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About the units: I will be keeping most of the vanilla units, adding in re-skins, and vanilla looking units from other mods. I will need someone who can do simple re-skinning, UI's and basic mapping.
About the Romans, no I will not make them special in any way. I was thinking about having a reform like in history, but the units that I would be using would be copied from HRTW and I don't want to do that. The Romans will retain the pre-marian units and get some new ones.

I will be on the look out for vanilla units from other mods to add, and I will probably use units from BI and ALX as well.

About the map, what do you mean?

Hello folks!

I'm ahowl11 the leader of Historical Rome Total War. I have decided to create my own mod with some outside help. I have been thinking a lot during the development of HRTW and I have figured out that hard coding, a large team, and a broad base for a mod can really be frustrating, especially when you are trying to be historically accurate, and keep it your own mod. So I am going to make my own mod on the side, as I'm just a coordinator for HRTW as it is. Anyways, here is the mod:

Map: Mundus Magnus 4.0 but edited so Northern Europe and the steppes do not exist, the mod focuses on the Rise of the Republic, Rome did not face the northern barbarians until the late republic and empire periods.

Time Frame: 280 BC - 107 BC
The Game will stretch from 280 BC, when Rome was fighting Epirus, to 107 BC when Marius reformed the Roman Army.

Faction List:
1. The Roman Republic - The House of Julii
2. The Republic of Carthage - Carthage
3. The Seleucid Empire - Seleucids
4. The Ptolemaic Empire - Egypt
5. The Antigonid Kingdom - Macedon
6. The Lysimachean Empire - Thrace
7. The Odrysian Kingdom - Dacia
8. The Kingdom of Pontus - Pontus
9. The Kingdom of Armenia - Armenia
10. Parthia - Parthia
11. Numidia - Numidia
12. The Bosporan Kingdom - S.P.Q.R.
13. The Kingdom of Pergamun - The House of Scipii
14. The Kingdom of Epirus - The House of Brutii
15. The Kingdom of Bactria - Scythia
16. Luistanians - Spain
17. Celt-Iberians - Germania
18. Illyrians - Britannia
19. Celts - Gauls
20. The Greek City States - The Greek Cities
21. Rebels - Rebels

Other features:
Vanilla style units, meaning they will have faction colors
AOR - something that vanilla needed
New Units - many reskins and new units
Historically Accurate cities: cities that actually existed at the time, and I'm hoping to have the max city limit to make it more interesting
4 turn script
Roman Army: No Marian Reform, all pre-marian units.
No more fantasy units

I will add to this list as the mod progresses, for right now I need help with the map!

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: The Versions of HRTW
« on: January 14, 2012, 05:35:04 AM »

Please everyone who views this go here and read it. Post if you want, just let me know what you guys would like to see

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: The Versions of HRTW
« on: January 12, 2012, 06:10:32 PM »
We are keeping the Britons as well. One of our team members is Edorix who is an expert on the Britons, so they should be very interesting. If we decided not to include them it would break his heart. I believe we should replace the Nabataeans, but everyone on the team says otherwise. But Epirus plays such a huge role! It's hard to figure out, really.

And yes we were thinking the same things.

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: The Versions of HRTW
« on: January 11, 2012, 06:45:53 PM »
I don't know man, it's a tough call. You have a point about the Illyrians, but at the same time I know many people would like to see them.

We are probably going to have a 4 year script for the final version of HRTW

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: Factions in HRTW 1.0
« on: January 11, 2012, 06:43:03 PM »
true, but we are implementing signifierone's animations, so you will get the new fighting style for the romans,etc as well

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: New and reskinned units in HRTW
« on: January 10, 2012, 08:49:52 AM »
Excellent! Those UI's look great! Would you be able to upload the Bosporans again sometime? I have lost them. The Greeks looked good but the Barbarians needed some editing, maybe those could be the ones you do next? Thanks again for doing these for us, we really appreciate it.

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: The Versions of HRTW
« on: January 10, 2012, 08:33:59 AM »
Epirus has been a topic of concern. In 280 BC they played a huge role.
Also Nabataeans didn't really come around until 168 BC
I'm looking to maybe change that for the second version, its still in thought with the team right now

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: Factions in HRTW 1.0
« on: January 10, 2012, 08:28:30 AM »
you know I feel the exact same way.. It seems like it would be much more fitting if they had access to Hoplite units.. Im surprised I never thought of it before. Thanks for noticing as well!

In our first release the hoplites will keep the phalanx formation, but for the next one we are going to implement the "over-hand" fighting style

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: The Versions of HRTW
« on: December 26, 2011, 06:11:43 PM »
Updated OP, my team and I have taken the past week off due to the holidays. We needed it! Merry Christmas everyone and happy New Year from the HRTW team!
Here are some things we have done:
Have new models for the German and Briton Archer Warbands (simple head swap)
New Model for Town Watch (Cape removed)

Many units have been implemented and tested

In the coming weeks I hope to implement the rest of the units, edit and complete each unit roster, edit the descr_strat for historical accuracy, get the UI's for the units, and have new faction symbols/banners made for each faction! Then I can release..
I'm hoping to maybe release before the 17th of January, as that day begins classes for school :)

Enjoy the Holidays!

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: The Versions of HRTW
« on: December 21, 2011, 02:17:39 AM »
I like it here! it's just that much of the chaos goes on at TWC.. thanks comrade_general, those UI's are essential to the release here is what I posted for the team group at TWC, its a list of things to do before we release 1.0

1. Edit descr_strat to make it historically accurate
2. Give Nabataeans, Illyrians, and Bosporans correct name lists
3. Edit Roman Family Tree
4. Fix Nabataean Strat textures
5. Implement rest of units including Hameleona's edited units
6. Give each faction Historically Accurate Faction Symbols
7. Make any remaining reskins/Finalize Rosters for 1.0
8. Implement all finished UI's
9. Test
10. Release

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / The Versions of HRTW
« on: December 20, 2011, 11:44:07 PM »
There are essentially 4 versions of HRTW, divided into two categories based on the maps we will be using, the vanilla map and the Mundus Magnus Map

Very Simple mod.
Vanilla Map; No new cities or terrain
starts in 280 B.C. ends in 14 A.D.
Cities will be owned by the most historically accurate faction
Some city name changes
One Roman faction,
Three new factions: Illyrians, The Bosporan Kingdom, The Nabataean Kingdom;
Many new reskins as many of RTW vanillas units are generic.
The deletion of many units such as Wardogs, Arcani, and Druids.
Only the Rebel faction will be able to recruit Peasant units
Historically Accurate Faction Symbols for each faction
Historically Accurate names for each faction
Faction Changes: Egypt now Ptolemaic Empire, Parthia now Kingdom of Atropatene, Spain now Iberians, Scythia now Sarmatians
Senate missions and offices have been removed

Along with the features above, 2.0 will feature:
RS2 Environments
Overhaul of city list plus many new cities to get the most historically accurate scenario of 280 B.C.
Many new units pulled from other mods such as: THS, Persian Invasion, XGM, XC, Rise of Empire
Ported units from BI and ALX (will be edited)
Will run on BI's exe (Night Battles)
Diadochi TW's Wooden Walls
New walls for Greeks and Romans
Better Water mod
Sky Mod
Some other stuff that I will post later, when I'm 100% sure that I will implement it :)

For now we know 3.0 will feature this:
Mundus Magnus 4.0
New faction list (we have it made, will reveal it later)
Completely new unit rosters made by our team

4.0 Will be close to a complete over haul
RS2 Environments for Mundus Magnus 4.0
Rome Total History, A map made by Philadelphos, integrated with Mundus Magnus 4.0
Many features

Each version will be updated as we go, so stay posted! :)

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: New and reskinned units in HRTW
« on: October 29, 2011, 08:09:53 PM »
Yup UI's need to be made for all of these units:) If I implement some I will take some screens!

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / New and reskinned units in HRTW
« on: October 23, 2011, 10:05:53 PM »
Here Comrade General and I will post the new units in HRTW, Comrade General will also be making UI's and "touching up" the textures.. plenty of unit to come!

Historical RTW Vanilla 1.5 / Re: Factions in HRTW 1.0
« on: October 23, 2011, 09:40:05 PM »
They should be! For the first version, they will have reskinned vanilla units.. here are some details:

Bosporan Kingdom- Mixture of Greek and Barbarian units..

Greek: Militia Hoplites, Levy Pikemen, Phalanx Pikemen, Archers, Peltasts, Slingers, Light Lancers, Greek Cavalry, Militia Cavalry
Barbarian: Warband, Axemen, Skirmisher Warband, Archer Warband, Spear Warband, Barbarian Cavalry, Scythian Horse Archers, Scythian Nobles

Nabataean Kingdom - Eastern and Desert Units

Units: Town Militia, Eastern Infantry, Hillmen, Desert Infantry, Bedouin Swordsmen, Nabataean Guard, Peltasts, Slingers, Archers, Bedouin Archers, Arab Cavalry, Arab Light Cavalry, Horse Archers, Bedouin Camel Warriors, Bedouin Camel Archers

Illyrians - Barbarian with some Greek units

Barbarians: Typical Barbarian Roster
Greeks: Militia Hoplites, Peltasts, Light Lancers

Unique: Illyrian Pirates, Illyrian Skirmishers

There will also be reskins for the other factions..

In our next version there will be many entirely new units!

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