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Warhammer; Total War / Release
« on: March 29, 2008, 06:15:01 PM »
Warhammer; Total War 0.80 Beta Release;;13583759;/fileinfo.html

Older version, Warhammer; Total War v. 0.65 Beta release;
Installation instructions are in the enclosed readme file. Please report bugs in this thread.
The UI cards are rubbish or missing, but apart from that it all should work fine. :thumbsup2
This has been a long time coming, thanks to all the team and helpers who have stuck by us...  :D

Please remember that the folder mut be named WHTW, not WHTW - Download Copy, as it isin some downloads.

Warhammer; Total War / Previews
« on: March 29, 2008, 06:13:52 PM »

This is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of Daemons and sorcery, of battle and death until the world's ending. These are the End Times.
This is Total War.



Please note that units not in the original mod are in bold.

Altdorf is one of the largest and finest cities in the Empire, and is therefore the capital. It contains the college of wizards, the grand temples of Sigmar and many other fine buildings. The Imperial army of Altdorf is the 'classic' empire army, with huge, unpredictable cannons and mortars from nearby Nuln, the finest of the Empire's knights such as the Reiksguard, and also many specialist sigmarite units such as Warrior Priests, Flagellants and even the mighty and pure Theogonists. Add this to a very solid selection of infantry including Halberdiers, Spearmen, Swordsmen and Handgunners, and you have one of the most versatile and flexible armies available.
- Handgunners
- Halberdiers
- Swordsmen
- Spearmen
- Free Companies (think peasants)
- Free company Archers
- Flagellants
- Reiksguard foot
- Reiksguard (knights)
- Knights Panther
- Greatswords
- Cannon
- Mortar
- Bogschafen City Guard
- Stirland River Patrol
- Averland Mountainguard

- Warrior Priests
- Empire Theogonist
- Empire Outriders
The Imperial army of Middenland serves the northern provinces of the Empire. Midddenheim is a huge city built on a vast rock plateau in the wild forests of Middenland. From there the many troops of the northern provinces receive their orders. The Middenheimers do not have the affluence or cultured learning of he southern empire to aid them; instead they have a rugged, independent lifestyle that in the face of constant Chaos incursions breeds strong, tough men. Middenland troops are often better in terms of raw strength than their southern counterparts, and though they have weaker artillery they make up for this with close combat heavy armies including units such as the mighty teutogen guard, who with their war hammers dedicated to Ulric, wild god of the Northlands, smite their foes from the northern wastes with a righteous fury.
- Handgunners
- Halberdiers
- Swordsmen
- Spearmen
- Free Companies (think peasants)
- Free company Archers
- Knights Panther
- Greatswords
- Cannon
- Knights of the White Wolf
- Hochland Long Riflemen
- Talabheim Heavy Halberdiers
- Ostland Scout Cavalry

- Teutogen Guard
High Elves
The High Elves, the Asur, are a race apart from the other races of the Old World, for they are the elder race, more graceful than any other, working fine magic and creating beautiful artefacts. The High Elven homeland is Uluthuan, a vast circular island with a huge ea in the middle. The High Elves guard their lands jealously, only allowing outsiders into the vast southern city of Lothern. They have towering fortresses in may far off regions, reached by the fine elven swanships. The High Elves have surely earned their fame as navigators, craftsmen and wizards. It was the High Elves, after all, who millennia ago joined forces with the Dwarves and created the vast vortex over Uluthuan that sucks the Chaos magic out of the old world. Recently, though, the vortex has slowly begun to unravel... will the Elves, an ancient race whose greatest glories seem to be past them, unravel with it ?
   Though the High Elves may be few in number, they are by no means a spent force in war. They wage constant war against their raiding Dark Elf kindred from the north, and often have to fight of raids on Uluthuan or its colonies by greenskins, Lizardmen, or freebooting pirates. A highelf army is made up of a backbone of sturdy, lithe and graceful spearmen, each more than a match for any human warrior. These are backed up by ranks of deadly accurate light elven archers. The power of an Elven army comes, though, from its silver helm knights, the sons of Uluthuan's nobles. These valorous elves will swing the tide of battle to the Elves favour with their daring charges. These High Elves will be backed up by other specialist units, such as the deadly swordsmasters of Saphery, the Shadow Warriors who wage an unending war against the Dark Elves, or even the elite Phoenix Guard, defenders of the Sacred Flame.
 These are the forces of the Elves, and they reward those who wield them with skill and precision. Amidst the horror of a world being consumed by Chaos, can the Elves regain their former glories, and be victorious at the last? In the end times, only one thing is certain; the story of the Asur is not over yet.
- Spearmen
- Archers
- Swordsmasters (great swords)
- Phoenix Guard (poleaxes)
- Silver Helms (Cavalry)
- Shadow Warriors (like Arcani with bows)
- Repeater Bolt Throwers (Scorpions)
- Tiranoc Chariots
- Lothern Sea Guard

Wood Elves
The fey and unpredictable wood elves and their forest allies are unlike any other Elves, because although they retain the grace, crafts and valour of their other kindreds, they have a culture shaped not around iron or steel, but wood. These elves have no real dedication other than that to Athel Loren, the vast forest in the south of Brettonia that they inhabit. They and the wood are bound to each other through ancient and powerful magical ties that no mortal truly understands. Athel Loren is a strange and magical forest, inhabited by many hundreds of thousands of spirits in myriads of forms. The elves of Athel Loren eschew the mighty fortresses and cities of other races, preferring instead to live out in the trees with no permanent home. The elves each swear allegiance to Orion, spirit master of the fey band of elves and spirits that ride through the forest killing beastmen, greeenskins, and even fellow elves known as the wild hunt, and Ariel, the beautiful Elven queen who rules from the master oak at Athel Loren's heart. The elves and spirits do fight each other at times when they disagree, but most often they are in alliance, against Brettonian Knights, Orc raids, beastmen ambushers, and even peaceful Dwarf or human trading parties, for no-one may pass the eaves of Athel Loren and go unpunished.
 In war, the elves favour the bow, a weapon which they have been well trained in the use of from birth, but will also draw their swords of Elven steel, that will have been inlaid with the flowing runes of the forest and passed down through the generations, and spill the blood of their foes in combat. These ranks of archers are backed up by the mysterious Waywatchers, elves who no of nothing but their dedication to the guardianship of Athel Loren. Armed with bow and sword, they are the finest archers that there have ever been in this age of the world. The glade riders, horsemen and archers capable of performing feats no human could match, also provide fast missile and medium cavalry support to a Wood Elf army.
Beware of the fey, mortals, for we are the caretakers of nature, and you are not welcome in our garden.
Glade Guard
Glade Riders
Eternal Guard

Dark Elves
The Dark elves of Naggaroth are the most cold hearted, ruthless, and deadly killers in the old world. They are a cruel and sadistic race whose hearts show no compassion, even for another elf.
    The Dark Elves were pushed out of the province of Nagarythe aeons ago, when a mighty civil war between Malekith, the ruler of that once fair land, and the Phoenix Kings, fought over the succession of the Phoenix throne, caused Malekith and his mother and Mistress, Morathi, to lead most of the people of Nagarythe into the worship of their own god, a dark, chaotic and murderous version of the highelf god Khaine. The ensuing wars sank Tiranoc and much of Nagarythe beneath the seas, and those of Nagarythe that remain are a poor and bitter people, many fighting on forever as the hidden force of Shadow Warriors.
  The Dark Elven culture is set up around the worship of their Khaine, the lord of Murder. His cult is serviced by the beautiful and sensuous Witch Elves, women who can kill with little more ease than it would take a normal man to reach for his sword. They in turn train the assassins, the masters of secrecy and death who no elf, dwarf, human, or even demon can be truly safe from. The main way of Dark elves gaining money and captives, though, is through the ancient art of raiding. The Dark Elves have constructed many 'fortress ships', known as Black Arks, inside which a medium size nay of raiding ships and enough Corsairs, the piratical Dark Elf raiders, to man them. The Black Arks rarely enter combat, but when they do they are such huge ships that it would take a very sizeable navy to even attempt to  attack one.
 When the Lordly Malekith sends out his vast armies to war, (often against his highelven kindred), he sends a backbone of deadly Dark Elf spearmen, backed up by the more elite units such as the swordsmasters of Clar Karond or even a contingent of the deadly Black Guard. As for Cavalry, the Dark Riders provide a good medium cavalry force, and the deadly scorpion carts, testimony to the terrible genius of the Dark Elves, will shoot enemy cavalry, artillery crews or mages down with terrifying ease and speed.
Black Guard
Reaper Bolt Thrower
Dark Riders
Scorpion Carts

Hordes of Chaos
The Hordes Of Chaos are the unwearying threat to man, elf and dwarf alike, and will stop at nothing to achieve their one true goal; the conquest of the whole world. From the Northern Wastes their marauders pour down onto more civilised lands, led by fearsome and brutal Chaos Warriors and Knights and backed up by fearsome daemons.
 There are four Chaos gods; Nurgle, Khorne, Tzenteech and Slaanesh. Each have their own specialised troops available at their temples. Slaanesh, the prince of Pleasure, has Warriors and Knights who have super high morale due to their never ending feelings of delight and pleasure at any sensation, even that of a steel sword hacking into their soft flesh. He also commands Daemonettes, shrieking demons who have razor sharp mutated limbs allowing them to tear limbs and rend flesh with a sickening and unnatural grace and beauty.
Khorne is the blood god, and commands powerful berserk Warriors and Knights who are unrivalled in combat. He also has the powers of the bloodletters to call upon, huge red parodies of men who with brass axes an orc would struggle to lift cut straight through all but the toughest armour.
Nurgle is the lord of Decay and Plague, and his Warriors and Knights cause fear in all enemy troops due to the revulsion they have of such a monstrosity.
Tzenteech's Warriors benefit from their master's lordship over the seven winds of Magic, and can raise mighty chants capable of destroying the morale of all but the most stalwart human troops.
These are the forces of Chaos, and it is a fool who is not wary of their power, strength and brute force. These are truly the Heralds of the End Times.
-Chaos Knights (Common, Khorne, Tzenteech, Nurgle, and Slaanesh versions)
-Chaos Warriors (Common, Khorne, Tzenteech, Nurgle, and Slaanesh versions)
-Chaos Heavy Chariots
-Chaos marauders
-Marauder Cavalry
-Chaos Warhounds
-Screamers of Tzenteech
-Daemonettes of Slaanesh
-Mounted Daemonettes of Slaanesh
-Bloodletters of Khorne
-Hellcannon of Chaos
The vast empire of Araby lies to the south of Estalia over the Tilean sea. It borders the dread lands of Khemri to the east, the jungles of the southlands to the south, and the sea to the north and west. While Araby is vast on a map, it has little productive land and most of it is simply rolling sand dunes populated by camel riding tribesmen, who frequently attack traders in parties of desert bandits. Araby's real empire lies in the cities of the north and west, near the sea, where there are many heavily populated cities. These people live for trade and the gold that it offers, sailing to the Empire in the north for weapons, to the far-off city of Lothern in Uluthan (the only place humans are allowed) for rare elven goods, and even to the far off lands of Ind for the opulent spices found there.
   Araby is no stranger to war, having to fight constant wars against Tomb Kings who seek to expand their ancestral lands, crusaders from Brettonia, Estalia and the Empire, and other threats such as Dark Elves constantly preying on their trade ships. The armies of Araby are based on a core of unreliable peasant spearmen, backed up by nomadic tribesmen on camels, armed with bow and scimitar. While these troops are not awe inspiring, they provide a good core to base some of the more deadly and powerful troops on. Araby's real hitting power is provided by its mages and beast tamers. The djinn mages of Araby call upon the djinns of stone and fire to hurl mighty rocks and fireballs at the enemy, some from the ground, others from the safety and speed of a flying carpet. The one thing that really characterises Araby armies, though, is their ability to call upon the mighty and powerful giant elephants. Though expensive to maintain, there is no trooper alive who would be able to stay on his feet and not be hurled in the air by one of these beasts, let alone stand up to one on a fight! These monsters are only really vulnerable to heavy artillery fire.
- Elephants
- Camel Riders
- Camel Archers
- Camel Knights
- Araby Infantry
- Djinnusers (peltasts that fire large rocks)
- Flying Carpets
- Light Cavalry
- Horse Archers
- Swordsmen
- Axemen
- Handgunners

Brettonia is the land of chivalry, a land of bold and noble knights leading large numbers of stinking peasants into battle and death. Brettonia is divided into thirteen provinces, one for the original King, sir Gilles le Breton, and one for each of the twelve companions who with him found the holy Grail. Brettonia has come a long way since then, and her knights are famous for launching mighty crusades and errantry wars to crush the enemies of the Lady, Brettonia's patron goddess.
Brettonia's core troop re its bow armed peasantry. They use bows because the army needs archers and no knight of course would dream of handling such a weapon. The Brettonian bowmen are poor but cheap archers who can take down an adequate number of enemies at range, but are quickly slaughtered in close combat.
Also in terms of peasantry Brettonia can call on the relatively new invention f the Trebuchet, a powerful war machine that shows he wealth of any ruler who uses one. The trebuchet hurls huge rocks at long range towards an enemy, and can create horrific casualties. Knights do not like using these due to their inherently dishonourable nature - they do not allow any enemy to defend himself in noble combat - but many now have seen the benefits they offer.
Brettonia's armies, though, are really founded around the Knights of the Realm. These bold warriors are fine shock cavalry, and will shatter most enemies on the tips of their deadly lances. They carry axes for more prolonged combat, but even so will often suffer in a long fight.
And finally,  there are the true elite, the Grail Knights. These heroic warriors are able to shatter even a formation of Chaos Warriors, and as a shock force are the finest in the world. they will die in long combats or against spears and pikes, but these purest of knights, with their red and white shields, are the finest anywhere in the Old World and beyond, brining light, hope and valour into the darkness of the End Times.
Knights of the Realm
Bretonnia Archers
Grail Knights
Bretonnia Trebuchet
Men At Arms (spears)
Men At Arms (Halberds)
Battle Pilgrims
Damsels of the Lady


The Cult of Slaanesh
A festering wound on the face of the world, the Cult of Slaanesh is a powerful and dangerous sect of Dark Elves who have stopped the worship of Khaine i favour of that of the dark, devoius and seductive Prince of Pleasure, Slaanesh. This cult is led by Morathi, the voluptuous and beautiful mother and lover of Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth. She it was who first made an alliance with some of the northern tribes affiliated with Slaanesh, and she it was who brought them into her thrall, along with a huge army of Dark Elves led by mighty Sorceresses
Armies of Slaanesh combine the speed and skill of the Dark Elves with the hitting power of Chaos. They can get all the basic Dark Elf troops, such as bolt throwers, spearmen and Dark Riders, and also the slaaneshi troops such as daemonettes, Chaos Knights of Slaanesh, and daemonette riders. It is this combination that makes them a deadly and precise hitting force in battle, and one that rewrds skill and precision.
Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh
Chaos Kmights of Slaanesh
Daemonette riders
Dark Elf Warriors
Dark Riders
Daemon Riders


Orcs and Golbins
WAAAGH! The Orcs and goblins are true fighters, raiding, pillaging and burning anything that gets in the way of the green tide. A true combined arms force, the greenskin troops range from pathetic snotlings to mighty giants capable of shattering walls with their clubs. With hard-hitting but unpredictable close combat troops such as savage orcs, tough heavy infantry with Black Orcs, and fast, dangerous boar or wolf riders, the Green Tide will not be stopped...

Orc Boyz
Orc Stikka Boyz
Savage Orc Boyz
Black Orc Boyz


The Vampire Counts
The Vampires are a terrible and fell race, created by dark sorceries in the lands of Khemri many years ago. The Von Carstein and Lahmian families represented by this faction are truly a terror; they raise shambling hordes of skeletons and zombies, alll crawling slowly towards the end of the realms of men, dwarfs, or anything living that is in their path. Vampire Counts have some tough, fearsome troops such as the Grave Guards or Black Knights, but at heart they are a horde force, trampling their enemies' bones in with their own under the sheer wieght of numbers, then slaying and killing as they run, run from the balck pitted eyes that still stare with a thousand year old gaze...
And are resurrected....

Horde Skeletons
Skeleton Spearmen
Heavy Skeleton Spearmen
Black Knights
Grave Guards


The Tomb Kings
In Khemri, the dead do not rest. They march, they plot, the cold cogs of theird ead minds seeking onlyto kill, slay all that is living and reduce it to thier own pitiful state of existence. The Tomb Kings fight in the way they did when alive; mighty ranks of spearmen and swordsmen with archers and chariots slaying the foes of their King... but now they are dead their forces are mnore terrible still, with the mgically guided bone arrows, tuddig into the beating hearts of their enemies, and giant dead crows and caytapults firing screaming skulls... and huge monstrous constructs that destroy all in their path.
Fear the desert. Fear the dead.

Spearmen of Khemri
Swordsmen of Khemri
Light Cavalry
Archers of the Asp
Chariots of the Tomb Kings


The Tsardom of Kislev
Description; The Kislevites have always been upon the front line aginst Chaos incursions; They are a tough and hardy people, and masters of horse, axe and bow as is needed for a nation so close to the terror in the North. With swift and terrible charges they can break any enemy line, and their horse archers from the Ungol tribes are powerful and tough warriors.


Gospodar Axemen
Kislevite Hunters
Winged Lancers
Ungol Horse Archers
Heavy Horse Archers
Kislevite Noblewomen


The State of Luccini
A maritime state in the south of Tilea, Luccini is a proud and tough nation, and more than ready to defend her interests. Pikes and Crossbows are the weapons of the Tilean soldier, and they wiled themwith deadly efficiency. Luccini has access to powerful, rare and dangerous mercenaries as well as an already tough and powerful core of close combat infantry. The leopard watches, and Luccini waits for its time to come...

Luccini Pikemen
Luccini Crossbowmen
Guard of the City
Mercenary Pikemen
Pit Fighter Mercenaries
Mercenary Crossbowmen
Mounted Crossbowmen

More updates soon...

Warhammer; Total War / Screenies
« on: March 29, 2008, 06:13:28 PM »
Screenie thread...
High Elves
Tiranoc Chariot;





Dark Elves
Black Guard;



Standard Bearer;

Warrior Priests;

Southern Realm / Faction thread; Empire of Gorinia
« on: March 22, 2008, 05:50:28 PM »
The Gorinian Empire[/color][/b]
The early Gorinian Empire was built around a network of client-states in the southeastern sea and across the continent. Under pressure from the Red Khergit, client states began to fall or rebel in the east, and the Lacadonians rebelled in the northwest. The Lacadonian revolt was crushed by General Antonius Pius Valandrus, who returned to Gorinia itself victorious. He then launched a bloody coup which exiled the Empror and put the Empire under a 100 man Senate, led by five military Commanders.

The Red Khergit were halted due to their weak naval forces, and Commander Valandrus appointed one Lieutenant Varmuna to lead a puuntive expedition to retake the small frontier town of Orentanum and perhaps form a frontier against the states of the Geroian Peninsula, who had funded the Lacadonian revolt a decade earlier.

Varmuna was more than successful, sweeping the enemy from Orentanum and then taking the city-state of Maris, before continuing to push as far as the south of the almost unheard of northern land of Calradia, even wresting the fords of Buillin from the Nordic defenders. He has been appointed Commande, and is seeking to expand Gorinia futher into Calradia.

The Goriniae rely on flexible, tough heavy infantrymen to form a solid core on which genrals cna focus strategies around a divers array of Auxiliaries, archers and even the powerful Kataprachtoi.
    The Auxiliaries are an important part of the force, and come from a separate troop tree with the slvae recruit as its base unit.

88% Varalite
7% Conirile
4% Orinite
1% Other

39% Gorin
26% Pelean
24% Lacadonian
6% Geroian
3% Dharrok
2% Other

Troop Tree

Literally a citizen of the Gorinian empire pushed onto a battlefield, citizens are only the most raw of recruits and should not be truted to stand and hold a battle line.

Wearing decent padded cloth and armed with sword and shield, the newer Gorin troops are nevertheless tough infantry for their level, although they will be destroyed by tougher troops.

The Gorin Infantryman is one of the most dangerous troops in the game. Wearing good armour, with a large shield and sword, these troops are effective in both attack and defence, and can hold a battle line against all but the most aggressive of foes.

The veterans of the Gorin forces wear armour normally reserved for heavy cavalry in other factions. Depite being slow and encumbered, their phenomenal capability at swordplay and their stubbornness in holding against all comers more than makes up for this.

Senatorial Guard
The Senatorial Guard struggle along on foot, encased from head to toes in plates of steel. Almost impossible to kill, they wield thier swords witha deadly efficiency, and when they get to en enemy battle line there are few troops in Calradia that woould be able to stop them slowly mincing thier way through the enemy ranks.

Cavalry (from infantry)
The Gorin cavalry are effective medium horse reasonable in attack or defense. Though outmatched by heavy cavalry, they can give enemy light cavlry a sever beating and provide a deadly tactical flanking force.

The Catphract cavalry are the toughest mounted troops a commander in the Gorinian Empire can field. Altough they are not the most powerful in the world, they nevertheless command the respect and awe of all but the best enemy troops, and are deadly on impact as they trample enemies beneath thier hooves.

Slave Recruit
The secondary troop tree for the Goriniae, which has skirmish and ranged infantry and light cavalry, starts with the very humble and often very dead slave recruits, always the first to die in the name of the Empire.

Light Auxilia
Armed with javelins and spears, the Light Auxilia are useful as a skirmish force at the start of a battle, and to beat off enemy cavalry, althoughwith only light armour to portect them they are often killed off fast by enemy infantry.

The Auxilia are equipped similarly to an infantryman, but with spear and javelin rather than sword and shield. They can beat back most cavalry effectively, and are well armoured enough to hold out against many enemy infatry, but should not expect to win a foot battle alone

Archer Auxilia
The final grade of Auxiliary troop is the archer, which helps the Goriniae with thier lack of seroius ranged support. Although somwehat few in number, the Archer Auxilia can turn the tide of battles and are considered tactically very important as a chance to give serious ranged power to a Gorin force.

Mounted Auxilia (from Light Auxilia)
The Mounted Auxilia are the Gorinan Empire's skirmish cavalry - they forage and scout for the armey, and provide harassment with their javelins at range. Although weak as combat troops, thier spears can nevertheless be worrying on the charge, and should not be underestimated.

Tutorials / A Comprehensive guide to scene editiong
« on: March 22, 2008, 09:35:15 AM »

Scene editing is a difficult and frustrating part of modding, but any modder wishing to create an immersive game experience really does need to get it right. This guide should help with that...

Enabling Edit Mode

1. On the options screen before you start Mount&Blade, click on options.
2. Select to open in windowed mode.
3. Click the advanced tab.
4. Select to open in Edit Mode.
5. Run the game. Edit mode will now be enabled.

Or do steps 1, 3, 4, and 5, then when ingame press alt+enter to got into windowed mode.

With edit mode enabled, you can go to any scene in the game and press cntrl+E to get the edit menu bar. It has five tabs on it; terrain, colour, items, AI mesh, and heights.

General Scene Editor's Advice
Remember, the aim of a scene is NOT to create a perfect model of a town, village or city for the player to wak around. It is to create something which LOOKS TO THE PLAYER like an exact replica of a town, etc. Make sure all the areas the player can go around look good FROM THE PLAYER'S PERSPECTIVE, and you'll be fine. In village scenes, you can actually affors to be a bit lax on the outer edges of the scene because nobody ever goes there, but that's the only real exception to the above.
Also, scenes are more than just vessels to have charcters in. they can be intersting, challenging and fun parts of the game in themselves. Use secret passageways and easter egg secions, and add detail to your towns and in castles; it makes thegaming experience far more immersive for the player.

Ok, now let's start editing. Use the W,A,S,D controls as usual, LEFT click to swivel the camera, and RIGHT click to place objects, increase height or paint terrain.

This paints the terrain a statndardised, fixed RGB hue.

AI mesh
This shows the AI where it can and can't walk. I'll document this properly when I've messed around with it more.

Height and Terrain
The first thing to think about when creating a new scene is the basic lay of the land. Height is the first part of this; make suer your map has believeable gradients and  that there are no sudden vertical drops unless you want a cliff.
It's best not to use the editor on the maximum weight and hardness as this make the height go VERY fast.
     Another point to note with the height editor is that by lowering the map to a certian level you can create water feautes such as pons or lakes. The level can be edited in the terrain generator or in module_scenes,py.

Terrain is equally important to height, and far more difficult to get right. A good mix of terrains is necessary, and the trick is not to make the joins too obvious.
      However, there's a catch. On joins between several terrain types, you get a partially transparent rim. There is as far as I know (but I'd love to be proven wrong), no way around this except care and carefulness.

The most important section bymiles. All scene objects, in-scene passages, scene exits, charcter entries, and so on are defined in the Scene objects.

When placing objects, there are five menus; plants, items, scene props, passages, and entry points.To place an object select add object and right click where you want it to go. The objects will all start in a single, fixed rotation, facing the camera. This is different for different objects, even some quite similar ones.

After or during placement, you can use a number of keys to move and maniplaute the object, these are as follows;

T moves it up and down
G Moves side to side OR back to front
U rotates.
X Rotates arond the X axis
Y Rotates arond the Y axis
Z Rotates arond the Z axis
B enlarges or makes smaller

Plants is the sipmlest of the menus. it contians trees, bushes and rocks which you can scatter around. They look good with the forest terrain beneth them.

Items simply places the mesh of any one of the player items defined in, indcluding horses.

Scene Props is the largest and most important menu. It contains all the buildings and props, as well as light objects and barriers.
     When placing buildings, walk round them with your charcter after plcement and check that they are on ther cround properly. It's easy to fix by raising the ground a bit, but looks very shoddy if you leave it.
      The Fake House props are for city use only, but are amazingly useful. The fake_house_far props are equally importnat, and should be placed behinf the fake houses to give the impressiont hat the city goes on a lot further than it actually does.
       Make sure you check that the player actually IS kept in the area you want them - use a barrier if you need to, but remember barriers are wierd if you don't add some kind of object to visibly block the player.
      One major problem with t eh smaller props is that most of them have their center point at ground level, so they are placed half underground. the best solution is to place a wall where you want the item and then place it at the right height up against the wall. This done, you can exit edit mode and delete the wall,leaving the item where you want it.
Particualr props of note
     The dungeon inside props are very useful in indoor scenes, and are much underused.
      You'll find stone_step_a very useful, just to get the player up onto that nearly-reachable platform you've placed.
       Castle_f_wall_way_a is lovely for making balconies.
       Earth_Gate_A is really nice for blocking gaps between houses, altohugh the arena barriers are also good for this.
       Castle_f_tower is also really nice as you cna wlk up it, allowing you to have an NPC at the top of a tower who the player can go u and talk to.

These are points at which the player, when facing the BLUE FRONT of the passage, can  jump to another scene (or a different point in t he same scene). Which scene it is is defined in Entry Point defines the Entry point the player will come in at in t he new scene, and the Menu Item defines which scene the player goes to.
In ALL CITY SCENES (Castle, Tavern, Streets, Shop)
0 - Castle
1 - ----
2 - Castle
3 - Town Centre
4 - Tavern
5 - Shop
6 - Arena

In castles;
0 - Inside
8 - Courtyard

Entry Points
Entry points are quite simply points where theplayer or an NPC enters a scene. Simple? NO WAY. There's a very ocmplex system of which numbers go with which specific NPCs, and woe betide those who do not follow it. For any NPCs you add, you can simply define the point number you want to use (up to a max value of 60), then simply slap the point down where you want it ingame. However, for guards, guildmasters, lords, and so on, the troops HAVE to have particular points in place to deploy correctly.

The following points are in every scene of thier type, some are required, the green ones are just accepted conventions;
0 - Player
11 - Village Elder
30 - 40 - Village Walkers
45 - Fugitive from Lord quest

Town Centres;
0 - Player whn entering on foot
1 - Player when entering on horseback
11 - Guild Master
23 - Castle Guard
24 - Prison Guard
25&26 - High Level Guards
27&28 - Low Level Guards
30-40 - Town Walkers
9 - Armor Merchant
10 - Weaponsmith
12 - Horse Merchant

Castle Indoors (In cities or in castles)
0 - Player
6&7 - Guards
16-24 - Lords

Castle Outdoors
40-42 Guards

0 - Player
16-24 - Tavern Mercenaries, Travlers, etc.
9 - Tavern Keeper

Arenas are very complex and I haven't investigated them in much depth yet.

Anywaly, I hope this tutorial was useful...

Total War Mods - The Engineer's Shed / Smaller Mods + Micromods list
« on: March 22, 2008, 08:18:31 AM »
Smaller Mods

Smaller Mod list, these mods I have selected as being good for mixing up with others to create Mixed Mods. They are all quite similar to Vanilla Rome, but with minor alterations. Modder's names are given in the linked threads or download pages, you may wish to ask permission to use any of these in a mod.

Dismounted Scythia
Gives scythia a better runit roster, adding infantry to the faction.

Rise of Etruria
Merges the romans into one faction, adding the Etruscans into the game.

Andalus' Additional Unit Pack
Gives new units to many factions, including some not released in vanilla rome.

This gives a roman civil war from the start and highways in every province - a major benefit to cavalry armies, and one which speeds the game up a bit,
Roadwars Download

Unified Rome
Does, as it says on the tin, unify rome into a single faction, giving you three slots to play around with.

All Factions Playable
This mod enables you to play all factions in the Imperial Campaign and also ads maps and descriptions to the new factions.


This is just a database section for really tiny (1-2 files) mods that people have made. They are all free for use in your own mods, but you should credit the modders as below.

Cities Alive
A mod for RTW 1.5 that gives the cities a vastly expanded range of city walkers, just to make your city views more interesting. Credit; Jubal

Walls of Jericho
A mod for RTW 1.5. This make sieges generally more fun by giving different rams to each faction and increasing flammability of all buildings other than walls to full (doesn't affect the gameplay, but makes the pyrotechnics WAY better if you happen to have some onagers on flaming rocks) Credit; Jubal

Total War Mods - The Engineer's Shed / Micromods
« on: March 22, 2008, 07:55:43 AM »
This is just a database thread for really tiny (1-2 files) mods that people have made. They are all free for use in your own mods, but you should credit the modders as below.

Ciites Alive

A mod for RTW 1.5 that give the cities a vastly expnaded range of city walkers, just to make your city views more interesting. Credit; Jubal

Southern Realm / Southern Realm
« on: March 18, 2008, 07:43:52 PM »
[size=14]SOUTHERN REALMS[/size]


Southern Realms gives the playr vastly more lands to explore around Calradia, in a world with more features, depth and new places to explore and things to do than ever before.

More to explore;
- Map doubled in playable size
- 9 new factions with full troop trees
- Expanded troop trees for all factions and bandits
New features;
- Sea battles
- Tactics Mod
- Shield Bash
New jobs;
- Assassin skills and training
- Become a town watch commander
- Town watchmen spawn round towns
More to do;
- Faction navies
- More parties on the map to fight

The Boozer / WBU - SNIPERS!!!!!! Get down!!
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The forum spam thread, any spam anywhere else is and offence, but here....

OMG SOFA!  :lol:

The Town Crier! Announcements! / Exilian...
« on: March 18, 2008, 07:18:09 PM »
Mixed Mods is down. TWC overrun by n00bs and M2TW players (who I'm jealous of for having a newer game than me). The internet is therefore by a long leap of logic in crisis.

THis is where we  fight back. This is where we stand. This is Exilian.

In other words, this is a temporary (perhaps to become semi-permantent) forum for homesick users of mixed mods, but with more of a focus on M&B.

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