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Southern Realm / Feature ideas/plans/suggestnions
« on: December 23, 2008, 04:17:42 AM »
Please look into adding the following mabye...

Advance formations... " going to look like an idoit if i can't find them"

A simple Read_me file with command if such formations existances.

Increase the overall bonus of pathfinding/ increase the overall speed at which armys can move?   Or something when it takes 15 Mins to get to the othersides of the map, it's a wee bit painfull, the ship idea works great.  Mabye being able to hire wagons in citys that boost speeds another +5 or something?

... therea are other things but i think i'm brain dead at the moment, meh i'll got fool around with it and mabye they will come..  " wishs i could go take over a town or 2, and start changing the productions or something...

PS anyone figujre out why getting a Town is good at all, it's not like you can recuit troops there, or train them there, or hire generals there?

Southern Realm / Bug reports
« on: December 23, 2008, 04:10:33 AM »
Ok some well, annoying mapping errors.

Gorin Empire

as citys at both ends of the map, however you have to go up into the high mountains where iron is cheap to get to it, the straight path is blocked by some gliched.

Second the Spice Capital, also has a mapping error as you can't get to the Red, "" corner guys, as it sends you back up into those same montains, even does it when your trying to get to Narra.

The Thing on boats is well founded

LOL you can buy a boat in the middle of the desert and try sailing it thru the land.

the ship battels are PAINfuill Frist if you have more than about 10 members in a party you end up, on more than one boat, this can cause upto 3 boats which than has a problem 2 of the 3 boats only get iin contact with eachother. So you need to retreat and fight again until everyone is killed.  Not to mention men drowning in water as they jump off.

Arena fights are messed up, everyone spawns at the same location and you end up not being able to fight.

When training villiagers you can have trouble, when you spawn in the village and they spawn god knows where.

I know there is more.

I'll keep my Eye out for them.

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