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Europe 1080 / Re: Bug Reports
« on: April 19, 2013, 09:27:57 AM »
Thanks Dimos, for welcoming me. Although I have pointed out several negative things above let me assure you that I really appreciate playing this mod. It is wonderful to walk around in Lisbon or Venice and the other towns that have a well-worked and much improved scenery. The University of Cordoba is a good idea! I understand there must an enormous amount of work behind this. You are a stayer! Also the monastery in Sinai (I believe) is magnificent! There are some unexpected details that make me smile – like the falling bridge in Four Ways Inn. A lot of other details as well, food and other items scattered around on tables etc. contribute to the feeling that there are actually people living here.
The tavern fight in Rome is great!

Back to bug-reporting:
When fighting faction parties the cavalry of enemy troops almost always dismount at the beginning of the battle and join the infantry. I have observed this in all the battles I have had: fighting the Scots, French, Egyptians, Kingdom of Navarre, and Lithuanians. The various mounted bandits and deserters do not do this – except on one single occasion when all the mounted mountain bandits stepped down from their horses. Intended or a bug? I can see little tactical reason for them dismounting. It is more fun fighting mounted enemies, and after all this is Mount & Blade!

Europe 1080 / Re: Bug Reports
« on: March 22, 2013, 02:59:46 PM »
Everytime I approach Bucharest I get several messages "Quest completed: Escort pilgrims to {s8}."
I have never had such a quest.

Europe 1080 / Re: Bug Reports
« on: March 22, 2013, 12:09:09 PM »
Some place names to be corrected:

In Morocco: Arzou should be Azrou, Marakesh should be Marrakesh
In Algeria: Agliers Castle should be Algiers Castle
In Portugal: Coibra should be Coimbra
Austria: Insbruck should be Innsbruck
Germany: Nuremburg should be Nuremberg, Bradenburg should be Brandenburg.
Poland: Warsow should read Warsaw
Sweden: Halmstaad should be Halmstad
Denmark: Coge probably refers to Køge. If the Danish alphabet cannot be used I suggest Koge.
England: Cadiff should be Cardiff
France: Bordeux should be Bordeaux, Narbone should read Narbonne
Italy (Sardinia): Calgiari should be Cagliari
Russia: Rostock (between Kiev and Moscow on the world map). Actually the city of Rostock is in northern Germany. There is a Russian town called Roslavl at the place of Rostock on the world map which seems to be an old town, perhaps existing in 1080.

Europe 1080 / Re: Bug Reports
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:34:40 AM »
The castle of Iasi has no functional chest to put things in.

Europe 1080 / Re: Bug Reports
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:32:33 AM »
Something is wrong in the tavern of Rome.
It is always crowded with drunkards, 3 NPC-like characters (named Dranton, Xerina and Kradus) and one mercenary (Watchman, Caravan Guard, thug or whatever). Starting a fight with one of the drunks will involve everyone in the tavern, great fun, but probably not intended!

The idea is probably that drunks should appear as randomly as NPCs and mercenaries in all taverns. I have not seen any of them in other taverns than Rome.
When talking to the NPC-like characters in Rome they use the dialogue from mercenaries (Do you have a need for mercenaries, sir? ...looking for a master...", but these NPC-likes are impossible to hire.

The merrcenary in that tavern behaves normally.

Europe 1080 / Re: Bug Reports
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:20:21 AM »
The scenes are bugged in the villages of Parma and Bratislava. No houses, fences or other infrastructure. Sometimes villagers dancing in the corner.

Red text on screen:
Unable to load scene objects!
scn_village_102 (Parma)
scn_village_106 (Bratislava)

The village of Mazyr is bugged as well. No infrastructure.

Europe 1080 / Re: Bug Reports
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:12:36 AM »
Hmm, this topic has been inactive for a while, but I cannot find any other place to report bugs.

I am playing Europe 1080 v. 0.27 on Mount & Blade 1.011 (enhanced version). First of all thanks for making mods for this version of M&B, I prefer it to Warband!
I really like Europe 1080, having played for about 100 game days now, good authentic large map, all the different troops - keep up the good work!

I play as an independent and has been in war with Scotland, France and Navarre. I have taken Iasi castle and put a lot of troops there. Got a peace offer from Scotland that I accepted.

Bug report:
My save got corrupt while acting with the assassins guild.
I entered the tavern in that particular town, went downstairs, found a door with "Go to tavern" (which is a bit odd since I was already in the tavern). Got through that door and another door and found some assassins in an Arabic-looking township. The two assassins didn't get me any further. I messed around and found the assassin leader, got the quest to kill enemies, completed quest and became a member of the assassin’s guild. Went back to the first two assassins, one of them would sell me equipment, I refused the daggers "I don't have the right type of money", then refused the cloak with the same reason, got the usual option "Left-click to exit". Left-clicking didn't work, neither did TAB or ESC, had to use Alt-F4 to exit. After that I could not restore my save, it stops at "Launching Game..."
Windows gives a popup message "Microsoft Visual C++Runtime Library. Runtime Error!" etc.

Any suggestions on how to recover my save?

Edit: On second thought I have deleted the name of the town where I found the assassins guild - in order not to spoil the game for others!

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