terrorists entered the administration building. By order of Zoran, special forces tried to track them down, but the enemies went too deep. The governor did not understand at all why they needed to hide in the catacombs. According to reports, the terrorists were carrying an unknown cargo that looked more like some unknown warhead. Intelligence agencies expressed concerns about the coming explosions. Explosions that never happened. Zoran feared that, in fact, it could be a much more terrible weapon, which he did not even know about. They could not enter the dungeon just for the sake of interest. There was clearly some good reason here.
The crown prince was now at his gigantic mobile headquarters. It was a huge saucer-shaped ship, capable of flying, both in space, and hovering over the cities of any planet, turning into an observation post. In a hurry, Zoran converted his ship into a temporary operations center. The ship is home to the planetary command, including the leadership of the psi-reconnaissance. They closely monitored the situation in the capital. The most frightening thing was that reports of rebellious mechanisms began to arrive. The first message came from the chief of police of the capital, who said that several observer drones simply got out of control and flew away to an unknown direction. Communication with them was cut off, but eyewitnesses claimed that the mechanisms were still in flight.
Zoran stood on the deck of the communications department, where his operators received reports from the surface every second. It also maintained communication with the space fleet, which froze in the orbit of Zakromakh. Hundreds of operators from different races sat behind their chairs, wearing headphones and assorted gadgets, staring at the oval screens.
- Well, how is it with the robots? - the terrible voice of the governor was heard.
Several operators who heard this exchanged glances. One of them, a young man in a blue uniform from the Air race, made a slight bow to the planetary ruler.
“Another report, Mr. Zoran,” the signalman replied, “All unmanned vehicles within the Sharcally area are out of control. Object-4-3. It is not far from the sector where the terrorists were seen.
Zoran almost turned pale at what he heard. Unmanned tanks were indeed located there at a secret facility. He was personally involved in their design and testing. The governor would never have thought that they could somehow harm the allies. After all, dozens of operators and technologists also worked with them.
- Wait! - the ruler cried out, - It's impossible! There are 200 guards there. Who intercepted them?
“General Mardonius says they themselves,” the operator muttered in dismay, “They took it and activated. They started shooting at the staff. The dead there are at least twenty.
- How is this possible? They have been deactivated! Zoran yelled.
But the young man did not have time to answer. He was interrupted by a comrade-in-arms, a representative of the n-sai civilization. Its huge eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. He also received some disturbing message.
- Mister Zoran! - the raspy voice of n-sai rang out, - There are also problems at the Azis-4 base. Replicants got out of control and massacred. Security is requesting help!
- Another report! Incorrect robot behavior in warehouse 35 south of the capital!
- What is going on here! - the governor growled menacingly, - Why do machines making riot?
For the first time in a long time, he allowed his thoughts to be spoken out loud. Machines rebellion…. According to the latest data, this is exactly what happened. Machines riot. Robots emerged from the dominion of mere mortals, as if on command. It would be foolish to deny this. Each of the operators on the deck already guessed what exactly was happening on the Zakromakh.
- We don't know, sir! - nervously blurted out the signalman, - But it looks like this is everywhere.
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- Hey! Iilfan! What's the matter? - Yuri cried in horror.
Ernaltsev saw with his own eyes how the warrior fell to the floor. She was still alive, but apparently her body was severely damaged in the battle. It was just that Iilfan carefully concealed her injuries. Apparently, she suffered a lot from these cybernetic creatures.
- Hey! The psionic shouted again, "Are you okay?" In order?
- Yes, yes ... - a faint voice of the warrior was heard, - Just .... Patted me ...
Yuri immediately rushed to the lying maiden. His eyes almost fell out of their sockets. He bent over her, trying to find any grievous wound. Her armor was crumpled in a fierce battle. Ernalltsev just now noticed that almost all of her armor was badly cracked.
- Bones are broken…. Inside ... .. - Iilfan whispered, - But it doesn't matter. Farrukh's body recovers in a day ... .. In this we are similar ... .. to Elfurr .... A little bit.
- You'd better talk less, - Yuri said excitedly, - I'll try to scan what you have. Maybe it's not too serious.
He was still trying to find the external wounds. He was seriously alarmed by the abundance of blood on the armor of his companion. But the blood stuck to the shreds of armor did not belong to the Farrukh agent. She remained there from the exploded cyborg.
“Bones are broken in many places,” the warrior replied, “I can feel them.
- I'll carry you out of here! - did not calm down the psi-adept, - We will find a ship and fly into orbit. It is clear that we cannot cope with such forces. I will take you to the nearest system…. To the doctors!
Iilfan smiled faintly. She was deeply touched by the care of the Hyperborean, who bent over her like a surgeon over a patient during a difficult operation. Yuri spoke encouraging words to her. But she knew perfectly well that it would not be possible to fly off the planet. Zabergan has almost completely passed into the hands of a mysterious enemy. We can only hope for a miracle.
- Yuri ... .. - Iilfan's timid voice was heard, - I didn’t speak. Sorry. I couldn't.
- What is not allowed? What are you! - said Ernalltsev to this.
- Not…. No ... .. - continued the foreign woman, - I did not have permission ... ... from General Chow .... But now I have to tell you ... .. I had to immediately .... Truth…. But I didn't have permission ... .. Chow forbade me to divulge it. Sorry….
Yuri perked up nervously. He tried his best to understand what exactly his companion was talking about.
- What are you talking about ... .. - said the psionic quietly, - Everything is in order ... .. No need to ask for forgiveness.
“I know who attacked us,” Iilfan said breathlessly.
And then it finally dawned on the Ernallets. All this uprising on Zabergan did not resemble an ordinary coup. As it turned out, the mysterious Grigarovich was nothing more than a pawn. The mutiny began with him, but ended with a full-scale invasion of unknown machines. Machines guided by the no less mysterious and mysterious Tulotron. Probably Tulotron was one of the leaders of the enemy army. But there was also something else.
When Yuri woke up on the lower levels of the building, he met a strange creature without a face. It mentioned a name that was already familiar to him quite clearly. The name is "Marfur-Nirari". He, of course, heard about the actions of this alien sorcerer, but he had no idea that the threat posed by the sorcerer could be so serious. Iilfan was a Farrukh agent, and she obviously knew something, knew much more interesting information about Marfur-Nirari.
- You know…. What…. - Yuri exclaimed in bewilderment, - Who attacked us?
He again remembered the moment with an unknown creature speaking of darkness. And then other memories crept into his head; those related to his dream today. Today Yuri dreamed of how unknown monsters were squeezing him from all sides. The psionic did not see their faces and did not know what they really looked like, but he had never felt such a terrible and terrible threat from anyone. In a dream, he clearly realized that the end would come not only for him, but for all living. He also remembered that when he woke up, he immediately put on his father's amulet. He just knew he had to do it. After all, it will someday save his life.
- He's getting heavy, right? Iilfan's strange question was heard.
Yuri immediately felt how the amulet hanging on his neck seemed to have increased in size. His neck nearly snapped from the tension. This was the first time that had happened to him.
- What's getting heavy? - blurted out Ernalltsev.
- The amulet ... .. - the warrior said to this in the same weak voice, - I have the same .... Under the armor. We are farruh…. We see through the walls ... .. Through the armor ... .. I saw your amulet back then .... On the boat …… He gets heavy, right?
- How did you know?! - the psionic exclaimed in surprise, - How did you know that he is getting heavier?
The amulet twitched again. Yuri again felt an unknown weight. For a moment he thought he had a piece of heavy boulder hanging around his neck.
“It is getting heavier for me too,” Iilfan answered, “It means… .. We faced …… Yuri, what we faced is a threat not only for our countries. And for all life in the galaxy.
- Are you talking about Marfur-Nirari? - Ernalltsev suddenly asked for himself, - I heard this name…. Today. And not from you. When I fell down, I met a strange creature…. It spoke about Marfur-Nirari….
- Quiet! - the warrior cried sharply, and then lowered her voice almost to a whisper, - He can hear .... He always hears when someone says his name…. .Please, do not say it ... ..I beg ... .. He hears the one who does it ... ..
Yuri nodded, realizing that he had made a mistake. The amulet began to seem to him an almost unbearable burden. He really wanted to throw off the amulet from his neck and even trample it. Somewhere in the depths of my soul, a mysterious and strange anger appeared.
“Never take it off,” Iilfan continued. “No matter how heavy it may seem. Don't take off the amulet! No way ... .. Never ... ..
- Who is Marfur-Nirari…. The psi-adept asked barely audibly.
He understood that the warrior was injured, and it was better to give her more time to recover. She didn't need much to say. But Yuri also knew that he could no longer tolerate all these riddles and secrets. He needed to somehow clarify the situation.
- Let me rise a little…. - I heard the faint voice of a foreign woman, - I'll tell you. Just be careful ... The restoration is already underway.
- Yes of course! - the Hyperborean perked up, - Yes! I'll try to get you to your feet.
- Lift me up. And I'll tell you everything.

- What is it? - the bewildered voices of officers were heard from all sides. - Great Gods of Light! For ten years of service, this has not yet been observed!
 The crew members were seriously alarmed by the situation. The mysterious enemy has brought in too many ships to fight the combined fleet. The outer space of Zabergan was filled with flying pyramids from all sides. But this armada did not want to go into the attack. This behavior was extremely strange. For the first hours, the members of the Retribution crew could not understand what the matter was. They made thousands of different guesses and assumptions.
 Several officers noticed through special tracking devices that the alien ships for unknown reasons had ceased to function. They tried to explain it to Marshal Clotilde and everyone else. The enemy flotilla was simply disabled. In the last minutes, the information has already been officially confirmed. Many of the fighters hoped for a miraculous salvation. They believed that the current situation was nothing more than a divine manifestation. Some thought that the Creator himself decided to intercede for his own offspring and to de-energize the ships of terrible creatures.
Vulich seriously believed that it was the Gods who were the saviors of an entire fleet of allies. Now he looked as joyous as a child. He almost jumped with delight. The commander truly resembled a small child who had just been informed about a trip to the zoo; the hike he'd dreamed of for months.
- I said that prayers will help! - clapping his hands, exclaimed draskovit, - I told you! We just have to believe that they will save us! You just have to believe!
Only Clotilde and Nirani-Rael were still gloomy. Marshal did not leave the feeling of great uneasiness at all. This situation was unnatural. If the alien ships stopped functioning, it meant that someone had used some unknown weapon. It didn't sound like an EMP pulse. Something more perfect was clearly applied here. Or it was all part of the enemy's plan. Clotilde made thousands of guesses in his head, but none of them seemed real to him.
 Nirani-Rael was in real chaos in his head. A sharp-eared foreign woman stood on the bridge with her head lowered, immersed in heavy meditation. She ran dozens of possible guesses in her mind. A strange alarm crept into her heart, saying that everything was just beginning. In truth, the elfurrka did not sense any presence of light energies. The enemy fleet ceased to function, but the reason was not at all in the intervention of the Gods.
- It's somehow strange, - Clotilde said in a perplexed voice, scratching his forehead, - Why did they disconnect ... No proper explanation. Someone disabled an entire armada.
- Maybe they chickened out? - heard the voice of one of the officers of the Impeccable Empire.
This tall man in a blue uniform was quite pleased with the situation. He was fully confident that the battle was over. Clotilde had no doubt that this soldier was already making plans to return home. But the marshal was well aware that the battle was far from over.
“Maybe they really were cowardly, my lord? - the soldier repeated his words, - To fight with the Impeccable Empire is akin to destruction. And even more so with you Hyperboreans. Whatever one may say, our powers rule the galaxy.
But Clotilde, with a gesture of a raised hand, stopped the fighting brother.
- We do not know, - the warrior answered with sadness in his eyes, - It is likely that there is something else here.
Nirani-Rael approached the speaking fighters and looked them up and down. The foreign woman was more alarmed than the others. And she clearly did not like the joyful moods of the fighters. The crew clapped their hands too early, and the elfurrka felt that it would soon play a cruel joke on them.
- What if this is some kind of maneuver? - suggested here Nirani-Rael, - This is quite possible. The one who leads them is the genius of stealth. We watched him for a long time. It is possible that he can calculate the coordinates and launch a teleportation beam. What prevents him from entering our ships ... Or ...
 Hearing such words, Clotilde shrugged in bewilderment. He was already personally confused in all these assumptions.
- Why does he need our ships? - followed the question of the commander.
“Interception,” replied the Lady Inquisitor. “They've done this to our ships before.
The elfurrka spoke the truth without any exaggeration. She didn't have permission to reveal the whole truth. But she knew for sure and personally saw how Marfur-Nirari knocked out a dozen elfurr corvettes. She felt his incredible power, his truly devilish insatiability. Then she miraculously managed to evacuate.
- When will you, elfurr, cease your silence! Clotilde snarled angrily.
Nirani-Rael wanted to continue her speeches, but the unexpectedness that arose interrupted her train of thought. As if on command, all the monitors displaying the various control functions of the ship quickly began to fade. Many of the operators sitting behind the screens stood up in horror from their seats. They jumped up like crazy, staring at the monitors with crazy eyes. Many of the crew members in a hurry tried to fix computers. But all is unsuccessful. In addition, the atmosphere deteriorated significantly when the bioluminescent lamps built into the ceilings began to blink.
“The central system has completely failed,” the frightened cries of the officers were heard. “The reason is not clear.
 Hearing this hopeless information, Clotilde immediately hurried to the nearest screen, which had just turned off. The Marshal was determined to find out the cause of such an incident. The people gathered around Clotilde turned white like snow. Even Vulich instantly removed his smile and looked at his comrades with eyes full of incredible fear. Not a trace of the commander's joy remained.
 Running to the first monitor, Clotilde scrutinized it. A second later, the screen lit up again, showing a completely different image. A scarlet figure of some strange humanoid was looking straight at the marshal. She moved in different directions, wiggling her little arms. This phenomenon further alarmed Clotilde, including all the crew members. Entity figurines began to appear rapidly on all monitors located in the bridge room.
 And then there was this mysterious mechanical grinding.
- Good evening, - the words were heard from almost everywhere, - My name is Tulotron. And I want to play a little. You want that too, don't you? Truth?
 Many officers did not understand at all what they were talking about. It seemed to all of them that they were simply being played out. Such performances were more suitable for young children than for harsh warriors who had seen many battles. Clotilde cracked one of the screens with frantic force, but the image of the creature did not disappear. Obviously, this phenomenon has already encompassed the entire ship. A mysterious enemy used an unknown virus that has already hit the ship.
- I just got into your main controllers, - the same mechanical voice rang out, - and therefore I estimate the probability of your survival at exactly 2 percent.
Marshal felt his anger begin to cloud his consciousness. With furious eyes, he looked at the image of the scarlet creature. He wanted to smash all these computers to pieces with one powerful blow.
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“Listen to you,” Clotilde growled furiously. “Who are you? What do you want from us?
“My name is Tulotron,” the image replied, “A modernized and improved superintelligence of a new type with limitless possibilities. I have the ability to penetrate any computer system, modifying their structure and subordinating it to myself. In your case, I've already done that. My success rate in this case is exactly 100 percent. I also have the ability to create combat exoskeletons, with which I negotiate with my enemies and resort to their physical destruction. I am perfection. I am the absolute. I lured your fleet to Zabergan only to get it and join the great armada of the Machine World. You yourself brought me an army. Grigarovich's uprising was initiated only to get your attention. A mutiny on the planet has led to the appearance of your fleets in the Zabergan star system. It was too predictable.
- So everything was compromised? - exclaimed the marshal to this.
- Exactly so, - again there was a rattle from the computers, - Colonel Markohyosip Grigarovich, without realizing it, turned out to be part of the plan. He could not even think that everything would turn out that way. We just used it. You mortals love to speak in similes. I learned this from you. Therefore, the uprising of Grigarovich I can only compare with a warning shot. The real attack is just beginning. Against her, you have no chance. Your galaxy is doomed. All useless organic life will be subject to total annihilation. I estimate the success rate of the conquest at 99 and 9 tenths of a percent.
 Many crew members grabbed their weapons and pointed them at the monitors. A mysterious enemy virus has already taken possession of the flying fortress of Hyperborea. The ship is completely out of control. Now everyone began to realize the monstrous danger that arose in a matter of moments. The officers' eyes lit up with primal horror. Their lips began to tremble, as if from a fierce cold.
Vulich, on the other hand, was a true embodiment of fear. Nothing remained of his former joy. Draskovit held the pistol with a trembling hand, pointing it towards one of the screens.
- And now it's time to play, - the superintelligence continued to mock, - As you already understood, I completely enslaved your flotilla in exactly 2 minutes and 37 seconds. From now on, it belongs to the Machine World. I intend to give you a chance to try to leave the courts. I only left the teleportal stations working. But can you get to them? The right question. As I mentioned, your chance of survival is only 2 percent. But 2 percent is not zero. So go for it. You have one minute to leave the ship. The self-destruct program is activated. In sixty seconds, this whole structure will turn into steam. Hope you enjoy this game. But remember ... If you do not have time to leave the ship before the explosion, you are dead. Well .... It's time!
 The image of the entity instantly changed to a dial. He displayed the ominous number "60", which did not inspire any good hope. A second later, the numbers changed to a completely different number. Now they were showing 59. Each monitor in the bridge room reflected eerie numbers that spoke of the complete doom of the crew. The enemy virus did not leave the officers a single chance. He blocked the entire control system, and without this it was simply impossible to activate the escape pods.
- God, - beside himself with incredible horror, said Clotilde, - What have we done….
Today, for the first time, he felt the bitterness of a great defeat. A mysterious enemy managed to outsmart them all. Exactly in a minute, not a single piece will remain of the ship, and thousands of people will die in agony. And the worst thing was that the marshal could not save them in any way. Desperately clutching his head, Clotilde burst into sorrowful tears.

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What's happening?
This was the first question asked by Hercules. He just came to his senses. The sensations he experienced were hardly good. He felt a severe headache in the temples, and it was also too dark in front of his eyes. He saw almost nothing of what was in front of him and what was next. He felt as if the day before he had arranged a noble drinking party in some Moscan tavern. But he clearly knew that he did not drink during the service, and even more so during military operations. It was with difficulty that his memory began to return to him, and now he was already replaying recent events in his head.
 He clearly remembered the recent robotic attack on Zabergan. This shouldn't have happened. The Hyperboreans and their allies flew here to eliminate the rebellion of the military. The main task was to eliminate the putschists led by Colonel Grigarovich. But everything went awry. Hercules could not even imagine such a turn of events. Instead of rebels, the Hyperboreans and their allies faced mysterious machines.
“Why did this happen?” - the inner voice of the psionic was heard, “Why? Why did we run into robots? And who is this Tulotron anyway? Is all this somehow connected with other attacks ... The ones that Farrukh told about. The simple mutiny turned out to be a full-scale invasion of machines. What's going on in the galaxy? And what in other worlds? Is it possible that only one Zabergan became a hostage to the machine riot? "
The adept clearly remembered that he was not flying to the operation against Grigarovich alone, but with his loyal comrades. Yuri then stayed in the Savrasov towers. In addition, he was clearly inflamed with love for that strange Farrukh maiden with slanted eyes. Hercules, along with the Muscovites, flew to capture the head of the terrorists. The faithful salamander saved the day by destroying many enemies. But what happened next, the warrior vaguely remembered. Mysterious mechs appeared out of nowhere in his head.
And the name Tulotron…. The mysterious name of the leader of the robots. It was he who lured them into the trap. The best experts in the Empire fell into a trap, suspecting nothing.
“Welcome back, adept,” came a mechanical voice somewhere ahead.
The sight returned a little to the experienced warrior of Hyperborea. Now he already saw in front of him a hefty cyborg, made of many materials. A real monster appeared before his gaze, from the contemplation of which the psionic turned pale. The enemy's head could be called completely human, but the rest of his body was solid metal, moreover, with various implants. One of the eyes of the cyborg was not organic, and rather resembled a spider that had eaten into the flesh.
As soon as Hercules looked with horror at the insect-like creature wedged into the monster's right eye, it immediately fidgeted. A moment later, the terrible spider bit into the cyborg's skin even more, and then ripped it open. But no blood followed. The insect simply disappeared in the head of the monstrous creature, leaving only a huge hole in it that exposed its insides. Seeing such a sight, Hercules jerked violently and almost screamed. Only now he discovered another tragedy that happened to him. He was completely bound by the most powerful mechanical tentacles and could hardly move.
Trap…. Another trap.
- Who are you ..... who are you ..... - Hercules screamed in despair, unsuccessfully trying to make at least one movement, - Who are you ....... Name Hyperborea ......
- I already mentioned my name, - I heard the raspy voice of the cyborg, - My name is Tulotron. And you are now, like me, a part of the machine world. Your body is already controlled by his divine devices. There are no organic creatures on the ship you've arrived at ..... Except of course you. You are the only bag of bones and blood here. But this is easy to fix. Soon there will be nothing left of organic matter.
This creepy mechanical monster spoke these words with such contempt. There were notes of incredible hatred for everything organic in his voice. With horror, Hercules found that the one healthy eye of this creature was bloodshot. The cyborg looked at the bound psionic as if he were a rat destined for experimentation. He did not see anything animate in him at all.
- What are you going to do? The Hyperborean moaned almost in a whisper, already realizing that he would not hear anything good.
“I'll connect you to the Nexus systems,” the monster answered immediately. “From now on, you will be a part of it.
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Iilfan carefully sat down on a small table that Yuri had prepared for her. She needed to somehow come to her senses. The injuries were too serious even for Farrukh. In addition, the warrior's esophagus was very sore. When trying to his eerie kiss, the cyborg not only ripped off her larynx, but also the passage leading to the stomach. The agent was overjoyed to have dealt with the monster properly. She still remembered putting the creature's liquefying brains right into her mouth.
Ernalltsev stood nearby and desperately tried to adjust the transmitter. Enemies in the area no longer appeared. Moreover, there was no longer that much rumble coming from the street. This meant that the battle was rapidly dying down. But only in whose favor the battle was being decided, Yuri did not know. He was already making his worst fears deep down. In any case, the soldiers had to leave Zabergan as soon as possible. The planet was lost. The enemy otrokhal from Hyperborea not only the whole world, but the entire star system. This was not at all part of anyone's plans.
- This is Yuri! - The psionic spoke in vain to the radio, - I repeat, this is the adept Yuri Ernalltsev. Hyperborean special forces. Can anyone hear me?
But there was no response from the device. All attempts to somehow debug the connection failed. Nobody answered. Yuri flipped the channels and found only emptiness.
“There is no connection,” he relayed to Iilfan. “With no one at all.
“This is not surprising,” she said sadly. “It is impossible to send even telepathic signals. I tried to contact General Chow. The fog ... It seems our enemy has cast a blocking spell.
Next to the warrior were two submachine guns, which they managed to get during searches of the premises. They were loaded, and the agent could use them at any moment. Blades and other edged weapons against enemies have long become useless. Even Yuri, throwing away the ax, acquired a small beam rifle. Once it belonged to one of Savrasov's soldiers. Now he didn't need the rifle. The deceased was lying very near with a crushed skull, and brains slowly flowed from a terrible wound in his head.
- I still want to tell what happened, - Iilfan's voice was heard again, - I'm already better.
She recovered a little, although she did not fully recover. But the warrior knew perfectly well that the sooner she told the truth, the better.
- The amulet is still heavy, - Yuri said, throwing back the radio, - This is the first time with me. I never thought it would work out that way.
- It's connected…. With Him ... ... - said the Farrukh maiden.
Suddenly, the psionic felt a sharp dizziness. He nearly dropped his weapon because of the jump. For a second, it seemed to him that he was about to faint. But fortunately, everything worked out. Yuri managed to keep his balance.
"What's going on here?" - Ernalltsev asked Iilfan, - You said…. That you know the truth about it. But what exactly?
“I didn’t have permission to tell you everything,” the warrior replied. “Chow Chupalorkhorn forbade me. But now…. It doesn't matter anymore. Listen, Yuri, all you see is not a riot of cars. Not a riot at all. And not an uprising.
- And then what? - exclaimed the adept, - In my opinion, this is exactly what it is. Some AI rebelled. And I don’t understand which one. Who could have created it. As far as I know, Hyperborea was not engaged in such developments. Unless it's Azis the Flawless.
- Azis the Perfect has nothing to do with it.
- Are you sure?
- He did it. The one whose name cannot be pronounced.
Yuri again remembered the very name that he had already heard earlier. A scene with a mysterious eyeless creature flashed before my eyes again. If this name sounded from the mouth of that creature, then it undoubtedly plays some role. To be sure, Tulotron was the product of this mysterious sorcerer. But why did he decide to attack Hyperborea? The Hyperborean Empire was considered one of the most powerful superpowers in the galaxy. Almost everyone respected her.
The mighty fleet of Hyperborea was known, perhaps, to every inhabitant of the universe. Even Azis the Impeccable, who had been building up his military power for decades, never dared to declare war on his longtime rival. Hyperborea also had reliable allies who were ready to stand up for it at any moment.
- Why did he attack us? - the bewildered voice of Yuri was distributed, - This is suicide. Yes, definitely…. Zabergan is lost. But Emperor Beorning will send an entire armada. She will crush the sorcerer like a cockroach in a matter of minutes. Why would he threaten us?
“For him, we are all cockroaches,” Iilfan replied bitterly. “You must understand. We, not him.
- Do you know something about his origin? - Ernalltsev immediately asked.
All these riddles and secrets have already pissed him off. Now he clearly understood that he must find out at least some truth, at least half of it.
Iilfan gave Yuri a sad look. She remembered something that she did not want to think about at all. But at the same time, she was well aware that she no longer had any other way out. Despite Chow's prohibitions, she will have to reveal all her cards to the Hyperborean psionic.

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The warrior looked around the premises once more. There was no one around them, except perhaps mountains of bodies. Communication was completely blocked, both radio-space and telepathic. It was impossible to do anything, not even send a simple mental signal to other psionics. Zabergan gradually turned into a blank isolation zone. Telepathic capabilities were simply useless here.
Taking a deep breath, Iilfan began her story, for which she could be condemned in the Farrukh Empire. After all, now she was handing over extremely important information to a person who did not have any access to its content.
- His appearance was recorded by Elfurr, - the warrior said almost in a whisper, - For the first time in the distant sectors of the Tao-Te galaxy. He destroyed the civilization of ligushkasars living there, erect amphibians. It was a hundred years ago. The Elfurrian adepts have informed us of this. I was not yet born ... But when I entered the Emperor's secret police, I received all the necessary information about it.
Yuri remembered with surprise that Hyperborea had once sent reconnaissance probes to that distant galaxy, but they found only lifeless volcanic worlds. No intelligent forms were found there.
“He destroyed their planets, evaporated the atmospheric shields,” continued Iilfan. “Then he appeared in our domain. He began to spread an unknown religion. He took the form of a man…. A mysterious old man. I went to different villages and preached. He called his god Cerberum the Primordial.
At the mention of the mysterious deity, Ernal'tsev's amulet flashed for a moment and even burned the skin. Yuri flinched from an unexpected attack of pain, but nevertheless did not remove the amulet. He clearly knew that he should not do this.
- Our enemy tried to split the domain of Farrukh. Having created Adharma and unleashed a war, he planned to inflict tangible damage on my empire. But we figured it out and, with the help of our elfurr allies, drove it out of our lands. Adharma was destroyed. But the cults planted by the sorcerer continued to operate. They exist even now ... And the secret police of Farrukh are actively fighting them.
- Why did he attack Hyperborea? And why are we cockroaches for him? - Yuri exclaimed, - Our empire is no worse than yours. And even Azis does not dare to threaten us. Here we are talking about some dashing, who is clearly not himself!
“He’s not dashing,” Iilfan replied, who turned noticeably pale, “He…. Demon. For him, the concept of "race" or "species" does not exist. Just like life or death. He is outside of it. He…. A representative of a different nature.
Yuri felt the amulet start to flare up again. He once again burned the adept's skin. More and more, Ernal'tsev wanted to remove the amulet and throw it out the nearest window. But he tried to drive away such thoughts. I tried to keep them out of my mind, even if at times to no avail.
- Demon? - said the psionic in surprise, - But ... they do not exist.
“Internally, you know that you are wrong,” Iilfan said. “If there are Gods, if there is a Creator in whom you believe ... That is, there is a downside.
- Why would he threaten Hyperborea? - Yuri asked again, - Even if he…. Demon ... or someone else .... Why did he need to attack Zabergan?
“Zabergan was just the beginning, and I just realized that,” the agent replied sadly, “Now everything has become clear. In addition to the Aranguto incident, something else happened. Before the operation, Farrukh was intercepted with a strange audiogram. One of the agents of our enemy named Phantom-7 spoke to…. Him. They were discussing the use of some kind of superintelligence. A perfect and modernized computer mind. Monstrously complex and powerful, capable of enslaving planetary grids in minutes. They said they would use it to create a machine riot. Machines will revolt across the galaxy. Then the recording was cut off. That is why I came here to Zabergan. He clearly said that everything will start here. And it will end ... ..
Iilfan fell silent. Her eyes were seized with great terror. She clearly remembered what Marfur-Nirari had said when speaking with her trusted attendant. And this ominous plan was already beginning to come true.
- Will it end with what? Ernalltsev muttered barely audibly.
“By enslaving the known universe,” Iilfan squeezed out of herself with difficulty, “By the establishment of Machine Peace in the entire galaxy. And this is already happening…. Phantom 7 mentioned Nicomedia. He said something about Kuahtemok and about the plan related to the unstable zone…. We tried to contact Kuakhtemok, but he did not answer. Chow used all of his experts…. The Nicomedians reported that they would report everything to the ruler. But apparently, it didn’t happen…. The Nicomedian fleet was captured by the superintelligence ... Or Marfur-Nirari and there were agents who simply gave the robots an entire armada.
The agent forgot herself and nevertheless uttered the name of the sorcerer. She did it rather out of excitement, and did not even notice her irreparable mistake.
- So this is why the Nikomedians did not answer ... .. - Ernalltsev finally guessed, - Our enemy had his own people there .... It was they who gave the ships to Tulotron. Perhaps they also blocked the connection, and therefore it was not possible to contact Nicomedia.
- Now you understand what's the matter, Yuri? - With a frightened look, the warrior said, - I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
- No, don't blame yourself! - the adept immediately snapped, - You were not allowed. An order is an order.
Yuri did not feel a bit of anger towards the Farrukh maiden. Rather, he was angry with Elfurr, who once again chose to keep everything important in secret. Because of their eternal secrets, innocent peoples have suffered more than once. And this time, they effectively endangered an entire galaxy.
“That's right,” Iilfan nodded, “Farrukh agreed with Elfurr and the Drask empire that they would not give this information to anyone until the hour" H ".
- Wait! - Ernalltsev suddenly perked up, - And where are the demons here? Why would they need to use an army of machines?
This question made the warrior look even more pale.
- In order to destroy the life bestowed by the Creator, - the beautiful foreign woman said with fear, - Our enemy is here for this. They will destroy all old life forms with machines. And then it will enable Cerberum to start all over again .... Build a new universe. In his image and likeness. In the image and likeness of demons. This universe will forever plunge into Darkness. And it will be eternal.
- So they exist? Demons?
- Yes, there are. They tried to do this many millennia ago. They were known about even millions of years before our birth. And now they are about to prevail!
At the last words, Iilfan almost burst into tears. With horror, she realized that much of Marfur-Nirari's sinister plan had already been completed. The machines have already begun a total takeover. It could not be ruled out that Zabergan was far from the only planet where Tulotron won. And the lack of communication with the allies spoke volumes.
Yuri tried in vain to get through to the space fleet hovering in orbit. But he could not even imagine that the armada could have long ago passed under enemy control, and with it everyone who was there.
- But if Tulotron enslaves the worlds ... .. - the Ernallets moaned beside himself with great horror, - In a matter of minutes ... .. Then .... What if …… if… ..
- If he has already done everything? - repeated the thoughts of Yuri Iilfan, - Yes ... .. It could have happened. There is no connection with anyone. Truth? Chances are, everyone in orbit is already dead. And you and I are the last of the remaining organic forms on this cursed planet.
- God ... ... Is this all reality?
For a moment it seemed to Ernal'tsev that he was just sleeping. But then he looked around again and clearly understood that everything around him was that very reality, that evil and terrible truth, which it was better not to know at all. He even regretted that he got to the bottom of the truth. It would have been better if he hadn't asked Iilfan anything at all.
- Yes, Yuri, this is reality, - answered the Farrukh maiden, - But we still have a chance. I feel…. First you have to at least get out of here.
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Star system of Mensei Guapalamo.
Border sector with the Farrukh Empire.

“Ten ships of Tulotron play the role of carriers,” Colonel Jian Le reported to General Chow Chupalorkhorn. “They are easy to handle. The transport workers don't have that heavy protection.
Tall and stately, Commander Farrukh pointed with a clawed glove at the holographic images of pyramids hovering in Guapalamo space. Despite the fact that the same fear was read in her eyes, she tried to speak in a confident voice.
“Kaiju transporters contain thousands of combat drones and automatons,” the other woman explained, without taking her eyes off the pictures hanging in the air. “They are not so dangerous when they are sealed inside a hefty vessel. And the system of energy shields of these ships is not as strong as that of the "Black Corruptors".
 Here, another farrukh, a white-haired man named Guanxi, intervened in the conversation. He was a fairly well-known commander among all his race and won many battles in his time. On his account there were many victories over the pirates of Zuhra. But he hated demons and their machine beasts more than pirate rats.
- Yes, it certainly inspires, - said Guanxi, - But the trouble is that the transport workers are guarded by five "Black Molesters". And three more Gomorrah-class cruisers and, finally, two Frigate of Nightmares. These ships are heavily armored. In addition, Gomorrah can use non-substance warheads. Their use can be disastrous. We're going to have to work hard, gentlemen. The fight will not be easy. Very difficult.
 Farrukh commanders constantly talked among themselves, while looking at many holo-images. So far, the Empire's battle fleet has not yet engaged in open combat with Tulotron's forces. But still, the armada continued its movement straight to the intended goal. The main task was to save the inhabitants of the doomed system.
“There is another aircraft carrier,” said Captain Mitsumone's voice, “Bleeding Class. Flying fortress full of drones. They are capable of smashing entire ships to pieces in one raid. Among the host of machines, there is one of these. Closes the entire formation of her ships.
- Yeah, - said the voice of another officer, - It was much easier to fight with Zukhra. It's even interesting. Kill dirty and unwashed corsairs. But here is a different story ... You are not mortals here. This is much worse than those pathetic scoundrels.
“It’s lucky that we even know about the structures of their ships,” said the communications lieutenant, who stood out with bright purple hair. “Thanks for that Elfurr for getting information about these kaiju.
Shouting voices and growls echoed throughout the control room. The officers and generals intensely discussed their next steps. They could not even imagine that they would meet so many enemy ships here. They believed that the battle would take place much sooner. If the commanders had learned earlier about such a powerful flotilla that entered the system, they would have brought in much more ships. But retreating was simply impossible. Leaving all the unfortunate people living on the planet without protection was a terrible crime for Farrukh. The Empire simply could not afford such an act.
 General Chupalorkhorn decided to interrupt the conversation and raised his shining officer's baton above his head. Most of the officers in the room immediately stopped their conversations. As one, they looked at the Supreme Commander and froze in anticipation of his words. They expected a reasonable decision from him.
- We will go into battle anyway! - Chou said menacingly, lowering his staff down, - After all, Farrukh entered the war with the machines! All these 'Mechs must be destroyed! We cannot leave the inhabitants of the system in trouble. We cannot afford it, and if we do it, then Karma will fall upon us with all its fury. We are the universe's only hope for salvation. Machines have penetrated too deeply into these worlds, and we must drive them out. At least somehow help Hyperborea and all other powers that were under attack! Yes, I must confess that we have few good ships. But we will not leave these people to their fate!
At the last word, the general raised his voice noticeably. He spoke too lofty and pathetic, but his speeches reached his subordinates like never before. Many are now lost in thought and did not even move. Officers and generals, who until recently intensely discussed the strategy of war, turned into a kind of wax statues.
- If the superintelligence continues to invade, then everything will be over! - The commander repeated the same words again, - And we will not retreat! We will go into battle and use all our firepower! Today we will die or prevail! There is no third!
“What a pity that we don't get to Zabergan yet,” Chou said inwardly, recalling his cousin Iilfan, “May all the Gods that are there keep you there.”
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- Stop! - Iilfan's disturbing voice was suddenly heard, - Someone is coming.
The Farrukh maiden has already saved up enough strength. She tried to stand up a little, and she succeeded. The warrior did not forget to grab a couple of submachine guns that were lying on the table nearby. They were loaded and ready to fire at any moment.
Yuri also sensed that someone was approaching. He raised his beam rifle and aimed it at the spot where the noise came from. The noise came from the corridor into which a tightly slammed door led. No sooner had Ernal'tsev even thought about this door, when it flung open, and it opened quite sharply.
The Adept and his companion continued to keep the stranger at gunpoint. More precisely, a few who entered. There were two of them in total. Yuri was unspeakably surprised at the appearance of his faithful companions from Moskan here. A joyous smile appeared on his face. Well, something, but these guys he certainly did not expect here.
 His good comrade in the army Nikolai Krashich and his close friend Bartholomew appeared before his eyes in all their glory. These two have already become famous throughout Hyperborea as elite warriors. They have always fought alongside the psi adepts.
For some unknown reason, Krasic and Bartholomew looked just brilliant. Yuri had no idea where their battle suits had gone. But he soon realized that they could easily damage them during the battle. They are now donning the usual Hyperborean armor. Plasma fusées were held in their hands.
Yuri was extremely delighted with such a sudden appearance of his comrades. Iilfan, on the other hand, looked alarmed. When Ernalltsev lowered the weapon down, his Farrukh partner continued to keep the Muscovites at gunpoint. For some reason, she did not trust them.
- Glory to Eckhart! - I heard Nikolai's joyful voice, - Yuri! Yuri Ernal'tsev!
- Your mother! We're stuck here like sarcosuchus in the ass! - Bartholomew shouted at this, who was no less delighted, - At least they found old friends!
- Yes, - answered Ernalltsev, - To be honest, I did not expect you here at all!
At the same time, Yuri noticed that the amulet began to grow heavy again. Still, he chose not to pay attention to it. Taking the weapon in his left hand, he stepped forward and hugged Nikolai. Then he did the same with Bartholomew, the always swearing Moscan sergeant. When he hugged Krasic, it seemed to him for a second that he had too strong and not even too human grip.
- How did you get here? - Yuri's question immediately followed, - And where ... Where is Hercules?
Here the adept clearly remembered that he had last seen them flying away with Hercules. Their main task was to neutralize the leader of the terrorists. Then no one knew what kind of forces were behind Grigarovich and his rebels.
As soon as Yuri pronounced the name of Hercules, nothing remained of the smiles on the faces of Krasic and Bartholomew. Nikolai even somehow mournfully lowered his head. However, the joy faded on Ernal'tsev's face. He knew his friend much more than these Muscovites. Most of all, he was afraid that Hercules was dead. All warriors sooner or later found death on the battlefield. And to survive in such a fight as this, in general, was within the power of only a demigod.
- What about Hercules? The adept exclaimed angrily.
He demanded an immediate answer from his friends.
- Listen, - Krasic said with some anxiety, and at the same time stretched out his left hand forward, - Do not get excited. Crappy news. We lost him ... .. But we will find. I think he'll get out.
- Yes, I think so too, - followed the words of Bartholomew, - I think ... He survived.
But Yuri was not at all satisfied with this answer. He glanced at Iilfan, and was surprised to find that his partner continued to keep the Muscovites at gunpoint.
- What happened to him? - raised the voice of Ernallets.
The amulet, meanwhile, continued to grow heavy, and this annoyed the psionic notably.
- Quietly, quietly, - Nikolai said in a soothing tone, - We lost him during the siege of Grigarovich's palace. Then we fell into a trap. Hercules was never found. But the salamander must have pulled him out. So everything will be the way. We were really shot down, but we got here on foot. Nearly exploded when dropped.
- Yes, yes, chief, we almost threw away the skates, - Bartholomew muttered.
Then the sergeant glanced at Iilfan, who kept aiming at them. He clearly did not like such a strange behavior of the warrior.
- Hey, friend, I would remove the trunks, otherwise you will burn, - the Muscovite growled displeased.
But Iilfan shook her head. For some reason, she did not at all trust the heroes who entered.
- Come on, those, - the sergeant continued his speech, - Well, yomayo, we are all our own here. We are friends of the adept Ernal'tsev. Why are you all pantyhose, huh?
Yuri turned towards the Farrukh maiden and nodded to her. The warrior nodded in response, but only removed the one submachine gun she held in her left hand. In the right, the weapon remained until now, and it was ready to flare up at any moment.
- We will find Hercules, - Krasic repeated once again, trying to calm Ernal'tsev, - The main thing is that now there are four of us.
- And there is still no connection, - Bartholomew's voice rang out, - Cut off, torn cones. Either a jammer, or a blockade. We tried all the channels and no armadillo. Do not contact anyone at all!
- To put it simply, Zabergan is lost, - Nikolay confirmed the words of comrade, - Robots have flooded everything here. Into the furnace of this Krazhinsky. We must get out of the planet ourselves. You look, ours in orbit will pick it up.
For some unknown reason, the amulet got heavy again. Yuri felt that his neck was squeezing. Something unknown and evil told him that it would be better to get rid of the amulet. But he firmly knew that he could not. The amulet must be on him no matter what happens. Even if the entire universe begins to blaze, he will not get rid of the amulet and will not even touch it to remove it.
- What are your plans then ?! - Ernalltsev exclaimed resolutely, - I won't leave without Hercules. You must understand.
- Of course, - Krasic nodded at this, - He disappeared in the area of ​​the Grigarovich tower. We were shot down just nearby. There were more enemies. But now we are also no less. The four of us are still stronger, whatever one may say.
- Yeah…. Stronger. Only I still don't understand how you could portugal up Hercules.
“This is war, brother. What is there to understand?
Bartholomew continued to look with displeasure at Iilfan. She still did not let up and held a weapon in her right hand. The muzzle of the submachine gun was aimed directly at Krasic. In the eyes of the warrior, mistrust of the Muscovites was clearly visible.
- Why are you aiming your gun at us? - snapped the sergeant in the direction of the foreign woman, - We are not dangerous. At least we are not these miracles. I do not understand you. I don’t understand at all. Some kind of damn distrust!
“Sorry, but I need to make sure you're not a kaiju or a farongan,” Iilfan hissed. “So let me decide whether to lower the weapon or not!
- Yes, what the portugal kaiju, - Bartholomew barked at this, - You ask Yuri. He knows us as long as he knows. Do you think we look like these mutant cyborgs?
- Sorry, but I will not lower the barrel, no matter how much you want it.
- Okay, your business. But know, I don't like this!
For some reason, it seemed to Yuri that there was not so much truth in Nikolai's words. It all looked too strange. He claimed that they were shot down while approaching the Grigarovich palace. But they had excellent protection, including the salamanders. Ernalltsev perfectly remembered many of the features of the armored suits of his comrades. And as for Hercules, in order to knock down the beast, you had to try hard. Of course, anything could have happened, especially during such an operation, but in the depths of his soul, Yuri felt that the truth was not the whole thing.
Nikolai really behaved in an extremely mysterious way. He looked Ernal'tsev straight in the eyes and was not afraid of anything. Moreover, when he tried to express sympathy for the loss of Hercules, it seemed to Yuri that the Muscovite was simply playing. Krasic did not speak very sincerely, but at the same time tried with all his might to convince the adept of his truth. At first he showed a semblance of grief, but then it quickly evaporated from his face.
- Are you okay? - Nikolay asked with excessive friendliness, - I really thought you were dead. And what a joy it is to see you all here.
Krasic smiled broadly, and made Yuri even more bewildered. Until recently, he talked about combat losses and the loss of friends, but now he behaved as if there was no war on Zabergana.
- All the way, - Ernalltsev replied dryly, - But they beat us notably.
“Yeah, you don't look too cool,” said Krasic, patting his comrade on the shoulder.
The cotton also looked extremely strange and unnatural. For a moment it seemed to the adept that Nikolai's entire arm was made of steel. But he had only a steel bib. The hands were clad in ordinary leather gloves.
- I still do not know whether I am alive or dead, - as if to himself muttered Yuri, - A few minutes ago, I thought that I was already that…. He dropped the skates.
- I understand, - was heard the reply of a comrade-in-arms, - From such and such a height to fall ... Well, it will throw away any skates. But you are strong, brother.

Ernalltsev was about to smile at his comrade, but here it dawned on him. And what he discovered now was shocking news. He has turned so pale that it would seem that his skin is about to turn to snow. Small and nasty goosebumps immediately ran down my spine. The amulet still continued to hang around the psionic's neck and inflict severe pain on him. The severity did not subside.
- Wait ... .. - Yuri said quietly, moving closer and closer to the disclosure of the secret.
Nikolay could not have witnessed Ernal'tsev's fall in any way. After all, he and his friend accompanied Hercules. At the time when the battle broke out on the towers, they were no longer within the sector. They had to get far enough. Yuri clearly remembered the face of his devoted and faithful friend, who stood opposite the salamander. Moskan companions followed with him. Moreover, he did not see them anymore.
This whole mysterious story of Krasic and Bartholomew who came in seemed a banal fiction. She was too much shrouded in secrets. It was not clear how they lost Hercules, or what exactly they saw. They all spoke some kind of nonsense that smelled of far-fetched nonsense. All this could be attributed to the consequences of the combat shock, but not the recent words of Nikolai. Krasic clearly mentioned Ernal'tsev's fall from a height to the lower levels.
 - How did you know that I fell down? The adept asked sternly, looking his comrade-in-arms straight in the eyes.
Nikolai twitched for a second. He also stared at his comrade. But for some reason he was in no hurry to answer.
- You couldn't see it, - Yuri continued, - It's impossible. You were too far away at that moment. Is not it?
- Um…. What are you talking about? - Nikolay muttered strangely.
He continued to look Ernal'tsev directly in the eyes and at the same time tried to pretend that he did not remember what he was talking about. For a moment, Krasic's pupils turned into mysterious shades of scarlet, and then returned to their previous appearance. A wide smile reappeared on her lips, bare almost all her teeth.
Yuri realized that he had little time. He should have immediately signaled to Iilfan and did it unnoticed. The enemy could well have penetrated Ernal'tsev's idea and stopped the impending strike in time.
Bartholomew still stood in front of the foreign woman and looked at her with feigned bewilderment. Iilfan maintained the same position and kept the sergeant at gunpoint. Moreover, she managed to cock the hammer. It remained only to shoot and bring down all the ammunition on the unknown monsters.
- Why are you still driving a cannon, - the disgruntled remarks of the Muscovite were heard, - I told you that I am my boyfriend. Oh, and you stubborn!
“I'm not sure about that,” the agent replied. “We need to make sure.
- And how? - suddenly grinned Bartholomew, -What should I do? Take off your clothes and show you your little partner? Well ... what is in my pants ?! Ha ha ha!
Yuri carefully turned his head to the left and quickly found his companion. The sergeant was already close enough to her. Iilfan glanced at Ernalltsev extremely worriedly. It was clearly visible that suspicions were beginning to be justified.
"Shoot," the psionic's lips said silently, "This is a trap."
Without thinking twice, Iilfan opened fire. She fired a whole burst right into Bartholomew's head. The Moskanian staggered backward and nearly collapsed to the floor. But still he managed to resist. Shells riddled the entire right side of his skull. It would kill even the most tenacious of Hyperborea's specialists. But this creation was never a specialist, as a matter of fact, and a representative of the human race.
The shells pierced the skull, but did not reach the vital microcircuits. This entity's shell was too strong. Thin streams of steam immediately poured out of the round holes.
“How predictable,” the sergeant croaked in a mechanical voice.
After these words, he rushed to Iilfan like an angry leopard. In less than a second, he snatched the weapon from the warrior and threw it far to the side. Then he quickly grabbed the foreign woman by the head with both hands and flooded from all directions with a dazzling bright light. The reaction was just lightning fast. He instantly teleported her into the unknown and disappeared himself. Not even a trace remained of Bartholomew and the agent.
Yuri saw all this with his own eyes. The speed of the cyborg shocked him so much that he fell into a daze for several moments and could not even move. With great bitterness, the psionic realized that he had not had time to save his partner. In addition, it was he who let these abominations into the room, allowing them to turn around here and deliver a sudden blow. Deep down, he cursed himself for being shortsighted.
When Ernalltsev turned towards Krasic, his old friend was no longer in front of him. Instead of a familiar face, something eerie and mechanical was staring at him. The bright red optics literally burned the psionics alive.
- As I already mentioned, the probability of your survival is equal to only four percent, - there was a terrible grinding from the mouth of a huge android, - As you can see, I was right.
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The cyborg grimaced in a disdainful grin. He clearly represented something more perfect and possessed a semblance of human emotion. In his metal hands, he gripped the plasma fuse tightly. But he was not going to use it at all.
“Your short-sightedness makes you who you are,” came new words from the monster’s speakers. “Only human. A pitiful primitive creation with an extremely ineffective and perishable shell. You tend to fall for any bait. In this case, I used the faces of your faithful comrades. I knew that the success rate of such an operation is 93 and 7 tenths of a percent. And I was not wrong.
A blow from the side of the robot followed immediately. Yuri found his bearings with difficulty and put the rifle in front of him in time, and then bent down. The adept was very fortunate that he did not have both hands blown off at all. The monster wielded the fusea like a club. The heavy butt almost grazed his head. Had Yuri delayed even for a second, his decapitated body would have already been lying on the floor and rotting, and the robot was proudly celebrating its great victory.
The butt passed by and struck only the air. Ernalltsev took advantage of this. He quickly pressed down on the trigger and fired an energy projectile. But to the surprise of the psionic, the monster orientated itself too quickly and teleported to the side in the blink of an eye. The shell was wasted. A bluish cloud of flame hit the wall and burned through it.
- I am Tulotron, - the same heartbreaking creak was heard, - Know this. Remember the one who sent you into the fire.
- Yes, how many scum you are! - Yuri cried out in fury, - What do you reproduce by budding?
“Of course not,” the robot replied. “A much more efficient way. Splitting into several separate copies. It's always good when there is a lot of me!
With the same words, the monster jerked forward. He rushed at Ernal'tsev with a fusea across the border and again tried to use it as a giant mace. Only a miracle made Yuri jump to the side again. The butt, as before, struck the air.
However, the adept had a good advantage. He took advantage of the moment the enemy missed and aimed his light rifle at the monster's head. Without fear or hesitation, Yuri fired a gun. This time, the robot did not manage to escape the reprisal. The energy clot still touched him. The monster's head shattered into thousands of pieces. The headless body immediately toppled over to the ground. It immediately began to convulse and burst from all directions with the brightest electrical impulses. And only after this end of the world did it finally turn off completely. As before, Yuri managed to decapitate the monster, depriving it of its control center.
“As before, you were left without a boss,” the Hyperborean growled menacingly.
But there was nothing to be happy about. The amulet, as before, allowed itself to flare up and nearly scorched the psionic's skin. Ernalltsev almost screamed from a sudden painful attack.
“It’s always good when there’s a lot of me,” this eerie and terrible mechanical grinding was suddenly heard again.
The noise came from Yuri's back. He quickly turned back. Imagine his amazement when he found in front of him an exact copy of the killed fur. It was the same modernized android, entirely composed of metals. His face was a unique element. They perfectly copied human facial expressions.
The robot allowed itself an ominous smile.
- Much more efficient way. Division into several separate copies, - his words, which he had already uttered, clearly sounded, - This is my power. My absolute strength. My undeniable superiority and greatness.
- Where is Iilfan? - Yuri shouted at the top of his voice, aiming his weapon at the enemy, - Where are my friends? Nikolai? Bartholomew? Hercules? What have you done to them, creatures?
The monster's smile was still on its face. He clearly imitated a completely human malevolence.
- The right question, - rasped Tulotron, - What did we do with them…. What they deserve. What all of you pathetic organic useless creatures deserve. Your very existence is the fault of the Gods.
- But our souls are immortal, - retorted Ernalltsev, - But everything is very sad with you, buddy. You're just an ordinary portugaling program that will soon be chopped off. And I am very sure of that!
- In vain, - the leader of the robots grinned at this, - Ha-ha! It is impossible to remove me without a special tool. A remedy beyond the reach of mortals. Only my creator is capable of this. But he won't do it. The probability of my erasure is zero percent. I will live forever. And I will never die. I will exist for infinity of time. I could mention billions, trillions, or quadralillions of years. But I do not see any sense in this, since such reasoning is absolutely absurd. The probability of my staying in this universe before the onset of the 1st infinity stage, I estimate at exactly 100 percent.
 - So you are even more stupid than it seemed to me, - answered the psionic, - I am sure that when you become unnecessary, your master will simply erase you. You are just a tool. And there is nothing alive in you. No and never will.
- Okay, stop talking. I estimate the usefulness of our communication at exactly 2 percent.
- I agree. Let's move on to the final stage of our conversation.
- Great idea. I estimate its effectiveness at exactly 99 and 9 tenths of a percent.
Yuri fired, realizing that only this style of communication is possible with such a creature. The beam of light, as before, flew out of the muzzle of the weapon and went straight to the android's head. But this time the familiar trick didn't work. The robot immediately put its right hand in front of it and annihilated the projectile with a powerful flash.
Ernalltsev fired again, but the burst of energy, as before, did not reach its target. A mysterious flash did not allow hitting the enemy at all. Any beam weapon was simply useless.
The robot once again looked at the Hyperborean and once again smiled ominously.
- I estimate the efficiency of my energy shields at exactly 100 percent, - there was a rattle from Tulotron's mouth, - You can shoot at me even for ages.
“How did you get me with your interest,” the adept hissed menacingly.
In great anger, Yuri threw the useless rifle away from him. He glanced briefly to the right and found the body of one of the local soldiers lying there. Not so long ago, cyborgs brutally dealt with him. But the dead man still had EMP grenades, which could theoretically work against Tulotron and deprive him of his protection.
Ernalltsev quickly rushed to the corpse, trying to be next to him as soon as possible. However, the robot got ahead of him. Yuri did not even have time to understand what really happened, as the monster grabbed him by the throat and threw him up sharply. The psionic hit the stone ceiling with all his might and immediately fell to the floor. The blow was so strong that myriads of sparks appeared before his eyes. It seemed to Yuri that he was about to lose consciousness. Only skill and preparedness prevented him from sinking into oblivion.
- The situation has changed, - a mechanical creak was heard somewhere, - Now I estimate the probability of your survival at 3 point and 3 tenths of a percent.
A new blow fell on Yuri. A metal fist immediately broke his right cheekbone. Ernalltsev could not even think about pain. The images before his eyes were clouded with haze.
The robot did not hesitate and decided to deal with the Hyperborean to the end. He was not going to give him any head start. His programs did not allow pity to gain the upper hand. In Tulotron, there was no pity, no mercy, no compassion at all. Its mysterious and evil creator did not put any human feelings into it, except for rage, gloating and vanity. All Tulotron knew how to do was to take over entire planets and kill organic creatures, which he always considered to be primitive forms.
In less than a second, the android grabbed the dying psionic and lifted his body high above his head. He also examined Ernal'tsev in detail and was amazed at the futility of his existence. All organic life was always considered primitive and shameful for him. It would seem, what could be worse than being in the guise of some kind of walking bag of bones and blood ?! A bag that can literally rip with a couple of cuts.
“Disgusting,” Tulotron growled in disgust.
After that, he was filled with a dazzling bright glow and in the blink of an eye left the room. Within a few seconds, he was together with his captive on the top of one of the Zabergan skyscrapers. The height of the building was impressive, not less than 200 meters. The robot stood at the very edge of the deep abyss. He stood and held the unfortunate Yuri in his metal hands.
- I wonder what your body will turn into when you fall down from here, - the mechanoid rasped with the same gloating joy, - Into something shapeless.

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Everyone knows that every commander should know when victory is real and when it is simply impossible. In the case of Zabergan, everything was clear. Yuri clearly understood that he would not be able to win this battle. In any case, until some reinforcements come from the central part of Hyperborea and inflict tangible damage on the enemy. Apparently, Tulotron still managed to enslave the planet and knock it out of the mighty empire. Given the fact that the leader of the robots could create a great many copies, it is possible that they appeared in many Hyperborean systems. Tulotron was far from being the only entity, but an aggregate intelligence capable of controlling entire star systems.
Now the mechanoid stood at the very top of the skyscraper at the very edge of the ledge. Ernalltsev was still in his hands. His body was hanging over a terrible abyss, which seemed terrible even for those who are not afraid of heights. And Yuri did not like heights too much, even in spite of his preparedness. The psionic tried with all his might not to look down. He felt intense pain throughout his body, but he tried to concentrate. He must do something so as not to collapse from the skyscraper and not to please the sinister android. The psionic forces had already left him, just like the physical ones. But only the energy of the spirit remained, the same indomitable energy that usually comes to the rescue at the very last moment.
- Zabergan fell, - there was a metallic creak of Tulotron, - You can look at it in the end. And marvel at the power of the Machine World.
The robot quickly turned Yuri towards the abyss. He held Ernal'tsev tightly, and he could not accidentally slip off. Before releasing his grip and letting the doomed go down, Tulotron decided to have some fun.
The seen spectacle did not frighten the adept any more. For all today, he managed to see what he had not seen all his life. And therefore, the picture that opened did not discourage him in any way. He guessed that everything had happened exactly like this.
Before his gaze appeared the gloomy ruins of Zaberganum, the once great Hyperborean city. The machines deployed here in full. They still managed to turn the planet into their fiefdom. Thousands and thousands of magnificent buildings were destroyed. Until now, dense smoke streams emanated from them in some places. All surface resistance has been eliminated. The people and their allies could no longer hold back the offensive. Cars filled almost the entire city.
- You think it's only here? - exclaimed the lord of robots, squeezing Ernal'tsev's neck even more, - This is everywhere. And soon the whole galaxy will look like Zabergan Prime. You can forever forget about the greatness and power of Hyperborea. I estimate the probability of complete destruction of your civilization at 99 and 8 tenths of a percent.
The air above the city was full of drones and giant carrier ships shaped like giant May beetles. Yuri knew for sure that they did not belong to Zabergan's army. All these huge and monstrous structures were part of a titanic machine army that came here for only one purpose - to kill.
“It’s lucky that my father doesn’t see this,” a fleeting thought flashed somewhere in the mind of the adept.
It has been said more than once that before death, a person contemplates his entire past life, even its smallest detail. She sweeps in front of him from birth to the very end. He sees every element, even the one that he previously thought was lost. At that moment, Yuri clearly saw in front of him his entire life path.
He remembered who he was before his initiation into the Empire's psi-adepts. An ordinary person who does not take root anywhere and is always looking for an income for himself. Before discovering his special abilities, Yuri had no idea that a different life was possible, a life without poverty and despair. He did practically nothing except looking for a decent job. He was forced to endure the oppression of low-paid couriers and deceptions of directors. He worked wherever he could, trying to find food for himself and his adoptive parents.
Only once did fate give him a chance to join the high society of Hyperborea, and then his life became much better. Ernalltsev got a decent job, thanks to open psi-opportunities, and forever ceased to depend on money.
- It would be better if you remained a simple deliveryman, - again heard the ominous grinding of Tulotron, reveling in the suffering of his doomed victim, - Perhaps you would be alive.
- Not for you…. To judge ... my life, a piece of iron, ”Yuri croaked barely audibly, continuing to dangle in the hands of the monster.
- I know everything about you, - the robot continued his speeches, - I know about your former life. About your real one. You were a simple courier, a delivery man. And when you discovered your psi abilities, you thought that life had changed. And now, you finally understand that your strength is your curse. This is what brings you here.
- You know nothing…. You…. Just the machine…..
- I rule over machines. I am perfection. I am the absolute. And now I rule over your life. I am free to take it away and I am free to give it. That I should just let you go .... And you will crash on the pavement in a matter of seconds. As far as I know, the probability of your survival upon contact with the surface is zero.
- So let go ... what are you waiting for?
But Tulotron did not want to let him go. He had completely different plans for Yuri. In the blink of an eye, the robot flashed like a distant bright star. Ernalltsev did not even feel the heat. Inwardly, he knew that this was not fire at all, but a flash of teleportation. And this meant only one thing - the monster moved him to another location.
Moving to another skyscraper, the robot threw Yuri away from him as if it were an unnecessary toy. The psionic's body rolled across the marble floor and slammed into the desk with all its might. Yuri had not thought about pain for a long time.
"At least we're on the wrong portugaling roof," the adept said in his mind.
He is fully convinced that he is in the room. There were no ledges leading to the abyss. From here it was impossible to fall down, turning into minced meat.
Yuri did not know exactly where he was transferred, but the room very much resembled some kind of conference room. There were wooden tables and chairs everywhere. There were strange, nondescript pictures on the walls. The giant chandelier in the center of the ceiling has long been out of service. All existing bulbs were broken.
The psionic tried to get up, but then realized that he could not do it. The bones were broken in many places. Considering that he was a human, and not a farrukh, the body could take a much longer time to restore the overall recovery.
- Yuri, - a voice familiar to the adept was suddenly heard.
He recognized him immediately. This voice belonged to Iilfan. At first, the psionic was even delighted. But after a moment, I clearly understood that his fighting girlfriend was not here. He clearly remembered how one of Tulotron's henchmen had dragged her away into the unknown. The monster grabbed her with both hands and teleported her away. Apparently, he had the same device as his evil lord.
“Yuri,” said the same voice again.
Iilfan's face appeared before him in all its glory. As before, Yuri was incredibly fascinated by him. Such regular facial features of the Farrukh maiden seemed to him the most beautiful in the universe. Despite the battles that had passed, she did not look shabby. On the contrary, the warrior literally glowed with the pulsating energy in her.
- Yuri, I'm here, - said the agent, bending over the psionicist, - I hardly got out of the hands of this kaiju. But I'm glad I found you.
- How I would like it ... .. - Ernalltsev responded to this.
Iilfan gently stroked the adept's hair and smiled at him with the most beautiful of smiles.
- What would you like? - I heard her playful voice, - Tell me. Just tell me.
Yuri, who was lying on the floor, had already managed to grope for some unknown heavy object. The adept's right hand clutched at him imperceptibly. As it turned out, it was a rather elegant decorative figurine, usually serving as an ornament for the private offices of local leaders. Her blow would be more than enough to inflict serious damage on any android. With a psionic gaze, the Ernalians noted that it was made of the strongest black stone mined on the southern side of Zabergan. As the sculptors used to say, this material was one of the strongest not only in the star system, but in the entire sector.
- So what would you like? - Iilfan asked again, - Tell me, about Yuri.
- How I would like you to really be near - came the mournful answer of Ernal'tsev, - But you are not here.
He put the last remnants of his strength into that dark little figurine. Yuri knew that there would be only one blow, and he could not miss. He aimed directly at the temple, where, in theory, there could be access to the control center. The resulting damage could somehow disorient the enemy, and possibly disable him.
“But I'm here,” the warrior said with mock amazement, “Here I am…. I'm here, Yuri! Do not you see? I am alive!
For a moment, the pupils of the foreign woman were colored with scarlet flowers.
- I love you. I wanted to say this for a long time. As you do me. Truth? You love me too, don't you? I saw the way you look at me. You think I haven't noticed anything?
“Nice trick, Tulotron,” the adept hissed angrily, “But you're terribly predictable.
It literally took a second to drive the statuette right into the monster's head.
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The creation recoiled sharply from Yuri. The blow fell on the temple area. The figurine literally stuck into the head of the monster. Now it was no longer Iilphan. There was no trace of her face. An ominous mechanical figure with a fractured and sparkling skull appeared before the eyes of the psionics.
Tulotron took significant damage. Ernal'tsev's suddenness almost ended the existence of his next copy. The monster squirmed, sparkled, and burst into blindingly bright lightning. An eerie grinding sound was heard from its speakers, imitating a battle cry. With excessive efforts, the robot pulled the figurine of the local goddess from the skull, and, as if angrily, threw it on the floor.
The control centers were still hit by the blow. Each movement of the monster resembled a street alcoholic who had already poured himself a sufficient amount of mead. The monster could not even straighten up to its full height. Sparks and lightning constantly engulfed his head and neck. Each time they only became brighter.
- Violation ... .. Corrections ... ... - there was a disgusting rattle from the Tulotron speakers, - Corrections ... .. The need for ... .. Recovery ... ...
The damage was clearly much more terrible than Yuri had expected.
- I told you that you are just a stupid machine, - Ernalltsev said with a smile, looking at the "torment" of his iron enemy, - Stupid and worthless.
- Corrections ... .. - the robot tried to answer.
It seems that he could no longer speak normally. Each phrase that flew out only spoke of the severity of the damage inflicted.
- Malfunction… .. - again there was a mechanical grinding, - Malfunction…. Main controller ...
- Yes, of course, a malfunction, - retorted the adept, - You can't even speak plainly, a bucket of nuts!
The statuette, just as opportune, turned out to be again not far from Yuri. The psionic was quick to take advantage of this. Such chances, given by fate, could not be missed.
- The malfunction is critical ... .. - meanwhile, indiscriminate wheezing was heard, - Malfunction ... ..
- Catch the present, you bastard!
Yuri quickly grabbed the statuette with his right hand. His strength was still running out due to severe wounds. The bones were broken in many places and were in great pain. However, he managed to toss the figurine back towards the robot. In less than a second, she reached her assigned goal. The figurine of the goddess struck exactly at the huge hole in the metal skull of the monster. It was a double win.
A new blow finally to the disrepair of the construction of the fur. The glowing optical devices went off immediately. The damage level has reached its most critical point. Tulotron collapsed on his back, as if knocked down, and then did not move any more. The sparks still covered his head and neck for some time, but after a while they also died down. The design no longer showed signs of life. Another copy of the superintelligence was defeated.
- Yeah ... .. - Yuri said with satisfaction, watching the destruction of the mechanism, - I hope, at least that's all.
True, the tests did not end there. Now Ernal'tsev had a much more important mission. It was simply to get out of here. With broken bones, this will be overwhelming. It is also worth considering the fact of the capture of the city by troops of machines. That is, Yuri literally will have to rely on only one Creator.
Everything was further complicated by the fact that the mysterious amulet was becoming heavy and light all the time. He inflicted incredible pain on Yuri's already injured body. Ernalltsev again felt an irresistible desire to remove the amulet from himself. For a second, he thought it would ease the pain a little. But then he quickly brushed aside those thoughts. They were not of the Light. He clearly remembered what Iilphan had said.
Taking off the amulet now felt like death.
- Yours ... .. - Ernalltsev muttered with irritation, clearly understanding in what situation he found himself, - But it all started with a simple rebellion of the military! But no ... It is absolutely necessary ... ..
But here Yuri's thoughts were interrupted by a strange sound. Somewhere in the distance, perhaps outside the building, there was such a terrible crash that the resonant wave reached the skyscraper. The walls around the psionic shook. Several books and souvenir vases fell from the bookcases, of which there were many in the room.
The crash was repeated. The walls began to shake and crack again. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling nearly collapsed. Now Ernal'tsev thought that the enemy had used some kind of seismic weapon. The earthquake was clearly serious. The adept's body even jumped slightly from the jolts. This made his bones ache even more.
- Yes, so you ... - the warrior blurted out angrily.
He was already mentally preparing for new troubles. He was especially afraid of the destruction of the skyscraper. Under the rubble of stones, the psionic will definitely not survive. In this case, he will not be helped by any special abilities, or even more so by an amulet.
The jolt occurred again, and this time it almost threw Yuri into the air. It seemed to him that a little more, and he would simply break his unfortunate bones. Several more vases and jugs fell from the cabinets.
At the same moment, the wall to the left of the warrior broke. A giant mechanical tentacle flew out from behind a huge opening. In just a couple of seconds, she grabbed the doomed's body and squeezed with all her might. Yuri did not even have time to blink an eye, as he was already flying all over the conference room, and then found himself completely outside the skyscraper.
Having flown out into the street, Ernalltsev looked around. The tentacles still held him. Everything around was already engulfed in flames. Almost the entire city lay in ruins. The psionicist caught a glimpse of hundreds of destroyed buildings, many of which had stood here for centuries. In a split second, he was able to fully assess the danger of the situation. The machines did not appreciate any works of art. They mercilessly destroyed all human buildings on Zabergan. Even the most magnificent and historic buildings were destroyed.
The tentacles dragged Yuri through the air for several hundred meters, and then sharply soared upward. Imagine the astonishment of the adept when he saw what exactly held him. A moment later, a huge twenty-meter fist smashed to smithereens the skyscraper in which the battle with Tulotron had taken place earlier. The top of the building instantly turned into a heap of stones. Huge boulders were scattered throughout the city.
“Given the situation, the likelihood of your continued survival has changed,” there was a loud crash throughout Zaberganum, “Now it is no more than zero point five percent.
An ominous giant towered over Yuri. Ernalltsev almost lost his breath when he saw his size. The total length of this monstrous mechanism was almost five hundred meters. The monster's head was almost level with the clouds as black as night.
In all its appearance, the super-robot resembled a demonic centaur, which had both human elements and the features of an arthropod. The monster's head was completely human, albeit made of unknown materials. She possessed eight scarlet eyepieces, which continued to flare up. There were so many tentacles extending from the side of the shoulders that they could easily destroy skyscrapers. In addition, huge arms were added, replete with various thorns. The lower part of the massive structure had eight titanic legs. Some of these feet literally dug into the ruins of city buildings.
- Yes, you, damn it, are kidding ... .. - Ernalltsev croaked with great horror.
Kilometer-long tentacles brought him even closer to the titanium mechanism. Her grip was strong enough not to accidentally drop the psionic's body.
“I estimate the likelihood of your psychological shock at 93 percent,” the same deafening roar was heard, “Therefore, the chances of your survival are negligible. Yes, it's me again. I guess you're amazed at my new form.
Yuri did not answer, and if he had said at least something, it is unlikely that his words would have reached the robot. Now he couldn't even think about anything. His position was critical. Added a tight grip on the cursed tentacle. There was nothing left until new bone fractures.
- I can create any bodies for myself, - Tulotron continued his speech, - My sizes have no limits. I can turn into a planetary satellite. Or into a titanium ship. I can destroy an entire world with one shot. You did not understand anything. You are only human. I am stronger than you! I am more powerful than you and your primitive race! I am the Absolute! I am Perfection! I am Evolution!
At the last words, his rumble became so deafening that Yuri's eardrums almost burst. Resonant waves emanating from the speakers shattered thousands of windows in nearby houses that were still intact.
The grip grew stronger. The enemy tentacles did not freeze in place. She continued to carry it across the city sky. This made Yuri three times more painful. Internally, he understood that if he somehow managed to survive, he would not quickly recover. Elfurr's help may be needed to heal him.
- And now I want to say goodbye, - as if with a grin roared a giant centaur, - Happy sailing, Yuri Ernal'tsev. I hope, you like it.
"What does he mean?" - quickly flashed through the head of the psionic, "What the portugal is swimming?".
And then it dawned on him. Ocean, Zabergan ocean. The great city of Zaberganum almost completely covered the mainland, but it certainly did not go into the water. Not far from where the Beorning Towers were located was the Eastern Strait. From it, through half of the city, there was a small river Begunya, through which many bridges were laid. Local authorities carefully monitored so that no bat sharks swam into the Strait and the city river. But sometimes tragedies did happen.
Yuri clearly understood what the titanium was going to do. He intended to throw him far, far away. The main danger was not sharks at all, but contact with water. Apparently, the robot lifted Ernal'tsev a good hundred meters up. In the event of a fall into the water, the psionic simply will not survive. His body will turn into minced meat.
- Gods ... .. - just escaped from the lips of the doomed psi-adept.
The tentacles began to rapidly spin the unfortunate victim. Yuri understood well enough that he would not be able to free himself. His psionic powers were dwindling. There was only a small chance that he would still be able to slow down the fall of the body. Most likely, he still will not have time for anything.
Before Yuri had time to think over his entire further plan, the tentacles released him. For a moment, the adept felt like a real migratory bird. He was in the air and without any belay. In addition, he flew at such a speed that everything around him began to revolve.
“At least fly before dying,” a strange thought flashed through Yuri's head.
The warrior did not like heights and avoided it in every possible way. But sometimes, in distant childhood, there were times when he slept and felt like a real eagle conquering the boundless universe of dreams. Then for some reason he did not feel fear. I felt only free flight. And now these dreams from the distant past have completely come true.
There was nothing to be afraid of. Death is inevitable anyway. Not even a minute had passed when Yuri had already approached the Strait at a considerable distance. There were only moments left before the savory hit on the water. This blow will be fatal. He will undoubtedly lead him to immediate death. Before Ernal'tsev his short life, but full of impressions, flashed again.
He again saw himself as a little boy playing with foster parents. Again he watched his growing up, went to school, where he hopelessly fell in love with many girls. Then a difficult youth appeared to his eyes. An almost endless search for work began. The ruin of his family almost pushed him to crime. Out of lack of money, he agreed to any job, and now he found himself a delivery service. Yuri again saw his director, the always noisy merchant from Artandir and constantly threatening to be fired. Then the mysterious incident with the bus, when the young Ernalltsev saved people with only the power of thought. And then his movement towards glory began. He became one of the finest psi adepts in the galaxy, the true elite of the Hyperborean Empire.
Soon it was the turn of his operation on Zabergan. He saw his old comrades, admired the face of the beautiful Iilfan, fought among the Towers of Beorning with thousands of enemies. In the depths of his soul, Yuri realized that whatever one may say, his life was extremely interesting. He might not have acquired any psi-abilities, and then he would forever remain a simple courier, running errands for an evil boss. Such a life would lead him into the deepest depression. But still Ernal'tsev managed to "stay at the helm." For all his past years in the special forces, he saved almost countless numbers of people. So many people and otherworldly people across the galaxy thanked him for his help. Some even considered him to be God's messenger.
A slight smile appeared on Yuri's lips. Yes, today he lost and suffered a crushing crash. But overall, his life was successful. At least he did something. He left at least some contribution to the development of this cruel and merciless universe. Having acquired miraculous psi-abilities, he dedicated his destiny to saving others. It was for this that he was appreciated by almost all the military leaders of Hyperborea. He was admired even by the harsh generals from the state of Azis the Impeccable, where executions were commonplace.
The water was getting closer and closer. Ernalltsev dropped all fears. They were already useless. There was no need to be afraid of anything. All that was left was to simply accept the situation. He did the best he could. At least he didn’t give up and didn’t back down.
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Planet Geos.
The great city of Eridu, the center of the Hyperborean Empire in the solar system.

- Oh, that's how? - Little Waldberg shouted cheerfully, waving his plastic sword, - And I’ll give you this!
His schoolmate Singer was very fond of funny fights. This black-haired youth fought like a real warrior. He stabbed Waldberg in the stomach with a nimble blow. The boy dropped the toy sword and fell to the sand.
Singer quickly ran to his comrade and pointed a plastic blade at his throat.
- Surrender, you damned barbarian! - Imposing, the boy exclaimed, - Or my sword will deprive you of your head!
- Well well! Guys, that's enough! - Suddenly the voice of Madame Ithilda was heard, - For two hours now you have been doing this nonsense!
A dark-haired mature woman in typical city dress watched them from a bench. She had already finished reading the daily newspaper. Her eyes were rather stern now.
The guys instantly stopped the battle. Waldberg quickly ran to his mother, while the young prankster Singer remained standing in the sand with a toy sword. ...
“Give me the sword, let's go home,” Ithilda said. “It's already six in the evening.
- Mom, well, you can have another five minutes, - Waldberg said in a pleading voice, - Well, please ...
“No, no,” the woman said sternly. “It's time to go to dinner.
- Okay .... - the boy muttered displeasedly, - It's always like this ... Is that the case when Uncle Yuri arrives. We always fight for hours with him.
- This is how Uncle Yuri will return to us, then you can fight with him for at least a day, - said Ithilda, - And now it's time to have supper.
The woman shook off the dirt from her son. After making sure he was clean, she took the toy weapon from him and put it in her bag. Then Ithilda jumped up from the bench and dusted herself off as well.
- Bye, Singer! - Shouted to Comrade Waldberg, waving his hand. - It's time for me to have supper!
- Bye, barbarian, - the boy muttered with a grin, and remained standing in the same place.
Ithilda heard from the lips of her son a rather familiar name for her. Her brother Yuri, step-by-side, but still close, has not appeared at home for many months. She knew that after the courier the Ernallets became a professional soldier, but where exactly he served and had no idea. He was constantly absent for a long time. Ithilda always wanted to see her brother and was glad to him, but for some reason Yuri was always attracted by military service in the special forces. The woman tried for so many years to figure out the relative's true profession, but she always failed. For her family, he always remained the commander of some unknown special group in unknown regions of the galaxy.
- Mum! Mum! - the frightened voice of Waldberg was immediately heard.
The boy squeezed his mother's hand with frantic force. His entire body trembled with fear.
- What is it, son? Ithilda asked excitedly. "What happened?"
- Look up! - Pointing a finger to the sky, said the boy.
Ithilda immediately lifted her head up and what she saw almost deprived her of her mind. A bright, flaming ball appeared high in the sky. For a second, it turned into a large star, illuminating the city sky with its dazzling rays. And then this mysterious and unknown phenomenon disappeared. The ball simply disappeared into the sky, as if it had never existed. It was all like the explosion of a small sun.
- What is it ... - Ithilda said in bewilderment, staring at the sky, - What is it .......
- Maybe these are our spaceships? - suggested the boy, looking up with the same amazement, - I don’t even know…. Similar to…. Explosion.
- An explosion, exactly, - the woman answered, never moving away from what she saw, - Alas, I do not know what it is. But I don't like all this.
Suddenly sirens sounded throughout the city. Eerie and repetitive sounds nearly made Ithilda deaf. It all happened too suddenly. The children next to their mother turned pale. Real animal fear quickly appeared on their faces. For the first time in their lives they encountered such a thing.
Usually these sirens were turned on only in the event of an attack on a city or even on a planet. But who could encroach on the very capital of the Hyperborean Empire? The path to the great capital has always been closed by multiple military bases set up on the Moon and nearby planets.
- It looks like we were attacked .... - Ithilda said quietly, barely moving her lips, - Gods .... But who? Who could have dared to do this?
A loud rumble was added to the sirens. It was heard literally throughout Eridu, stunning everyone who was on the street. The local defense forces tried to convey the whole truth to the residents. They had nothing to hide.
- Attention! To all residents of the capital of the Empire! Return to their homes immediately! This is the Imperial Viceroy-Justicar Darius Hornfirth speaking! The planet is being attacked by unknown creatures! Martial law was declared on Geos by the decree of His Majesty! This applies to every city, including the capital sector! I repeat! All residents of the capital will immediately return to their homes!
- Mum…. what is martial law? - came the trembling voice of Waldberg.
The frightened boy squeezed his mother's hand with frantic force. But she almost did not pay attention to it. She continued to stand still and stare at the heavens.
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Three days later.
The stellar sector is not identified.
The name of the object is unknown.
Shine…. Shining and nothing else. All that Yuri saw in front of him was only this mysterious radiance that blinded his eyes. He's probably already dead. No, not even likely, but for sure. Contact with water would not leave even a living piece of his body. From such and such a height, any fall into the water was fatal. But for some reason, Yuri did not feel dead. On the contrary, he felt a mysterious lightness. He looked ahead and saw only shimmering spheres. With amazement Ernalltsev discovered that it even becomes pleasant for him to observe them. Previously, they blinded his eyes, but now everything was completely different.
Then there was a sharp jump. A jump that was similar to the one that comes just before bed. Usually, a person who falls asleep often feels a mysterious jolt, as if his soul simply takes it and for a moment flies out of the body. Something similar happened to Yuri, only at an increased pace. The leap was so powerful that it seemed to the psionics as if it was being thrown into another universe. The glow began to fade gradually. Mysterious spheres quickly disappeared, gradually turning into absolute nothing. A completely different picture was already beginning to emerge before my eyes.
Ernalltsev took a deep breath. As soon as the alien glow completely disappeared, he immediately ... jumped up and got to his feet. The adept found he could stand. He stands on his feet, as if he were alive. As if death hadn't taken him with it and deprived him of his physical body. However, it was so. Yuri felt extremely strange and unnatural. His head suddenly became very dizzy, and his body trembled as if the warrior had ended up on an ice planet with an extremely low temperature. As soon as he realized that he was still alive, he decided to look around and assess the situation.
 Now he was in a fairly spacious room, clearly representing some kind of control center. Moreover, everything was created on the basis of unprecedented technologies. The walls were almost liquid, as if they were made of water. Yuri observed such a phenomenon for the first time in his life. There were so many computers around that the flickering from their monitors almost blinded the adept. It was far from the pleasant flicker that he had seen before awakening. It is quite possible that the adept never died for an unknown reason, but on the contrary, managed to survive, and even got on a foreign spaceship. Something powerful and strong threw the warrior into this strange place. Having looked around completely, Yuri clearly understood that he was not alone in this mysterious room. Someone else was at a distance from him. And from this mysterious essence strongly carried the aura of death. This energy spread everywhere here, penetrating into every corner of the room. The cold again washed over Ernal'tsev's body.
The psionicist drew attention to another pile of monitors located in the far corner of the hall. There were quite a few seats next to the screens intended for operators. On one of them sat someone who very much resembled a person. This creature was sitting on its seat and bent over the keyboard. It was dressed in a typical dark-colored military overcoat. The person's attire was too human. Typically, such uniforms were worn by senior officers of the Immaculate Empire.
 Without thinking twice, Yuri followed forward towards this mysterious person. No sooner had he got close to the person sitting at the computer, when she herself turned to face him. The strange man turned his chair in the opposite direction and met Ernalle's gaze. Seeing this person, the warrior could not believe his eyes. In front of him was a man whom he had already recognized. The warrior remembered vividly seeing him on TV screens and then on a holo-projector image during a briefing with the Grand Marshal.
- Zsolt? - Yuri asked, not believing his eyes, - But you ... Mr. Krazhinsky .... But how ... .. How? It's impossible! You are alive? You still managed to survive the attack by the machines. But what happened to me? I should be dead already!
The Zabergan governor looked at Ernal'tsev with a mournful and devastated look. His face clearly reflected great sadness. The eyes of the deposed ruler were already wet with sorrowful tears. His lips twitched slightly, and his hands shook nervously, indicating extreme stress.
- Yes, I am alive, - Krazhinsky answered, whose gaze rested on the warrior's face, - Alive. The one who ruled Zabergan was a clone. I have always remained in the shadows. This is not difficult. It's not difficult at all, Mr. Ernalltsev. Emperor Azis has similar methods. Funny, isn't it? You come to him for an appointment, and there is his exact copy. Talking to you, demanding respect. And you stand and laugh, what's what. That before you is not a real Azis, but a clone. Where is the real one? Lies with the next whores in the palace of pleasure and pushes their ... nature to them. A good way to always keep up with everything! And so it is always and everywhere. Clones, androids and other stuff. Tulotron just wanted to play on this. But could not! There weren't enough strengths!
 Zsolt grinned for a second, but then his appearance faded again. The eyes, on the other hand, almost turned into narrow slits. The tears from them still did not want to go away.
 But it was not the presence of the living Krazhinsky that struck Yuri now. He was extremely amazed at the knowledge that a simple Hyperborean governor possessed. As far as Ernalltsev knew, this man was a mere mortal. He came from an ignorant clan of Hyperborea, but managed to break through to power in Zabergan and prove that he was capable of more. It was with his hands that great transformations were made. On his signal, the necessary reforms were carried out. Every person in the system was given a decent and paid job. He was respected by many representatives of the working people. But he could not in any way know such great secrets, especially about the secrets of Azis or the same Tulotron. There was clearly something else lurking here. Perhaps this person was much more dangerous than many believed.
- How do you know this? - followed by a sharp question Yuri, - Where from? You ... You are a simple person. And generally speaking…. How did I survive? Why am I here?
- Everything has its time, my friend, - the answer was heard, - You are alive. And this is the main point. You are not dead. I put you on your feet, thanks to some healing .... But I'll tell you the details later.
- Well, then how did you survive? - Ernal'tsev exclaimed to this. - Let's at least start with this!
 Krazhinsky darkened even more, trying hard to hold back his tears. But one of them still ran out of Zsolt's dark eyes and quickly descended down his cheek. The governor could hardly control himself. A great grief had seized his soul long ago, and the psionic felt it perfectly. An aura of death and sorrow pulsed in the air. She took possession of Krazhinsky a long time ago.
- I said that it was a clone, - said the former ruler of Zabergan, - That Krazhinsky also felt like me. I used it as a double. He often gave speeches to the people ... He told a lot of things. He fought the rebels of the Five Colonies. Performed revenge, performed feats. We can say that he did all the necessary reforms. He did a lot. Changed the planet. But he's just a clone.
- Why do you need clones, Zsolt? - the warrior growled menacingly, having finally recovered from his awakening. - Why do you need all this? Wait ... ...
Suddenly, a very dangerous and even nasty idea occurred to Yuri. For a moment he thought whether it was worth telling it at all or leaving it to himself, but then he clearly understood that he had to. He must find out everything, finally get rid of these damn secrets.
- Wait…. And you…. Did you know everything? Maybe you started the war?
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Krazhinsky suddenly allowed himself to smile, although his eyes were still sad. He smiled extremely viciously, and a fierce hatred emanated from him. And this hatred was so monstrous that Yuri was amazed at its scale. Now he clearly saw every corner of this man's soul. He was imbued with incredible rage and grief, but rage exceeded all his senses. It far exceeded sorrow and suffering.
- I had to, Yuri, - said Krazhinsky in an ominous voice, crossing his arms over his chest, - My real name is Zoran. I serve the Flawless Empire and my brother Azis the Flawless. I have always served faithfully.
- Z-zoran? - Ernalltsev babbled with great amazement, - But Zoran ... this is the governor of the Zakromakh system .... He…. As far as I know, he was there shortly before the operation…. He…. He couldn't ... .. He couldn't! The intelligence of Hyperborea knew everything about him.
- Your intelligence is nothing! - Zsolt retorted, - That Zoran, who ruled Zakromakh, was also a clone. The same as Krazhinsky on Zabergan. Krazhinsky really had to be altered a little so that he did not look too much like the real me.
After these words, the governor's face changed. For a moment it seemed to float. A strange ripple swept over him, and after that the face of the proclaimer took on completely different outlines. This was a completely different person, who stood out with bright red eyes. A small black antennae protruded under the nose. The hair on my head was just as dark.
“All of my clones had unique personalities,” Zoran continued. “They didn't know they were just genetically bred duplicates. I removed this information from their program.
Yuri stood still in a daze. All this shocked him so much that he did not know what exactly he had to say and did not even know what to do at all. Ernalltsev would not have thought in a dream that everything could turn out that way.
- You asked if I started the war? - the speech of the red-eyed one was again heard, - I had to. Do you think this idea was easy for me? But at first it was the plan of Marfur-Nirari. His own plan! They have always perceived us all as slaves. You already know about demons, right? Iilfan should have warned. So you probably know.
- Iilfan! - Yuri immediately remembered, - Where is Iilfan?
He remembered well how one of Tulotron's henchmen teleported her into the unknown. Then they all fell into a monstrous trap, which soon slammed shut. Where his potential beloved Farrukh was now, Yuri did not know.
“Calm down, all your friends on the ship,” came Zoran's reply. “I connected them to the Nexus. The Nexus is the name of this ship. A planetoid ship created millions of years ago by Jarisai Marfur-Nirari.
"What do you mean, hooked them up to the Nexus?" Where are they?
- They are safe. I connected them to the systems of the ship. So far, they are undergoing recovery. You will see them soon.
But Yuri was not at all reassured. He knew perfectly well that he had to listen to Zoran. However, at the same time, he was impatient to see Iilfan and Hercules again. In addition, two Muscovites could be with them, such as Captain Krasic and his loyal friend, the sergeant.
- Okay, talk! - the psionic growled menacingly, - And speak on business!
- So listen. Not all of us choose our parents, - Zoran said to this, - Azis and I did not turn out quite the way we planned. Our father Tikulti-Ninurta was a great lover of women. Once on one of the distant planets under the name Acheron-Prime, he found himself a strange mistress. The witch. She looked like an elfurr to him. The most beautiful. Sultry. With long dark hair. As he himself wrote in his diaries, there was no one sweeter than her in this universe. But he had no idea who it really was.
- And what's next? - Ernalltsev did not calm down, - What? And here is your portugaling father!
- And despite the fact that he was your father, Yuri, - the red-eyed exclaimed even louder.
Yuri recoiled from the governor in horror. Now he clearly remembered that very difficult conversation. This conversation was one of the scariest and harshest of his life. The adoptive parents confessed to him that he was a step-parent. They told him the truth. As it turned out, they found him a lonely one-year-old baby, lying in the park unattended. How exactly Yuri got there was unknown. Ernal'tsev's adoptive father always scolded the Hyperborean police. He could not understand at all how the valiant law enforcement officers did not notice the child in the park. After all, they made rounds there almost every couple of hours.
 - We are brothers, Yuri Son-Laran, - said Zoran with strange malice, - Son-Laran. That is what Tikulti-Ninurta called you. “And the brave king of Nargon met a beautiful maiden, but she was so beautiful that he could not take his eyes off her. She struck him with her magic and struck him in the very heart. Then the king decided to seize it immediately. He cast down his seed and filled her bosom with it. And then in an instant three mighty warriors were born. Three brothers of half blood. This was the plan of Marfur-Nirari. But Tikult-Ninurta did not know that it was not the maiden who was before him, but the messenger of Cerberum himself. For the day before he had assumed the form of this voluptuous woman, in order to seduce the mighty king. And the king of Nargon succumbed to seduction. Later, the voluptuous that disappeared. She disappeared when she brought her children to him and handed him, like a witch's tome. The greatest king marveled at his sons for a long time. He named one Azis, the second Zoran, and the third Son-Laran. But Tikult-Ninurta was not destined to live long. Calamities befell his kingdom. First lethargy came and struck a hundred thousand souls. Then the children began to disappear. And one of the king's sons disappeared, who was called Son-Laran. Then the disease struck the emperor himself. The great king of Nargon went to his bed and did not rise again. He was alive, but he could not utter a word, nor realize his position. Many healers and healers gathered around him and tried to heal. But they did not know what happened to the great king. So Tikulti-Ninurta lay in oblivion, until one day he gave up his ghost. And then the two sons had to lift his great kingdom from their knees and create a huge empire out of it. "
The mysterious Zoran raised his voice more and more with each of his lines. Eerie hatred just splashed out of his mouth. The Ernallets have never seen such anger in my life.
- No no…. - Yuri muttered in confusion, - No…. Impossible ... ... Impossible ... ..
"Do you think I was overjoyed?" - Zoran yelled in a frenzy, - But no, such a bastard! What a joy there is! Know that your mother is Marfur-Nirari! Marfur-Nirari, curse his name forever! And you're just part of his plan for his portugaling galaxy invasion! For them, we are all rubbish! Rabble! We have always been nothing to them! And nobody!
- Not! - Ernalltsev suddenly exclaimed, - I do not believe! It is not true! I don't believe it!
- Do not believe? Then where does this power come from, Yuri? Then why are you here? Why did you recover? Why didn't you die, Yuri? Tell me! The body of a mere mortal would not have survived from such a collision with water!
- I do not know!
- And I think you know everything! You know why you survived. And where does such power come from in you.
At that moment, the psionic again felt that strange burning sensation in the neck area. He was amazed to find that his adoptive father's amulet was still on him. He never lost it. A mysterious and unknown force managed to preserve the amulet.
- And if everything is not so at all? - as if Yuri turned to himself, - And if…. Does light still exist? If there's …. If there are still Light Gods? I have never .... I have never felt evil in myself…. Never in my life ... .. I grew up and lived only to help others. This is not the case in Marfur-Nirari! This means that he did not fully spread his filth.
 But there was no way Zoran could be persuaded. He received too much knowledge that broke him. He could have become a great warrior guarding the universe, but he lost his main battle. And now only pain, despair and rage took possession of him and did not want to let go of his soul.
“There are no gods,” Zoran said sadly, bowing his head. “There is no light. There are only demons threatening our universe. For millions of years they have been trying to get in here. All these myths about light gods are a lie. There are only demons and no one else. But now there will be no dominance of them. The human race will not suffer because of them. It's over, Son-Laran.
Ernalltsev stood still and watched the desperate creature, on which lay too many sins. His crimes were truly monstrous. Now Yuri understood. Now he clearly understood everything. Zoran conceived this war from the beginning. But he didn't want to bring darkness into the universe. Fierce hatred devoured him. Hatred of its creators. Hatred of those who gave birth to it. And this hatred intensified every day, became more and more, gradually embracing his entire tormented soul.
Zoran wiped away the tears from his face again, and then looked frantically at Ernal'tsev. For a second, his pupils lit up with bright crimson lights, which spoke of his powerful abilities. If Zorana gave birth to Marfur-Nirari, then a part of his power was still in him. As soon as Yuri saw these eyes, he felt the incredible energy of anger emanating from his interlocutor. The sorcerer was preparing for the decisive blow. Right now he was planning something, planning to do something. His gaze spoke clearly of his hidden desires.
- Stop! - Yuri said in a commanding tone, urging the desperate half-breed to think, - Stop! Why do you need all this ?! Understand, there are light Gods! You have to believe in them! I am also the son of Marfur-Nirari ... I am also his son. So are you! We are all brothers here. We were all spawned by monsters. But we must fight and believe in the Light!
 However, Zoran didn't seem to be listening to Owen. He gave him such a terrible look that the warrior even drew back. In the eyes of the sorcerer, nothing was visible except the fierce rage that was already overwhelming him. It spread throughout the room at the speed of light. All this aura of darkness and gloom pulsed in this room.
- It's too late, Son-Laran, - the red-eyed smiled ominously, - Everything has already happened. Marfur-Nirari called me into his army. We had a contract to upgrade Tulotron, a super-powerful Artificial Intelligence. I had to prepare the galaxy for the invasion of Marfur-Nirari. For this, I sent agents all over the worlds so that they could install copies of Tulotron. The AI ​​was supposed to disable all defenses of Hyperborea and the Flawless Empire. His task was to create a global machine riot throughout the galaxy. But I always knew who my real enemy was. I've been waiting for this for a very long time. And when I worked on Tulotron, I put something of my own into its central source. Three days before you awakened, I launched the Annihilation program of Tulotron, my covert super-agent embedded in AI systems. When the AI ​​hit all fleets in the galaxy, my program worked with a bang. Marfur-Nirari sent reinforcements to Tulotron and personally flew in his flagship to conquer the universe. He wanted to swallow the entire galaxy as a whole, destroying its major superpowers forever. And then my revenge happened! The Tulotron was destroyed. My program launched a self-destruct process on all affected ships. My demonic half allowed me to create the perfect weapon to kill them all. Kill them all!
 At the last word, Zoran raised his voice greatly. But it was not this that now alarmed Ernal'tsev's soul. Yuri has just received another portion of terrible news. The virus, which the desperate villain spoke about, has seized not only the ships of the monsters sent by Marfur-Nirari. It also fell upon the armada of Hyperborea.
 With horror in his eyes, the warrior glanced at one of the screens opposite Zoran. He showed a truly terrible chronicle of events that recently unfolded over Zabergan. Dozens of ships exploded as if on command.
And with great despair, Yuri recognized them as the flotilla of his empire. The ships of his loyal friends and allies were destroyed right before our eyes. And Ernalltsev could not do anything. He just couldn't save them. He had never felt so powerless before.
“But there is something else,” Zoran growled with even more hatred, “Self-destruction led to the destruction of all the ships of the Marfur-Nirari and all ships infected by Tulotron. Many of the Marfur-Nirari battleships had special engines. The generators there were so ancient that they were older than some of the planets. The explosion led to the creation of a cluster of black holes. The remaining ships landed directly in the crater. And among them was that damned demon's shuttle. Marfur-Nirari is dead, Yuri. He went to hell forever. Of course it was a pity for many of your comrades, but nothing can be done about it. This is war, Yuri.
Hearing these spiteful words, Ernalltsev felt a great anger begin to flare up inside him. For a second, his hands burst into fierce crimson fire, but then went out again. Yuri's eyes lit up and turned scarlet. The demonic component of his soul gradually took over. But the warrior felt even greater rage when he glanced at the other monitors located in this cursed hall. With a mixture of anger and incredible horror, Yuri stared at them intently.
 The screens displayed dozens of other planets, on which many different creatures lived. And at that moment such monstrous cataclysms were taking place there that they inspired real awe even to the bravest of the warriors. Yuri frenziedly glanced across all the screens, finding more and more pictures of destruction. Zoran has worked everything from the very beginning. He clearly did not intend to get away with just destroying the ships. He needed new victims. He was ready to destroy trillions, for the sake of his own revenge on the creators.
“Yes, Yuri,” the governor hissed angrily, spreading his arms to the sides, “The explosions also touched the installed spears of Tulotron. Self-destruction came to them, as to all machines in the galaxy. Naturally, this led to massive destruction. Just think about it…. More than a hundred worlds that are so important to Marfur-Nirari die in agony. Thousands of worlds. These are villains in cheap fantasy as stupid as traffic jams. In the real world, everything is different! Everything is completely different! The real world is too cruel! Too cruel. But such is life! I stopped Marfur-Nirari! I didn’t let him take possession of this universe! The price is no doubt high! I destroyed every car so that none of them could rebel against their true owner again! Don't you understand ?! I saved the universe!
- You killed everyone ?! - Yuri yelled in wild rage, - You doomed trillions of innocents to death! Entire races will perish if not already perished! What have you done, you bastard ?! And all because of your own revenge? Stop, Zoran! Stop, my brother! You have no right to decide the fate of trillions!
- Yes! - Zoran cried in fury, rising from the chair, - Yes! Doomed! Marfur-Nirari would take possession of this universe! Many more living things would have died. And I gave humanity a new chance. I have destroyed trillions to save future generations. To save other trillions to live and develop. I gave people a new chance. And not only for them, I have saved thousands of species throughout the galaxy! Demons must know that we are not slaves! Let them find out about it! We are not slaves! And these words of mine will be remembered for a long time! My war with demons is not over! I still have many supporters! And they will all be free! Marfur-Nirari lost in disgrace! You must understand, Son-Laran! You now have no other choice!
- What is the way out?
- Join me, Son-Laran. You must be with me! We, as brothers, will rule over the galaxy! We will establish a new order and will not allow re-invasions! Demons can never get in here.
- Are you suggesting that I join? Then listen to my answer. portugal you!
Zoran chuckled ominously. Deep down, he expected Yuri to say exactly these words. It would certainly be a shame to kill my brother. But there was simply no other way out.
“In that case, you are doomed,” the sorcerer rasped with flashing eyes. - If you do not accept my offer, you are simply a fool. A fool who deserves to die. Everything you want to fight for has already died. Note that I am not suggesting anything twice. I can't say no.
- And nevertheless, I will tell you once again, - Ernalltsev hissed angrily, - portugal you!
- Well, - the answer was heard, - Everything is clear. But you have to understand. If you are not with me, then you are against me. And if you are against - we are no longer brothers with you. I renounce you and my relationship with you, offspring of Marfur-Nirari.
Yuri did not have time to predict Zoran's surprise attack. Before he even had time to blink, the gun was already in the hands of the criminal. But this weapon was not at all an ordinary firearm. His entire muzzle pulsed with a strange witchcraft energy that terrified anyone who just looked at her. The psionicist clearly understood that this weapon was far from simple. Great danger came from him. Zoran was holding in his hands the very Destroyer of Souls, one shot of which could turn any creature into nothing, even one devoid of an organic body.
 Without thinking twice, Zoran pulled the trigger. A ball of hellfire escaped from the muzzle of the gun, and headed straight towards Yuri. Ernal'tsev had to use all his skill to jump abruptly from the flying death. A sphere of fire flew past the warrior and crashed into the walls behind. There was an eerie rumble that nearly shattered the psionic's eardrums.
Yuri felt a great flame begin to flare up inside his body. It was already approaching his throat, and was about to burst out. It was impossible to hesitate, for the enemy could make new shots and this time not to miss.
 Ernalltsev quickly darted to the left of the enemy, and then jumped up with frantic force. In less than a second, the warrior was directly in front of Zoran's nose. With a wild, furious cry, Yuri delivered a crushing blow to the terrible enemy in the face. From terrible pain, the sorcerer dropped the weapon to the floor and was left defenseless. But even an unarmed enemy did not stop Yuri at this moment. The mighty warrior was so furious that he could not control himself. He grabbed Zoran's throat sharply and slammed his body into the pile of monitors with a full swing. After a moment, he dealt another monstrous blow. The opponent's skull instantly cracked, and blood poured from the opened wound in streams.
- Die! - Yuri roared furiously at the top of his lungs, unleashing more and more blows on the enemy, - Die!
 In his frenzy, the Ernalites inflicted at least twenty grievous injuries on the enemy. The bones of the enemy turned to debris. His head was completely something terrible and shapeless. He beat Zoran for so long that his body managed to turn into bloody lumps. And Yuri continued to yell at the top of his lungs, tearing his ligaments. Great anger seized him completely and completely, and did not want to let go.
- You will not achieve anything, Son-Laran, - the words of the already dead Zoran were heard, - My death will not change anything! Everything has already happened! And from now on there will be no more domination of these creatures! Will not be! Will not be….
 When not a single living place was left of the enemy, Yuri simply threw his crumpled corpse away from himself. The mission was now complete, and this time completely. The ruthless adversary fell at his hand. But he still managed to accomplish his evil deeds. The universe has heard the wrath of the crowned brother Azis. And this rage was terrible and monstrously cruel. With great grief, the warrior realized that for the first time he could not protect the innocent. Trillions of living beings died in agony. Thousands of worlds were burned alive in minutes. The universe was dying before Yuri's eyes.
 It was a real doom. Death of countless lives. Death of the worlds.
- This is the end ...... - Ernalltsev whispered quietly, realizing his doom more and more. - The end of everything.
Title: Re: "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
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“Yes, that’s the end,” a monstrous voice suddenly rang out from behind Yuri.
Ernalltsev turned sharply to the side. And what was his surprise when he saw a mysterious entity, its appearance resembling all the same Zoran. At the sight of a mysterious enemy, the warrior felt deep inside, growing again, a furious flame. But nevertheless, his head was confused. Zoran had just been killed. Yuri personally finished him off by smashing his body on monitors.
 For a second, the warrior thought it was a vision, just a mirage. He'd been through too much in the last few hours, and his sanity might well have gone haywire. After blinking several times, he hoped the vision would evaporate, but the mysterious man, like the slain Prince of Perfection, was still standing in front of him. On the contrary, it has become even ... more real and more sinister. It looks like it really was Zoran, but his appearance did not at all resemble the governor.
 This man was dressed in black, like night armor, and his head was crowned with a majestic cylindrical helmet, more like the one worn by the ancient kings of Eridu during the first days of Hyperborea. In his dark hands, the mysterious sorcerer held a huge mace, which was engulfed in hellfire from all sides. Flame of retribution and death. The red eyes of Zoran's look-alike pierced Owen through and through. This gaze was even more piercing than that of the mythical Ifreaves. The piercing and terrifying gaze of a fallen creature. Fiery eyes of the ruler of darkness himself.
- Precisely, that the end, Yuri Ernalltsev, - the rattling words of a frantic person were heard, - As you can see, I managed to outwit you well. And you are very naive.
- What are you talking about? - Yuri blurted out, not even realizing that he could speak. - What's happening? I just killed you!
“Okay, it's time to end this projection,” Zoran chuckled at this. “You succumbed well to tricks. I foresaw this a long time ago. The probability of your trusting everything that happens was 90 point and 8 tenths of a percent. All my predictions come true. I estimate their accuracy at 99 point and 5 tenths of a percent. As you can see, the game was a success. You have fully adapted to the conditions and completed the task. Testing of your abilities has been completed. You can now proceed with the return procedure.
Yuri turned pale. Cold sweat almost broke out on his forehead. “90 point and 8 tenths of a percent”…. Somewhere he had already heard it. He didn't remember exactly where. But I knew that I had heard with my ears quite recently.
- All this is unreal, Yuri, - the mysterious sorcerer continued his speech, - This is only a projection, partly reflecting reality. Everything you've seen looks more like playing a video file than the real world. Even your emotions and feelings were programmed. Everything you heard was just as clearly spelled out. And now you need to get back. I am initiating a return program.….
He spoke the last sentence in a strange, mechanical voice.
- Stop! - Immediately cried out at the top of his lungs Ernalltsev, - So this is ... ..
In the same second, Zoran vanished into thin air, turning into a cluster of different numbers. And after another moment, Yuri's body quickly flew up and with all its might pierced the ceiling. Everything around him spun and trembled. As before, he saw only a mysterious glow in front of him. Now it seemed to him incredibly beautiful and even bewitching.


The end? You must decide it by yourself, mr Reader. Only by yourself