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No prob!

I put off doing any animation for years because it looked really complicated. Turned out there's just a few simple steps to follow
to get something looking half decent.

If you are ever interested in trying your hand at pixel art animation I can really recommend Pyxel Edit. Super user friendly and powerful.

Using this and watching some simple youtube videos was enough to get me started.

Here's one I used to learn how to do a walk animation using the same software.

Thanks Jubal!

Yeah I really am enjoying the animation process. There's going to be a hundred or so animated guests once I'm done (working off a few dozen base models). It should really help the place come alive once you have 9-10 animated characters on the screen at once.


Hi all. It's time for dev diary #16!

- Player walking animation.
- Working candles
- Shadowmap - ambient light integration
- Spawnable guests linked to a dialogue window
- the sexiest barrels you ever did see
- less waffling!

Hi all. Another busy week with gamedev this week. I did a wrap-up post linking to different screenshots over here:

Looks like you are making a lot of progress. The boats look great!

Thanks! ;-)

And, no, no problem at all. You can see that the general image I've had throughout has been consistent at least. ;-)


Doing some art work for the sake of updating the page etc. Gives you an idea of how the game should look once its closer to being finished. ;-)

Also carried out a pretty big update of the patreon landing page, where you can find more up to date information of what the game will be.

Oops! Yes. ;-)

Time for a new dev diary. #15!

Needless to say, that's all in your head! ;-)

Real devs!?!! ;-) 

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