Casting and sculpting for Fox Box and myself

Started by Flamekebab, February 28, 2015, 07:38:02 PM

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Something to note about the new truck kit - it's designed to fit with other things:

It's a big enough kit that it needs to be on several separate sprues so I figure they'll probably be available separately.


Nice stuff! Look forward to seeing more :)

In fact I can think of a use for some of these parts other than the truck itself, if I ever get back to the relevant project...
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Onto the next stage!

So now wheels have been cast, the chassis and axles are ready, the cabin needs a few more rivets, and wait - we need some crew right? Weapons would be a good shout too, I expect.

Here's the first cast from the mould. It needed a few tweaks and a certain prat forgot to remove the pedal masters from the driver's feet before pouring in resin but not bad overall!

I'm pleased that the fine details of the weapons survived:

If you want to replace them with something more post apocalyptic I'm sure you won't struggle. Personally I'm rather fond of the M60 and M202 FLASH (which would in no way be safe to mount on a vehicle like this!). I feel like I'm getting better at tweaking weapon proportions to match heroic scale - in the past I've found it difficult to stray from the real world proportions.