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Southern Realm / Feature ideas/plans/suggestnions
« on: January 24, 2009, 07:39:36 PM »
Hello again.

I was thinking about the use of ships in this game, and it dawned on me that we need a scene for boarding our ship from land.  Have a beached ship near a lake, an inventory chest within the ship, and a "helmsman" character who you order to "take sail", and also have the ability to transfer party between the ship and your party.  This would turn the ship from a simple prop into something more of a mobile castle that needs to be defended when you are away from it, instead of the following being heard throughout the coastal regions of Caladria:

Sea Raider: "Hey, there's a perfectly good, yet totally abandoned ship several feet away!  Let's not take it!" (Or equivalent grunting in Sea Raiderese.)

As for Sea Battles - I know that applying my suggested capsize effect would be extremely difficult, so for something (slightly) simpler, yet accomplishing the desired effect, put "figureheads" (aka target dummies) on the ships.  When destroyed, the figurehead "drops" 5-10 barrels of Swadian Fire (AOM seige projectile) behind it, wiping out any remaining life on the ship, and leaving that odour of burning pine that any pirate loves to start the day by smelling.

Ultimately, this trigger can be applied to the ship itself, once we've figured out how to capsize it.

As for City, Castle, and Village Functionality- Sword of Damocles Version IV.  Sheer awesomeness for what we are trying to do.  Implementation of a faith system, which can be turned to the Orinite/Corinele/Various others system.  Public Health.  Barracks training.  Trading systems.  We could possibly add shipyards for training crews and building ships, and the eventual "items" that would be needed for a legitimate claim to a city's throne.

Final idea - I've been screwing around with the map and scene editors, just trying them out.  Maybe we want to go for an even bigger map - Caladria the Continent, with clearly defined ocean borders, maybe some more spread between the factions with larger areas of uncontrolled bandits between them, a larger system of rivers for sea trading.

That's my two and a half cents, anyways.

Thanks for hearing me out,

Southern Realm / Feature ideas/plans/suggestnions
« on: December 20, 2008, 04:41:43 AM »
Full agreement with all the above posters.

As for my thoughts on this matter:

Kingdoms: I would suggest implementing the Age Of Machinery kingdom management mod as a stopgap measure, until one can be made specifically for the challenge of this mod.  Considering kingdom items, maybe have them in small chests in various villages, the location and contents thereof always changing.  Then, perhaps once you have the x number of items for a specific city, you give it to the local guildmaster, who orchestrates a rebellion, or something like that.

Sea Battles: Again, AOM would provide a good platform - maybe make smaller ballistae as the launching objects - either that, or have one or two guys on every ship with super powerful, super heavy seige crossbows, so heavy as to be effectively immobile.

As for the the destruction of ships - I remember some old mod for .808 - Might have been "Swadian Civil War" - where there were giant, wooden walls that fell down once sufficient damage had been achieved.  This effect was later integrated into the practice dummies in the tutorial, but you could take it, and use it to capsize a ship and kill the crew, in theory.

That's my two cents.

Thanks for your time,

Southern Realm / Bug reports
« on: December 20, 2008, 04:21:42 AM »
Hello.  I've been playing with this mod for a few days now, and need to add in a concern.

My arena and tourney spawn points are fairly badly broken.  Opponents and teammates will spawn outside the scene area, on opposite sides of the arena wall, etc.  I do not know if the tourneys within the dungeons are "bugs" or "features", but once you get the hang of them, they turn into very interesting conflicts nonetheless, except in some of the Khergit towns - but that is another matter relating to troop equipment types and horse deployment...

I confess no real skill with editing or modding, but everyone has to start somewhere - and since this would appear to be a one-computer issue, like the previously mentioned parties walking on water, might as well start here.  

Anyways, thanks for your time.

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