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OK, then Eduard Hill!

I think that informatics lessons (or however they're called) should be really implemented. For example, in my school, there is only informatics classes from 7th grade to 8th, which is ridiculous, considering as well that the teachers barely knows how to make columns in microsoft word. It was such an easy course that many of my classmates got out of the course, which wasn't even optional. Maybe kids should learn from early the benefits and dangers of having internet.

The older people, or that simply are ignorant of how important and massive internet is, should also get informed, although I'm wondering how they will.

EDIT: once I read the article, I think the person that made the mistake was the late girl. Why would she add someone she doesn't know? Why would she trust him? I know there must be an emotional or psychological problem (like of low self-esteem maybe) in between, but why didn't she mention it to someone?

Well, it kind of sucks that it doesn't have an AI yet, so you kinda can check out the units, the buildings, the scenery, game mechanics and all that. Imagine it as a slightly improved AoM, as it seems that the models have more polys.

It seems there is multiplayer enabled, but I haven't tested it out. I'm scared to get my ass whooped by some pro, as I've only fooled around with the game.

To sum it up, the game has potential, there are a lot of features and the team has put a lot of thought into it. One has to be patient, that's all. Accordings to the dev team, this year will have more progress that the last, where they started with small, individual parts of the game being developed separately, to the third alpha release. Maybe by the end of this year we might see the beta, but it's hard to say.

Total War Discussion - The Balcony / Your first TW game
« on: January 09, 2011, 08:11:42 PM »
Funny that they totally messed it up, although understandable, since they changed the whole engine.

On the side note, I finnaly found how to check the threads that I posted! Fell like a genius now :P

Wow, had a hard time finding this thread. Never noticed it before.

Thanks for putting it where it belongs!

Oh, ok... I also thought that 10 was the highest, which made me a bit more pissed off.

I guess the new title will sure increase activity :P

I guess Justin Bieber would be great, thanks. He's like a god (Has anybody seen his true internet story?)

This is the main thread for updates and discussion of 0AD.

The latest version of 0 A.D. is Alpha 16, and can be downloaded here.


So basically, 0 A.D. is an RTS developed by Wildfire Games, a modding community that got together, starting with their project "Rome at War", a mod for Age of Kings (AoE II anyone?), which added the roman civilization to the game, with new units, building and all that. This mod became quite successful, and soon the team started working out on a total conversion. But the limitations of the engine, together with the abandonment of interest of the original game (with new titles coming out), rang a toll on the project. However, another branch of Wildfire Games, that was developing a fantasy game based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Arda, suggested the possibility of creating their own engine, starting work and hope anew.

Now, after over 7 years of development, this project is starting to get to the final phase. Throughout the years, the developers have kept their fan base interested with concept art, historical articles and screenshots (which I must say are beautiful). Much time has passed, and the progress has been great. Today, one can download their "advanced" alpha version (second patch), and see the game oneself, free of charge. The goal for economic gains through their game isn't in their minds, as they only intend to enjoy and learn from this experience.

So I suggest you, fellow members, to check this game out. Even if you're not interested in checking out an incomplete game, just to keep an eye on it's development. The game has had a lot of thought into it, and it's comparable to a game where the developers are paid.

To be completely honest, it has been hard to write this... I got quite into with the page itself. I've actually learned quite a bit from their historical articles, and by god the game is amazing, considering that it's made entirely by part-time modders that won't even ask for you to pay for their product.

So, without further delay, here is their homepage, together with their latest news, download links, screenshots, historical articles, etc. Enjoy, and post your feedback! (And maybe you could include some rep, if you have some leftover ones you haven't spent *whistles*)

Spring Cleaning 2019 / New Member Banners!
« on: January 09, 2011, 05:11:21 AM »
Can't resist... must... comply...

(I wanted to add an emoticon of like hypotised or something, but there is some really wierd ***t in google images when you look for "hypnotised emoticon")

Man, the same thing happened to me. After YEARS of saving, the suffering of always missing something before being able to USE the pc (didn't have the OS because I depended on someone esle, missing a keyboard (I had a veeeery old pc, the new one only had USB connections), then a screen adapter (needed from HDMI to VGA), I go to the system rating and it gives me a BLODDY 5,9! When I had saved for YEARS to get a high tier pc, so that I never had to renew it again for a couple years and it gives me a BLOODY DAMN 5,9! (link to the pic is in the last sentence, see what I did there?)

OK, I'm done. BTW, I'm sure I left some of my suffering anecdotes out, so you've been saved for now.

@Andalus: I was waiting for your arrival... I had checked the last time you had logged in, which was at least 6 months
Spoiler: click to toggle

@comadre_general: ah, I hadn't thought of that option. I forgot that many people save on the VGA, and get the more important pieces first. After all, that a nice looking gaming rig looks like quite a pocket cleanser.

@Posters relating to the celebration: I'll bring the board games and deck of cards

Duhh... 10.000 Urban Cohorts, RTW vanilla style... I'm surprised no one said that. Those guys would even chew up knights

General Chatter - The Boozer / 1000 things that make people happy
« on: January 05, 2011, 07:45:24 PM »
Steam Sales.
Hot damn.

wait, Andalus, you're back?

Great machine you're building there comadre_general... we will need pics, or it didn't happen
I'm kind of amazed you got a "low" tier VGA, in comparison to the rest of your pc.

Total War Discussion - The Balcony / ?: Total War
« on: January 03, 2011, 01:48:13 AM »
What do you think is coming next? I'm really hoping R2TW, although hopefully with a new engine. Don't like the "new" fighting animations

Total War Discussion - The Balcony / Your first TW game
« on: January 03, 2011, 01:44:47 AM »
For x reason I still prefer the simple combat animations from RTW than the sliding figurines that teleported meters away to start their fighting animation that appeared in ETW, NTW and now S2TW... it just doesn't look right now.

I just got ETW and NTW on the Steam sale... best deal I ever made. Thanks goodness I had gotten RTW on steam too (I got the retail as well :P)

General Chatter - The Boozer / The Boozer - Introduce Yourself!
« on: December 31, 2010, 10:07:42 PM »
I seem to be the new guy after months? It must be 'cause this thread is so hard to find

Well, I'm debux, a RTW player, and I came here as a alternative to TWC, since here it's not as crowded and it's easier to have a thread for your mod :P.

I also play FPS', and I'm looking for squaddies in BF:BC2 *whistles*

Oh, and I'm really similar to my avatar in real life

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