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Messages - Jafeth (Who is also here)

"if not senpai, why senpai shaped?"
I can do either but the 30th would probably work a little bit better for me as a friend is coming over that weekend.
"[Scotland] is less of a region and more of an armpit."
I'd be down to do 2 in May. The 19th is not ideal for me as I have Pathfinder the next day and the 29th I'm stabbing my friends consensually.
"I think that's just the contents of James' parents' freezer."
I have supplied an entry indeed.
Name: Jafeth

Why I want to be a citizen: I've been part of the Discord community for years now and I think it's about time. The community is an incredible place of wholesome people where I feel remarkably safe and I want to help keep it that way.

Achievements: I've done technical help for Coding Medieval Worlds and been a contributor to the Discord.

Type of application: Patronage
I'll have to call in from a hotel room but 28th works for me.