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Title: Faction thread; Empire of Gorinia
Post by: Jubal on March 22, 2008, 05:50:28 PM
The Gorinian Empire[/color][/b]
The early Gorinian Empire was built around a network of client-states in the southeastern sea and across the continent. Under pressure from the Red Khergit, client states began to fall or rebel in the east, and the Lacadonians rebelled in the northwest. The Lacadonian revolt was crushed by General Antonius Pius Valandrus, who returned to Gorinia itself victorious. He then launched a bloody coup which exiled the Empror and put the Empire under a 100 man Senate, led by five military Commanders.

The Red Khergit were halted due to their weak naval forces, and Commander Valandrus appointed one Lieutenant Varmuna to lead a puuntive expedition to retake the small frontier town of Orentanum and perhaps form a frontier against the states of the Geroian Peninsula, who had funded the Lacadonian revolt a decade earlier.

Varmuna was more than successful, sweeping the enemy from Orentanum and then taking the city-state of Maris, before continuing to push as far as the south of the almost unheard of northern land of Calradia, even wresting the fords of Buillin from the Nordic defenders. He has been appointed Commande, and is seeking to expand Gorinia futher into Calradia.

The Goriniae rely on flexible, tough heavy infantrymen to form a solid core on which genrals cna focus strategies around a divers array of Auxiliaries, archers and even the powerful Kataprachtoi.
    The Auxiliaries are an important part of the force, and come from a separate troop tree with the slvae recruit as its base unit.

88% Varalite
7% Conirile
4% Orinite
1% Other

39% Gorin
26% Pelean
24% Lacadonian
6% Geroian
3% Dharrok
2% Other

Troop Tree

Literally a citizen of the Gorinian empire pushed onto a battlefield, citizens are only the most raw of recruits and should not be truted to stand and hold a battle line.

Wearing decent padded cloth and armed with sword and shield, the newer Gorin troops are nevertheless tough infantry for their level, although they will be destroyed by tougher troops.

The Gorin Infantryman is one of the most dangerous troops in the game. Wearing good armour, with a large shield and sword, these troops are effective in both attack and defence, and can hold a battle line against all but the most aggressive of foes.

The veterans of the Gorin forces wear armour normally reserved for heavy cavalry in other factions. Depite being slow and encumbered, their phenomenal capability at swordplay and their stubbornness in holding against all comers more than makes up for this.

Senatorial Guard
The Senatorial Guard struggle along on foot, encased from head to toes in plates of steel. Almost impossible to kill, they wield thier swords witha deadly efficiency, and when they get to en enemy battle line there are few troops in Calradia that woould be able to stop them slowly mincing thier way through the enemy ranks.

Cavalry (from infantry)
The Gorin cavalry are effective medium horse reasonable in attack or defense. Though outmatched by heavy cavalry, they can give enemy light cavlry a sever beating and provide a deadly tactical flanking force.

The Catphract cavalry are the toughest mounted troops a commander in the Gorinian Empire can field. Altough they are not the most powerful in the world, they nevertheless command the respect and awe of all but the best enemy troops, and are deadly on impact as they trample enemies beneath thier hooves.

Slave Recruit
The secondary troop tree for the Goriniae, which has skirmish and ranged infantry and light cavalry, starts with the very humble and often very dead slave recruits, always the first to die in the name of the Empire.

Light Auxilia
Armed with javelins and spears, the Light Auxilia are useful as a skirmish force at the start of a battle, and to beat off enemy cavalry, althoughwith only light armour to portect them they are often killed off fast by enemy infantry.

The Auxilia are equipped similarly to an infantryman, but with spear and javelin rather than sword and shield. They can beat back most cavalry effectively, and are well armoured enough to hold out against many enemy infatry, but should not expect to win a foot battle alone

Archer Auxilia
The final grade of Auxiliary troop is the archer, which helps the Goriniae with thier lack of seroius ranged support. Although somwehat few in number, the Archer Auxilia can turn the tide of battles and are considered tactically very important as a chance to give serious ranged power to a Gorin force.

Mounted Auxilia (from Light Auxilia)
The Mounted Auxilia are the Gorinan Empire's skirmish cavalry - they forage and scout for the armey, and provide harassment with their javelins at range. Although weak as combat troops, thier spears can nevertheless be worrying on the charge, and should not be underestimated.
Title: Faction thread; Empire of Gorinia
Post by: Jubal on October 19, 2008, 08:24:55 PM
Troop Tree added.