Author Topic: Taking paid and unpaid proofreading/copy editing jobs  (Read 1359 times)


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Taking paid and unpaid proofreading/copy editing jobs
« on: August 26, 2015, 10:57:46 PM »
So someone may as well get the ball rolling here; you can pay me to proofread and edit your work!

For paid work, I charge roughly £5/A4 page of size 11 text (so a normal sized document might be around £20) though I may modify that up or down considerably and will give you a quote when you tell me what the stuff is and how much you want read. I don't expect payment beforehand but promptly afterwards would be good; I'm very happy to go through text of any quality. I exclusively edit into British English (as opposed to US English), and in general will give the text back with comments where I think edits need to be made rather than typing the edits into it, so clients can check and decide for themselves whether my edits are reasonable. The editing/reading I do is at copy-editing level, that is to say it includes picking up grammatical and typographical mistakes as well as making suggestions for sentence structure and flow, though I'm not doing the job of a book editor in assessing the work as a whole. I give no formal guarantee that I will pick up every minor error in a long block of text, as considerably more hardened professionals than I often miss things, but I have a very high success rate in doing so.

I will do this unpaid in two contexts: firstly if I'm convinced that you need it and genuinely can't pay, secondly, if you're a charity or other organisation that I approve of. If either is the case, also do get in touch :)

As for my editing CV, I'm a Cambridge University history graduate with a good 2.i by way of formal training. I've done academic reading and editing in the past including considerable amounts of copy-editing on a published book about rare spiders, the proofreading of academic work including published papers, and volunteering to help edit and improve the English on the CVs and documents of non-native speakers. I've also done a considerable amount of writing myself.

So yeah, do PM me if you want to ask anything or have a job for me.  :)
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