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Southern Realm / Faction Thread; The Voroks
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:49:15 AM »
The Voroks are a tiny mountain kingdom living in the southern mountains. The ancestral land of the Rhodok tribes too, the Vorok land is a tribal kingdom with few of the advances other kingdoms have. Their main advantage is thier rugged, mountainous terrain and the tenacity and courage of thier warriors.

The army is essentially, like that of their more technologically advanced cousins to the north, based around spearmen, with some archers. In the Vorok religion, monks are required to serve in defending their people, and so there are a lot in the army as well. As well as the spears an pikes, though, there are more archaic clubmen and the feared Tribal Bjornsarks, or bearmen, who are increddibly tough ad strong and charge across the battlefield in a berserk frenzy.

91% Vorkar
7% Conirile
1.3% Varalite
1.1% Orinite
0.6% Other

94% Dharrok
3% Pelean
1% Gorin
1% Swadian
1% Other

Troop Tree;

The poor tribesmen of the kingdom are often called up to war. Very basically armed, these troops should pose no problem to any capable fighter.

The herders of the voroks are often tough and hardy, fighting off wolves and bandits in the hills. However, they are untrained and unused to true war, and cannot br relied upon to hold in battle.

The backbone of Vorok armies, spearmen are weak  and lightly armoured, but can neverthelss hold well as long as they hold formation, thier long spears driving back most enemies.

The Fighters are the Voroks' better troops, used to try and take out an enemy being held up by the spearmen. They are of average trainign and morale, but are ofte less well equipped than troops from other nations.

Scouts provide the eyes an ears of the army, riding ahead to find the enemy. In battle, they excel at fast-paced, ranged combat, providing harassment and covering fire for the army.

Monks, armed with long iron staves, are never to be underestimated. They can fell cavalrymen with a blow from their staff, and are often well trained fighters.

Bjornsarks re powerfully built, strong men who go into dealy rages in battle. They can fell a mailed night simply by beting their helmet in repeatedly with a wooden club. However, they wear no armour and are vulnerable to missile fire.

Chosen Warriors
The bodyguard of a local chieftain, Chosen Warriors are tough and well-armed troops. Stubborn, determined and wellitraned, they are more than a match for many other nation's troops.

The minor chieftains who accompany lords to war are well equipped with the best armourand weapons in the kingdom, and are very weel trained to use them. They are more than a match for all but the very toughest of Calradic troops.

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Links - Modelling, Painting and Gaming
« on: December 13, 2008, 09:59:41 PM »
A list of good links and companies.

Games Workshop; Warhammer Section
Obvious one, this is the online store and article repository for Warhammer.

The Hammer and Anvil
The Hammer and Anvil is an awesome site for fan-made rules and units, their 'sealed works' are easily the most compehensive and well-tested fan rules on the 'net, andhe gus on the fourm have masses of experence. Definiely worth a visit.

The Forum of Doom
One of the best places on the 'net for minatures and converting

Things to Make and Do; Sculpting/Modelling
This site doesn't have much on it, but the face sculpting tut is one of the best anywhere...

Heresy Minatures
An excellent UK-based minatures store, some good figs (Van Halfling is a classic) and insanely cheap greenstuff, looking at their prices you will NEVER buy it from GW again.

Hassle Free Minatures
Another good minis site if you want some variation form the GW regular stuff.

Warhmmer Online; Age of Reckoning
The huge new Warhammer MMORPG.

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / So what is Warhammer?
« on: December 13, 2008, 09:38:16 PM »
What is Warhammer?An FAQ

What is Warhammer anyway?
Warhammer is a tabletop-based game where players have fantasy armies which they command in battle, with a wide range of races to play and different unit types and playstyles. From undead to dwarfs, Orcs to Elves, Men of the Empire to the dark warriors of Chaos, the end times are nigh in the wolrd of Warhammer...

So how do you decide who wins a fight or whether soemething's happened right?
Dice, and lots of them. Basically based on a given unit's statistics, the dice roll requires a different value in order to succeed or fail. Sometimes the statictics of two opposin units are comapred to work this out; in the rulebooks there are tables of values and so on.

What races are there?
Orcs and Goblins, Hordes of Chaos, Demons of Chaos, Skaven, Beasts of Chaos, Dark Elves, Ogre Kingdoms, Wood Elves, Lizardmen, Empire, Brettonia, Dwarfs, High Elves, Vampire Counts, and Tomb Kings are fully supported.

Dogs of War, Chaos Dwarfs, Kislevites, and Imperial Armies of Middenheim all have lists butare not fully supported and do not have a full range of models.

The universe sounds good - anything computer based I can do?
Games Workshop, the company that produces the models and rules, hs made several PC games, most notably Mark of Chaos, a strategy game, and Warhammer Online, an MMORPG. May other games have Warhammer-themed modifications for them, such as the Warhammer Mod fo Mount&Blade or Warhammer; Total War for Rome; Total War.

Do I really need models?
No, although they look cool. You can cut squared paper to the right size for the bases of your units instead.

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / The Road to Victory; Jubal's CD army
« on: December 13, 2008, 09:18:48 PM »
The Army of Arakagaan Calasson;
A Chaos Dwarf Lord of the Southern Seas

I'm going to post pictures and info on my CD force here.

Greek. Big crested helmets, centaurs, possibility of converted cyclopes as DoW ogres, humans instead of hobgoblins.

2 Warriors
THe first test for my Greek theme, I rather like the look. The arms, equipment and face are GW Dwarf bitz, the rest is my GSing.
Green of a warrior;

5 BCs
The champion was made while I was testing ideas for the army theme, and so is a bit incongruous. I might replace him someday, but I quite like the little guy. The backs of all of these are from GW boars, the arms and faces are Dwarf bitz, the torsos, beards, and helmets are GS.
Green of the Champion;

And painted;

Greens of the regiment;

1 Deathrocket;
This model was made while I was testing ideas for the army theme, and so is a bit incongruous. One crewman is abnormally tall (my first total GS sculpt) but the other turned out quite well. Only the faces, equipment and arms are GW bitz; THe bodies, beards, hats and feet are my GSing.

Forum Games - The Beer Cellar! / The Exilian Papers
« on: December 05, 2008, 10:46:06 PM »
A new game hosted by yours truly.

Each week I post a series of questions under te following headings;

- History
- Science
- Geography
- Politics
- Discuss in 100 words...
- Caption Competition

To enter you must answer ALL the categories, just one entry per member. For each topic I give a point for the correct answer, and a second for the funniest answer. I'll keep a league table of scores.


Announcements! The Town Crier! / New website!
« on: December 02, 2008, 01:45:34 PM »
I think we may as well get on and launch this;

We need articles for mods and content writers urgently, so please submit all articles to Marcus or me!

Mount and Blade Discussion - Sargoth Town Square / Favourite Claimant
« on: November 25, 2008, 08:54:11 PM »
Which do you think has the best story/most right to the throne?

I think Lethwin is cool.

Southern Realm / Screenie Thread (PIC HEAVY)
« on: November 17, 2008, 10:53:41 PM »

The Harlaushian Assassin's Guild;

The backstreets of Harlaushia;

A map view over Calradia;

The northernmost province of the Gorinian Empire (the rest is currently off the map);

And the Geroian Republic and Lacontian Kingdom;

The gates of Geroia;

The city itself;

Marines battle hopelessly against an enemy cavalry force oustide the city of Calamantia;

In Calamantia;

And finally, Alanian Longbowmen cross a river to take the fight to the Swadians;

Sea battles;

A Pub brawl;
The Vorok village of Dhror;

Prepare to recieve Goriniae cavalry auxilia;

The Vorok Capital, Huarikka;

Karzul Deep, a mighty Vorok Fortress (My favourite of the new castles I've made).

A monastery of the Orinite order;

My character standing with a Goriniae Senatorial Guard, looking out towards Fort Varila;

And finally, a shot of the new rebuiild of Zendar;

Southern Realm / With thanks...
« on: November 16, 2008, 08:56:44 PM »
Full credits for the mod;

- Higlander's Age of machinery
- Mirathei' formations and shiled bash
- Mirathei's Sea Battles
- CDVader's spawn script
- Thymo's Town Recruitment
- Chel's battle morale and abilities
- Dain Ironfoot's Cloaks
- Maw's Armour Pack,45833.0.html
- OSP Helmets;,49476.0.html
- OSP Weapons;,48238.0.html
- Highelf's fantasy mod scenery+icons
- Keedo420 (various bits)
- Nema's GuardiansParty
- James' Longboats
- MISHO's galleons and scenes
- Silver Wolf's Resource Pack
- NE Development Team
- Foxyman's Formations
- Owane's Galleon re-mesh
- Subutai's Female Armour
- Sybilla's Model Pack
- Anyone I've forgotten, there are probably several of you out there so do come kick my face in.

And everything else by Jubal and team.

Discussion and Debate - The Philosopher's Plaza / The Enlightenment
« on: November 05, 2008, 10:08:13 PM »
     Although the intellectual movement called "The Enlightenment" is usually associated with the 18th century, its roots in fact go back much further. But before we explore those roots, we need to define the term. This is one of those rare historical movements which in fact named itself. Certain thinkers and writers, primarily in London and Paris, believed that they were more enlightened than their compatriots and set out to enlighten them.

     They believed that human reason could be used to combat ignorance, superstition, and tyranny and to build a better world. Their principal targets were religion (embodied in France in the Catholic Church) and the domination of society by a hereditary aristocracy.

Is it just me, or do we need more of this around today? Discuss.

M&B Mods - The Explorer's Society / Starting out...
« on: October 27, 2008, 09:43:23 PM »
In the world of modding, starting out is tough. There's basically a clique of guys who willl smash your idea whatever it is, and antoher clique of n00bs who will support your idea but not bother actually helping... It's not so good.

But never fear... This guide to leading a mod team should help!

1. Learn to mod
Amazing how many people miss this one really. You need the skills to do at least half the work on your mod yourself. That means either you need to be able to code AND script efficiently, or be able to model AND skin well AND get items ingame, and you should always know how to scene edit and map because they are basic skills you will definitely need. You don't need to be an expert, but you need to be able to handle doing the work and not freak out.
     Also, know some of the theory of any stuff you haven't learned, because it makes working out strategy for your team simpler. Knowing you need to learn the stuff is tough, but you do; no good or experienced modders will join a team with nothing to show.
Try this guide from Ruthven;,48405.0.html
Or the Exilian tutorial list;

2. Pick your setting - and be realistic
If you've never modded before, you ain't going to make uberstarwarsandlotrmodplosion of uberness on your first try. Basically start by fiddling around with things. Make a small, achievable mod for native before you try any sort of complex stuff.

3. Start your mod
Go for it! Don't worry about a team at first, or about announcing it - get your map ready, get a bunch of models in game if you're a modeller, or a few factions and troops done if you're a coder. If you can't do at least half your intended idea on your own, you've aimed too high.

4. Post your idea
Now we get to building a team. Post your idea fully developed, with screencshots, and a paragraph or two explaining about the mod and what modders you need. Use english, not l33t speak, because everyobdy write off l33t speakers (that was a serious tip). If you don't get any help, keep plugging at it...

5. Beg, borrow, but don't steal
As a mod leader, you need to be a consumate master of getting what your mod needs. Be it models, modders, or that bit of code you absolutely have to have, you must be able to write good PMs or emails to other modders asking them for parts of their mods. Most modders are relatively friendly and will agree, and if they don't you're just going to have to face it. Unless you really can't contact the modder at all you MUST ask permission for stuff though, and ALWAYS give credit where credit is due.

Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / The Constitution of Exilian
« on: October 27, 2008, 09:28:10 AM »

Introduced on 27 October 2008
First amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 28 December 2009
Second amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 1 February 2011
Third amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 11 December 2011
Fourth amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 19 April 2012
Fifth amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 6 July 2013
Sixth amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 13 October 2014
Seventh amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 19 April 2015
Eighth amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 27 March 2016
Ninth amendment approved by a vote of the citizens, completed on 04 January 2018

1. Mission Statement

a) Exilian exists to:
- Promote and support independent and hobbyist creative and academic projects of all kinds, especially those created by its members and citizens
- Provide resources and support to help individuals, especially its members and citizens, with independent and hobbyist creative endeavours
- Inform and inspire both members of Exilian and members of the public about creative and academic topics, especially those that are less well explored or known
- Promote a friendly atmosphere among all its citizens and members
- Give its members and citizens a place to talk about things of their choosing

2. Democratic Rights

a) Exilian is governed by democratic representation of its citizens. Some administrators will be elected and accountable to citizens and/or those who elected or promoted them, as will all other ranks of staff.
b) A section of the Exilian website is provided where members of citizen rank or above may propose changes to Exilian, its website and its activities, which then can be put to a vote of all the citizens. This is an inalienable right of all members of citizen rank and above. This website section is named the Hidden Plaza.
c) Unless covered by this constitution, all votes of citizens are fully binding on the Administrators and they may not, except under the provisions set down in the constitution, remove the right of the citizens to rule.
d) Citizenship is a privilege granted by those who already are citizens. The procedure for granting citizenship is decided by a vote of the citizens. Citizenship may be removed by a vote of citizens.

3. Business of the Hidden Plaza

a) At any time, without requiring prior consent from any staff member or administrator, any member of citizen rank or above may table a motion pertaining to any aspect of the site or its governance. That motion should be posted in a poll in the Hidden Plaza.
b) If there are several options on a subject to be considered, then a poll should be posted marked DECISION; before the topic title. Decision polls should last four days to one week. Decisions are not binding and are just considered a means of gauging opinion. After the Decision has been made, a second poll should be posted giving the most popular option as a motion.
c) Motions should be signified by marking MOTION; before the thread title. The options in the poll must be Aye, Nay, and Abstain, or to that effect. Motions are binding to all staff members, citizens and members. Motions last a week and are passed by simple majority vote. When motions are finished, the poll title should be edited to have after the end of the topic title either PASSED or FAILED, along with the vote count in brackets in the format (aye-nay-abstain) e.g. FAILED (1-5-0). The decision of the motion should be put into effect as soon as possible - this is the duty of the Sebastokrator, but any administrator may do it.
d) Motions changing the Terms of Service or the Constitution must be marked ToS change: or Constitution Change: as part of the topic title. The specific section should be posted before and after the proposed edits with removals in bold and red and additions in bold and green. Terms of Service or Constitutional amendments require a 75% majority to pass.
e) Any member may request that the Tribunal review a bill that is in progress or has passed, to ensure that it does not contradict or oppose the Terms of Service, Constitution, legal restrictions defined in section 4 of this constitution, or older legislation. If any of these things are found to be the case, the tribunal should make a full report to the plaza detailing the problems and recommending amendments or other legislative action to solve them. Any legislation that is the subject of an unresolved tribunal report is nullified and inactive until resolution occurs.
f) The plaza may set itself a standing quorum for votes, via secondary motions.

4. Items not changeable by the Hidden Plaza

a ) Some items are not changeable either due to constraints of board software, lack of time, or legality.
b ) Legal restrictions will at the least include that Exilian must abide by the laws of any country in which Exilian buys regular and necessary services or holds assets such as its bank account.

5. Non-Staff Ranks

a) Exilian has a ranks system that defines the roles of different types of staff and members and their relationship with Exilian.
b) Member is the most basic rank. They may not view and have no right to vote in the Hidden Plaza. They may post on any non-citizen and/or non-staff forums.
c) Citizen (Voting Member) is the next rank up, as voted in by the current citizens. Citizens have the full rights to use the Hidden Plaza, as well as any other perks given to them. Citizens are the more active and useful members of the site.
d) The next non-staff rank up is Patrikios. These members have made a distinguished contribution, and are often former staff officers. They have no special powers, but are more respected members who should be considered more qualified to serve in staff positions. Patrikioi may be proposed by any citizen, with the vote requiring a simple majority and lasting a week.
e)The final and highest non-staff rank is that of Megas Domestikos. The ultimate mark of respect on the site, Megas Domestikoi must have served as a Spatharios or administrator for at least three months and have made an outstanding contribution to the site. They must be proposed and seconded by two other citizens, at least one of whom must be a Patrikios or staff member. They must win their vote to the rank, which lasts one week, by 75% or more.

6. Staff roles

a) Exilian's staff roles are of three types: elected, permanent and appointed. Staff roles described as administrators confer full rights to administer the website; these roles together comprise Exilian's administrative council. Non-administrator roles may confer lesser administration rights, as necessary for their duties.
b) Administrators have full control over the site for a reason; they are there to run it effectively.
c) Unless directed by a vote of the citizens, administrators have the right to act as they see fit to aid in the running of the site.
d) Administrators may unilaterally create or delete forums as they see fit.
e) Administrators may act to circumvent the usual procedures for granting citizenship if they unanimously feel this will help the site overall. Abuse of this process will be considered staff misconduct, as described in section 12b.

7. Elected staff and elections

a) The Basileus (Head of Staff) is an elected administrator, with responsibility as the head of the administrative council.
b) The Sebastokrator (Citizens' Officer) is an elected administrator, with responsibility for managing the Hidden Plaza and upholding the rights of citizens.
c) The Spatharioi (Senior Moderators) are elected staff, with responsibility for moderation of the website forums. The number of these may be set and changed by the citizens as needed, with a minimum of one.
d) The Tribounoi (Site Magistrates) are elected staff, with responsibility for hearing moderation cases and challenges to staff actions or legislation, and for scrutiny of financial matters. These powers are further set out in sections 3, 11, 12, and 14 of this constitution. The number of these may be set and changed by the citizens as needed, with a minimum of one. The collective body of Tribounoi is referred to as the Tribunal.
e) Elections will be held every New Year (between 25 December and 15 Jan, approximately), and every June (any time in that month. All elected roles are elected at these times of year.
f) When an election starts, all candidates have a week to declare their candidacy. The vote will last for a week, including all candidates and the option to re-open nominations. A simple first-past-the-post win is needed for victory.
g) Where multiple posts are up for election, voters gain a number of votes equal to the number of posts (so for 2 posts, they may vote for 2 candidates on the list).
h) Where there are the same number of candidates as posts up for election for a particular role, or fewer, after candidacies have been announced, then instead of the above procedure there shall be a one week ratification vote for each candidate.
i) Other than a permanent staff member becoming Basileus, no member of the site may hold multiple staff roles.

8. Permanent staff

a) The Megadux (executive officer) is a permanent administrator, with responsibility for upholding the constitution and managing the creation and promotion of Exilian's projects and services.
b) The Technikos (technical officer) is a permanent administrator, with responsibility for building and maintaining the site.
c) The Sakellarios (financial officer) is a permanent administrator, with responsibility for managing Exilian's money and other assets.
d) Heteriarches and Despotes are permanent administrators; each one has responsibility for administration and content of a major section of Exilian’s activities. The title of Heteriarch or Despot may be chosen by each holder on their gaining the role. These adminstrators will be appointed as needed by the citizens, on an individual basis.
e) When a permanent staff role becomes vacant, the citizens will be invited to apply to take up the post. If the administrative council see fit, applicants for the post may also be sought outside Exilian, subject to approval of this by the citizens. Applications for any permanent staff role will be open for at least a week.
f) Once applications for a permanent staff role have closed, the applicants will be submitted to a vote of the citizens. The vote will be open for a week, including all candidates and the option to re-open nominations. A simple first-past-the-post win is needed for victory. If there is only one applicant, the vote will be a ratification vote.
g) Permanent staff will be required to undergo a ratification vote in each December/January election period to confirm that the citizens are still happy for them to continue.

9. Appointed staff

a) Administrators may appoint Logothetes (minor staff roles), and remove them, as they see fit.
b) The Spatharioi may appoint Hekatontarchoi (junior moderators) for certain forum areas, and remove them, as they see fit.
c) In all cases, such staff appointments will be subject to approval by the citizens, before they take effect.

10. Terms of Citizenship

a) Citizens must abide by the rules given below or risk being voted out of the citizens. Any citizen may initiate a vote to remove a citizen at any time.
b) Misconduct for a citizen includes:
- Breaking the Terms of Service
- Improperly pressuring another citizen or staff member to use their citizen rights or staff powers in a certain way
- Conspiring or being party to any attempt to subvert the proper processes of voting or elections
- Bringing the citizen body or the site into disrepute

11. Rights of Members and Rights of Citizens

a) Any member or citizen who has been warned, banned from posting, or otherwise removed may have their appeal heard with all evidence open by the Tribunal.
b) If the Tribounoi cannot reach a majority verdict, the Sebastokrator will have the casting vote.
c) Members and citizens may require all available evidence to be handed over by staff; if they or the Tribunal believe that staff have failed to do this is a breach of the staff terms of office.
d) Sentences for members given on the spot by moderators may not exceed a week's posting ban or warning without the written agreement of administrators.
e) All citizens have the freedom of the site, and may not be prevented from posting without the written agreement of administrators.
f) Even where the agreement in clauses D and E is given, it may be overturned by the Tribunal.

12. Terms of Staff Office

a) Staff must abide by the rules given below or risk being voted out of their post. Any citizen may initiate a vote to remove a staff member at any time. A two-thirds majority is required to remove a permanent administrator; a simple majority is required to remove any other staff member.
b) Misconduct for a staff member includes:
- Breaking the Terms of Service
- Discriminating against members on grounds of gender, sexuality or race
- Discriminating against members on grounds of private political or religious beliefs
- Attempting to take control of the site
- Arbitrarily restricting the freedoms of the citizens
- Arbitrarily taking moderation actions against members where there is no reason to believe that said members have breached the Terms of Service
- Bringing the site, or the citizens, or their fellow staff into disrepute by their public or private actions
- Neglecting their post for a full month without leave
- Using their power for personal ends such as the influence of elections
- Failing repeatedly to do tasks allotted to them by the constitution
c) Staff misconduct may in some cases count additionally as citizen misconduct - where this is the case votes of no confidence may also request that the staff officer is removed from the citizen body.
d) Outside the procedures for removal of staff, individual staff actions may be challenged by requesting a review by the Tribunal. This may occur when actions are thought to either breach the misconduct terms in section b, or more broadly conflict with the constitution or any bill passed by the citizens. If a staff action is found to fall under these categories the Tribounoi have full powers to require that the action be reversed.

13. Provisions in emergencies

a) In emergencies, if all of the Administrators present publicly agree, then any of the following steps may be taken to ensure the safety of the site:
- The board being temporarily offline (for up to 48 hours)
- The rule of the citizens being temporarily suspended (for up to a week and no more)

14. Finance

a) The Sakellarios is responsible for presenting a statement of Exilian's finances (including income, expenditure and assets) to the citizens twice each year, shortly before the election times detailed above.
b) The Tribunal may request further details on any financial transactions relating to Exilian at any point to ensure full transparency.
c) Any money and other assets raised on behalf of Exilian will only be used for the purposes of this community, in accordance with the objectives in section 1 of this constitution. Any expenditure which is not essential for the maintenance of Exilian's website must be approved by the citizens, either by a direct vote or by authority delegated to the administrative council by a vote.
d) Exilian may hold one or more bank accounts, or accounts with money transfer services. Each account shall have at least two signatories or managers. All such signatories or managers must be staff members, and one will normally be the Sakellarios. Any one signatory or manager alone may validly administer any such account, and sign instructions, including cheques. The signatories or managers of any account must be of such age and nationality as are acceptable to the bank or service provider concerned.

Thanks to Dvd to writing this guide, also shown on Taleworlds;

Mod Types:
There are three types of mod packages: Packed, Installable, and Crappy-Idiocy. Packed and Installable are the most common. Luckily I have not yet encountered Crappy-Idiocy. In order to use a mod you must first install it, however first some definitions:

The most common type for "small" mods. The mod folder is packed in a .zip, .rar, or other file.
For these see this thread:
The most common type for "large" mods. The mod folder is packed in an executable, so simple!
An extremely odd way of packing a mod. Crappy-Idiocy CAN include, but is NOT limited to: Multiple .zips, .rars, duplicate files\folders, broken files\folders, executables that don't work, viruses, misplaced files\folders, wrong files\folders.

How do I install a mod?
See Mod Types *Above* for information about the different types of mods.

Unpack the folder\file to your desktop. A folder with the mod's name should appear. Move this folder to your Mount & Blade\Modules folder. Simple, eh?
Double click the install icon and follow the instructions! Pretty simple.
You will have to create a new folder with the mod name and with the proper folders inside. Then move, mix, match, and fix the data inside the downloaded folder until it works. Note: If a mod is this badly packed it probably isn't worth the effort. Either wait for a new download or just leave it dead.

How do I play a mod?
After installing a mod double-click your Mount & Blade icon\shortcut\executable. Do you see the the screen that pops up? The one that allows you to register, check for updates, start the game, ect? Well, in the top center section of the screen it should read "Module ----------------------------------- Native ------------------------------". Click Native and move your cursor down the drop-down screen to the newly installed mod. Double click! Now start the game. You are now playing a mod!

My characters are missing!, why?
Some mods require you to make new characters, don't worry. When you start up Native again your old characters will be back. :) Also, you can IMPORT your old characters into the new mod, see next for information.

Importing characters? How?
In order to import a character you need a second character in the mod you wish to import the first character into. For example, if I download The Last Days (TLD) and find I do not have my male barbarian, "Gro-Go the Cool" then I must create a new character named exactly "Gro-Go the Cool" and select the same sex as my old barbarian, in this case male.

Now, save your new character, exit the mod, and start up the modded or Native Mount & Blade by using the "How do I use a Mod" tutorial. You want to select the mod that has your old "Gro-Go the Cool" in it. Load up your game with the old "Gro-Go the Cool" and enter the character screen. Find the "Statistics" button. It is by your name, on the left. Click it and you will see a new menu. Click "Export".

Now, exit the game and head back into the you wish to import your character into. In my case, The Last Days. Open up your new character's character menu, click Statistics, and click Import. Tada! You are now new & improved!

* At this point you may also wish to rename your character to something more in-theme with the mod - just click on the name in the character screen, press backspace to delete, and type in your desired name.
* Enabling cheats and pressing CTRL-X at the inventory screen gives you 1000 denars, which may help you rebuild your inventory.
* Enabling cheats and pressing CTRL-X after selecting a party troop on the Party screen gives that troop 1000 experience, which may help you rebuild your army.
* Disable cheats after making your adjustments for maximum fun.

-Thanks fisheye!

Character Replication:
In order to bring a character from pre-.730 versions you must replicate him/her. Replicating can also be used to cheat, though I do not support that use.
Open the pre-.730 version, the one with the character you wish to replicate, and open the Character Screen. Write down the stats, attributes, and other important information on paper. Download the new version and update. Your old character is gone.
Create a new character in the modded or Native version of the game you want your old character replicated. Note: The character must be replicated in a post-.730 version.
Name your new character the same as the old character, the one to be replicated. Also, the same sex as the old character. Now, go to the Character Screen, press Statistics, and click Export. Save & exit.
In the Mount & Blade/CharExport folder you will find a text file named after your character. Open this file and change it to suit your needs, either cheating or replication through the stats on paper. Save the text file, exit, and open Mount & Blade. Load your new character, go to the Character Screen, click Statistics, and Import. Ta-da! You have now replicated an old character into a new version.

* At this point you may also wish to rename your character to something more in-theme with the mod - just click on the name in the character screen, press backspace to delete, and type in your desired name.
* Enabling cheats and pressing CTRL-X at the inventory screen gives you 1000 denars, which may help you rebuild your inventory.
* Enabling cheats and pressing CTRL-X after selecting a party troop on the Party screen gives that troop 1000 experience, which may help you rebuild your army.
* Disable cheats after making your adjustments for maximum fun.

-Thanks Deus Ex!

How do I update a mod with a new version?
The best idea is to listen to what the mod creator has to say but this is usually true: Just unpack or install to the same folder as the old version, overwrite as you go.

How do I uninstall a mod?
To uninstall a mod simply delete the mod folder from your Mount & Blade\Modules folder. Simple & easy.

Links to Helpful Sources:
Detailed Importing\Exporting Walkthrough
Detailed Mod List
Mount & Blade Mod Related Websites
Mod Maker's FAQ

fisheye (for Inport\Export information)
Deus Ex (for Replication information)

Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / Website discussion
« on: October 20, 2008, 05:32:27 PM »
For discussing;

Marcus, did ya get the email I sent ya?

Southern Realm / This mod needs YOU! (Main Team Recruitment)
« on: October 19, 2008, 09:10:24 PM »
If you can do any scene editing, moellling, scripting or coding we probably need you for this mod.

Particularly scene editors as we have a current deficit of over 100 scenes to fill, and it's only going to get bigger....

So please sign up here!

Current team;
Jubal - Design, concept, troops leading and scripting
xGhost4000x - Scene Editing
Dimos - Scene Editing
Silver Wolf - Additional Models
Shjn - Loading Screens

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