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Hello everyone. At our work in the company "Arguments" we are now exploring the ancient continents theme. This refers to those continents that probably existed, but sank due to cataclysms. The same is about the civilizations that lived on them.
(I can say that these materials give me a storm of inspiration to write my setting). We are talking about Hyperborea, Atlantis, Lemuria and Pacifis (Mu). I would love to attach my research in Russian, but I don’t know if links to Russian-language sites are allowed here or if you just need a translation - i can do it.
So the question is - what do you think about the possibility of the existence of such continents? After all, official science considers this to be almost nonsense and fantasy. But I am inclined to a different point of view, and therefore I study in detail the mythology of different nations.

Best wishes to all.

Legends of the Far Past (Warcraft III)

Hello again! I present to you a new project on the wonderful game Warcraft 3, dedicated to my universe. The way is not worth it with the World of Infinitas, which is nearby. What I present now is a completely separate project. This is a collection of missions and minor campaigns that are currently being done. What you see in the topic header is far from everything. I will post many elements of my content in messages to the topic.

At the moment I am only presenting you part of the project. These are 5 interesting and entertaining maps suitable for both skirmish and missions. They all reflect this or that location in my universe.

1. Arthandir Prime.
A terrestrial planet that belonged in ancient times to the Hyperborean Empire. But then, after the fall of Hyperborea, many galactic states united in the Artandir Empire, centered on this planet. Here you are allowed to fight with 3 other players for control of the world. The Alliance faction has a bonus mini-faction Artandir, which is summoned with the help of the hero of the Archmage. On the battlefield, you can summon Artandir military equipment. And also use a seismic superweapon against the enemy. This map is for 4 players.

2. Enminluan Gamma.
In ancient times, this planet belonged to the Great Intergalactic Impeccable Empire. Here you are allowed to lead the army of this empire. It is commanded by a great commander from the dragonoid race named Shikulti-Pinurti. The player controls the military base of the Impeccable Empire. The main task is to destroy all enemies on the map, and at the same time fight the accomplices of the dark god Cerberum. Shikulti-Pinurti has an excellent arsenal of abilities that will help in the fight against huge forces of enemies. For interesting gameplay you need to choose 1 - as player, and other 4 players make enemies (Hard level).

3. Mensei Guapalamo.
The main planet Guapalamo-1 is an exoplanet, that is, suitable for human habitation. The main population is also made up of people, and there are more than 2 billion of them. But the peculiarity of Guapalamo-1 is that there are practically no continents, and almost the entire planet is covered by the world's oceans. 2 billion people live on large islands and atolls. There are at least 10 skyscraper cities that literally stick out of the water. But an even more interesting feature is the Monolith of Mensei Guapalamo, which, according to scientists, is more than 30,000 years old. This is a skirmish map for 2 players.

4. Etterium.
Ettterium was an isolated world in the Far Worlds sector. He belonged to the etterlings, the descendants of humans and hecatoncheires. Today this world is in chaos. The Etterlings have entered a war with the Androphages, a hostile race of cannibals who worship the god Cerberum. The player will have to fight both with 4 other opponents, and with armies of androphages. The Alliance faction has access to Etterling troops. In addition, there is a neutral etterling settlement on the map, in which you can call on their additional forces to help. This map is for 5 players.

5. Sharkalli Prime.
Before the creation of the Impeccable Empire, this world belonged to the state of the Eight Sharcally. Eight great kings ruled over the planet and surrounding systems. Now this world of pyramids and ziggurats is in danger due to the arrival of the huge armies of Cerberum. The player is allowed to fight with 3 opponents, and at the same time, if desired, rid the planet of demonic soldiers. The player has reliable defense from plasma turrets and a bonus hero with special abilities. This map is for 4 players.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Download link:
Far Past planets
Battles of Pain pack

To install it well, you need to put all maps (w3x files) to WarcraftIII\Maps folder. Activate it from skirmish game mode.

Thank you very much for seeing this! This is not the end.

World of Infinitas project (Warcraft III)

Here you are the information about Warcraft III realization of my own sci-fi universe. You can find many interesting maps (missions and skirmish-like). This year was very productive, because i created the biggest packs about my world. Lets go!

I. Kurosagi-Prime.

Kurosagi-Prime is a cold and unfriendly planet in the Kurosagi star system. This land is under control of the mighty Farruh Empire. And now you are having a good chance to help them against the Achaeron League.

Maps size type: big
Map landscape: snow islands
Players: 4
AI working: Alliance, Horde. (Undead and Elves are unstable)
Neutral enemies: agressive
Arthefacts: all types
Gameplay level and conditions: medium

II. Folkirk-3 Campaign.

Folkirk Campaign is a map pack for Warcraft III about my own sci-fi universe. Here you can take part in the biggest battle of the universe, year 2595.
Map pack is about this dangerous period for the whole Coalition in 2595 AD. There you need to defeat League by many ways. You will take part in defence missions, in attack missions also and even in a mission, where is the main task - to help one battle captain get out from surrounding situation and save lives of his warriors. Its have almost 10 quality and large-scale maps.

Level of AI: Hard\Very Hard
Neutral enemies: agressive
Arthefacts: all types
Gameplay level and conditions: hard

Every map is letting you to use new units and heroes about my own sci-fi universe. You can drive them in battles and make a natural apocalypse for enemies.

III. Infinitas Elite Maps.

This is Elite map pack for Warcraft III about my own sci-fi universe, which i am working since 2008 year. Here is the list of more skirmish maps, then missions, but its interesting too. Its have 7 different maps-planets, which can bring you really interesting and hardcore gameplay.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Neutral enemies: agressive
Arthefacts: all types
Gameplay level and conditions: hard

Installation: all maps you must put to your Maps folder in Warcraft III game directory. Activate them from the skirmish game mode.
I don`t know about the Reforged adaption, but you can try to play it with this version too.

Thank you!


Project team:
BagaturKhan, DarkkozDarka, FreeDude, MaxProhnitski

Here you are the Non-official Mission pack for ZH about the sci-fi universe, created by me. Consist of many scripted missions with a lot of effects and hardcore gameplay.

All these maps are not for beginners, but for very proffesional Zero Hour gamers (veterans of online maybe). Neophites will simply loose all battles. Because the game level here is a Very Hard in all aspects. Many missions having the style of Base-Defence. So you have a big start base and normal army, but you must in 20-30 minutes hold back the enemy. Difficulty is in the hard attacks of AI. AI here is a very difficult to challenge and very clever. Its trying to search weak places of your defence and hit there. Resourses sometimes are really low, and you haven`t got enough money to build a cool army. So the gameplay is making you more calculating. You must think about the battle decisions, you must save your game very often because of it. In 90% missions you will have a task - Hold The Line till the reinforcements.

Download links:
Missions "Defeat of Man-Tzhou", "Aisin Dorgonj War" and "Holy War 2499"
Campaign map pack "Lemuria"
Campaign Map pack "Dark Times 2190"
Campaign map pack "Additional campaigns of the galaxy"
Campaig Map pack "2596 Kraskovo Civil War"

You need to install this campaigns to your Maps folder. Activate it from skirmish game mode.
Some maps are not for original ZH game, but for non-official mods like "Shockwave" or "SWG". Read the descriptions carefully.

Regards Alex

Stories and AARs / "New Universe" main information
« on: December 05, 2020, 01:24:04 PM »
Hello friends. As you know, i am russian sci-fi\fantasy writer . Wanna show you a bit of my sci-fi universe. Its about the saga of 2596 year AD, when galaxy turns to the period of Acheron war between Intergalactic Coalition and Achaeron League. This universe sometimes can remind you HALO, Mass Effect or Stargate, but its my unique work, so all ideas, which you`ll find there, are my own, and didn`t taken from other worlds.

Main plot is about the great galactic conflict with name as Achaeronian War. This conflict affected not only the Milky Way Galaxy, but other galaxies too.


Rise of the Acheronian League.
(or what triggered the beginning of the Acheronian War in the galaxy in general)

The League's ascension began with the Gathering of the Consistorium of the Great Races on the planet Acheron Prime, which belongs to the Unn-chor Empire. After the Draconian War, the hatred of many civilizations for the Elfurr state increased hundreds of times. If earlier the mysterious race of Elfurr was treated with great suspicion, but at the same time they preferred not to rant about its tyrannical foundations, then after the elimination of the Ser-Azzrai regime on Kroko, the situation changed. Elfurr raids on draconian planets and on the worlds of Kosatti have rocked the galaxy. Even when the dictatorship of Ser-Azzrai fell, most civilizations no longer regarded Elfurr as allies. At the end of 2592, a massive exit from the Coalition of entire interstellar states followed. The first to leave the Coalition of the Galaxy were Unn-Chor, led by the high priest Olmek R-Llandris. The second was followed by Ho-Nari, led by the high priest Fei Hoa. Sozidaus came third, making this final decision at the Council of Four. Some of the Aranguto states also followed the great races who did not trust the Coalition's pro-Elfurrian rule. Soon, at least 8 civilizations left the Coalition. The Khazaars, Kosatti and Ara-Nii had not previously been part of any associations. The Elfurr did not prevent many races from leaving, but they warned them that they were making an irreparable mistake. St-Finghi was the last to leave the galactic alliance. Following them, two human states, such as Neo-Liberon and Geranium, announced separation. The Elfurrian pharaoh Senuhsert called the act of these people unreasonable and warned about their difficult future without the Coalition.

A few months later, in 2593, civilizations and states that left the Coalition of the Galaxy began to cooperate with each other. Olmec R-Landdris has invited rulers of all races who are unfriendly towards Elfurr. On the planet Acheron Prime, the first meeting of the leaders of states that left the Coalition took place. The first meeting was named the Liberty Staircase. The Coalition was concerned about the gathering of large empires that were formerly part of the galactic association. Empress Farrukh Yuay Ang called this advice a dangerous undertaking. Many leaders of the Coalition expressed concern that the meetings organized by Olmec and calls for unification into a new alliance threaten a total split in the Galaxy. Fleet Admiral Zarina Menchfidel of the Elfurr Empire described Olmec's actions as an attempt to unleash an all-out galactic war. Olmec denied his participation in the anti-Elfurr association. He reported that the meetings held at Acheron Prime were not related to the discussion of the Elfurr aggression. But a month later, a new summit was held under the leadership of Olmec and his allies. The summit announced the creation of the Acheronian League in opposition to the Coalition of the Galaxy. Olmec R-Llandris officially announced the creation of a new association. He did not call his alliance Anti-Elfurr, but did mention that the League would be firmly opposed to any aggression. The Coalition Board called the Acheronian League "a dangerous organization of otherworldly people seeking power."

Closer to the standard April 2593 (in Earth reckoning), the Acheronian League first intervened in the affairs of another state. The anti-Elfurr sentiments instilled by Olmec and his comrades have spread to a good half of the galaxy. Because of this, massive protests began on thousands of planets. Demonstrations were usually suppressed by the Coalition's intelligence services, and the instigators were sent to prisons. But riots continued to erupt. In the Castambol Federation, a rebellion broke out against the local president who supported Elfurr. The people of Castambol took over the government quarter overnight, killing all the authorities. The rebels announced the joining of the federation to the Acheronian League. They called Elfurr the greatest threat in the universe. Olmec R-Landis willingly took the rebels under his wing, even though they were human. Since the annexation of Castambol, anti-Elfurr calls have been heard more and more frequently at League meetings. It all ended with the League's representatives closing all their consulates in the territories of the Coalition. There was a complete diplomatic rift between Acheron and the Coalition of the Galaxy. One of the prominent representatives of the Coalition's psi-special forces, Frederic Kartavin, called this step a declaration of war. The League also announced that it was not going to start a war with Elfurr, but at the same time it would not maintain any relationship with them. In the territories of Acheron, the Elfurric language was banned. All elfurr representatives have been expelled.

The last straw was a quarrel between the League leadership and the Earth Alliance closer to 2595. The last negotiations between the President of the Earth Joanna Kilich and the head of Acheron ended in a conflict situation. Joanna called Olmec "a power-hungry four-armed demon." Olmec told Kilich that "her pathetic planet Earth will be destroyed for such insults." The Farrukh office immediately sent a note of protest to the League leadership. Elfurr called such insults in the negotiations unacceptable. It all ended with the Acheronian flotilla hitting Earth's merchant ships in the disputed sector of Betelgeuse. The merchants called for reinforcements from the nearby Mirandolina space base. The help quickly destroyed the League's fleet in this system. Upon learning of the attack on his ships, Olmec ordered to send three combat armada to Betelgeuse. The Earthlings immediately requested help from Elfurr. The Elfurrian Allied Flotilla helped stop the League's advance. After the defeat of Acheron at Betelgeuse, Olmec convened a new summit, inviting all the allied leaders there. At the meeting, he formally declared war on the Elfurr Empire and the entire Galaxy Coalition. The war was supported by all representatives of the League, without exception.

My main book, which is WIP now, have name "Revenge of Tyrants. The New Universe".

Stories and AARs / Throne of Pendragon. Chronology of the Forgotten War.
« on: December 04, 2020, 11:10:46 PM »
481 - 485 AD
Arthur Pendragon becomes Roman Emperor through the power of the Holy Grail. He founds his own empire and soon removed the concept of "Rome" from it. The Knights of the Round Table become his loyal generals, and some even provincial governors. Merlin is rightfully the supreme chancellor. However, everything changes, thanks to the machinations of Lord Mordred, the governor of the East, who is rumored to be Arthur's illegitimate son. Some believe that he was not a son for the king, and the ruler only adopted a boy, picked up on the street. At first, Mordred tries to come to terms with the lords about the overthrow of Pendragon. Some of the nobles condemn the aspirations of the governor of the East to seize power. Others feel empathy. However, a whole league of nobles soon formed, which would not mind taking advantage of the situation in the Pendragon Empire and splitting the country into several parts. In the same year, a meteorite falls in the region of Western Anatolia, which immediately interests Mordred. The Governor rushes to the crash site with loyal troops, and soon discovers there a strange artifact known as the Splinter. Mordred takes the relic from the meteorite for himself, and orders to bury the place of the fall. For unknown reasons, a rapid change in personality begins in the Knight of the Round Table. His strange behavior repels even the conspiratorial lords. The only exception is Lord Andarin, who studies the artifact together with his ruler. In 485, Mordred announces the separation of the East from Arthur's empire. Lord Finian, commander of the troops in Europe, immediately organized his own league and also separated from the country. Then there are branches of the governorships of the North-East and other eastern territories. Rebel lords such as Malagant, Finian, Guilden, Belén, and Vindex revolt against King Arthur. Thus, new states are formed. Mordred remains to rule in the East in Constantinople. The Fragment's power greatly increases its power. The Great War for the Throne of Pendragon begins.

Year 486-489 AD
The Great War for the Throne of Pendragon is underway with varying degrees of success. Arthur's troops, led by Lancelot, gain the upper hand both in Britain and in all the borderlands. Lancelot utterly crushes Finian's troops in Eastern Europe, and then eliminates the resistance of Lord Vindex. Sir Dagonet organizes an operation to destroy Malagant's troops in Romania and Bessarabia. Mordred plans to strike at southern Italy, where Arthur is entrenched along with Merlin. However, Merlin sends a powerful psi-storm to Mordred's flotilla. A monstrous storm destroys up to 300 enemy ships. Mordred calls off the operation and continues to fight in his territories. The Grail Knights' cavalry, along with Lancelot, inflicts three defeats on the troops of Mordred in Greece. Fights have been going on for more than 4 years throughout Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa. Arthur is getting closer and closer to the domain of his former Knight of the Round Table. However, fortune soon intercepts for Mordred. He successfully defeats Guilden's army and weeds out Malagant from Macedonia. The Fragment's power gives Mordred an incredible amount of energy. The black knight personally participates in battles and slays thousands of enemies. His sword glows with a mysterious blue flame that makes even allied forces tremble. Three months later. he conquers all of Greece and defeats Lancelot. Mordred then defeats Gawain's army in Bessarabia. The Black Knight again forms a large flotilla to capture the Holy Grail. He knows that he lies not far from Rome in one of Arthur's residences. With the help of the Fragment, Mordred opens a portal from Bessarabia right into the heart of Northern Italy - to the Eternal City of Rome. He orders the flotilla to block all ports of Arthur's Empire. Soon Mordred appears at the walls of Rome with a hundred thousand army. Arthur rushes towards him along with Merlin and the faithful knights. In the decisive battle, Arthur kills Mordred. But he wounds him with a sharpened piece of Debris. Thus, two great rulers are killed in battle. The Arturians win the battle, but are left without their master. The body of King Arthur is taken by the druids of Merlin and taken to the mysterious land of Avalon. The Great War for the Throne of Pendragon ends.

Year 490 AD.
Merlin's research revealed that the Splinter was a mysterious relic created by unknown beings. He read only one single word on it, which for some reason remained on it. The word resembled the name of an unfamiliar creature and sounded like Lodegrance. Soon, Merlin completely destroyed the Fragment along with the loyal druids. They performed a whole magical ritual at Stonehenge and put an end to the mysterious miasma emanating from the piece of meteorite forever.
Further information about Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table has been lost.

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