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I have a commodore 64 emulator on my machine now as well as DOSbox :P
...and precisely how many C64 games are still worth bothering with?  ???

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Re: What have you painted/converted today
« on: September 11, 2016, 09:50:36 PM »

I'm pleased with my recent attempts to clear a few things from my plate. I really want to get some Gorkamorka going so the pressure is on to finish some outstanding projects!

Anyway, here's the Shoota Boyz with details on each one:

From left to right:
1. Ork with Big Shoota - originally based on a conversion from the third edition 40K Ork codex I decided to combine two Adam Baldwin characters and ended up with this lad.

2. A new shoota - to me at least. The third ed. plastic Ork boyz didn't have that design!

3. Bayonets were another new thing the newer version of the Ork Boyz sprue introduced.

4. Another custom hat - an army helmet with the classic 'Nam Ace of Spades tucked into it. Bit of conversion work on the shoota too.

5. A new head but an old arm. Back in the day Stikk Bommas were a separate unit and had metal arms that were compatible with the standard plastic sprue. Dat'z one of 'em! The shoota is a combination of a slugga, shoota, and the extra magazine on the new Ork Boy sprue.

6. Past me named this guy "Da Kraftsman" but I cannot for the life of me remember why. His weapon is a standard shoota extended with a plastic tube and wrapped with dental tape. The reticule is from the Lootas sprue. The taped mags are the spare mags from the sprue. The chain is just greenstuff.

7. This guy isn't the prettiest but he's 100% my own work. The shotgun, the head, the legs, the arms, yep. Pretty proud of that. A Fox Box basic Orc head, Brute torso, shotgun, and basic Orc legs.

8. Another of my shotguns although the rest, including the arms, I think, is stock. The head is from the Ork Warbiker sprue.

9. Another mag swap and some sort of mess of a helmet!

10. It's a kilt. An old sculpt I did for when I lived in Scotland and the missus came to visit. He was an experiment in painting with washes. It didn't really work out but I'm keeping him, damnit.

11. A G.R.O.S.S. inspired paper hat, some jaws on the shoulders, a Warhammer Fantasy torso, and a couple of drums joined to form a Beta-C mag. The rest of the shoota is custom.

12. A Kromlech Orc head and a Ramshackle Games cast of my shotguns (not my arms).

13. My head sculpts today aren't the best but they've come a long way. This is one of my very old head sculpts that I never released. The arm is from the Battlewagon sprue, the torso is from the Mek in the Lootas box I think. The shoota is a combination of two sluggas, some tubing, and another drum mag.

14. Another full sculpt! My version of the single-barrel shotgun and a jester's cap. I love wearing those things.

15. A Loota head that I rather like, Ramshackle Games' version of my shotgun (the arm sculpted by the marvellous Curtis Fell), another of those metal stikkbomb arms, a Gorkamorka plastic Ork Boyz stikkbomb, and a spare shotgun shell from another project (full brass).

16. This head was in my bitz box with lots of parts carved off. Not sure what happened to it but I did a bit of basic rebuilding and added the "Manik" glyph (meaning "Insane"). The shoota is one of my Fox Box Create-a-Shoota ones.

17. Full Fox Box parts plus a fairly badly sculpted dunce's cap. The shoota is another Create-a-Shoota jobby.

18. Slugga, plastic tubing, dental tape, and a spare mag from the Ork Boyz sprue. The torso is a brilliant one from the Ork Warbikers kit, and the head is from Puppets War.

19. I've always been rather fond of The Sniper's Bloke's Bucket Hat from Team Fortress 2. The rest is stock Fox Box stuff.

20. One of the currently unreleased Create-a-Shoota v.2 builds (although the barrel is out there). The head is stock but with a cut-down Ork Boyz iron gob and a flat cap.

21. Trader Jones from Charlie Chalk. Yep. That's his hat. The shoota is one of my Fox Box Create-a-Shoota and the legs are my Basic Orc legs.

22. Another unreleased Fox Box Create-a-Shoota v.2 builds. The head is a basic one with a Bart Simpson-inspired red cap. Yeah, that doesn't come up that much anymore but trust me, it was a thing.

23. Another one of my really old Orc Shotguns. Calvin waited forever for that propellor beanie and it didn't even fly.

24. More new Create-a-Shoota bitz and a bucket that turned out reasonably well. The lettering is dreadful but I'm quite pleased with the Col. Sanders.

25. Why not mix things up and go with a pair of my Orc Revolvers. I really need to get those in production again. He, like no. 3 is another 100% my own work jobbie.

26. Mostly stock but a Ramshackle Games cast of my Stryker-style Orc shotgun. The wraps on the arms are dental tape.

27. New bitz! New bitz! I really love these new Create-a-Shoota bitz. The head is from the biker sprue with a hair squig topknot (probably nicked from the head on Ork no. 9).

28. GW Power Klaw, Gorkamorka Nob back banner, Fox Box legs and Brute torso. The head is also a Fox Box one but I decided to have a go at rebuilding it for fun. It kind of turned out like a Rogue Trader era sculpt and for once I think that's actually a good thing. The waistcoat and hat were obviously added by me, as was the strap. The shotgun is a cut-down Ramshackle Games version of my double-barrel shotgun (predecessor to Ork no. 19's shotgun). Reloading that one-handed could be tricky so I added an Ammo Pal-style shell dispenser and shoulder strap for the shotgun.

29. Aaaall me here. Including the hot pink tiara. I discovered that my hot pink paint had dried up the other day and found that GW don't sell anything anywhere close. Odd. I didn't buy it from them initially but I assumed they'd have something appropriate for Chaos players. Apparently not. Oh and the shoota is another Fox Box Create-a-Shoota in case you hadn't guessed.

30. One of the earliest builds in the squad. The shoota's receiver and magazine are just greenstuff and his arms have dental tape on 'em. The head is a modified stock GW Ork head. I'm really not fond of the original as it has those goofy teeth that never looked good to me. It's a chamber pot on his head, by the way, not a teacup! I can't say I've ever painted pink flowers on anything else before...

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Re: What have you painted/converted today
« on: September 09, 2016, 10:46:28 PM »
That's the Nob done :D

I wanted to make him vaguely make sense so he has an ammo pal thingy on his belt and a strap for his shotgun to allow for one-handed operation  :)

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Re: What have you painted/converted today
« on: September 06, 2016, 11:00:40 AM »
They look great, good stuff!
Cheers! I've made a start on the Nob for them!

Well, I have now been introduced to Charlie Chalk and feel slightly less sure of my sanity than I did a few minutes ago.
I love Charlie Chalk. I still have a VHS tape from when I was a child. This may explain many things...

(Also, friendly reminder that the youtube tag doesn't need ' or " marks, just put the URL in directly as is :) )
I pasted the message from another forum. Each system has to introduce a bit of variety for reasons best known to the gods. Anyway, it was a URL tag  ;D

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Re: What have you painted/converted today
« on: September 05, 2016, 11:30:38 PM »
It's taken several years but at long last I have 30 Shoota Boyz (click for higher resolution images):

Head coverings and accessories are the theme as you've no doubt guessed. Yes that is a pink tiara at the back and there's also a rather obscure reference in there too.

Whilst taking the photos I took the opportunity to snag a few promo images for my products too:

As I really need to get some good photos on the front page of my site soon. The way I have it setup at the moment is a bit of a shambles!

Now I've started on an Ork Nob to lead the unit. Top hat, I'm thinking. Perhaps a waistcoat too.

Fox Box / Fox Box Orc Pickup Truck
« on: August 21, 2016, 05:48:25 PM »
It's taken about a year from beginning to end but then again it is the largest kit I've ever done.


There's 26 separate bits in the kit and I'm fairly proud of the lot. Hopefully other people will like it too!

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: What video games are you playing?
« on: July 27, 2016, 07:35:21 PM »
That sounds about like my experience with it so far. I'm not too bothered about the main plot but setting up my own empire of settlements is scratching my gaming itch nicely.

Fox Box / Re: Casting and sculpting for Fox Box and myself
« on: July 19, 2016, 02:13:49 PM »

Onto the next stage!

So now wheels have been cast, the chassis and axles are ready, the cabin needs a few more rivets, and wait - we need some crew right? Weapons would be a good shout too, I expect.

Here's the first cast from the mould. It needed a few tweaks and a certain prat forgot to remove the pedal masters from the driver's feet before pouring in resin but not bad overall!

I'm pleased that the fine details of the weapons survived:

If you want to replace them with something more post apocalyptic I'm sure you won't struggle. Personally I'm rather fond of the M60 and M202 FLASH (which would in no way be safe to mount on a vehicle like this!). I feel like I'm getting better at tweaking weapon proportions to match heroic scale - in the past I've found it difficult to stray from the real world proportions.

Fox Box / Re: Casting and sculpting for Fox Box and myself
« on: July 13, 2016, 08:41:02 PM »

Something to note about the new truck kit - it's designed to fit with other things:

It's a big enough kit that it needs to be on several separate sprues so I figure they'll probably be available separately.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: What video games are you playing?
« on: July 08, 2016, 10:39:26 AM »
I've been playing HunieCam Studio. It's actually fairly fun and it only cost me £1.70. Not bad for the four hours I've played it.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: What video games are you playing?
« on: July 07, 2016, 03:57:08 PM »
Quake 3 could never hold a candle to Unreal Tournament in my eyes.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: What video games are you playing?
« on: July 05, 2016, 09:47:25 PM »
How does Arkham Knight compare to the others?

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: What video games are you playing?
« on: July 05, 2016, 05:29:38 PM »
I'm having a go at Batman: Arkham Origins. So far it's been completely okay. I'm not expecting miracles.

Fox Box / Re: Casting and sculpting for Fox Box and myself
« on: June 17, 2016, 03:52:48 PM »
Not quite - my casting rig is setup but needs power. I'm waiting on the electrician to sort it out. Any day now...  :-\

Fox Box / Re: Casting and sculpting for Fox Box and myself
« on: June 17, 2016, 03:30:41 PM »
Here's a bit of work in progress:

It pairs with the (soon to be reissued) truck extension kit like this:

There's a few extra images in the album.

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