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Using the spoiler tag sounds like a good idea, thank you! I could even use it to group the screenshots in categories. Hmm.

I originally saw value in allowing these synonyms to chaotically function since the societies of this fantasy realm often have their own accents are are very much "allowed" to have their own terms and perception, but I believe it didn't work so well in practice - it's hard to pin why, exactly.

I believe it's fair to assume that even the less-educated people people would be familiar with the commonly used terms and teachings. It wouldn't be based on the actual complexity of the doctrine, but rather on the commonality of usage. I mean, the Christian traditions are really complex, and the philosophers were disputing all sort of crazy definitions for centuries, but they were still using some generally known words, such as "God", "angel", "Satan". What exactly is an angel, what is "body of Christ"? 95+% of people asked about it couldn't express what they think and believe, but they would intuitively use these words for various purposes.

Hi there! I have a whole bunch of screenshots to show, they would turn this thread into a scrollfest... Please take a look at them here!

I’m glad I took some time to return to the very beginning of Roadwarden. So many changes throughout the entire prologue section, but I still like the first paragraph.

I'm really sorry, Jubal. I don't know why the forum skipped its notification for your question. And I'm sorry you recently feel blue / demotivated. The last 12 months is a nightmare irl.

to what extent are the walls in your setting meant to be actively versus passively defensive?

In my mind they are in 95% meant to serve as a barrier that keeps the local and especially the roaming creatures far away, with the assumption that if it failed, you would rather barricade inside one of the buildings, than fight them off. You can chase away a monkey or a smaller, flying beast, but most of the larger creatures willing to get inside are too dangerous for most people to bother. And if it's wrath of the herds that comes... You can't really stop that, no matter what you do.

The wall from Clean Spear is better at providing defensive capabilities since it allows to stop the bandits or other human groups from getting inside (merchants need extra protection), but as you may imagine, it's not really a setting with "sieges". The only siege weapon I can picture working in this world would be a ballista, but it's used by defenders to shoot at monsters. The term "siege weapon" actually doesn't exist in this world. : P


The many faces of the Clean Spear inn, previously known as a tavern.

The residence of the magic crafter. October 2019 vs February 2021.
I’m so, so happy with this one.

It’s been a year since the last time I visited Howler’s Dell... It now looks somewhat prettier. : )

I currently work on the ambient nature sounds for the game, and next week I’ll start writing new scenes and interactions, in the meantime updating the older illustrations... This winter is great for the game. ^^

I think so as well! The recycling of stone blocks was so common that it easily reached across the ages. I quite like it how in Witcher 3 (especially the Blood and Wine DLC) the player had an opportunity to restore various hamlets, but I feel like it's just one side of the coin.
Especially since once we establish that building materials are worth collecting and reusing, it makes the buildings which are left to itself even more interesting. It makes sense, for example, that a "haunted", burnt house becomes taboo.

Since both wood and stone are valuable building materials, the abandoned shelters usually get dismantled. The only ones which remain are either so difficult to reach that they are not worth the struggle, or are kept just in case, so that the locals have an option to quickly rebuild them once the better days arrive.

Keeping the ruins also comes with a risk - clearings lure those of the creatures which need space to build their own nests, while walls can be a solid basis for a new lair.

I think almost every artist starts as a terrible artist. : )

Thank you! I personally really like to see some behind-the-scenes WIPs of other artists, but I guess it doesn't really work in social media.

Creeks is the youngest and the smallest settlement in the peninsula, started by a group of refugees who fled from the war only twenty five years ago. At first supported by the locals, they had to quickly find a new home. They raised their settlement among the unclaimed hills, trying to tame the forest and its infertile soil, but with little success. The inexperienced newcomers, most of which used to be townsfolk, struggled to efficiently utilize the available resources. Cramped in small huts, forced to forage and hunt to survive, they lost many souls to hunger and beasts before the end of the first decade.

Those who survived grew close to one another, and the new generation considers the entire village to be a single, large family, where everyone is obliged to support all the other members of the community. Their humble crops are not enough to keep them healthy, but they do their best to master the art of carpentry, hoping to replace their dangerous hunting trips with trade.

Here goes the new Roadwarden devlog!

I cover the UI changes, the updated visuals, new tools for the players, the redesigned magic system... I tried to keep it short, but in general, autumn was great for the game, and I have high hopes for the winter season.

Thank you! I already wonder where I can take it later on, once the game gets released. : )

I hesitate to share the new visuals from the game since many of them would ruin a few surprises I’ve prepared for you, but as I get better at placing pixels, I sometimes have to take a step back and update this and that. Icons, UI, illustrations.

Here are two examples. The first one is the camp from the game’s opening section - the second picture ever finished for the project. Some of the mistakes I fixed now are a bit embarrassing.

The second one used to be a generic mountain road, just a background displayed as the player rides through the highlands. Now it’s not only adapted to the new visual style of the game, it’s also an actual in-game area, a place which can be explored and interacted with. 

A year ago I wouldn’t be able to just make this bridge and figure out how to add it to the picture... But here it is. I’m happy. : )

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