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Game Tutorials / Re: Occidental Heroes: The Complete Guide/Walkthrough
« on: September 26, 2021, 05:03:29 PM »
I have some tips to ad.

Selling loot and buying supplies:
Some places offer more expensive prices, ex, dont buy supplies from capriss because its worth 5 instead of the usual three. General rule is that big cities like the starting town, bessemburg...etc. Places that have a three cost are the best. This will be significant later on, buying supplies and selling loot never really ends. A good price for loot is almost 2 gold per loot piece. Worse prices are one loot for one gold.

Loot actually has a use beyond selling. Later in the game, you can trade it for new archer weapons in the natives village, since they dont use money.( You need a quest to get you on their good side, "Civilised Savage" (Jeri Wind-sense) unlocks this, he has a special quest.

Speaking of special quest...Characters like Unscrupulous War Profiteer (Simi the Boxman) and Jeri do have character development. They have special quests. Simis quest involves saving a priest.( keep accepting quests from monasteries. Same for Griff and so on. Just keep quest searching, then you will find a special quest and that if character will be involved more than normal. (Ex, Simi will speak up and give some suggestion instead of being a quiet npc, then its their special quest).

You want lots of supplies, the resolve loss is very painful if you are starving, loosing one point per block until you reach a major city( You could loose 15 resolve, or more if you go in a big forest w no pack animals and start starving ). You want to cross roads only which eat three food per step if you are low. Forest, and rocky hill will eat much more.

The quest reward hints at the battle difficulty. Deserters w a 100 gold prize quest is easier than deserters w a 160 prize quest. If you are not confident, just farm XP w delivery quest or random encounters for a while.

Special mention for Bessemburg and hettering. Bessemburg sells the best gear and I dont mean what is in the shop. If you venture to Hettering, a mining villlage deep in the forest, you have a chance to get an ore delivery quest. It is always an ore delivery quest to Bessemburg w a gain of about 110 gold w each delivery. It also unlocks on piece of powerful armor or weapon. It is expensive but it is much stronger than anything being sold. Each ore quest lets you buy one special piece of armor or weapon for one fighter. It has to be repeated many times for full gear. There seem to be a period of time before the quest resets, so do other things before checking.

I dont get why the twin swords has the lowest recommend, he does the most damage. You have to play smart with that class, because its fragile, dont always charge in unless its an easy fight or you have some help to divide the damage or cover from an archer. It is quite satisfying to trigger a double or even a triple attack w him.

one of the twin swords, Brother Hiri, starts w special holy swords. His weapon is almost end game quality, stores dont normally sell anything better. He will do a lot of damage. He can also skip cultist encounters, which is very useful early game, and you can filter how you build XP. ( bandits, and delivery quests or escort quests are easier for XP and money)

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