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Legacy (PC Game Fanfic)
« on: April 05, 2018, 04:17:20 AM »
Bit of a blast from the past, a fanfic I wrote for the 2001 RPG Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura back in '08.

I may try and actually get it finished if I can remember the plot!
~ ~ ~


A few years back some of you may recall hearing news of Arcanum's first airship, the IFS Zephyr, being shot down on its maiden voyage. Though I doubt that many  know of the more subtle events that spread across our fair land like a  tide of change, for the better...or as it turned out... the worse.

Cumbria lies in ruins, with the port town of Black Root being a mere ghost of its former self. The Kingdom of Arland (more commonly known by the name of its capital, Caladon) embroiled in a long drawn out war with the Unified Kingdom  headed by Tarant; due to the murder of King Farad arranged by a circle  of Tarantian society. Besides the war and the scandal, Tarant has her  own problems with the rampant rise of crime across the city and the ever  growing Orcish civil unrest!

Yet we must consider ourselves lucky  that we were spared an even greater threat, namely the end of all life  in Arcanum as we know it. I speak of the legend of the so-called 'Living  One', a subject which I shall that linger on for the story as been told  countless times. I along with a few chosen have met this person, a  lower class Half Elf bandit by the name of Tenae.

As I understand  it, her mother was Human living in a small village that unfortunately  drew the attentions of a Dark Elf raiding party. I shall not go into  deals, but what happened is what is often expected by barbarians on the  warpath. Needless to say that when Tenae was eventually born, both her  and her mother were shunned by the rest of the village. The villagers considered the young Half Elf to be a curse, or a blight if you prefer. As a result, unsurprisingly, the other children picked on her terribly, often beating her whilst the adults stood by and did nothing.

At the age of 14 a man tried forcing himself on her mother, Tenae ended up  killing the man and ran away with the man's pistol. She eventually became a feared bandit along the western tradeway routes, until one day she boarded the ill fated Zephyr in an attempt to evade capture by the Arlander authorities. Thus setting in motion a series of events that have  left their mark on the face of our once fair lands, and had altered the  world itself.

Despite her actions concerning the the town of  Stillwater and the elven capital, she eventually redeemed herself and  defeated the supposed Evil One, Kerghan.

Or so it seemed at the time, for as it turned out he still had a trick up his sleeve...

~ ~ ~ ~

I remember the day quite clearly when I first encountered her.

It was late winter and Tarant laid frozen beneath a thick layer of snow, it was the worst winter that we've had for some time. The trains barely ran due to the snow drifts that engulfed the great plains round the city,  whilst a number of streets in the poorer districts were also reportedly  sealed off by great banks of dirty, grey snow. A few even say that the great  factories of the city were for a time silent. Had I not some errands to  run I doubt that I would have even stepped outside for the best part of a  month!

Cursing as I went I made good progress up Kensington  Broadway and fortunately I only had a couple of orders to place with  the shopkeepers and a telegram to be dispatched. After they were done  and I had made a quick dash home I could had looked forwards to a nice  roaring fire and didn't have to worry about stepping outside for a few  more days. It was nearing to Winterfest time and I actually glad that I  hadn't received any invites, so I could sit back for a while and enjoy  it while it lasted.

Funny how fate works.

In my hurry home  to get back into the warmth I admit that I was rather careless and  slipped on a patch of ice that I had not foreseen. For my troubles I was  awarded the indignity of landing on my derriere in full view of Tarant's  upper society which, given the weather and all, thankfully few. I also  found myself to be in the mouth of some alleyway, a place that I usually  avoided at all cost given the nature of Tarant's backstreet society.

But  whilst I got back up onto my feet a heard a faint mumble, glancing  round I spotted what at first appeared to be a large sack. Though as I  stared the 'sack' shivered and I quickly realized that it was probably  some of the many disposed , or 'beggars' if you will, that iked out  their existence in the numerous rookeries and garbage piles throughout  the city. Thinking nothing of the poor blighter I turned to leave but I  stopped in my tracks when a female voice called out. "Wait!"

Turning round I saw that the figure was standing up with a worn blanket rapped round her serving almost as a makeshift robe. We both stared at each other for a moment and I saw the pointed ears for which marked her as having Elven heritage, though the features of her face proved that she had human blood as well. As I also noted she had pale skin, though at the time I thought it was due to the cold, and long, unkempt, dark hair. But most striking of all was the grey eyes that she had, though I saw that they briefly flashed.
She suddenly collapsed and I was brought out of my trance like state.

There was something about her which I couldn't quite put my finger and mostly  out of curiosity, and partly pity, I lifted her up best I could. She  seemed to be unusually light, though I put that down to lack of food, as  I carried her out on the street where I hailed a carriage.

Had I known what laid ahead I probably would have left her there, but something compelled me to take her with me.