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Warsword / bretonnian faction
« on: April 03, 2010, 08:20:07 PM »
Since Taleworlds is being slow, I'm going to post screen shots of in game Wip and finished Bretionnian Troops
if you wish to comment, pls make it constructive, ie if you think the style is incorrect ,give reason and suggest what IYO would make it better
Thks in advance

Pls note it was my first intention to give all the knights custom heraldry, but this didn't work well, with different heraldry being given to mounts shields etc, although I'm still working on a tableau horse, see warband has 1, so the system I've chosen to id each knight class is the shield,you will see this on their armor and mounts, otherwise I've used the tableau system to id the shields and armor.
you can see this in the sreen shot of a grail knight armor shield

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