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Imperial Total War 1.3 - mod-foldered

This is a global project for Rome TW that has managed to gain respect in the entire Russian community. I hope it will please you too

Description by Haktar:
"This modification can be traced back to the origins of Rome: Total War modding. But it just so happened that the moira fancifully weave the threads of not only human destinies, but also the destinies of projects. Imperial: Total War is a grand project. Unfortunately, foreign modding companies and forums heard about it only once or twice. But now the time has come, the time of introducing this mod to the big world. However, you should not blame the goddesses of fate for everything, since there is another reason, and it lies in the fact that the author of the mod, Haktar, never tried to promote his brainchild, preferring universal recognition - work for the soul.

Imperial: Total War will appeal not only to fans of classic Rome: Total War, but also to lovers of good balance, especially since the modification has been adapted for Rome: Total War v.1.5. And the first thing that immediately catches your eye is the strategic map, the number of provinces of which has been increased to one hundred and ninety-six regions. The campaign itself begins in 270 BC. e. and has a list of factions similar to the original game, with one exception - Thrace was transformed into the Bosporan kingdom. It will also not be superfluous to note that the distribution of territories among the factions is even, and therefore there are no tiny states, or states of giants. And with all this, the state treasury does not lack funds.
The vanilla style prevails among the units, but at the same time their number and characteristics are perfectly balanced, which creates a positive impression during battles on the tactical map. In turn, an officer and a standard-bearer are registered for most of the detachments, and in some cases an officer and a musician. It is also worth noting that the introduction of a fairly large number of provinces in which a wide variety of mercenaries will be available.

And finally, I would like to note, the rebalancing of units in the city while viewing the settlement on tactics. Now, in addition to the existing women and men, you can see diplomats, officers, soldiers, etc." (c)


Main author of mod - Haktar (Imperial TW admin, mapper, modder and a really kindhearted man)
Author of the mod-foldered version - BagaturKhan

This version contains the already installed version of the Imperial TW 1.3 mod with all patches and updates. It is a separate folder. Therefore, no original files need to be changed. Installation is extremely simple. You need just take the folder, put it into the root directory, create a shortcut from Rometw.exe, write in Object there -mod: ImperialTW -show_err, turn on the game and begin your conquest campaigns. No other ways, friends! Everything is simple and for humans!

Of course, this version contains some innovations besides the original mod files (Imperial 1.3). We also agreed on this with my good friend Haktar. As you know, now modding has completely different standards, which means that something had to be corrected, and something even replaced.

- Added a part of nature from the Roma Surrectum II mod

- Added a new lighting system from RS II + changes to the atmosphere on the battlefield

- Added new music tracks from BagaturKhan music packs (i.e. from me)

- Fixed all bugs among individual models and textures (especially for Dacian cataphracts).

- Added two new units - Ptolemaic Hetairoi (in Egypt) and Tauride Hoplite (in the Cimmerian Bosporus).
They are hired at the last levels of development, are expensive and calling 2 turns.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Download link:
(there you can find Fix and English translation too)

This is a Switch-mod, and its installation is like in other mod-foldered projects. You needs 1.5 version of the RomeTW game.

Stories and AARs / Re: "New Universe" main information
« on: February 23, 2021, 08:30:19 PM »
Neferirikar race and its short history

The Neferirikar race is also called "gnomes" or "kobolds" in another way. All because of their small stature and beard. Although in reality they hate being called gnomes and are even ready to fight for it. That being said, Neferirikar really does resemble those same dwarves from many fantasy worlds. Since ancient times, they have been allies of the Elfurr Empire and its main friends. At the time of the Acheron War (nowadays), the Neferirikarian King Sirion Hammerbear is actively fighting for Elfurr. His people are direct allies of the Elfurr Empire. This means that if anyone attacks Elfurr, the Neferirikar will immediately intervene.
This race has amazing technology. They are masters of building robots and complex machines. In addition, it is they who entangle many Elfurr worlds with infrastructure. They are masters almost in all technologies. But they did not always have friendship with their sharp-eared friends. Once upon a time in distant antiquity, the Neferirikar fought with Elfurr. Particularly memorable is the confrontation between Elfurr and Neferirikar, known as the War of the Short Legs. It happened 22,500 years before our era. In that time the elfurrian king Amhar the Serpent quarreled with the neferirikarian king Shardan Bluebeard over questions about excessive hairiness. Amhar thought that the neferirikarian were too hairy, did not shave, and looked like barbarians, and he often said about it. Shardan was insulted and soon declared war on Amhar because of offendings and a grave resentment. The "dwarf" army managed to prove their superiority, and very soon Neferirikar warriors almost took the capital of Elfurr. It was a greatest battle with name of Beards Massacre.
Amhar died in battle. His head was down by the axe of Shardan. As it turned out, elfurr ruler planned to exterminate all the neferirikarian altogether and was only waiting for an excuse to declare war. But Bluebeard uncovered this conspiracy in time. After the war, Queen of Elfurr Totkhemris IV Azariel reconciled with Neferirikar. From now on, both peoples began to live in peace and harmony, and soon they entered into an Eternal Union.
Eternal Union is still exists. And there is also the biggest statue of both rulers - Totkhemris IV and Shardan the Bluebeard. This statue was built in the planet Nirotiel.

Castle`Taer. Zoran's second residence.
Planet Taer.

"Nan'Kai," came the cruel voice of the stern master. - Listen to me.....
 Castellan jerked sharply. When the sovereign spoke aloud, the souls of many of his followers froze. This happened almost always. The commandant of the fortress had not yet felt the fiercer cold. Every word of the overlord made his body turn into a statue.
Governor Zoran at first glanced angrily at the castellan, but then, seeing his fear, immediately cheered up. This tall and mysterious man with bright crimson eyes broke into a smile. And the castellan, though he looked like a gloomy knight in black armor, still now looked like a pitiful sheep, trembling even from one wave of the shepherd's staff.
- Yes .... Lord Zoran ..... - Nan'Kai muttered, turning very pale.
- Lord Zoran, huh ..., - the red-eyed gentleman grinned at this, - We are all brothers here ... How long we went together with you! How many battles! And counting will not work. And you to me .... Lord Zoran .... No. There will be no more masters. I am the same as you! Let you obey me .... Even though you are appointed castellan in Petraberg, but you are my brother! My comrade!
 Castellan, of course, understood that the sovereign did not think so. The half-blood alien has long been at war with those whom he so clearly called the forces of evil. Nevertheless, Nan'Kai had no doubt that this entity wanted the same as its enemies. Authorities. Absolute and limitless power. Zoran's methods were very similar to those of the tyrants from the "banana worlds". He has long used the propaganda of his esteemed brother on many planets, even those that did not belong to the Impeccable Empire. However, getting rid of the old faith, they accepted a new one, much more dangerous and addictive.
“Yes, I'm sorry, Mr. Zoran,” the castellan said, bowing, “Of course. We are brothers here. But still .... I believe that everyone should have respect for you.
“And let them decide for themselves,” the red-eyed snapped at this, smiling even wider.
 With those words, Zoran finally turned to the jumble of monitors that occupied half of this giant square room. Here the harsh ruler and "best governor" in the universe set up a secret communication center a long time ago. This is where broadcasting originated. From here the voice of "hope" and "faith in a bright future" was heard. Many who listened to Zoran and his precious brother, the emperor, believed his every word, as they took it as the only force fighting against evil.
 Pressing armored fingers against one of the keyboard buttons, Zoran grimaced again. Then he glanced at the castellan again, and then pointed to the central screen with his hand. The screen on which his giant image appeared. In the picture, he didn't look like himself at all. He resembled a crippled war veteran who fought so fiercely against enemies that he did not care at all about his own body.
 The broadcast began.
"Good morning, Galaxy! Today we will tell you about the exploits of the valiant soldiers of His Imperial Majesty Azis Excelsior! Long live the Emperor! Long live the Impeccable Empire!"
In total, Zoran's speech lasted at least ten minutes. He actively promoted the activities of his esteemed brother and did it extremely successfully. Yet deep down, he longed for his own greatness rather than a long summer for Azis, the true ruler of the Impeccable Galactic Shahinshah Empire.
  The image soon disappeared, followed by a huge red symbol on the screen. It resembled the ancient letter "E", and many have long known what exactly it means. Many inhabitants of doomed planets perceived him as something divine and holy, for something that carries light and love in itself. How wrong they were .... What a delusion befell these unfortunates when they learned that in reality everything was not at all like that.
- Yeah .... - Zoran smiled again, being pleased with his own speeches, - These words will go down in the history of the universe for a long time. Soon my brother and I will rid her of all evil forces! The time will come ... The time will come when we will unite the entire galaxy under one banner.
 After the spoken remark, the red-eyed man allowed himself to look towards his castellan. Nan'Kai continued to stand with his head bowed down. He really looked like a simple servant waiting for the order of the master. No matter how Zoran tried to convince the castellan of his "brotherhood", he still remained unequal to him and put himself on many ranks below. However .... it was so.
“I have a special order for you,” the red-eyed man said in a harder voice. - Order ... There is one thing. In the Hyperborean system of Zabergan, a strange guy appeared who imagined himself the illegitimate son of our emperor. His name is Markohyusip Grigarovich. And he became a colonel with them. So ... everything would be fine. But recently he seized power there and staged a coup. He screams loudly that my precious brother Azis Excelsior is his father and invites us to include Zabergan in the Impeccable Empire. What does this mean for us? War with Hyperborea. Go there and grab this asshole.
 Nan'Kai never raised his head. He remained standing in the same servile attitude, like an aranguto servant. Now he looked incredibly pitiful and almost insignificant in the eyes of the master.
- And…. how will i do it? - were heard timid words from the mouth of the castellan. - By oneself?
- Yes. Since the Hyperboreans are also our enemies, only unofficial, do everything on the sly before their punitive fleet arrives in the system, - followed the order of Zoran, - Don't let the Hyperboreans get Grigarovich. Capture it first, then bring it here. I really want to know who he works for.
“Understood,” Nan'Kai replied obediently, “But… many people think that he really works for your brother, your highness…. That is, Mr. Zoran. And what about reinforcements?
- I know this without you, - said the governor, - but my brother did not send any Grigarovich to Zabergan to include him in the system. This colonel wants to push our states against each other. To be honest, I'm sick of the Hyperboreans. Azis is of the same opinion. But no one wants war with them either. War will destroy the galaxy. And our goal is to unite all types under one banner. Grigarovich started a dangerous game. Capture him and head straight for Petraberg. Put him to sleep with the poison of the Tratorian sarcosuchus. It will knock down the elephant too. Fly there alone. Anonymously.
- Yes…. Mr. Zoran. How…. As you command.
- Now follow General Narses in the briefing room. You will get clearer instructions there. Now I have to go. A conference with the Elfurr embassy takes time.


Exilian Media / Re: MUSIC: Jubal Sings Stuff!
« on: February 14, 2021, 08:30:08 PM »
Wonderful song! Really! i like it too much.
 Jubal, is it your voice?

War with Darkness Map pack

8 new maps for the Warcraft III Frozen Throne about my own fantasy universe. Map pack is dedicating the period of Marfur-Nirari war. It was the most terrible conflict in the whole galaxy. Billions were killed in hundred battles.

I. Land of Eridu.

II. Planet Femida

III. Snowland of Legnano

IV. Marduniya-3 (mission map)

V. Land of Neferhseka

VI. Sphere of Immortals (map with bonuses)

VII. Tarrako Commune

VIII. Tartess-Prime (mission map)

Full screenshots:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Download links:


To install it well, you need again to put all maps (w3x files) to WarcraftIII\Maps folder. Activate it from skirmish game mode.

The Dawn and Illumination - two biggest states of Marfur-Nirari.

The Dawn
"The Dawn" and "Illumination" are two large state formations created by Marfur-Nirari in ancient times. If not too much is known about "Illumination" - only that it destroyed Hyperborea, then about "Dawn" there are a few words in galactic sources. "Dawn" appeared after the capture of the Lemurian Prime Empire by the troops of Marfur-Nirari and the god Cerberum. When this happened, no one knows for sure. But the sages talk about the date - 70,000 BC. "Dawn's" reign lasted exactly 3000 years. The last king of Lemuria, Atau-Rianu-Binkomo-Rongo-Rongo, could not hold back the enemy's advance and succumbed to the will of a part (philacterium) of Marfur-Nirari. The mysterious lich managed to hit the king with the amulet in which he was hiding. Thus, this led to the destruction of Lemuria. However, the demonic rule of Marfur-Nirari lasted only 3000 years, and not an eternity, as it was calculated. In many of the "Dawn" colonies, revolts broke out against the demonic rule. The largest of them happened on Earth in the city of Rapa Nui. Marfur-Nirari failed to suppress the rebellions. Squadrons of allies from other alien civilizations arrived to help people. The Draconid Crown Fleet managed to defeat the armada of Marfur-Nirari, destroying its flagship "Zebulun". At the last moment, the Elfurr intervened in the war. It all ended with "Dawn" fall. Marfur-Nirari was liquidated along with the government controlled. However, large-scale cataclysms, arranged by him, led to the destruction of the whole continent. Thus, Lemuria, once located in the center of the Pacific Ocean, sank under water.


Stories and AARs / "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
« on: February 09, 2021, 07:43:54 AM »
"Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released

For now its released. But soon here will be the full translated fantasy\sci-fi book with link. Of course, its absolutely FREE, don`t even ask me about the money, please. Just give me 2 billion euro and a chocolate pie for this and no more. ;) ha ha! again joke! All is free, as i said :)

About period of this biggest story you can read there.

Short annotation:

20,000 BC. 22,500 years before the events of the Acheronian War. The galaxy is in danger again. A huge human empire called Hyperborea, which controls thousands of stars, is facing the threat of global war and split. On the planet Zabergan-Prime, an uprising of the military from the Nicomedian race breaks out. Former allies overthrow Lord-Governor Zholt Thornwald Krazhinsky and establish a dictatorial regime. The terrorists leader claims to be acting on the orders of the Impeccable Empire, the largest dictatorial power that has long rivaled Hyperborea. The governor of Zabergan-Prime was captured along with the entire administration. Then the Hyperborean command organizes a special operation to free the governor Krazhinsky. An order was given - to save the governor, to eliminate all rebels and prevent war with the Impeccable Empire, with which relations are already at a limit. The best operatives of Hyperborea were trained for the operation, powerful psi-special forces with witchcraft abilities. But none of them yet knows what exactly they will face, and what awaits the galaxy in the next day. They do not yet know that this is only part of a mysterious and sinister plan, according to which the Old Universe should be destroyed. The Time of Darkness Lord is coming.....

Prologue (translated fully):

20,000 BC.

Planet Zabergan-1
Distant Regions of the Hyperborean Empire.

The territory of the Palace of the Assessors.

- Hah, and this is a great man, - a mocking voice was heard from somewhere above, - A great man on Zabergan. The one whose name is pronounced almost in a whisper, as if he is God. Or even worse.
After these words, the strongest blow of a steel fist fell on Zholt Krazhinsky. The captive leader of the planet almost turned off again from such a captive, but the fanatics who were torturing him at the moment did not want to deprive such a high-ranking person at all. In less than a second, a copious portion of ice water was poured onto Krazhinsky. And again this unfortunate man felt a terrible headache. His eyes, downcast, stared into nothingness, and his soul seemed to be separated from the body, but still was not far away. Weakness covered the ruler entirely, almost preventing him from making a move.
“Wake up, Mr. Governor,” this rather familiar voice rang out again. - Good morning to you! I hope you feel better?
The torturers nevertheless took mercy and decided to give the ruler at least a few seconds in order to somehow come to his senses. Shaking his head in different directions, Krazhinsky has already begun to examine the images around him, in this rather spacious room. He found himself still in the Assessor's Palace, apparently in one of his living rooms. The ruler remembered well how the capture group stormed the structure in a few minutes, and the defenders did not even have adequate resistance. Now Krazhinsky saw those attackers around him. Two of them held him by the arms.
The first person who caught his eye was a rather familiar character for him. He clearly remembered how he personally awarded him the rank of colonel. Then, he gave him at his disposal a whole platoon of elite guardsmen, who were not so long ago famous for their bravery in the fight against pirates. These veterans were considered the worst of the worst, and there was no one with a good heart among them. And now these people, together with a friend for Krazhinsky, a colonel, stood with weapons at the ready and looked at the ruler himself, as if at a dog.
- Grigarovich .... - the first secretary barely squeezed out of himself, seeing a familiar bearded face, - So ..... So it was you all the time ....... You ..... a dirty traitor. .....
One of the soldiers from the n-sai race, dressed in a brown uniform, was already about to pour good presents to Krazhinsky, but a stern colonel, dressed in an older-fashioned uniform, stopped him. Colonel Markohyosip Grigarovich, a semi-Median with yellowish skin, looked with hatred in his eyes at the ruler of the planet, who was respected by many people in the country. Krazhinsky had never seen so much insane rage in the eyes of this man. He was truly amazed at the infernal fire that raged within the warlord.
- Yes, - Grigarovich growled angrily, touching the hilt of his saber with his hand, - It was me all the time. As you can imagine, this whole epic of the terrorist attack in Brassingan is my idea. They all had good protection. Those you thought were frenetics are actually the true servants of Azis the Unsullied. As I. And I am far from a traitor ..... I am a loyal subject of His Majesty!
Hearing such speeches, Krazhinsky himself flared up, like an ancient dragon.
- Azis is a tyrant! - the ruler shouted angrily, - He put enough people! Do you want to annex our country to his possessions? What do we end up with ....? A sea of ​​violence! Hunger, constant poverty, theft and murder! And also .... Hard labor, imprisonment and massacres of demonstrators! That's what Azis Excelsior is!
This time the colonel did not interfere with one of his soldiers. Another blow of his fist fell on Krazhinsky, which almost broke his skull. In severe pain, the governor bowed his head down, trying to move away from the terrible agony. Grigarovich's soldiers have always been famous for their strong grip.
- Azis is mighty! - Markohyosip immediately answered with a proud face, - And only he is able to save us from the impending threat!
- What do you care about Azis ..... - the governor wheezed heart-rendingly, - You are from this planet. Your father and mother lived and grew up here! They were plowmen. And you decided to betray me! Betray your homeland! Betray Hyperborea! Betray your emperor!
But Grigarovich only smiled maliciously upon hearing such words. Moreover, the soldiers who were nearby laughed derisively. Especially their laughter intensified when the ruler mentioned the very Hyperborea, which had been seized by the crisis for two years already. But at the same time, such a powerful anger was present in the eyes of the fanatics that Krazhinsky immediately understood everything. These soldiers, including the colonel himself, terribly hated not only the first secretary, but also the entire current government. But until recently, they swore allegiance to the new government.
- Do not rush, sire, - said Grigarovich in an ominous voice, finally exposing his saber, - If they found me in the hayloft, it does not mean that the people who nursed me were my parents ... Now it does not matter. They have already died ...
Markohyosip smiled wickedly.
- I killed them. Yes .... I may be a son of a , but I shouldn't have let them live. They knew the secret. They knew everything.
The overthrown governor heard a distant noise, so much like the rumble of exploding shells. He tried to glance to the left, and the first thing he saw was a wide-open window. As soon as he looked at the panorama that opened before him, a great horror gripped his heart. Far in the distance, the blazing buildings of his hometown were visible. The great city of Zaberganis was engulfed in flames from all sides.
And Grigarovich only scoffed at all this, and especially at the grief of Krazhinsky himself. His cold cruelty sometimes struck even his own warriors. He was the real embodiment of malice.
- In fact, Azis was my father! - the Colonel said in a brutally cold voice, - Knocked up my mother during one of his trips. He was very depraved, but at the same time wise. There is enough wisdom in him.

- Then why did you kill your mother? Nicomedian? - Zholt exclaimed angrily, trying not to scream from the pain penetrating his entire body.
- Not because he was the son of Azis, - replied Grigarovich, grinning, - It's just that the mother and stepfather knew something that is better for others not to know. That is why I had to eliminate them. It was necessary. Of course, I did it quietly .... Just add a little arsenic .... And it's done.
Krazhinsky turned sharply towards his captor. Now his soul was filled with rage on all sides. The governor wanted to grab any weapon in the room. But the strong hands of the two fighters restrained his anger. In addition, when Zholt tried to wiggle, the grip of his vicious captors increased.
- What do you want?! - Crazhinsky cried furiously, - Do you want to join this planet to the Throne of Ninurta? Does he agree? Does Azis accept it? I somehow can't believe that the Impeccable Empire would want to deal with a mother-killer and a psychopath!
Grigarovich flew up to the captive and exhausted Zsolt with frantic speed, and immediately grabbed him by the throat with his left hand. There was nothing in Jerome's eyes but monstrous hatred.
- Aren't you murderers? - Grigarovich roared in a frenzy, - Remind you what you did during the War of the Five Colonies? How many people have you killed?
Krazhinsky tried to pull away from the colonel's tight grip, but simply failed. The weakness that gripped his body suddenly began to intensify. The Governor clearly realized his doom.
- These people ... deserve ... death ... - Zsolt croaked barely audibly, - They deserve ...
- Perhaps you are partly right, - Markohyosip suddenly smiled again, - But you too. You deserve to die, too. And all your supporters today will pay for their sins. I endured humiliation for so many years .... And I made my way to power. And so ... I finally reached the peak of my power. And all because I have friends, my lord Krazhinsky. I have friends! And they helped me well to carry out my plans ...
With these words, Grigarovich thrust his gloved fist right into the chin of the deposed ruler. The former people's leader staggered. His eyes were already beginning to roll like those of a dead man.
Seeing that the prisoner was too weak, two hefty n-sais immediately released the unfortunate, and Krazhinsky's body collapsed to the floor. Life was still flowing in the weakened Zholt, but he perfectly understood that this was only temporary.
And the evil colonel named Markohyosip continued to smile, and this smile could truly be called sadistically evil. Tearing off his head from the fallen Zholt, the alien turned his gaze towards the three guardsmen. These warriors stood behind him, armed with blasters, waiting for any order.
- Shoot the whole committee, - the colonel ordered in a cold tone, - and we will play with this dog again. Let's see what he has to say when we bring his family members to him.
Krazhinsky no longer heard these words, as consciousness left his body. He just lay on the floor, not making a single rustle. The former ruler of the planet seriously looked like the murdered one.
- And what about the people on the streets? - followed by the question of one of the soldiers, - Zholt has too many supporters. Not everyone will want to obey you, sire. Moreover, it is not known how Azis himself will react to this.
Markohyosip smiled at this even more ominously, like a demon. He was especially pleased with the title appeal that had just been voiced from the lips of the guard. Grigarovich already felt like a real ruler, although there was no crown on his head. The lust for power so overwhelmed him that he almost lifted himself to the very limits of the galaxy.
“Shoot to kill,” Grigarovich said with the same grin. “Those who refuse to recognize the Impeccable Empire will be mercilessly destroyed. Let them know who the new ruler is now. Let them know that no other government will save Zabergan. No pagans who think they are Gods will seize the sacred throne.
The awareness of one's own greatness was already simply bursting out from all sides. Grigarovich disposed of the guards as if they were slaves. He always saw them as nothing more than servants. All his life he dreamed of absolute and limitless power, and now, she finally touched him with her tender hand. Soon, very soon, he will rule over all his slaves legally, as the true ruler and deputy of the One who is worthy to rule All. And no one dares to challenge him, no one ever.
"So ... Everything is going as we planned ...." - Grigarovich continued his speech in a whisper.


Translated continuation you will find later.... Its working and its working hard.....

Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / Re: Forum Discussion
« on: February 08, 2021, 08:57:54 AM »
Hello. i must apologize to Exilian administration for the violation of rules. Next time its will not be, i promise.

I have released a full realization of the Karunka`s Battle in the Warcraft III engine. - You can see it from here.

Karunka battle was the biggest operation of the Blameless empire against Marfur-Nirari forces. Dark sorcerer built a special laboratory in the Karunka with his servants. There he was planned to make a global zombie invasion, but his plans were stopped. Lord-commander Yilgazi Fedorov organised attack to the main base of Marfur-Nirari and destroyed his main forces. Darkness returned to other systems. It was the biggest victory of the Blameless empire, and lord Fedorov was rewared for this.

Yeah, Sahara is another unexplored part of our planet. Absolutely agree with it. I even think, that we can find there another Pyramides or something like this. Sand have a lot of secrets.

Warcraft III - Siege of Karunka

Small single-player mission for Warcraft III Frozen Throne.
The action again takes place in my fantasy setting. The main task is to completely destroy the zombie army, which the lich sorcerer Jarisai Marfurnirari is preparing to capture the planet Karunka. The enemy base is located in the north of the map. The player is given a special hero - the commander of the Impeccable Empire army, Lord Ilgazi, with a unique arsenal of abilities. In the south of the map there is a small player base where new types of troops are available. The situation from the start is very difficult.
From the very beginning of the game, a fierce battle begins with the enemy. It is recommended that you pay attention to the left flank, where a platoon of Holy Guardians of Impeccability is trying to break out of the cauldron. Better to take them to the base immediately. The troops on the right flank are doomed and need not be rescued. It will take a very long time to storm the citadel. The enemy has incredible defense power. In addition, Marfurnirari himself leads the invasion army, and it is extremely difficult to kill this creature.
This battle is won through careful planning.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Download link:

Install this as other maps, to the Maps folder in the original game directory. Activate from skirmish

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: Request from BagaturKhan
« on: February 07, 2021, 02:04:47 PM »
Hello fellow RTW fans!

Sorry for the ping, but this is important and may save you time, internet traffic, spare your nerves, and, most importantly, a fair portion of your sanity in the future, so please read.

As some of you may know, there's a person on RTW modding scene known as BagaturKhan. A while ago he appeared here, but was banned on both servers for being extremely toxic, spamming dozens of his very poor quality works, endless self-advertising, spreading ill rumors, blackmailing, sending threats in DM, lying and doing lots of other weird things. We have quite a collection of his bullarmadillo messages saved as a proof. He breeds bots and tries to awkwardly sniff out all sorts of information, while not neglecting the most unverified sources and spreading rumors on other sites, including notorious Russian forum Imperial. His activities leave a strong sense of unhealthy person - as he rushes from one state to another right on the go, from one style of speech to another, from outright malice to unctuous servility. He sends hundreds of DMs, we can't even imagine how many, trying to sniff out something and collecting, in his opinion, "sensitive" information. He also watches what we do, and awkwardly tries to copy, with the poorest skills possible, a really shameful display. He was banished from every kind of mod groups possible, and any kind of a deal with this guy is a reputation hit, so please avoid/blacklist him if you can, avoid his mods as they are such poorly and lazily made that it's almost an insult to creativity and common sense.

Here I say that neither me, nor both Discord servers have nothing to do with BagaturKhan. His mods will never be hosted here, we will not discuss his "achievements" any further, so he may seek attention and ways to feed his ego elsewhere. Me and fellow moderators will try to protect you from him as much as possible. Please contact me immediately if this person does you any harm.

Take care and have a wonderful day, cheers!


This message is still in the Rome1 TW Discord channel. I don`t understand why Lanjane and other admins posted it.
Its not a truth. I just can`t understand them and their actions. What they want with this message and why they are doing it?

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: Request from BagaturKhan
« on: February 07, 2021, 01:59:46 PM »
I just want you to know about this situation. Because these people are slandering me everywhere, and some Discord channels already banned me because of slander and wrong information about me.
I know, many people of this forum are also knows Lanjane and his team (Lanjane is almost everywhere is reputated modder and writer), but i told you a truth. I am not here for making conflicts or provocations about innocent people.  I just don`t know how to be in this situation.
This slander is already made a conflict between many people and me. Many people believes Lanjane because of his almost flawless reputation in modding. So when he is saying that Bagatur is the enemy of all, a lot of people starting to think that its truth.
I really don`t know the reason of this baiting. Maybe i really was a bit insistant in Rome1 Ahowls community, but is it really bad thing? I just was too friendly with people. Maybe some found this thing intrusive. But i never did anything bad for communities.
I always helped people when it needs, i always was polite with them. I just was maybe too friendly... maybe a bit intrusive with them, asked "how are you" anytime and etc. But does i deserve this baiting?
sorry again for this

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: Request from BagaturKhan
« on: February 07, 2021, 07:10:25 AM »
its about this situation. Its quite serious. Sorry if i am loading you all into this, but i really don`t know what to do.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Request from BagaturKhan
« on: February 06, 2021, 10:41:38 PM »
Friends hello all. Can i speak with you about one situation?

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