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The Great Baths - RTW Discussion / Idea for a Rome Mod.
« on: July 09, 2010, 02:13:36 AM »
OK, im not a modder, and know jack ***t about anything other than putting them onto my PC.

But i had a good idea for a Rome mod.

It would be based on "Anabasis" or "The Persian Expedition" in english, by Xenophon (one of the loading screen quotes in Rome is his from this book.).  It was one of Alexander the Great's favorite books and is based on real events, as Xenophon was elected as one of the generals to lead them later.  There are also other versions to compare his to, but his is the most widely know.

Basically, about 10'000 Greeks and other assorted troops get conned by the brother and Satrap of the king of Persia into attacking him and trying to usurp his throne.  They travel deep into the Persian Empire, fight a battle, loose, then have to fight all the way back to the Bosphorus to try and get back to Greece.  They fight Persians, local tribes, loose all their generals, fall out amongst themselves until finally getting back to Greece.  A good old Greek tradgey.  Then they are hired by a Thracian king to kick out some other tribes, then are hired by the Spartans to go back to Ionia to fight the Persians again.  After this they end up back in Greece involved in other battles.

Clearly theres alot that goes on and cant all be told in one post.  Even if no-one picks up the idea, i can recommend it as a good read to any fan of warfare and good old adventure stories.  Its quite an epic tale.

I had a few ideas for implementing a mod where you basiclly just control 1 army, dont keep towns, just sack them.  I could imagine all sorts of ambush scenarios, raids, full blown battles and maybe starvation.

Anyone interested in hearing more, let me know.  Incidently, the book is about

General Gaming - The Arcade / A decent Waterloo sim?
« on: May 15, 2010, 02:02:43 PM »
Hi all,

Anyone know of a decent Waterloo sim? I used to have one on the Atari ST years ago used 3D vector graphics (cutting edge at the time), and a turned based one on the PC about 10 years ago played on a hexagon map.

After something quite strategic, I don't mind about graphics but half decent would be nice.

I already have the Napoleonic mod for Rome. After something with correct army sizes.

Any suggestions, let me know.



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