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Ogre Kingdoms tribe
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I assumed it would fit into this section as it involves a bit of plot writing relating to the ogre tribe, however if it  belongs elsewhere I am happy for you to relocate it.

The Frost Gut tribe: Balbor Black-Tongue is a tyrant recognised by his hideous black tongue and seemingly ice teeth. Among his tribe they pride themselves on survival, submerging their newborns in frost-bite falls and keeping the survivors.

Their maw-tooth is fashioned out of ice with a stone centre and is said to radiate cold. The frost-gut tribe often spend time "meditating" by sitting in blizzards, culling the weak and strengthening their surviving kin. To this tribe survival is a matter of strength and it is believed only the strongest deserve it.

There is also "ice breaking", a competitive game where Ogres climb to the top of a high ledge or cliff and leap off the smash their enormous guts into the ice. They often attempt to break the thickest ice possible. As they are very competitive ogres often go a little too far and end up killing themselves on solid icy ground.

This, combined with the harsh unforgiving peaks they are raised around means that the tribes population at its largest recorded size was 158 Ogres, including offspring.

The tribe colours are icy blue and deep blue, their mawtooth resembling a picture of the three peaks surrounding a Giant Boar, symbolic of the only wildlife in their homelands that survives the cold. The Boar is engraved onto their gut plates as well and proudly displayed by all members of the tribe.