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Wars of Italy - Overview
« on: December 13, 2010, 07:22:59 PM »
The thread on TWCenter

Wars of Italy

For some time now, I have been working on a little mod. It's a campaign that includes Italy, Sicily, Carthage, Illyria and Epirus. The inspiration is from Jack's mod, which unfortunately is dead. I liked the idea, and the map, and so I decided to make my own one. It's cut from the Mundus Magnus map.

Here is a map: (from map_regions, I haven't made a working map yet)

(I know it's bad quality but it was blown up 500%, the original is tiny)
I am making two versions:
v1: Just a campaign you can put into the campaign folder.

v2: A modfolder which includes other files that have been modded. This version
  • Renames some factions (see below).
  • Changes what is recrutable in campaigns for some factions.
  • Changes the campaign water to make it look better.
  • Changes the factions that you can play as in custom battles.
  • Changes the units recruitable in custom battles.
  • And maybe more...
The faction list:
Julii - Rome
Senate - Senate
Brutii - Samnites
Gauls - Cisalpine Gauls
Greek Cities - Syracuse
Seleucids - Epirus
Carthage - Carthage
Dacia - Illyria

We are recruiting! If you feel YOU have something to add to Wars of Italy, PM me with what you can do.

Any comments would be welcome,
Et iterum Italy cadant in bello.
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