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Bethesda Mods / The Hordelands Of Morrowind
« on: July 08, 2011, 02:02:14 AM »
OK, so the original version of The Hordelands Of Morrowind has been scrapped, but I have started a new version that will be completely independant of the Morrowind, Bloodmoon, and Tribunal master files, though it will still require that you have all three installed. This new version is going to have a completely new landmass and setting (based on my Horde Lands mod for Mount & Blade), an expanded selection of armor and weapons, more than 30 playable races (including my own custom race Keedo's Goblins), hundreds of new creatures from common farm animals to classic monsters such as dragons and gelatinous cubes, an expanded selection of pack "animals" (including the pack rat, pack krin, and several varieties of pack guars and pack boars), and more undead than you can shake a holy symbol at! It will include many gameplay enhancements, such as Galsiah's Character Development (though it will be optional). Other enhancements will be required but not included. For example, it will require the installation of Necessities Of Morrowind, Morrowind Comes Alive, Vampire Hunger, and Vampire Embrace as I will be using many of the resources from them, but players will have the option of disabling the scripts of those mods during character creation. No other esms or esps will need to be loaded to play the game, unless they are mods of THOM. More info and screenshots to come soon, though I currently have no ETA for an initial release. Keep an eye on the Progress Report thread for the latest info about this mod. I will also post updates here from time to time.

Planned Features
  • Integration of Galsiah's Character Development (Done) - A vastly improved attribute/skill/levelling system. It will however be optional in case anyone actually prefers Morrowind's original system.
  • Integration and expansion of Necessities Of Morrowind - Though NOM itself will probably be required to be downloaded separately, it will be an integral part of this mod and with the addition of many new creatures, plants, and ingrediants, I will be expanding on NOM's cooking.
  • Integration of certain parts of Morrowind Comes Alive - Though MCA will probably be required to be downloaded separately, some of its features will be an integral part of this mod.
  • Integration of Vampire Hunger & Vampire Embrace - These two mods will have to be downloaded separately. Though their inclusion will be optional, I will be creating a large amount of content for vampire players.
  • Interactive Character Generation process - After the initial phase of chargen (Name, race/gender, class, birthsign), there will be additional phases that are dependant on various choices from the initial phase. For example, the choice of starting locations will vary based on your race and class, but there will also be a few choices (such as survivor of a shipwreck) that will be available regardless of your initial choices.
  • Completely new map based on the map from my Hordelands mod for Mount & Blade. I will be using many of the same town and village names, though there are many more races than in that mod, and some races will be relocated (most notably the Dark Elves/Drow who are being moved underground and their place on the surface is being given to the Sho).
  • Silt Striders are being replaced with horse/guar-drawn carriages.
  • Players will be able to start their own towns/strongholds, and build a variety of structures based on your chosen architectural style. The culture you choose will have an effect on the types/races of npcs that are attracted to your town.
  • More details to come soon....

Bethesda Mods / Keedo's Goblins for Morrowind
« on: July 05, 2011, 07:39:59 PM »
This mod creates a new playable race called Goblins. The race is balanced based on the 310/45 rule. They have low-level nightvision (same as the Night Eye spell, but weaker and constant) and a 50% resistance to poison. Also, they have a 60-second Frenzy power which increases their agility, speed, endurance, and attack.

The ears are a hair mesh and thus disappear when a helmet is worn. Due to the shape of their head, the back of the head sticks through the back of some helmets and there is clipping of the face with some helmets as well.

The head/ears are retextured versions of the Playable Scamp by redwoodtreesprite. The beast-version feet are retextured versions of AlienSlof's better argonian feet. All other body parts are retextured versions of the Better Bodies High Elf.

Currently both bodies are nude, though in the future I plan to make non-nude versions for those who would rather not have nudity in their game. Both male and female have only 1 face each with six different eye colors, but no vampire heads. The differences between the male and female faces is subtle. Additionally, both genders currently have only one hair style...bald. In the future I plan to add a more faces and hair styles, as well as vampire heads.

To get the mod, go here: Keedo's Goblins v1.1
Or you can visit the official thread for this mod here:

General Chatter - The Boozer / Looking for a specific 3D guestmap...
« on: April 19, 2011, 10:48:56 PM »
A while back I ran across a 3d flash (at least I think it was flash) guestmap to be added to websites. It featured a 3-dimensional, rotatable Earth showing the continents broken up into countries and states that allowed users to post their location on the globe, showing up as colored points of light and the end result was something like looking at the Earth from space and seeing the lights of cities. I've done all kinds of google searches and for the life of me, can't seem to find anything even remotely like it. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Maybe it no longer exists and that's why I can't find it in a search, but if you know what I'm talking about, please let me know. I'd love to add it to my site.


That's right.... It's a giant hamburger with two pizzas for buns!!! I mean how awesome is that? Why don't I never think of these kinds of things?!

Bethesda Mods / Bathhouse Mini-Mod for Morrowind
« on: April 13, 2011, 07:10:04 PM »
So what is this bathhouse? Just what it sounds like... Like the ancient Roman bathhouses, this is a public building with a large pool of water for bathing and socializing. Unlike the Roman bathhouses however, mine also features two public showers. The showers are something I am quite proud of, though they have little effect on the game itself. When you enter the shower room, there will be a valve on the wall of the shower. When you turn the valve, all of your clothes and armor will be removed, water will come pouring out of the grate at the top of the shower, and you will gain a 30 second stamina spell to reflect the fact that you feel refreshed and invigorated. While it will not be explicitly stated, the shower stalls are also intended to function as public bathrooms.....

The inspiration for this mod came from the fact that while there are sewers in this game.... there are not actually any toilets or visible plumbing that would actually connect to those sewers other than from fountains and that just seems silly to me to have these vast underground sewer systems for no purpose other than fountains...

Version 1.0

This version is merely a modder's resource containing no npcs or creatures, no cell path grid, and only minimal decorations. Modders are free to add Bathhouse to their mod and modify it as they see fit, as long as I am given credit. :)
Download Links for Version 1.0
Source 1 (The Road To Nowhere):
Source 2 (Planet Elder Scrolls) :

Version 2.0

This version is a full mini-mod featuring 3 npcs (1 guard and 2 bathers), more decorations, and a short quest (talk to Selia Demure to start it). The entrance to the Bathhouse is located on the outside lower level of the Vivec Foreign Quarter.
Download Links for Version 2.0
Source 1 (The Road To Nowhere):
Source 2 (Planet Elder Scrolls) :

General Chatter - The Boozer / Share Your Music
« on: August 22, 2009, 09:21:51 AM »
If you're in a band, or know someone in a band and would like to share your/their music with the users of this site, go to and create an account , if you don't already have one. Playlist.Com does not host music files. However, if you already have your music files hosted somehere, you can Submit your song URLs to's search engine. Once you've submitted your songs, you can then Add Songs To Our Public Playlist...or any of your own playlists for that matter. :) The Public Playlist will be added to the rotation of random playlists that is displayed on my website's front page, and will also be added to the page that displays all of our playlists.

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