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Southern Realm / Southern Realm
« on: December 23, 2008, 01:38:44 PM »
is the download her the newest ? ore will you tell us when you had added a new one ?

Southern Realm / Feature ideas/plans/suggestnions
« on: December 22, 2008, 04:44:09 PM »
at lacontia the Heros are a bit weak the other troops are ok but the heros as enemys die relativ quikly

Southern Realm / Feature ideas/plans/suggestnions
« on: December 21, 2008, 08:44:14 PM »
Thanks for the warm welcome ;)                                                         

I will try too go in a detailt manner of discribe what i mean its not so easy in englisch ;)                                                         

- you could addet Autoloot it is a nice feature for people that like too play with manny champions like myself ;)                                                         

- [Patrols, Bandits, Taverns] from NNY by Geoffrey Ashe
# You may tell any soldier from your army to form Patrol. The soldier creates new party. You may give troops and issue orders to this party. You may dissolve a Patrol and take back troops but be warned, you may only take all troops or none, so try to keep patrol capacity at least 1 pint below your main party maximum capacity.
# Upkeep for troops in patrol is 50% higher (also your party screen now shows correct wages you will pay for all your troops in party, patrols and garrisons, so you won't be supprosed)
# You can bribe bandits to join your party. You must have enough capacity to take them.
# You may hire refugees, manhunters and townsmans in taverns.
# You can buy ale in taverns to increase your party's morale.

This is a nice feature too i think becouse everybody can make there own forces an thats a higher recognition factor ;)                                                         

- You can talk to Village Elder/Guild Master from village/town menu ( this is a nice feature becouse you dont need to go into every town ore village )

I test today the fighting against the other fraktions an i think that some off them need a litte balance ;)                                                         

Lacontia : Really nice fraction but the higher level fighters are a bit weak i think it depends on there sile off armors

Red Khanate .: Nice faction but with the three Officers they had no chance too expand they are defeated in 2 of my games realy fast . Think they had use off some more officers .

Zendar .: a little but realy nice faction think they had use off 2 ore 3 small constabel officers

Vorok .: They are a littlebit too weak i think some off the higher troops are a easy food for every other fraction

thats my impression so fare ;)                                                         

PS.: I love this mod an the realy great and big map ;)                                                         

Southern Realm / Feature ideas/plans/suggestnions
« on: December 21, 2008, 01:02:00 AM »
Hi all sorry for my broken English ;)                                                         

First it ist one of the greatest mods i played with mount and Blade ;)                                                         

MY thoughts ;)                                                         

- I would aply to Terrabyte you can use the age of machenery managment its relativ good for the game till you get your own system
- Some Kingdoms need a little balance becouse the had no chance too survive
- I think that some kingdoms can had more officers becouse they had a better chance to survive some could use lower officers with 60 or 50 troops
( When there are more officers it would be better for greater battles )

- IT would be great if there are free officers that cross the land and would make trobel ore try too build up there own new kingdoms

- An invasion Forece in these world would be great too like in the swort of Damocles - Invasion mod

that were my ideas so far ;)

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