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I think, all of them. I fully believe in the existence of these continents, as well as of antediluvian civilizations. Of course, I am not a supporter of any crazy ideas about Nibiru and the reptilians, but I believe about the existence of developed cultures tens of thousands of years ago. Because some evidence has survived. It is a pity that official science does not do this.

Hello everyone. At our work in the company "Arguments" we are now exploring the ancient continents theme. This refers to those continents that probably existed, but sank due to cataclysms. The same is about the civilizations that lived on them.
(I can say that these materials give me a storm of inspiration to write my setting). We are talking about Hyperborea, Atlantis, Lemuria and Pacifis (Mu). I would love to attach my research in Russian, but I don’t know if links to Russian-language sites are allowed here or if you just need a translation - i can do it.
So the question is - what do you think about the possibility of the existence of such continents? After all, official science considers this to be almost nonsense and fantasy. But I am inclined to a different point of view, and therefore I study in detail the mythology of different nations.

Best wishes to all.

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« on: January 15, 2021, 11:10:12 PM »
Need to say, that i am fully finished the work with "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming". Its the full story about the Hyperborean period, 20000 BC. And i will create another topic for that. In this thread i`ll continue to work with chronologies and universe history.

Battles of Pain Map pack

Hello everybody. We continue the Distant Planets project on the Warcraft 3 game engine. We are talking about additional maps. They reflect different events from the times of my universe. Basically, we are talking about the Hyperborean period, that is, about the events of 20,000 years BC.

Now you again have 5 planets to explore and fight. Here you are the full list of them.

1. Air-Prime.
Air Prime (also known as Caesargrad) was once the capital of the Air Imperium, state of the ancient humanoid race related to Elfurr. This was until the Air assimilated with people. This map was created for the battle mode. Here you will need to fight against computer opponents. But the Alliance faction has some bonuses. Map is for 2 players.

2. Ibraghan Alpha.
Ibragan Alpha was once the capital of the Indomitable Empire, whose rulers challenged the legendary king Azis the Flawless. This world is now completely subordinate to the Impeccable Empire. All local residents are submissive to the new government. The map is designed for 4 players. Playing as the Alliance faction, you can use some of the troops of the Impeccable Empire and their extremely powerful laser defense.

3. Winter in Nargon-Kale.
The planet Nargon Kale is the capital of the Impeccable Empire. The climate here is completely different. But the map reflects the winter period. It is here that the great Throne of Ninurta, the legendary father of King Azis, is located. The map is designed for 5 players. The Alliance faction has access to some of the troops of the Impeccable Empire. There are also Azis the Flawless artifacts scattered across the map, which can help in the fight against enemies.

4. Sarkel Planet
The planet Sarkel was once a thriving colony of the Air race. This was until these systems were invaded by the fleet of the reptilian race Narwalingen. The map is designed for 5 players. As usual, the Alliance faction has certain bonuses. On the map itself, you can find many artifacts of Narwalingen, one of which will help to summon their troops into this world. Overall, the gameplay is very hardcore here. It is necessary to literally survive. In addition to the Narwalingen race, here you can face the minions of Cerberum, and these enemies are much more dangerous.

5. Siege of Nargon.
The siege of the planet Nargon is a mission. To activate this mission, you need to choose from the start Undead, and give the enemy the Alliance faction. The main goal is to lead the troops of Cerberum and his prophet Jarisai Marfurnirari and destroy all the accumulations of troops of the Impeccable Empire. The Flawless Empire has a well-guarded stronghold and hundreds of legions. The battle is awful. Only the strongest will win here. (The main character Marfur-Nirari has truly titanic power. It is recommended to use his abilities against large forces. He is able to summon robots on the battlefield, destroy the enemy with orbital strikes and use ancient magic)

Download link:

All these maps you need to install to WarcraftIII\Maps folder. Activate it from skirmish game mode.

Legends of the Far Past (Warcraft III)

Hello again! I present to you a new project on the wonderful game Warcraft 3, dedicated to my universe. The way is not worth it with the World of Infinitas, which is nearby. What I present now is a completely separate project. This is a collection of missions and minor campaigns that are currently being done. What you see in the topic header is far from everything. I will post many elements of my content in messages to the topic.

At the moment I am only presenting you part of the project. These are 5 interesting and entertaining maps suitable for both skirmish and missions. They all reflect this or that location in my universe.

1. Arthandir Prime.
A terrestrial planet that belonged in ancient times to the Hyperborean Empire. But then, after the fall of Hyperborea, many galactic states united in the Artandir Empire, centered on this planet. Here you are allowed to fight with 3 other players for control of the world. The Alliance faction has a bonus mini-faction Artandir, which is summoned with the help of the hero of the Archmage. On the battlefield, you can summon Artandir military equipment. And also use a seismic superweapon against the enemy. This map is for 4 players.

2. Enminluan Gamma.
In ancient times, this planet belonged to the Great Intergalactic Impeccable Empire. Here you are allowed to lead the army of this empire. It is commanded by a great commander from the dragonoid race named Shikulti-Pinurti. The player controls the military base of the Impeccable Empire. The main task is to destroy all enemies on the map, and at the same time fight the accomplices of the dark god Cerberum. Shikulti-Pinurti has an excellent arsenal of abilities that will help in the fight against huge forces of enemies. For interesting gameplay you need to choose 1 - as player, and other 4 players make enemies (Hard level).

3. Mensei Guapalamo.
The main planet Guapalamo-1 is an exoplanet, that is, suitable for human habitation. The main population is also made up of people, and there are more than 2 billion of them. But the peculiarity of Guapalamo-1 is that there are practically no continents, and almost the entire planet is covered by the world's oceans. 2 billion people live on large islands and atolls. There are at least 10 skyscraper cities that literally stick out of the water. But an even more interesting feature is the Monolith of Mensei Guapalamo, which, according to scientists, is more than 30,000 years old. This is a skirmish map for 2 players.

4. Etterium.
Ettterium was an isolated world in the Far Worlds sector. He belonged to the etterlings, the descendants of humans and hecatoncheires. Today this world is in chaos. The Etterlings have entered a war with the Androphages, a hostile race of cannibals who worship the god Cerberum. The player will have to fight both with 4 other opponents, and with armies of androphages. The Alliance faction has access to Etterling troops. In addition, there is a neutral etterling settlement on the map, in which you can call on their additional forces to help. This map is for 5 players.

5. Sharkalli Prime.
Before the creation of the Impeccable Empire, this world belonged to the state of the Eight Sharcally. Eight great kings ruled over the planet and surrounding systems. Now this world of pyramids and ziggurats is in danger due to the arrival of the huge armies of Cerberum. The player is allowed to fight with 3 opponents, and at the same time, if desired, rid the planet of demonic soldiers. The player has reliable defense from plasma turrets and a bonus hero with special abilities. This map is for 4 players.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Download link:
Far Past planets
Battles of Pain pack

To install it well, you need to put all maps (w3x files) to WarcraftIII\Maps folder. Activate it from skirmish game mode.

Thank you very much for seeing this! This is not the end.

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« on: January 10, 2021, 01:04:33 PM »
Hi my friend!
To be fair, i already have Wiki in TWC, but still trying to explore it. Its a bit difficult ;)
And thanks for your review! Yes, the Zabergan monoliths are, without a doubt, artifacts, but there are still the same ones. They are in the Guapalamo system. You can read about it here too. The text is near. )))


Mensei Guapalamo system. Another galactic mystery.

An equally interesting mystery is the star system of Mensei Guapalamo, located in a sector that is dark with Farrukh. For the period of 2596, the system also belongs to the Artandir Republic. The main planet Guapalamo-1 is an exoplanet, that is, suitable for human habitation. The main population is also made up of people, and there are more than 2 billion of them. But the peculiarity of Guapalamo-1 is that there are practically no continents, and almost the entire planet is covered by the world's oceans. 2 billion people live on large islands and atolls. There are at least 10 skyscraper cities that literally stick out of the water. But an even more interesting feature is the Monolith of Mensei Guapalamo, which, according to scientists, is more than 30,000 years old. A huge obelisk-shaped building literally sticks out of the water and is located in the middle of the Central Ocean. Another attraction is the Pyramid Island of Guijaramo, where primitive savages lived until the colonization of Artandir. The island has giant stepped pyramids 230 meters high. Local savages (pale-skinned tall people) called them the legacy of the conquerors of Guapalamo. According to their beliefs, in ancient times there was a certain Mensei Guapalamo, who conquered millions of worlds. After each successful conquest, he left a giant Obelisk (perhaps this is the same Monolith), including pyramidal clusters. They were built, as a rule, by conquered peoples. It is also noteworthy that the savages believe that the return of Mensei Guapalamo is close and is about to happen. They claimed that Guapalamo appears on a giant pyramid-shaped chariot capable of lighting any star, as well as destroying it with one shot. The Artandir scientific community is still studying the pyramidal complexes on the islands, the ancient languages ​​of savages and their beliefs. But for unknown reasons, access to the Monolith of Mensei Guapalamo is completely closed to everyone except the military. Everything is further complicated by the fact that you simply cannot swim to the Monolith. Its waters are inhabited by the Colossal Kraken, reaching 85 meters in length. These octopuses also have long tentacles that can even shoot down helicopters. As with Zabergan Prime, the Elfurr Empire is eager to explore the Guapalamo system and its main planet, but the Artandir Republic does not grant such permission.

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« on: January 09, 2021, 11:46:48 PM »
Unexplored Zabergan.

The planet Zabergan Prime, located in the distant Zabergan system, belongs to the Artandir Republic. Elfurr have long dreamed of gaining access to this system, but the agreement on this has not yet been signed. At the moment, in 2596, the Zabergan planets are completely colonized. They are located in the so-called Borean sector. Of particular interest is the main exoplanet Zabergan Prime, which is also the main capital. The fact is that Artandir owns only one continent there, which is the largest. The second continent, located in the Western Hemisphere, is under the strict protection of the republican special services. By order of President Cedric, the Western Continent is not navigable or explorable. On this continent, there are Anomalous Zones that have not yet been studied by the scientific community. An attempt to explore the continent led to the disappearance of entire expeditions. The northern part of this land is inhabited by Fly-Eyes, a rare species of giants, reaching up to 60 meters in height. In the Anomalous Period, there are always temporary leaps. In addition, not far from the continent on its east coast is the historic complex of the Primordial Monoliths. These giant structures reach a height of 700-800 meters and literally pierce the clouds. According to scientists, the Monoliths are more than 18,000 years old. It is believed that they were built during the Hyperborean period. Some believe that the building structures are not ancient civilizations, but demonic creatures that came into the universe during the invasion of Cerberum. The Monolith Zone is not available for visiting. Scientists do not conduct research on them or study their internal structure. Almost nothing grows around the buildings, except for a strange poisonous weed plant known as Eat the Grass. Animals and aquatic creatures prefer not to swim up to the Primordial Monoliths and keep from them at a distance of 2-3 kilometers.
In the central part of the Western continent, there is a Mirage City, which constantly appears and disappears. Its study is also banned by Artandir's special services. Only the southern part of the Western continent is more or less inhabited, and even then not completely. There are military and research bases there. In the same sector is the fortress of the special forces of Artandir security. The total population of the mainland is 3000 people, while the other continent is home to at least 4 billion. Also, aviation does not fly over some areas of the Western continent. The authorities prefer to use drones for surveillance and it is not uncommon to lose these devices in Anomalous charts. Outlandish oceanic creatures such as the bat shark, whale melvilleon (length 58 m long), sperm whale minstrel, sea giraffe, energy fish, electric plesiosaur and dorudonum magnus (length size 120 m) live within the continent's water area. On the coasts, there are runner beluga whales (evolved terrestrial cetaceans) and sand centipede crayfish. In the western part of the continent are the ruins of the ancient city of Zaberganum. Huge ruined skyscrapers that existed thousands of years ago have survived to this day. In the process of examining the ruins, an ancient subway network was found. Only the military and intelligence agents have access to the city ruins. It is noteworthy that quite recently, in the process of exploring the ancient city, another unique form of life was discovered, known as the termite-stone flipper. These giant insects literally feed on masonry and are 8 meters tall. They usually live at night. During the day, they fall into a long sleep in the undergrounds of the city or within the former metro. Soldiers exploring the ruins very often stumble upon sleeping rockfiners.
Zabergan Prime is still of interest to many civilizations. But the Artandir Republic in every possible way rejects any requests for research on the Western continent of the planet. Moreover, recently Artandir's special services have been fixing Acheronian scout drones on the forbidden continent, apparently appearing with specific goals.

Planning the new campaign pack for Warcraft III about my universe, but its will be different, so for that i`ll create a new topic.
This one thread is about "World of Infinitas" project. I hope, all here don`t have problems with campaign and maps hardcore. In future, i`m going to increase hardcore and make unreal survival style. Some maps from here is already having terrible survival style, especially "Achaeron-Prime" map or "Nippur" in the Rise of Infinity pack. I like to show the truly hard conditions of the new colonies. If you wants to build a colony, you just must know, its not easy and its going to be natural competition. Resourses are low, enemies are around, and also you are having only one chance to survive.

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« on: January 05, 2021, 10:00:50 PM »
Thank you sir! Yeah, i am working with this universe since 2008. First versions were poor and had logical mistakes, but i am improving it every year. For now - i have 2 periods - Hyperborean (20000 BC) and New Age (2596 AD). I have chronologies and stories. Chronologies need for people, who wants to know about the background story.

Happy Holidays, btw! ;)

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Blameless Cold War

20000 BC chronicles continuation....

Hyperborea and the Impeccable Empire, although they tried to maintain friendly relations with each other, nevertheless, no one could deny the fact of hidden hostility and rivalry. Azis the Flawless was perceived by the Hyperboreans as an unpredictable and extremely inadequate ruler. They saw him as a cruel galactic tyrant, ruthlessly suppressing freedom of speech and choice. There was not even a hint of democracy in the Impeccable Empire. But in Hyperborea, the local government was more of a constitutional monarchy. At the head was the emperor, the heir to the first kings of the city of Eridu (the first city on Earth), and the Most Excellent Senate was appointed as support and control. Hyperborean notables and ordinary people of the state practically did not differ in appearance. In addition, there was no dependent peasantry in the state, as in the same Impeccable Empire. The contradictions between the empires were on the face. Both powers sought complete control over the galaxy and over the entire human race. The opposition also affected the issues of colonization. The Hyperboreans and the Impeccable Empire colonists often clashed on the same planets. Governments have always tried to resolve issues peacefully. But sometimes it came down to individual skirmishes. Emperor Beorningus IV had to negotiate with Azis about all the colonial routes of Hyperborea. Nobody wanted an escalation of a full-scale conflict. Any war between Hyperborea and the Impeccable Empire could lead to an all-out galactic conflict. Both countries had powerful allies.

Relations between states were often called the Cold War. In those days, intelligence organizations were active. There have been many cases of infiltration of secret facilities by spies. When captured, agents were abandoned by their own commanders. Any of the spies trapped in the trap was declared dead, and his data was erased from the database. But one day the Cold War almost turned into a full-scale war. It all happened because of the uprising in the possessions of the former Indomitable Empire. The son of the previous king, Acontista, attempted to split the Indomitable Empire from the Impeccable. With the help of loyal generals, he staged a coup, overthrowing the imperial government under Azis. Mass unrest broke out on several worlds. Acontista was unhappy with the fact that peasants were enslaved in the Impeccable Empire. He planned to make democratic changes and declare equality between people. The prince was supported by many nobles and military men of the former Indomitable Empire. The largest uprising took place in the Ibragan star system, where the rebels took control of the entire capital planet. The army of the Impeccable Empire was defeated. Azis, learning about the riots, ordered to send a large fleet led by Admiral Artavazd to the Indomitable Empire. The punitive armada consisted of 30,000 ships.

Artavazd easily recaptured the star systems from the rebels. He then inflicted a crushing defeat on the Acontista fleet in the Ibragan system. The poorly armed forces of the Indomitable Empire were defeated. No one was able to contain the offensive of the punitive armada. The rebellious domain is once again taken over by the Immaculate Empire. The old governors were dismissed or executed, and in their place new governors, loyal to Azis the Perfect, reigned. Akontista managed to escape together with several oppositionists. He headed to the Artandir system, which belonged to Hyperborea. The Hyperboreans accepted the rebel prince and gave him refuge. Azis was bewildered. He demanded from Hyperborea the extradition of the "criminal and troublemaker." In the Immaculate Empire, Acontista faced the death penalty for treason and attempted rebellion. The Hyperboreans refused to hand over the Akontista. They announced that they would grant him political asylum. Akontista was accommodated in Artandir Prime in a paid government apartment. The same privileges were given to other oppositionists. Azis threatened Hyperborea with breaking all treaties and a full-scale war. Moreover, the emperor brought military armada to the Hyperborean borders. In the Army of Impeccability, meetings have begun on plans for a further invasion. But everything was decided at the very last moment. An Elfurr imperial delegation has arrived on the capital planet of Ninurta. Elfurr suggested to Azis to leave Akontista with Hyperborea.

A full-scale galactic war between both powers would undoubtedly affect other states. Elfurr understood this, and did not want a global confrontation. In addition, they informed Azis that Prince Acontista was not worth full-scale conflicts because of him. After talking with his allies, Azis the Flawless agreed with them. Later he announced that he would not demand the extradition of the prince from Hyperborea. But at the same time, he clearly explained that if Akontist wants to return to his homeland, there he will be immediately arrested and followed by the death penalty for treason. Thus, the galaxy managed to avoid a global war between the superpowers. Elfurr in this case played the role of conciliators.

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Rise of Azis. Path to Excellence.

Azis the Flawless was without a doubt one of the most famous and powerful emperors of the Hyperborean period (20,000 BC). It was he who founded a whole empire from a small interstellar state, which was called the Impeccable. But many wondered why he later turned into the worst tyrant? Perhaps the reason lay in the lost love. In any case, this is precisely what Nikolai Krasic, the military leader of the Hyperborean Empire, spoke about more than once.
After conquering the surrounding kingdoms, Azis the Flawless named himself Excelsior and Shahinshah (king of kings), leading the Inter-galactic Flawless Empire. His power has become an equal for Hyperborea itself and all other large associations of the galaxy. The alliance with Elfurr gave Azis the opportunity to use the most advanced technology. The emperor successfully established trade with many civilizations. Despite the latent enmity, he maintained relations with Hyperborea. The young ruler has not thought about marriage yet, preferring to spend time on military exercises and testing the latest starships. But soon he entered into a trade agreement with another human power of the Hyperborean period, perhaps the most mysterious and mysterious.
This country was located in the areas of present Byzantium and was called Air. Formally, people ruled in Air, but in reality they were all descendants of mixed marriages with Elfurr, and therefore were often born with special psi-abilities. They lived for 100 or even 250 years and grew old only by the age of 80. Many of the Air representatives could read each other's thoughts and talk with gestures. Queen Artemisia III was wary of the Impeccable Empire. The Air state was small, but at the same time independent. Azis could well lay claim to her interstellar domain. Soon it happened. Azis the Flawless was fascinated by the beauty of the 65-year-old half-elfurrian queen Artemisia, who looked 30. But he knew that the expansion of the Flawless Empire must continue. Therefore, the young emperor invited Artemisia to join his power. He promised that Air would maintain a semi-independent position. He proposed to Artemisia to marry him, thereby uniting the galactic countries. The queen refused, since Azis for her was just an arrogant young man, counting on universal conquests. She refused him politely, promising to keep the trade between the powers.

An angry Azis the Flawless reacted appropriately. He did not be rude to the queen during the conversation. However, after her departure to Air-Prime (now Cesargrad), Azis ordered the great mushir (army marshal) Sargon the Fatal One to bring the combat armada to the borders with Air. He hoped to conquer the country in a few weeks. In addition, the emperor conducted large-scale military exercises. He was preparing for the invasion the most powerful punitive corps of 20 million soldiers, including flotillas. But after a while, a delegation of the Elfurr Domination arrived at Azis. The Elfurr threatened the Immaculate Empire with breaking the alliance. The Airs were related to Elfurr and, in fact, were half-breeds. An attack on Air would be an insult to the entire Elfurr race. Therefore, Azis had to back down. He curtailed the operation and ordered the armads to leave space borders back to their homeworlds. The impeccable empire never invaded Ayr. General Sargon was extremely depressed by this turn of events, but he had to obey. Fate decreed in a completely different way. Azis never attacked Air, but very soon met with Artemisia again.
In the same year, a catastrophe almost happened in the Main Galaxy. The planet Acheron Prime, colonized by the Unn-Chor race, has come under massive attack. All Unn-chor within the system were exterminated. Before that, they sent an SOS signal, which was caught by agents of the Impeccable Empire. Soon, an unknown enemy attacked the Sarkel colony, which belonged to Queen Artemisia. The colony was destroyed. The invaders used a mysterious weapon known as the Flooded World. Thanks to the use of superweapons, the world ocean of Sarkel spread over the entire planet. This led to the destruction of all settlements. Sarkel turned into a water world. But the enemy did not stop there, but fell on two more planets belonging to Air. They were also subjected to total flooding. Queen Artemisia realized that she was dealing with a powerful force, and she would not survive without a reliable ally. Then she turned to Azis for help. At first, Azis did not want to deal with her, but then he nevertheless accepted the challenge. Artemisia promised to marry the emperor if he saved her power from destruction. She begged him to come to Air's aid and save them from a mysterious enemy. Air had no chance against the Flooded Worlds. Even Azis did not possess such a frightening type of weapon. He did not understand why the enemy was using it, and what kind of enemy it was in general. The enemy could not be identified for a long time. But soon the truth appeared in all its glory.

The enemies who attacked Air were representatives of the almost unexplored race of Narwalingen. Some ranked her as an intelligent cetacean. Others argued that Narwalingen were relatives of Kosatti and the Draconids. However, one thing was known - although these creatures looked like upright dolphins, they still were not mammals and laid eggs. The homeworld of this race was also unknown. They preferred to completely flood their ships, and like Cosatti, they practically could not breathe without water. Obviously, they were an aquatic civilization. Narwalingen flooded worlds in order to later build their colonies on them and deploy infrastructure. The ocean was considered their main habitat. The exact reason for their invasion of the galaxy was hidden, and no one has been able to solve this mystery. But they posed a very serious danger. The Air state was on the brink of destruction. Narwalingen threatened to take over all of her planets and change with the Flood. Azis had to help Artemisia in the fight against the invaders.
The impeccable empire intervened on the side of Air. Azis ordered four armadas to arrive at the new allies' systems and protect them from the aliens. Narwalingen had already broken through to the capital Air by that time. Air Prime was taken into the ring. Azis personally commanded the flotilla and, together with Artemisia, managed to break through the enemy blockade. Narwalingen were forced to withdraw their armadas from the Air Prime system. In battle, they lost up to 300 battle cruisers (in their language they sounded like "gu'uu'ee"). The emperor then held a meeting and formed the Counter-Offensive Fleet. Flying with Artemisia on the same ship, he went through 3 more difficult battles. Together with the queen, they inflicted several defeats on Narwalingen. The aliens retreated, leaving behind only changed planets. Azis wanted to get to the leader of the invaders and get the Flooder of Worlds in case of further wars. But even more, he wanted a speedy marriage to Artemisia. Three weeks later, Azis the Flawless laid siege to Sarkel, transforming Narwalingen into a fortified colony. The siege lasted only 5 days. After that, Sarkel fell, and the aliens were forced to leave this system. With the help of Elfurr technology, Azis drained some of the planet and made it suitable for Air again. Artemisia was incredibly grateful to the emperor. She once again announced that she was ready to become his wife and unite the great powers. Azis was delighted about this, but not so much because of the desire to expand the empire, but because of feelings for the queen. In the last days of the campaign, he had already stopped hiding his feelings and explained to Artemisia that he was doing this not for the sake of expansion, but for her own sake. It would seem that the decision to unite has already been made, and nothing can interfere with the mutual love of the sovereigns.

However, the unexpected happened. In the very last battle with Narwalingen, the enemies managed to damage the captain's bridge of Azis' flagship. Artemisia was caught in the epicenter of the explosion. The emperor ordered to immediately take her to the infirmary. He used his best doctors, including cyborgisers, but Artemisia was never restored. Queen Air died in Azis's arms. In grief, he sent his flagship to the forward fleet of Narwalingen. Such a fierce attack managed to break through the enemy's defenses. The heavy alien ships were destroyed. The Impeccable Empire has won this battle. And very soon the large fleet of the commander Sargon approached to the aid of Azis. The warriors rejoiced and celebrated, but the emperor was sullen and gloomy. He never showed up for the festivities organized in honor of the victory over the enemy. However, Air themselves grieved for their queen. Artemisia was buried with honors at Air Prime. Azis never showed up for the funeral. He retired from everyone for several months and passed orders only through his personal adjutant. Later, he recovered from an illness caused by grief, and again led the empire. Narwalingen no longer spawned within the Main Galaxy. Their incursions have completely stopped. Calamus willingly joined the Impeccable Empire. But the emperor did not attach any importance to this. The road to Excellence has been completed. But Azis didn't care at all.

he lost his love forever.

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« on: January 03, 2021, 08:36:04 AM »

Rise of Azis The Excelscior.
Chronicle of empires that existed in 20,000 BC.

Azis I Excelsior or the Flawless was rightfully considered one of the most outstanding leaders in the universe. As far as everyone knows, he lived 22,000 years before the events of the Acheronian War. Lived and ruled a powerful galactic empire rivaling other major powers. It is known that Azis was the greatest of the psi adepts and possessed incredible strength. At the same time, in his Impeccable Shahinshah-Empire, he was considered an authoritarian and tough leader who led his country to a real dictatorship. But nevertheless, it is Azis who is considered a successful fighter against the forces of evil that flooded the galaxy during the Cerberum War. It is worth noting that this emperor came to power by no means an easy way. It took him a decade to create the Flawless Empire.
Azis's rise began with his rise to power in the Nargon Empire. Nargon was previously considered the center of the power, although it had a population of different nationalities. After the death of Azis's father, Tikulti-Ninurta VIII, a once simple colony called Urukesh became the capital. The young emperor commanded to name this planet Nargon-Kale, which meant "Citadel of Nargon". He made the planetary center the city of Ninurta, named after his father. But then the empire was still completely undeveloped. The mighty Hyperborea, for example, controlled thousands and thousands of star systems. In addition, there were many enemies around the Nargon Empire. Azis considered the main task of conquering the surrounding interstellar states, in which many people and foreigners lived. He hoped to create something like a galactic alliance. He claimed to have seen in his visions a mysterious threat emanating from the depths of the universe. It was for this that he needed to unite all the surrounding kingdoms.
Azis's main focus was on the cyber troops, the program of which was launched during the reign of his grandfather. Cybernetic troops were considered the main striking force of the Nargon Empire. After them were already living soldiers and foreigners from different civilizations. At first, the emperor's brother wanted to transfer the troops of robots to the artificial intelligence "Leontius", but Azis refused this idea. Therefore, the robots carried out orders directly from human operators and commanders. Azis the Impeccable considered enemies of several relatively large states. Hyperborea, at the same time, he did not dare to challenge. The opponents of Azis were the rulers of the Burning Empire, the Alliance of Eight Sharkally, the Indomitable Empire, the Delightful Empire, the Irresistible Empire and the Heart-devouring Empire. All these powers Azis considered hostile. And this was true, since the sovereigns of these countries more than once spoke of Nargon as a tidbit worthy of joining their powers. The first challenge to all the surrounding countries was the renaming of the Nargon Empire to Impeccable. This name put the country of Azis above all others.
Azis announced to all the hearing about his new coronation as Shahinshah, the king of all kings. Before that, he sent invitations to all neighboring states to join his empire. He was rejected by everyone except the Union of Eight Charcally. The Alliance of the Eight Charcally shook with peasant uprisings in the agricultural worlds. Eight Union rulers asked Azis for help in suppressing the revolts. The Impeccable Empire robots quickly did their job and pacified the peasants. Then the rulers recognized Azis as their ruler and joined his state. Thus, the emperor gained control of dozens of star systems. The Alliance of Eight Sharcally's army was reorganized into the Force of Integrity. Eight Union rulers bowed their heads to Azis, becoming his warlords. In addition, they all recognized him as a shahinshah, the king of kings. But other rulers opposed this. The king of the Burning Empire Shushinak-Abdasir IV accused Azis of excessive arrogance. He brought up the question of Azis's illegitimacy and his unworthy behavior to the council. The Burning Empire was soon joined by other powers such as the Indomitable Empire, the Delightful Empire, the Irresistible Empire, and the Heart-Devouring Empire.

All the indignant kingdoms were ready to pacify Azis with threats. Shushinak-Abdasir IV threatened Azis with a full-scale war if he did not remove from himself the title of king of kings. "No one will recognize you as a king among kings," said the lord of the Burning Empire, "You are an ordinary ruler of a provincial state and you dare not claim dominion." It was these words that were spoken in a letter sent to Nargon-kala. To which Azis replied very succinctly: "If you do not recognize this, it does not mean that the rest agree with you." After that, the emperor closed all the embassies of the Burning Empire in his territories.
Shushinak intended to show Azis "his place". By his order, the "All-curing rocket" was launched. It was used only in isolated cases when there was a direct threat to the state. The missile was able to destroy one of Azis's armada in the Shalban system. After that, Azis announced a general mobilization and ordered the fleet to strike at the Burning Empire without declaring war. In addition, he introduced several computer viruses into the systems of the enemy armada. As a result, many ships refused to obey the crews and went out of control. Viruses have also covered planetary networks. The disaster was almost inevitable. Many machines quickly came under the control of Perfection. Caught under the threat of a total uprising of robots, King Shushinak asked for mercy. He agreed to recognize Azis as shahinshah. At the same time, Shushinak remained in power as the governor of his territories. The Burning Empire was annexed to Azis's domain. The Impeccable Empire has received even more new lands in the galaxy. Learning about the rapid conquest of an entire interstellar power, other neighboring countries rushed to Azis as "friends". The Impeccable Empire was joined by the Indomitable Empire, the Irresistible and Heart-devouring. The sovereigns of these powers recognized Azis as a great shahinshah and king of kings. The local rulers were shocked by the Immaculate Sovereign's quick victory. They feared his mechanized hordes. Therefore, they decided to accept the offer and join the new galactic superpower. In honor of this, Azis even arranged a festival at Nargon-kala. He invited all his new vassals there.
However, the Delightful Empire took up arms against Azis. Her sovereign Rodan III considered the Immaculate Empire to be an expanding force of evil, dangerous to everyone living in the galaxy. Rodan ordered to convene troops from all territories of the controlled state. Not only men, but also women served in his army. Azis accepted the challenge of the king of the Delightful Empire. They decided to choose a planet for the coming battle. Pledged to fight until one of the armies was completely defeated. The losing forces had to surrender. Azis promised Tsar Rodan to relinquish the title of Shahinshah in case of failure. The chosen planet was called Una and was considered one of the oldest exoplanets in the galaxy. The battle between the empires lasted for five days. Battles raged not only on earth, but also in space. Reinforcements continued to arrive on both sides all the time. But Rodan intended to deceive Azis. He stole data on computer viruses from him and decided to construct a secret weapon against the Impeccable Empire. As the forces of the Delightful Empire began to fail, Rodan attempted to launch the virus and destroy Azis's fleet. But Azis foresaw such a plan. He sent saboteurs to the enemy king's ship, and they destroyed his weapons. Before long, the Impeccable Army crushed the Delightful Empire. The battle for Una was won. Rodan was forced to recognize Azis as shahinshah and galactic ruler. But he still tried to strike a new blow at the enemy, to send killers to him. Azis eliminated all the murderers and ordered to bring Rodan to him. When the captured Lord of the Raptures was brought to Azis's palace, he personally stabbed him with a dagger. He considered that such a king was not worthy to serve him, much less to rule somewhere. The Delightful Empire was reorganized into a galactic alliance of provinces, completely subordinate to the Immaculate Empire.
After defeating Rodan, Azis was already an almost limitless ruler. Only Hyperborea remained his main rival. Yet he was respected and dignified. Azis manages to form an alliance with the Elfurrian state to exchange technology. It was this union that forgave him many sins. Thanks to his friendship with Elfurr, Azis never attacked Hyperborea, and Hyperborea, in turn, did not attack him with millions of armada. A year after his alliance with the Elfurr race, Emperor Azis announced the creation of the Inter-galactic Immaculate Shahinshah Empire. He ordered himself to be called Excelsior the Perfect.

Implacable War

Mission map for the Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. Part of this big project.
This map is about Galactic conflict, which occurred 20,000 BC (22,500 years before the events of the Acheronian War). Relentless War is one of the first large-scale conflicts of Azis the Flawless, who founded the Flawless Shahinshah Empire in the galaxy. Chronologically, the confrontation happened 7 years before the events at Zabergan Prime, and it lasted only three standard months.

Main task:
You`re the commander Yurii Ernaltsev, hyperborean psionical special forces. You are having the support of Azis The Flawless and his army. You`re having your own big forces. But you`re surrounded now. Kho-Nari Implacable Empire is going to crush your forces and destroy your last citadel in this planet. Space is now lost. But the planet - not. You must help commander to fight with Kho-Nari Hive and defeat their biggest army. Otherwise, this planet will be lost forever, and the mighty Hyperborean and Blameless Empire soldiers will die for nothing. Kho-Nari are here already. You need to fight since the 1st second. Fight and survive.

Gameplay style: Very Hard
(You need choose Alliance faction as start, its Hyperborea)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Download link:

Install it as other maps. To your Maps folder in the game directory. Then you need activate it from skirmish.

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Can you fix the link, friends? i wanna join also ;) thank you!

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Relentless war.
New chronology of the Hyperborean period of my universe.

Galactic conflict, possibly also associated with the mysterious sorcerer Marfur-Nirari, which occurred 20,000 BC (22,500 years before the events of the Acheronian War). Relentless War is one of the first large-scale conflicts of Azis the Flawless, who founded the Flawless Shahinshah Empire in the galaxy. Chronologically, the confrontation happened 7 years before the events at Zabergan Prime, and it lasted only three standard months. Azis the Perfect (Excelsior), always competing with Hyperborea and other large countries of the galaxy, managed to quarrel with the state of Nicomedia, controlled by the Nicomedian race. Vithin-exotrorh Kuakhtemok claimed the Enminluan star system, whose population consisted mainly of the Nicomedians. The system was subject to the Impeccable Empire. Due to a diplomatic scandal, Kuakhtemok recalled all embassy missions from imperial territories. Both sides actively insulted each other. This almost led to a large-scale confrontation. The Nicomedians led their armadas to the borderlands with the Impeccable Empire. The Flawless Empire did the same. A large fleet, led by Admiral Sinakherib, entered the orbit of Enminluan. But literally three days later, a new diplomatic mission sent by Azis managed to come to an agreement with the Nikomedians. Azis proposed to divide Enminluan into two parts. Half of the planets passed to Nicomedia, while the other remained with the Immaculate Empire. Kuakhtemok agreed to this treaty and withdrew the fleets from the border systems.
However, two months later, the Enminluan system came under attack. The huge empire of the insect-like race Ho-Nari, which christened itself the Relentless Empire, fell upon the system with millions of hive ships. Ho-Nari destroyed almost all resistance and quickly assimilated all planets. The armada of Admiral Sinakherib was utterly defeated. At the same time, the massive invasion of Ho-Nari and their relatives Ara-Nii into the main galaxy began. Almost all known states were hit. The three systems of Hyperborea were captured in just a couple of days. The Immaculate Empire has experienced the far greater rage of insect flotillas. A mysterious sorcerer of an unknown race arrived to the Nicomedians, claiming that he was the envoy of the Lepidopterium Council of Ho-Nari (Supreme Hive). He called on the exotrorh vithin Kuakhtemok to subordinate Ho-Nari and threatened Nicomedia with the destruction of the continents. Kuahtemok had to accept the offer of enemies, but at the same time he sent out disturbing messages to many galactic states. One of the messages reached Azis the Flawless. Azis clearly understood that the Nikomedians did not enter the war of their own free will. He replied to Kuakhtemok that he would help him and prevent bloodshed. Ho-Nari, meanwhile, have advanced far enough. Their massive armadas have taken over ten Impeccable Empire systems. Many governors and vassal kings simply surrendered their defenses to the Ho-Nari Council of Lepidopterium. The situation threatened a real disaster. Trillions of living things could have died.
But everything was decided at the very last moment. A coup took place in the Ho-Nari Empire. The Lepidopteris Council was overthrown by the Sardurians (leaders of the minor hives). All members of the Council were destroyed. The new Ho-Nari government immediately recalled all fleets back to their home systems. The Ara-Nii did the same. The insectlike ones quickly left the star systems of the Impeccable Empire and Hyperborea. Kuakhtemok also recalled his troops back to Nicomedia. Soon there was a historic meeting of the leaders of Kho-Nari, Ara-Nii, Nikomedyan, Hyperborea and the Impeccable Empire on the planet Shalban. There was also concluded a Non-Aggression Pact between all powers. Ho-Nari compensated for all the losses of the Impeccable Empire and the affected states. They reported that the war was provoked by an unknown provocateur who was never found. He fled before the coup. As it turned out, the ousted Lepidopterium Council fully listened to his words and approved the invasion of the galaxy. The unforgiving Empire was liquidated. The Ho-Nari State henceforth became known as the Ho-Nari Concord. For the many sacrifices, apologies have been made to all states of the galaxy.
It is likely that the mysterious sorcerer and provocateur was the same Marfur-Nirari, who later staged the Kussar conflict with the Impeccable Empire.

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