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Tusky, for one I adore Amnesia: The Dark Descent! Mansions of Madness seems very intriguing and closeish to what I want to go for, so thank you for recommending that. The investigation aspect of it fits really closely with what I have vaguely planned so far, so I'll be sure to look further into it.

Jubal, I'm kind of thinking the cryptids can attack players but player characters taking an attacking role back would be a Bad Idea. So making cryptids unkillable is a pretty good idea if I do end up sticking with the d20 system, to be honest. There won't be rival hunting parties or anything - I'm kind of going for a Scooby-Doo but the monsters are real vibe.

The Boozer / Re: Funny Picture Thread
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This is my absolute favourite picture of all time.

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The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Word Association
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Old forum but I might as well drop my recent reads in here. I just finished 'a long way to a small angry planet' recently and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is into the space-faring area of science fiction. I also finished 'The Martian' after putting off reading it for ages and it was fantastic - honestly right up my alley for the kind of tone I love in writing.

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Truely, a relic.

Any help at all is welcome! I'm writing my own campaign and I'm currently working with a modded version of the d20 system where I've simplified it and removed the combat. I was wondering if there's any better way of doing this, such as a format that already doesn't feature much combat and focuses more on the storytelling aspect of tabletop roleplay. I've heard good things about the Powered by the Apocalypse system but haven't looked too deeply into it yet.

I want a system where combat is removed because all characters are humans who will be essentially "hunting" (term used loosely) and investigating cryptids. Combat seemed a bit superfluous as I want players to explore avenues other than 'attempt to kill it' to solve problems - I want the cryptids to be something they can't kill.

Hey there! I'd be interested in volunteering as a content editor. Honestly, I didn't know about this site before seeing a volunteer post somewhere, but it seems right up my alley. I currently study English Literature with Creative Writing at University of East Anglia, and am due to graduate in the summer of this year. I'm avidly into tabletop gaming in particular, having been part of a few Dungeons and Dragons groups and currently being a DM for my own. As 'creative writing' would imply, I'm very into writing fiction - horror, sci-fi, and comedy are favourites of mine - as well as being pretty into drawing. I'm currently Head Illustrator for a society at UEA called Octarine and I manage the Instagram, so I'm used to roles like this.

Hope this gives you a good overview of me! I would love to be a part of this website.

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