Author Topic: Tales from Windy Meadow RELEASED  (Read 1651 times)


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Tales from Windy Meadow RELEASED
« on: December 20, 2018, 10:22:46 PM »

We're very excited to announce that our friends at Moral Anxiety Studios have released their game Tales from Windy Meadow, an interactive story/visual novel in a fantasy setting that explores the lives, hopes, and anxieties of three young people growing up in Windy Meadow, the small eponymous village of the game's setting. Focusing on developing the characters and showing their lives and choices rather than on action and adventure or on romance elements, this unique creation looks to be a very rewarding narrative experience. Congratulations to Aure and the Moral Anxiety team on the release, and we hope you take a look and have a go at the game!

You can get the game on Steam, discuss it here on Exilian, or find out more at the Moral Anxiety Studios website below:

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