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That also sounds like a good blend!
Quote from: Eric Matyas on August 03, 2020, 08:16:41 PM
On my Funny 7 page:


What amazing work, thank you for your service :P
I only get more excited about this - I've been pouring a lot of time into Graveyard Keeper recently, as well as Moonlighter, both of which feel somewhat similar to what you're going for? Keep us updated!
Bigosaur / Re: The Game is ON
August 05, 2020, 06:43:38 PM
This looks neat! The mechanics remind me a little bit of Baba Is You, another excellent puzzle game.
The Welcome Hall - Start Here! / Re: Introduction
June 08, 2020, 07:51:47 PM
Hey Leafly! Good to meet you. I'm the tech person around here at Exilian, so if you have any questions then let me know :)
I'm glad Neofeud has been going so well for you! I'm going to purchase a copy for next week, when my teaching commitments end and I'll have a little more spare time on my hands (whilst still being stuck at home, so it's the ideal time to get into something like this)
Quote from: comrade_general on July 15, 2018, 02:25:49 PM
Ms. Anderson...

So that's actually where the last-name part of the pen-name comes from! Ever since I saw The Matrix when I was, like, nine? Maybe ten? I've associated the name 'Anderson' with anonymity. It's a pretty good 'every-man' name.
Yessss I will do this.

I'd prefer not historical, but shove me wherever you need me :P

Credit: Lisbeth Anderson (I'm trying this pen-name thing...)
I've been really busy, so mostly I'm playing things I can drop in and out of without too much effort:

-Slay the Spire is a beautiful roguelike deck-builder that everyone should check out, on Steam's Early Access
-Stardew Valley continues to hold my soul. I downloaded a mod that lets me date Pam, the beer-drinking, bus-driving battleaxe who holds my heart <3
-Phaorah is a SUPER old city-builder, which I got from GOG recently, along with a mod to improve graphics performance on modern machines. I shall rule the Nile, and live forever.
Quote from: Silverspook on June 18, 2018, 07:28:07 AM
Thanks Lizard! Good luck with your STEM teaching. I coached a lot of Lego robotics and some VEX during my time working with the at-risk urban kids, and it was some very rewarding work.

Lego robotics workshops are actually my favourite to teach! Especially with at-risk/SEN/'disengaged' students. I'm definitely interested in getting a copy of Neofeud when I've got the funds to invest, it might provide a nice jumping-off point. Would I be alright to develop something around this work, if I could come up with something? Obviously you'd be fully credited and I wouldn't be messing with Neofeud itself - and I'd be happy to provide you any resources around it that I come up with.

We can probs get other people here to yell, too.
I feel somewhat late to the party on this one, but I also teach STEM and this looks like an amazing project tackling some important issues! I will definitely add it to the Steam wishlist!
Hi Nicole!

I'm guessing, if successful, we'll work quite closely together - I'm currently heading up the tech side of things, and I also know some stuff about social media, so drop me a line if you have any questions!
Flyers are as good as cards :) so long as people don't go home and can't remember who you were!

Also consider putting together a 'convention kit'... sticky tape, blu-tack, pair of scissors, paper + pens, instant coffee sachets ;)
@Koob, that looks insanely fun (and like it could cause me to make bad decisions and then feel bad about myself? Is it that sort of game? Because I love that sort of game, in how I like to explore how much of a terrible human being I am)

Speaking of that sort of game, I've been seeing a lot of progress in mixed reality recently - I'd love to see some experiments with people playing VR games about the horrors of humanity (i.e. they make terrible decisions because all humans are terrible things) and then measuring those in-game choices against the reactions of people watching the game take place.

I, on the other hand, have done ZERO game dev recently. Been too busy playing with neural nets and terrible romance novels...