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Austrian Politics 2018
« on: January 25, 2018, 11:28:01 AM »
I live in Austria now, so I have yet another country's political landscape to fret over.

So, as of last year's election, the Austrian government has changed from the old "red-black" coalition (main rightwing + main leftwing party, which is the norm for government in Austria) to a rightwing coalition now called "turquoise-blue" - turquoise being the new colour of the old "black" party, the conservative OVP, and blue being the colour of the far-right FPO, who are anti-immigration, anti-EU, etc, and have pretty much regular scandals about members being discovered to have past links to more openly fascist groups or about ministers calling for refugees to be locked up in camps or whatever (I'm not exaggerating either, it has basically been weekly so far this year).

There are some state (regional) elections coming up which should be fairly tightly fought, it's unclear who'll really benefit though the FPO and NEOS (rightwing liberals, the "pinks") are likely to make some gains at the expense of the bigger older parties. The SPO (social democrats, the "reds") seem to be holding fairly steady in polls and taking an increasingly anti-immigration line to try and grab FPO supporters, quite a lot of whom aren't that economically right-wing and may be turned off from the turquoise-blue government which looks like it'll implement a bunch of cuts to social security and things like that. The only vaguely important parties I haven't mentioned yet are the Greens (green), who are in disarray (last year's election knocked them out of the main parliament), and are trying to cling on to some local representation, and the Pilzers (white), an offshoot of the Greens who got into parliament but who are basically just a mini-cult around their leader, Peter Pilz, who's also had a whole bunch of sexual harassment allegations against him surface recently, so that's fun.

I've written a couple of blogposts, this one on the history if anyone wants a primer on the situation:

And this one on how the current coalition might pan out and the possible scenarios for the future:

Obviously bear in mind my usual bias to a left-liberal position, not that left-liberalism is much of a thing in Austria...
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