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As the title reads, does any of you know any that fulfills the requirements that I mentioned in the title? I'm largely ignorant of international after disregarding and abandoning all the national media (which is disgraceful, to be honest... all they cover is national showbiz (and sometimes international, but like days late :P ) and murders, and they all are all very one-sided when it comes to politics.... I hate to know so little of what's going on, so the question is, do you guys have any suggestions of any newpapers you read that have an online version that you can recommend?

A cookie for anyone that gives me a suggestion :D

General Chatter - The Boozer / Help for a school competition
« on: June 17, 2012, 05:06:10 AM »
Hello dudes!

I'm going to be asking you for some help here... one of the main reasons of why I'm not so active is because I recently took the responsibilities of being the leader/king of an alliance/(Prussia, in this case) at my school, in part due tu my desire to do something noteworthy and useful in my last school year (it's actually the first time I do something for a bigger group than only my class). So I hope that can explain a bit of why I'm not spamming as much as in my good ol' golden days.

The thing is that we have are competing with the two other teams/allainces in doing a list of missions we have to complete in a few weeks. On of the chores is to get a facebook page of our alliance to 1500 likes. Yes, yes, I can already hear your grumbles of dissent already. I hate being the annoying dude that promotes facebook stuff, but I'm kind of desperate to get these likes (I believe in the concept of "lead by example", so I hope that the things that I do will be followed by my prussian subjects :P ). So, if it's not too much trouble, can you please like our page?

I'd really like to thank you in advance. It's a tremendous help if you help us out here.

And if you're curious about how my life has changed, in the greater part due to this, feel free to ask :P


Persian Invasion / Weird stuffs
« on: June 10, 2012, 08:49:46 AM »
Since there's a thread for bug reports already (but it's 3 years old), I took the chance of starting a new thread with a really creative name (hey, it's 3.43 am, don't expect too much from me) for bugs reports and similar stuffs.

I'll start off with the weird stuffs I've seen:
-Rebel Indian infantry have no sprites (however, out of like 5 battles, they did have sprites on one, which is truly odd... maybe had to do with group types? For the record, it was on the desert, on the territory of that rebel town in India (the southernmost one)
-Hoplites seem to have a too large mass... it's really strange to see them clash and intermingle, making casualty rates very very high (and even thrice as faster). They can literally push anything (although it's rather realistic), but it's ridiculous. Maybe it can be toned down? As well as their bonus against cav... it's amazingly fast how those numbers drop.
-Marines should get some kind of bonus, they seem rather useless... maybe they should get good stamina or better (and while on note, why do hoplites have really good stamina? they're even a lot better off than their lighter counterparts, even better than skirmishers!), or maybe the fast moving trait, so that they really have some purpose as light infantry.
-There are a lot of temples for the GCS (in the campaign where they're unified)... is there a way of reducing their amount? Like merging similar temples? (I know that morale boosting buildings, like Ares' temples in this case, don't actually work, so that one could be taken out)

Aside of that, great funs... time flew, quite literally. Want to try a campaign as Persia (against a unified Greece) and one as Macedon (with a separated Greece) and I'll go back to my unfinished jobs in other mods (bug reporting for ExRM and resource adding for TGW) :P

Alright, I want to join a swap, but then I thought we'd start a new one, since the others seem pretty silent. I thought of using THS, since it's an awesome mod (because one of the best modders out there made them  ::) ), and it's pretty similar to vanilla, although I'd like to make a few modifications that I could compile (like adding Darth formations, and making FM bodyguards less invulnerable, among other vanilla annoyances).

An extra thought I had is that we should have a communitary account on an uploading service webpage (like RapidShare) or even e-mail (like Gmal, and attach the saves to drafts) so it's easier to pass around the saves.

I can't think of any faction to start with... any suggestions? I put a few up in the poll, but feel free to suggest more. I hope I can add them to the poll :P

Oh yeah, last but not least, say here if you want to participate.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Mario Bros emulated in Unreal Engine 3
« on: July 30, 2011, 04:22:58 AM »
I just thought it was quite interesting

Tell me your thoughts below ;D I found it awesome and I can't wait for a release. It even has the Unreal Tournament announcer guy voice!

General Chatter - The Boozer / Favour for a Friend
« on: July 29, 2011, 10:01:20 PM »
Okay, this isn't actually the most normal thing one would ask, but I have a friend that's constantly bugging me to ask you guys to do a favour for him. So he's trying to win a competition of DJ'ing to get a huge synthesizer, and doing pretty well. However, to classify, the guys that organize this thing decided to make the first stage through youtube: every participant has to upload around 3 minutes of a mix of 4 songs. The songs with the most "likes" pass to the next stage.

Sooo, he's asking me to spam you guys and see the video, and most importantly (for him), to put "likes", so that he passes to the next stage. So far his spamming has been quite successful, and is the guy with most views and the second with most likes.

Soo, here's the video! Feel free to see the other guys and their mixes, honestly many aren't that good (I'm being quite objective, we usually try to criticize the other the most possible jokingly, so far, I haven't been able to critisize him here much :-/ )


Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / Forum stats not working?
« on: June 17, 2011, 09:10:45 PM »
Is it just me?

Total War Mods - The Engineer's Shed / My music minimod for TGW
« on: May 22, 2011, 04:31:20 AM »
Hello all!

I just wanted to pop by (and get some activity here  ;D ) and tell you about the minimod I've been doing in the past time (pretty much everything I can do respecting RTW modding). So there is this Classical Greece mod, which I greatly enjoy, based around 360 to 338 B.C I believe. It's quite fun to play only with hoplite armies. However, I personally has getting tired of hearing the vanilla RTW music (again :D) so, after asking about any scheduled changes for the music (and getting a negative as a response), I decided (after a long time  :P) to create my own.

The minimod adds 25 songs to the mod, all taken from external sources. I don't want to tell you (although greatly tempted to) where these songs are from, but I'll just say that many of you might smile on the battle map  ;).

Here's the direct link to the download of my minimod, and here's the thread that I posted in TWC. In the last one I included some extra minimods that I have added already to the main mod, and that I consider essentials. However, I'm too lazy to look for each of those threads again  ;D

So enjoy! I hope I've ruined your exams/free time by making you guys play this mod  :P



All the new features are in the page I've left above, too lazy to put them all. Really cool new stuff!

Oh, and there is also a few other things that other members have contributed, aside of Jubal's addition ;)

I've also completely forgotten how to make a link without showing the address, but doesn't matter much I guess.

Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / About +rep
« on: May 15, 2011, 11:09:53 PM »
Why does one +rep count for 10 +rep now? Or is it used for the Triumph system? I doubt the last one, but it's kinda funny to see how fast +rep goes up now

The Great Baths - RTW Discussion / A good mod to start playing RTW?
« on: April 13, 2011, 10:19:54 PM »
So, anyho, it's not me :P . It's for a friend. After months of trying to convince him to play I finally got him to try it out and it turned out that he liked it. So I don't feel like the only RTW player in my country. How ever, I feel that one can only enjoy the whole RTW experience with mods... I have tried many, from RTR PE to EB to Sicilia to XGM, and have found many that I have spent a lot of hours. How ever, I don't know which one might be the best for someone that's just starting. I know that EB is brutal for a newcomer, but I have no clue what mod could be good too start the marvelous journey in thwe modding world of RTW.

Any suggestions?
I thought of RTR PE, but I came back to it the other day and turned away with disgust at the low amount of units and many other minor historical innacurracies that affect gameplay (the only way for Carthage to invade Rome is with Poeni Citizen Pikemen, which is soooo unrealistic and makes my eyes bleed as I do it).
XGM might be good too, but I can't stand many of the annoying scripts and gameplay things (playing with 1 or 2 HP doesn't find a good balance between infantry vs. cav or missles)

The Generals' Tent - 0 A.D. Discussion / Heads Up! New Alpha Release
« on: March 13, 2011, 03:56:33 PM »
To all those that have been living in a hole in the last weeks  ;) , the 0 A.D team announced a ground-breaking advance in their project. They were able to implement an A.I able to train citizens and troops, build building and attack. Although basic, this is a great advance and they have almost devoted a whole release for this (there are a few improvements, but nothing on the scale of the latter). The Alpha has been already released in their home page, and you just have to scroll down a bit to see the download links.

Hope to see you all soon with the release installed!  ;)


The Dojo - Shogun 2 Discussion / Your impressions from TW:S2
« on: February 23, 2011, 06:30:33 PM »
Tell the rest of the community of your impressions of TW:S2. I don't find it appropriate to talk about it in the demo hype section  :P

In my personal case, I must say it blew me away. Until yesterday, my knowledge, as my interest to learn, even from Japan in general, was minimal. Once I ended playing for two hours, I even started to learn the names, and I realized how cool english with a japanese accent sounds. Graphics are beautiful, the 3D, fully turnable map is a better feature than I thought, as it makes you look at the situation from another way. I can't wait to turn (to look southward) around Europe in a future game. Sound was also good, (although it bugged up once for me) as well as voice acting, from my perspective. The atmosphere in general was well captured, I think. The inclusions of tiny, moving avatars, in the corner for your selected unit looked very nice, and it brought me memories of Warcraft 3. All in all it was fun to play the demo.

Although not all was good. The fact that they embedded a video in the main menu was very bug prone, from my point of view, and it took away the whole atmosphere. It was almost like a publicity ad. And I also think that due to that, either it was in the options menu or while loading there was silence, something that as I noticed later shouldn't happen during the loading times. I found that early in the game, the tutorial was very limiting, as you could only press the buttons when you were told to, so if you wanted to check your finances or play diplomatically, you had to wait until you were told to, or when you were given relative freedom while preparing an invasion. I found this truly annoying, but it might be good for newcomers to the TW series. Minor complaints come from how stupid the avatar of the selected unit looked when you issued many orders, as you would see his head bobbing up and down continuously, following the same animation over and over again; the fact you can only play 3 battles in the whole campaign, and the poor choise of the historical battle (I can't remember the battle name, but it's one where your ally, that has troops equivalent to a third of the allied army, defects to the enemy and attacks you).

All in all, the game seems to be enjoyable. I wonder how a campaign without restrains plays out, but I would like to see the reviews before even considering buying the game. As I don't spent that much money in games, I think I'll wait until they show up in a good offer in steam. Now, if it were TW:R2, I'd have pre-ordered a loooong time ago

General Chatter - The Boozer / The planning of taking over the world
« on: February 19, 2011, 06:25:49 PM »
So, I guess since no-one has ventured to help Bunneh to take over, I will make this thread as a meeting point for all ye faithful to Bunneh

I'll make a members list and a rules list, which I will update with the editing of this first post. I will also use it as an announcement to all the happenings related to Bunneh.

Current Members:
-Goldyrulez (High Priest)
-Phoenixguard09 (, the Fluffy Eared)
-Nightangel (Chief Librarian)
-Dripping D

-Bunneh is all-powerful, all-seeing, and all-burgermaking
-Bunneh shall always be written in upper case, but only in the first letter, or otherwise it shall look as the faith of a common spammer
-Bunneh, if not adressed directly, shall be known as "He", "His Lordship", "His Majesty" or "Burgermaking-Overlord"

-19.02 His main opponent, Calisthenis of Green Day, has resigned and given up resistance to the steady rise to power of Bunneh! Even though he has not been yet converted to His side, Bunneh has currently no declared contender to His rise to power.
-20.02 Another has succumbed to the treacherous ways of those that deny His superiority, Doomchild. May the Lord be merciful with him, as he was surely possessed by some Demon. It has been known publicly Calisthenis of Green Day himself, has denied once again the caring embrace of Bunneh. Yet the fact he has erased trace of his weak resistance group in his signature, he swears he still does not believe in Bunny, yet his statements do not carry as much weight, nor are they convincing anymore.
-21.02 A sad day for Exilian, a group of illiterates and skeptical fools have decided to declare themselfs openly against Bunneh benevolence. So far, we are only sure of Calisthenis of Green Day, Doomchild, Mark

The Dojo - Shogun 2 Discussion / S2:TW Demo Coming out on 22 Feb
« on: February 15, 2011, 08:49:01 PM »
Here is the "original" post (at least from what I know)

The best thing is that it says right there that it will not be the typical demo with only a short, crappy battle tutorial with a historical battle, but it will also include a campaign.

Your thoughts? I'm downloading it as soon as it comes out, it will be the perfect test to see how my PC will handle it and if it's worth buying before the patches come out, to avoid what happened with ETW

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