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Title: Griffin Imperium short history
Post by: BagaturKhan on July 05, 2022, 04:22:01 PM
Griffin Imperium short history

A brief history of the Griffin system from ancient days to 2596.

The Griffin Imperium star system was inhabited by the forgotten civilization Grefin in ancient times. According to various sources, they were related either to the draconians or the Norlans, but they looked like upright mythical griffins. It is known that entities possessing wings growing from their backs dominated among them. How exactly this civilization functioned, no one knows. The scientific galactic community does not have enough information. But the ancient temples, discovered deep under the surface of the planet, told about Grefin and about their ability to space flights. The age of the found temples, artifacts and objects of utensils is at least 35,000 years old. The most grandiose artifact is the "Bird Complex" on the island of Hedzhet in the ocean of Smurno. There, researchers found giant statues of upright griffins that have survived to this day. The remains of a temple were found next to them. Judging by the frescoes, initiation ceremonies into rulers or high priests could take place in the temple. Nothing is known about Grefin's religion or technology. Murals testified to the presence of interstellar vehicles, but no technological devices were found on Griffon-1. In other words, this civilization is a real "white" spot in galactic history.
Draconids and Cossatti claim to be unfamiliar with any races resembling gryphons. Although most likely, they simply do not disclose the data that scientists are so eager to receive. Archaeologists and cryptohistorians working in the ruins of the temples have come to the conclusion that Grefin are still more related to the draconians than the Norlans.

When exactly the first colonists arrived on the Griffin Imperium, no one knows either. It is believed in Artandir that the colonies on the Griffin were founded during the reign of the emperor Domitian the Callous, togezh within the 7th millennium BC. The Byzantian believe that the gryphons are descendants of their culture. At the same time, the system of the Griffin Imperium, like Shatsk-Prime, is wholly owned by the Coalition. The local rulers, leading their relationship from the ancient kings, are entirely at the mercy of the Galactic Council. The Griffin government cannot take a single step without the will of the Coalition. However, there are no separatist sentiments here, since in the power of the Coalition of the Galaxy, this semi-state flourishes. None of the local residents can call themselves poor or indigent. In the capital of Griffin City, there are special thanksgiving payments in the Elfurr style. This means that the inhabitants of the capital receive a certain amount as a token of gratitude that they were born on the Griffin. Payments are made by the Finance Committee of the Notables of the Coalition.
The language of the Gryphons is very close to the Artandir dialect of Kailam and at the same time has similarities with the Byzantians. Because of this, there are so many representatives of the Artandir Republic in the Griffin Imperium system.

A list of the supreme rulers of the Griffin, henchmen of the Galactic Council, under the rule of the Coalition.
The chronology is from 2492 AD. It was then that power unofficially passed to direct appointees from the Coalition of the Galaxy.

- Fantino
- Taramo Libardiamo
- Ser'Prithari
- Doramin
- Kihmenet the Great Charioteer
- Melchizedek Spearman
- Ser'Quilfao
- Tariel Sikhe Redhead
- Aquilon Whitebeard
- Cactus Nopalcicotl
- Dinharaam
- Nathan Delich
- Vladimir Alexandrov
- Ser'Hannia the Long
- Tah'Trak'fulr Silotl
- Artadama
- Kirtadama Fat
- Valens Tsencius
- Flavio
- Antonio
- Maurizio
- Dimitri
- Theophylact
- Kotis


From the entire chronicle, it can be noted that not only people, local inhabitants, but also representatives of other civilizations were at the head of the Griffin. At the same time, no racist attacks from the Gryphons were noticed. The inhabitants of the system were grateful to many supreme rulers. Of the worst for the 26th century, they marked the reign of only Silotl, a member of the Ho-Nari race. For corruption and attempted fraud, Silotl was removed from office by the Coalition. After that, courts and proceedings at the highest level awaited him. In 2580, he was replaced by Artadama, a human and a native of the planet Pisidia, the Republic of Artandir.
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Post by: BagaturKhan on July 05, 2022, 04:47:24 PM
Griffin Imperium system is a main part of my newest story - "Revenge of Tyrants. Souls Storm".
Soon i`ll post it.
Title: Re: Griffin Imperium short history
Post by: BagaturKhan on July 06, 2022, 09:25:03 AM
"Age of the Dead Patricians" (2593-2596)

After the outbreak of the Acheronian galactic conflict, fighting broke out in absolutely all regions of the Main Galaxy. Naturally, this also affected the Griffin Imperium system.
The events of 2593-2596 have gone down in history as the "Age of the Dead Leaders" or "Dead Patricians".
In fact, all this time, the supreme ruler Flavio was supposed to rule on the Griffin. But in 2593, he dies in a rocket attack from a League ship. This happens during his diplomatic mission in the territory of Artandir. The visit of the ruler occurred just at the time of the attack.
The following rulers, such as Antonio, Maurizio and Dimitri, also died as a result of the attacks of the League. Maurizio fell in battle like that. He was ambushed along with his ship in border territory of the Lycia star system. Blade in hand, he defended himself against enemy boarding groups. But he died, taking with him at least a hundred enemies.
At the time of the events of the work "Storm of Souls", the ruler of the Griffin was nobelissimus (patrician) Theophylact. During his reign, the most difficult events in the history of the system fell.
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Post by: BagaturKhan on July 06, 2022, 09:29:25 PM
Main religion in the Griffin system

In the star system of the Griffin Imperium, the ancient gods are still revered. Some of them are still known from earthlings Greek mythology. There are also those who came here from the cosmogony of other civilizations and races (for ex. Khaton faith or Coatle). There is also a cult of the Mother Goddess, the sole mistress of the universe. In terms of religious issues, there have never been serious disasters on Griffin. But still, the locals are quite God-fearing. In the countryside live people who even believe in different omens.
There were also religious issues. At one time (2500-2520 AD), strange sectarians appeared in the cities of Griffin City and Aristobulos, worshiping the nameless boar god. But this cult was successfully eliminated by law enforcement agencies.
Since then, there have been no religious conflicts on Griffin.
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Post by: BagaturKhan on July 07, 2022, 08:24:54 AM
Griffin Imperium Army "Grifonis Hoplitai"

There is no concept of "conscription" in the Griffin star system. In the army, they serve here only on a contract basis. Both men and women and representatives of different races do not hesitate to devote their time to protecting the system. Many come here hoping to get a decent salary and a 'cool life'. For service, one soldier receives at least 500 griffins per month, which corresponds to 6,500 Earth dollars. “We don’t have an army here, but a paradise,” the local military leader Invictus Fryazin sometimes says, “Free food, swimming pools, gyms, video games, access to the network! What else do you need?” However, with the outbreak of the Acheronian War in 2593, the situation changed. And the soldiers have more workload.
During the reign of nobelissimus Theophylact, the situation even reached the point of direct attacks on the system. Theophylact even thought of a general mobilization and creating a militia, in view of the constant attacks of the League. But the Coalition postponed such a decision for "the most extreme case."
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Post by: BagaturKhan on July 08, 2022, 08:53:10 AM
Dane City - The Temporary Capital of Griffin

The city of Dane was and is still the temporary capital of the Griffin. All due to the fact that the main capital of Griffin City was almost completely destroyed during the attack of the flotilla of Admiral Lazitron, a representative of the Acheronian League. The most powerful attack of the League forces almost led to a large-scale planetary catastrophe. After all, the task of the enemy was not only the destruction of cities, but also the activation of the Oromo supervolcano. However, the Coalition forces and the Gryphon "hoplites" managed to repulse the attack.
After the fighting, Griffin City became almost uninhabitable. That is why the capital was moved to Dane. The local government and the merchant elite also moved there.
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Post by: Jubal on July 13, 2022, 03:14:50 PM
I feel like the nameless boar god cult is something I'd like to hear more about, that was definitely one of the things that sparked my interest.

Also I was quite amused at there being an emperor called Cactus. Did he have an especially spiky personality? :)
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Post by: BagaturKhan on July 13, 2022, 04:47:27 PM
Ha ha ;) No, Cactus was just an ordinary N`sai race representative. Cactus is one of the N`sai names.
Like Tactus or Cicatus and etc. ;)
He was Griffin ruler by the will of Galaxy Coalition. ))) The worst ruler was Silotle.

About Boar God cult, it was a real problem for Griffin, and this cult was 'deleted' by local security forces. This religion came from planet Lelegio, from the Arthandir republic borders. This planet have a lot of different god cults. Boar god was too aggressive for peaceful religions of Griffin Imperium.
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Post by: BagaturKhan on July 13, 2022, 11:47:59 PM
Conflict with Velogars Union, 2540

During the reign of the Elfurr female ruler Tariel Sikhe (The Beautiful Eyes) in 2540 AD, the Griffin almost became prey for the Velogar Union. Then a serious conflict arose between Elfurr and the bear-like race Velogar, which was part of the Galaxy Coalition. The Velogar High Chieftain Urshis refused to sign an agreement with the Elfurr government on the transfer of the Savvatius star system, which was demanded by the Elfurr. At that moment, the velogars were on the verge of expulsion from the Coalition. Urshis did not dare to attack Elfurr, but refused to withdraw his troops from the planet Savvatiy-1.
The Griffin Corps was stationed on that planet, led by General Petronio. Under the orders of Elfurr and the Coalition, the griffin army attacked the velogars and drove them out of the fortresses. But Urshis decided to take revenge on the Griffin. He sent a huge army to the main planet of the Griffin Imperium system using the portal network near the ocean Smurno. Elfurr female Tariel Sikhe, who commanded the Griffin system, ordered the army to hold back the enemy. The forces of the velogars approached the city of Orchomenus. There they were met by an elite griffin corps and defeated.
After that, there was a change of power in the Union of Velogars. Urshis was captured and thrown into prison for "useless war" and "betrayal of Mother-Bear goddess". And High Priest Grizzlis The Black signed a peace treaty with Elfurr and the Coalition. Velogar troops were withdrawn from Griffin.