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The King's Chambers - M2TW Discussion / Re: 2014 M2TW Swap
« on: April 21, 2014, 06:30:32 PM »
Yep, Moors are our initial target. But as soon as we drive them out of Iberia, we should focus on Spain. They must not become too powerful!

The King's Chambers - M2TW Discussion / Re: 2014 M2TW Swap
« on: April 21, 2014, 06:16:38 PM »
Shall we make some house rules?:
1-We care about the Pope, but not if he's an hipocryte.
2-Make Balanced armies, not full stacks of the same unit.
3-Use Princesses with care, we don't want to lose an early diplomat. Also, we will only marry her if the husband has at least 3 stars of either Command or Management.
4-Don't send 60 years old men at war.

Open to suggestions.

Jubal [5] Again, Agisthocles jumps towards the beast and tries to calm it down. By now it seems he is going to succeed!
+1 for attempting to tame again.
21 HP

comrade_general Angus waits for the enemy Gladiator to make its move, the crowd is shocked!
[3+1] Arkus tries to stab the Beefman, who dodges in the last moment but still gets scratched.
-1 HP
[1-1=0] Now, the Barbarian goes all rampage! Arkus trips him off and the longsword pierces his arm.
-6 HP
Will Angus bleed to death? [6] Fortunately not. He gets up and pulls the sword out of his wound.
+2 HP
15 HP

The Khan Freddy waits... and waits... and [4+1+2=7] He almost slashes the flesh off Spartacus.
-10 HP to Spartacus.
+1 on your next move
[3] The short gladiator goes back on his feet and attempts to attack the Gaul. The Katanas blind his eyes with their awesomness and he misses.
19 HP

Tom [2+1=3] Little did Trasher know that the crocodiles aren't as peaceful as lions. He fails to tame the animal which attacks!
+1 on attempting to tame again.
[2] However, the green thing is too slow to actually do something!
[3] The Thracian attempts to net the reptile but a tail swing keeps him at bay.
+1 for attempting to net again.
21 HP

The Arena
Players                    NPCs
Jubal- idle               Giant Crocodile- 7 HP
Tom- idle                 Giant Crocodile- 7 HP
comrade_general    Arkus the Manhunter-25 HP
The Khan                 Spartacus the Short-15 HP

The King's Chambers - M2TW Discussion / Re: 2014 M2TW Swap
« on: April 21, 2014, 08:44:11 AM »
Don't worry Tom, I am a horrible player too. There must be something for CG to fix anyways :P

The King's Chambers - M2TW Discussion / 2014 M2TW Swap
« on: April 20, 2014, 07:01:17 PM »
So, what do you say? Portugal would be a quite unique faction to start with.
Who's in?
How many turns should each of us play, I think 20 is too much for M2TW's 200 turns so... what about 10?

Dripping D

The gladiators entered the arena again, ready to die for the Emperor!
They finally received some true equipment (now your Gladiator and Weapon Bonuses will apply)

Suddenly, a loud horn was heard from the other gate. 2 Giant Crocodiles walked on the rocky ground of the Coliseum. From their back 2 enemy Gladiators raised their swords.

Players                    NPCs
Jubal- idle               Giant Crocodile- 7 HP
Tom- idle                 Giant Crocodile- 7 HP
comrade_general    Arkus the Manhunter-25 HP
The Khan                 Spartacus the Short-25 HP

The night is on but you are not sleeping, preparing yourself for the next battle.

Jubal: [5] Agisthocles tends his wound, nothing unexpected happens and he can happily fight again.
+2 HP
21 HP
Tom: [4] Trasher thinks a lot, he struggles to focus on the upcoming day and finally comes out with a plan.
+1 on your next move.
21 HP

comrade_general [1] A beautiful roman girl enters Angus' chamber. He was expecting her.
"Eh!" she says. "I thought a gladiator would be, I dunno, a little bigger..."
Angus let out a battlecry and slaughtered the poor woman.
-1 on your next special ability

The Khan [6] Freddy Mercury the Barbarian contemplates the world when he hears the guardians speaking about the upcoming threat in the arena.
+2 on your first move

The peak of the fight is reached!

Tom: [1+1=2] Thrasher's lion attacks his brethen but an unexpected weakness makes him fall back.
[5] Thrasher manages to capture the enemy cat!
[5] A trident hit crushes the lion's skull.
+1 on your next attack.
21 HP

comrade_general: [6] Again, Angus goes on Rampage and hacks the last lion's body apart.
+1 for your next move.
20 HP

Jubal: No enemies left in the arena.
19 HP

The Khan: Freddy tries to stab Thrasher but an Imperial Archer makes him change his mind.
19 HP

Tom- idle
CG against- idle
Jubal against- idle
The Khan- idle

The BATTLE IS OVER! The first battle...
The remaining lions are shot down with poisoned arrows. These felines have served well.
The Emperor orders that the Gladiators shall be taken back to their chambers. All of them have been spared.
+1 HP for each of you. (added above)
For 1 turn you can attempt to heal yourselves (the one who picked Heal as an ability has 100% chance of success) or plan your next moves (+1 on any attack if you manage to focus), you can also hire a ...roman girl... to increase your stamina.

PvP is forbidden until the Emperor agrees. You will be killed instantly if you want to. (I will leave you idle this turn)

The battle goes on and the Emperor seems disappointed.

Tom: [4+1=5] The Thracian gladiator attempts to tame the lion again and this time he's more than successful. The lion approaches his new master like a nice kitty.
You have a pet. Lion-5 HP , +1 on its first attack.
20 HP

comrade_general: [6] Angus runs as fast as possible behind Agis, which is now the main target for the lions.
[5] One of the felines strikes Jubal who falls to the ground from the shock.
[3] The other lion targets Angus who is now vulnerable. However, his longsword is more than enough to keep it at bay.
19 HP

Jubal: Angus the Beefman hid behind Agisthocles' back and 1 lion hurt him badly.
[2+1=3] The pet's first attack fails to hurt the other lion. But now, the enemy feline is circled.
+1 for the pet's next attack.
18 HP

The Khan: [6] The tough Gaul rushes towards his furry enemy. Both of his Katanas manage to completely end the big cat's life on Earth.
18 HP

Tom- idle
CG against 1 lion (4 HP)
Jubal against 1 lion (5 HP)
The Khan- idle

Finished/Dead Mafias and RPGs / Re: CG's Untitled Mafia Project
« on: April 13, 2014, 11:31:52 AM »
Do I have a chance? I join.

Finished/Dead Mafias and RPGs / Re: Exilian Mafia V - Game!
« on: April 12, 2014, 07:32:37 PM »
Wait, how does this thing work if there are 2 players left?

Finished/Dead Mafias and RPGs / Re: Exilian Mafia V - Game!
« on: April 12, 2014, 03:57:29 PM »
I knew from the beggining that Jubal was the killer!

You can only have one pet. And you can only get another one if the first dies or is released.

The crowd roared wildly and blood was expected to flood the arena.

Tom: [3] Thrasher raised his hands and shouted at the lion:
"Bad boy! That's how your mother taught you to attack people?!"
The lion began to run. He will be neither Thrasher's pet nor his enemy.
+1 for trying to tame again.
20 HP

comrade_general: [2] The Beefman goes berserk and runs towards the enemy. He tripps and falls on the arena's floor.
[1] A lion tries to attack him, but he bursts in feline laughter when he sees the poor gladiator still trying to get up his feet.
[4] The other lion lured by Angus' warcry jumps towards him and scars his arm.
19 HP

Jubal: [5] Another starved animal approached Agistochles and tried to snap his neck. But when the gladiator began to sing a song about Teddy Bears' Picnic, the big cat lied at his feet.
You have a pet. Lion-5 HP , +1 on its first attack.
20 HP

The Khan: [4] Freddy strikes towards the last lion with his ferocious katanas. He manages to hurt him badly.
[5] The lion gets more than angry and bites Fredric's leg.
18 HP

Tom against 1 lion. (5 HP)
CG against 2 lions (5 HP+5HP).
Jubal- idle
The Khan against 1 lion (3 HP)

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