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Re: [Dev Log] Tourney: The medieval tournament sim
« Reply #150 on: August 18, 2020, 12:42:38 PM »
Thanks for the ideas dubsartur and Jubal. I certainly think you are right and that there were a lot of unique and interesting beliefs that people held. I suppose that the main thing for me was that I only wanted a hint of of "magic", and a potion seller was convenient for that. Perhaps because it is so standard in gaming it would be easily understood by players. Items that are consumed, could be purchased, and provide an effect of some kind.

Again, another big reason for me was that it allowed me to make an apothecary cart and plague doctor which I thought would look cool :)
Anyway on with an update for August!

Multiple venues

After some thought on how multiple event areas would work I came up with a plan.
Essentially now you can have 16 knights, and then you set off 2 groups of 8 at the same time. You choose an event venue for each group out of those that you've built. So for example you can have 2 jousting tilts, then set off 2 groups on each one. You could do all 16 bouts on one tilt if want some reason. When both groups are complete, the finalist from each group can square off in a final - but only if each group is doing the same sort of event (not if one is doing archery and the other doing melee - that wouldn't be very fair!). I need to tidy up the menu a little but it looks something like this:

New area

I've begun the enironment design for the second of four areas that will be in the finished thing. A hilltop castle in Avalon. It will be the location for levels 2 and 3, and I think is going to look drop dead awesome. I'll give a sneak of it in the weeks and months ahead as the models are completed.


To allow for the 16 knights I came up with a quicker way to invite them, you build a stable! This model took quite a long time but happy with the results.


level 1 was tested by a human other than me for the first time. There weren't any bugs really, since I've spent so long furiously squashing them over the last few weeks. The testing did raise an issue with the clearness jousting minigame, so I came up with a simpler, even better method of determining tactics.


- I'm going to add the melee arena and mechanic for determining the winner by the next update
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